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No. 28 MAY 1986 

• \ 






Produces iokeni%ed wc/rc^ 
fifes which occupy aboui 
h^ffih^ normal space and 
acceter^re assembly fo 
threm times C*i^ narm^t 

" Sourtc ffl€% can ise JiMided idved 
IQ und from mp€ dnd disc from 
wahm the tdnof Source (i(es ^orr? 
oth€r popular os&embfcfs cor? be 
/ooded ond takemsed 
* ^ fuH screen t^^or whKh 
f epteces cqfrventio/Kil ttxt 
hondhng with d ifocfc/porogroph ^ 
mmbntrmg scheme 

A full two^p^s§ m^cro 

J sscmfc/erf CO- resident with 
it}f^ editor) whkh $upparc$ 
input/output from tApe and 
drsc, canditionat .isscmfrly. 
m tvifigi^n € assent b/y o f 
subroutine iibrmrie^ and 
inclusion of named files 
from capf or dfiC- 

* Burls tn €QkuiaWr wilh dccess to 

iymbQi icbk mcy be sevtdmd 
toodtd for cfOis refefefice and 
setectii* <issemiji^ of%ubrout}nt 

* Z8C mwmonics caabe freefj^ 
mwred with Phoerip^. o hif h fe^^e* 
compiiing fOfTifudge 

Aas aW fh«* *isci^^ features of 
M relocatable front-panel 
de^bugger plus: 

D/s£PsseFn6ff to screen, pfiiiter„ 
tape Of dis£ w^f h CALL and JUMP 
hbtt% cuiomovci^iif generoted 
OiscPSsemWed /lies con te fcKJded 
mw the osiembfer, edited and 

* 4 ilow rundf/Tg modes with C 
tract fcohif ihai cihw% the path 
of a pfOiFom ta fre stored so Ihot 
bugs can be Cfocedback to thew 

' ( 7 tj^es of bredfcpajnti a/t 
dydplabfe - up to 8 can be set at 
af»^ one tiare Opt/ons incfude 
"down-counr andcoulfof of iJow 
fUrt model 


A caJ^ipfeteJ)^ r lew twi eept m- ~ - 
progfdm dtbuf ging T/iii u?w^ 
utjfity d»oWs yot/ to eirecute up to. 
len anaty%€r programs that 
4Cf yijn/se your machmt codr 
progrdm whttt Ft is mnmng WHt-^. 
o porticu^o/ cofsddionls (bcind t/ie 
proffOJ^i w/ff breath with an ppD^i 
!o irdce f ihe pcrth idfcen, 

for exdmpJe, if a prD|fdm crt^i/ie^. 
wriunf exif aneous -data to Vtt 
screen, the onotys^r can beset to 
run the program up w the pomi 
tftat a Vffte' is mtide to a 
partjcutor arM of Jbe screen The 
paiii can ihea be fisted to fmd 
wt^rt the eifor or if ifKned. 

tASEfl CENILfS. Uie defmilivc s^ieifl 
fpr macJtmc r^de pjrg jramfTiiUi|. n 
port of (jhf OCE^N "ffinovGlKin md 
Quahif" rangc^ br-ou|ht to fou vvit^i^ 
l/k' ciKnibin«d sliii'fs imd lesourees isf 
OCEAN arid O^m iptodiKct of 

products in i>(u ron^e i^ 
des>|r-" -^r-.n-. -— - 

AMSTR AO CPC 464/664/6l2<f 


ISSUE No. 28 May 1988 


TlH-hn#c;ai EflifOf 
Ff anco Ffwy 
Tfich Tippler 

Schi -.Oil 

Hmuti Smith. Lloid 

'nOOin ORflnVi JotiKW 


Dpiicft. Tofiy L 

Camvfi > 

DMItltt flENMftS 




;ila nd by Curiiftl? 
iber of thM BKIC: 


MffWYof thff Amstrod t9k«Qver rt^ch^^ ludloi^ , , * 

fkiving fflfiorter iohn Minion attend^ Ihg pro** 
eofitef emce wti«r« Alan Sugar and Cli^v^; SirYpiair 
told the worM what was happening FortunatalYp 
^mf didn*t serve alcoh o I so THIS report b 
coherent^ I 


In which Lloyd is taken to fash once more, and 
talces on ^e task of collating the bn% ot this 
month s correspondence 


An early shufli at iFicentive s GRAPM^C 
and of course moie from Merely Mormram 


Ff «sh from the excesses of lest month's j 

exi ra va^g an za , Robin C put f ifiger to Sptefru m 
keyboard and comes up with another sele^ ion of 
tips, hints and pokes 



YiMtY pMC>o1 It's open season this Spring on the 
Udbw gibbet 


Rosetta finds a littie bit of software tor all age^ 
this month 


The tiny terror of strategical synergy pee-ks into 
the past with a mini Strategy back 


Derek goes on a budget adventure this month, a 
iort o( padcage tour 


Another collection of adventurers' problefnf 


Franco Frey t^Xdimines a brand new animation 
package, while Jpn Biites wrestles with th& MIDI 
capabilities of the 128K machine 


I Mr Goodwin eMplains all this RGB /Camposite 
^ Mid00 bgs*fl«s. comes up with a Composite 

Vkleo interface, detves into the Sp«cOrum atid 

looks ovef some utilities 


A pr izewinnrng eKlravaganza in which wtereve«l 
not ^Msi winnmg n^mes, but some of the enlrfes to 
re^enl competitK^n^ 



We takii iiri early ;]«?«! k at the results of 


Hunter S Minstin continues hts pereorlnatkins 
ILMLWDI through life 


Jrt which we learn of Marlech's plans for the future 
md take a good look at their next release, THE 


Helsiowen is the place, computer programminrg 
ia the game and selling the product is the aim 


Hannah Smith check-out what's been happening 
on the independent pubN^hing front since wa last 

tm^ent a martiak a^rt and you cchjU have CIM 
worth ollessons in a real martial art of your choke 


The folks St Our el I are oNering a r»di^ contrgJIed 
Porsche to the w^iintier ot their Design an 
Agen^nobite comp. Games on offer, toot 


Well, we pno^bably woijldn't let you win two in a 
row, but here s another chance to have a go at 
mlto^fnig soma wrv nifty hardware, ^oy rtesy of 


AU sorts of Or Who foodies on offer in this 
del^titful little challenge . . MkrofKiwer are 
itumping up the pt kei 

CRASH into June: at the 
ftowsagent s on Mav 29lh 

CRASH May 1986 3 

^ f 

* * — ^ 

' ^ *^f5^ 


from the prggr&mming team 

that br(|ughtvoMh^Sensational No.l 








V Licenced Coin-Qp Classiprrom 

1 Kim 




Maii Order ^■-"'^ 
Just send a cheque or postat order pavable 
to Elite, or quote your Access or Visa no. to 
get your copv o( Ghost s 'n' Goblins 

— £14 95 (disc) 
Commodore 64/128 — ©.95 tc^s^ 


BBC B/Electrtm — £9.95 (cass) 

— £14,95 (disc) 
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1 i i I- i « } 

tWXB Svstems Ltd. Anchor House. Anchor Road. Aldridae. W;il!iall Fnaland TpI ftQ?7 ^qiri^ T«lo* ^nKR^o 

Inside Your 




ROOM as you've never seen 
him before, The Shattering 
Truth about GLASS on the 
Amstrad, Famous Golfer 
Defects From Commodore 
and Spectrum. 



by Scoops McBoozer 

The existence of a secret lab 
urKter Kew Gardens was 
discovered yesterday by 
Youth Trainee, Jeremy 

When congratulated on his 
coup he replied, "Oh Gosh ! It 
was nothing " Windburn (16) 
is employed by the Shocker 
as a trainee photographer 
and this was his first assign 
ment. Breach ingthesecunty 
system he managed to 
capture photographs of the 
latest inventions from the 
manic mind of the iailed 
Professor Pillock, On his 
retuFn Windburn (47) was 
rushed to hospital to be 
detoxified after braving the 
terrors of the radioactive 
underground lab. His 
girlfriend pouting bionde 
Amanda (19) said "What a 



A spottesperson from Quick* 
silva today comfirmed 
rumours that they are about 
to release a game based on 
the exploits of the famous 
Jeremy Windburn. To be 
titled HOCUS FOCUS, this 
tollows the exciting media 
coverage of his daring raid on 
the secret underground H.Q. 

of the notorious Potty 
Professor Pillock, 

Se I ling at E8 .95 this progra m 
will be available for 
the Commodore 64 and 
Spectrum. A source ckise to 
Windburn. rumoured to be 
Amanda (90) said "Til ftave 
four of each*'. 


Available as the Latest Release 

Quicksilva Ltd 



Please rush a first edition copy of HOCUS FOCUS to me at 



i lif tf' I'li «»'ld i 

■ *«.|i hH il »« ■ li^f ■*«,■ Ill-Ail*! I h* 



Ptease tick 


t enclose a cheque/PO to ttie value of Ed.9& made payable to 
Quicksilva Ltd. 

SEND TO: Quicksilva Mail Order, Units 1 and 2, 
Conlon Developments, Watery Lane, Danwen. Lanes. 

TELEPHONE 01 439 0666 



The announcement that 
Amstrad has bought Sinclair 
Research, made a few hours 
before this issue of CRASH 
went to press, is the most 
significam development in 
the UK home computer 
market since the launch of 

Clive Sinclair had Irttle 
option but to accept Alan 
Sugar's off«r of £5million for 
the worldwide rights to sell 
and manufacture all existing 
and future Sinclair computer 
products, (t was a case of take 
Amstrad's money or go into 
receivership, bv all accounts 
except Sir Clive's. After $ix 
years. Clfve Sinclair has left 
the home computar market. 

LThe QL is effectively dead 
it's untikely to resurface 
unless Amstrad sells the 
machtneto a third party The 
M icrod rive, seen as a 
Bfsonal pet project of Sir 
Jive, is also likely to die — 
Amstrad have no time for 
erratic floppy tape drives, 
preferring tli« 
straightforward, non^ 
innovative but reliable three 
inch disc system as installed 
on their present range of 

Buying out the opposition 
is a bft of a policy departure 
for Amstrad — in the past the 
company has avoided 
takeover bids Now. for a 
bargain basement ptice, 
Amstrad have been able to 
consolidate their position in 
the home computer market* 
Providing the Office of Fair 
Trading doesn't object to the 
deal, Amstrad now has sixty 
percent of the UK home 





CRASH May 1985 





(Well thanks, a 89,44 1 in the UK, anyway) 

Welt! Thanfe yoii. We've just 
received the figures from ihe 
Aiiclil B u re^ u of Ci rcu la ti Dns { Lhe 
peofile who keep an eye on 
magazine sales and come up 
whn definiTivfi cir^^ulatbn 
flgtiresL and they feveal thei 
{^ASH IS the bigpest selling 
computer magazine in the UK 
and Eire. Gosh! 

And if s all down to y<^y , d^f 
readers, the nice people who 
scamper out every mor*th and 
purchase a copy of CRASH thus 
payifid our wages, keeping the 
msm m Old Flatulence Biner and 
ctie^eand onkon tamies and 
allowirug us to sit here in Ludlow 
play<ng computer games and 
writing the magazine > It'll take a 
hit of OiDing. getting to the 
million — but w+iD\nows, eh? 

Shifting gear slightly, we've 
been able to conduct a bit of a 
straw poi Eon the 
CRASHTI0NNA1RE forms with 
the aid of our very own Database 
Minion. Gaz. He's stopped up 
nights, worn hrs contact lenses 
to a frazzie by staring at a 
computer screen and input the 
data from 500 of your fomis so 
fan The prelim i nary findings are 
interesting, to say the teest, so 
here's a b^iou rounupette of the 
results so far Puti^r details will 
be made available in a later 







6, 38, 72 



CriASH Back Numbers 29 

CRASH MWl Ofdof 62. S3 

CRASH Sain 119 

OtASH SubscrifrtiDni 36 

Dj^llal Ifitag ration 77 

Emrtum Micro 17 

nraUrd 19.83 

Ganwylft 64 

ffldSal 104 

Gmvilln Graphics 25,111 

HnvtcMi 33 

bmmln* 34.35 

ItenfiviOfi ^ 

iAfm 43 

Lwfti 9 BBdk oover 

Mancomp 107 

MtCFQwhara 53 

Omwi 2. 123 

Ftoattfan* 84 

US Gold 54,91. IIS 

V^msoft 103 

Video Vault SI 

Vitgm 13 

VoriM 09 

issue, after a lot more time at the 

Taking things in order, it 
ia«ms that most of you have 
baan rMdIng CRASH for a good 
while now — 56% Of you have 
bought mofe Then nine copies 
since May last year. Welcome 
aboard to the other half of you 
who caught on to CRASH more 
recently /Nice to have you with 
us. One ihinp that reaily should 
stop is all this sharing of copies 
of CflASH — surely you want 

)^our very own copy to treasure 
or evermore {thereby making 
your contribution to the Editor's 
B^&r Fund) Fortunately, no-one 
in the sample of SOD readara W0 
OKamined ^du&lly allowed ten 
people to read their copy of 
CRASH, but fifty of you naughty 
peoples saiid nine people read 
your copy regularlyi Maybe we 
could go for the million after all, 
if only we oou Id pars ua de you 
generous types to be a bit 
meaner , , . 

In terms of the popularity of 
other computer maqazines. 
after CRASH . Smctftir Uaef came 
out tops, ooll&cting 27% of the 
votes and pipping its stablemate 
Computer and Video Game« 
into second place (25% of the 
fave rave vote). Vour Sinclair 
was only just third, with 23% 
and then it was right down to 7% 
of Iho vote for Popular 
Computing Weefc^ and 
Computer Gamer, followed by 
ZX Computing and Personal 
Computer World with 6% and 
5% respectively. 

An awful lot of you intend 
buying another cornputer in the 
nejft twelve months— 12aK 
Spect rums, o r are the re a cou p le 
of putative (LMLWD) Cray 
owners out there? 76% of the 



respondents in the sample, 
claim to have plans for a new 
computer. Hmm , . , maybe their 
Speirums are gettirig fired with 
all the games tney play. 

Not too surprisingly, Flaying 
Ti^ came top again in the 

Erioritised list ofyour favourite 
its of CRASH, followed by 
arcade reviews, previews and 
compel it ions, Uoyd has carved 
a nice solid niche for himself, 
with Merely Mangfam coming 
in in fifth place arid the Forum In 
sixth. Down at the bottom of the 
class were Frontlirw, Hall of 
Slime and Bugbox, 

We seem to have cracked the 
ratings problem lomost 
people's satisfaction. A nna&sive 
87% of you f eckoned the rating 
system was g ood end 
absolutely no one thought it 
was bad, 81 % agree with the 
ratings Quite Often, and again, 
no one ever disagrees totglTy. 
When it comes to buying gan"ies* 
84% of you, in total ^ are 
influenced 'Quite Often" or 
'Every Time' by CRASH ratings 
and a coupteof people (lite rally) 
claim never to be influenced — 
perhaps they never actually BUY 
games. Badfellowsf 

As to the reviews themaalvea^ 
Che solid weight of opinion fall 
behind the way we are doing 
things at the moment, with a few 
people thinking we ought to do 
1mm of things Most of the 
riMX^ndents reckon we've got it 
right in terms of length, atnounl 
of reviewers opinion and detait 
but the sarrte group of peopte 
want more scree nshois. We'll 

I wh^t we can do, but 
Cameron (our ace fenspersontis 
already stoiqgHng with a bit of 
an ego problefri having sneaked 
into the phQloc^ptiona, and he's 
kept very busy as it is. 
In terms of your oomments, 

we havefi'i had time to dk> a ftjtl 
analysis of the 500 forms we've 
looked at — the Database is 

Breat on sums and numbers but 
as all the intelligence of a 
ZZAP! reviewer when il comes 
to understanding English! A 
coupie of choice commenta pop 
out of ttie general sea of 
opinions about percentage 
systems and ra lings though, 
including one wally who asked 
for a rating on the price, Wot's 
Nevermind, A few folks came up 
with "Include me as a reviewer' . 
not unreasonably; One person 
asked us to include Ihi^ maker^s 
opinion whiKe another said 
"don't lei the adverts bias 
you ! !" Someone? efcse as^ed foe 
ten reviewDrs Opinions on eaoh 
, Lloyd's photogTi^phictmege 
se^ms to be on^ of Itie 
additional features CRASH 
readers crave — one chap 
wanted a 12 foot poster of Lloyds 
no i^s > More Maps and Tips ts a 
popular requesip and there are 
quite a few calls for more 
serious programming artidea. 
JiMt about everyone in the 
sample seems to want more of 
existing features or new 
features to be included rather 
than less of anything that's 
going on between the CRASH 
covers at the moment. Much 
pondering will foUow over the 
next few w«*ek$ and well do our 
best to heed yourwf^iea. 

Weli, there you po. A qukle 
taste of your opinions to be 
going on wit h — wi th 1 uck , and if 
everything goes according to 
RAN A. we should be able to 
reveal th# full analysis of 
CHASHTlONNAiRe 86 next 
rr>onih, and share the well kejjt 
secret of what CRASH readers 

8 CRASH May 1S86 


Scan Studios Limiied 
Scmmers ondLHho Piatemakers 


Crasfi Maqwdne 

on tfteir outstanding achievemeM 


We are deii^hud to have been Tesponsi$Ufor 

their r^oditciion andwishihem contitttud 

success for ifufuturg 

Advan££ WoiitiS, WaOaa Rjoad, London NI IFQ. 
Ttkpfum*: 01-226 0400 



to NewsfiiMon iheir odnevemmL 

We 're proud to be the tvpesetier.^ 
o/Crash, Zzap! 64<7«rfAmtix 

magazines, as iveH as supplying Newsfield 
with ^meml printing and sUttiomfy, 

The Tortoise Shell Press 

LJSrfinp Sirpft. LiidJoi^, Shrf»j*sliir*-. SYB IDA 
1>lcphont>: Ludlow fUrrfil) 425^ 

. . . would like to congratulate 
Newsfield on their success in 
achieving the highest sales for 
any Computer Magazine in 
the UK and Eire today. 

We are proud to have been 
associated, asthe printer, with 
Crash from an early stage as it 
has grown in print run and 
pagination to its present size. 









f i IM VI » 

CRASH Mav 1986 9 

1 \,^:.^ ^ * 

*": -^f-^r' 

(II Pf'hl I 
J J I r I I r r r r i i i 
r-iri MM 



It wna S4ipr«fnelv logical mavQ. 
reatlVr Itie liaison between the 
boHin and ihe barrow boy. 

Sir Cltv9 Sinclair $ 
oommofdai pMtp not without iu 
vuoconMf hos follQw^ an 
tffTJMiC and at timm traumaifc 
course Histaient for innovation 
ha$ n&fser been in dispuLe — his 
technoloflical advances have 
comribuied agreat deaS to the 
Quality of life, ii not eiK^cily lo ttie 
fiabfic o* society, and hia 
inventing career began while ha 
Wftasiill m hfsteen$ 

ALan Sugar wa$ another 
teenager who showed pfomi$e 
— starting out as a street trader 
palling car aerialaha has applied 
his marketkig iomaftise 
oortiiatefitlv wotCarranginQ for 
products that poopte want, to be 
n^nufactured at a price they trip 
over ihem^lves to pay. Now 
Alan Sugar is personally worth 
over two hundred million 
pounds, and heads up a 
remarkably successful 

Clive Sinclarf's con^putef 
produas are now ciA^ned and 
will soon tie sold by Am^trad^ 
who can apply thair marfceftna 

Knius to the fruits of Sinclair f 
rdware gen jus. 1>ie C5 mi 1 1 ion 
cash Am$trad stumped up for 
the intellectual and marketing 
rights for Sinclair's computers 
repreaantsa bargam ~ there's 
Itttla doubt that Artisirad should 
ba abb to recoup their 
Investment withrn !walve 
momhs Even if Amstrad have to 
tperKt a furtfief len or eleven 
mill ion pounds for the stocks, 
work in progress and commited 
orde rs under the tenns of the 
agreement a nnoufK^ on 7th 
^ril, they ha^e stiM got a 
remarkably good deal A total 
investment of some C1 5m il lion 

for the Sindair namer Ihe 
existing range of Sinclair 
computers and ihe first option 
on any new computer related 
produ<:ts from the S ■ ncl a i r sta b le 
wesn'T too painful a 
oommiimem: for Amsirad to 
make, considering their profits 
for the last six months of 1966 
wetghed in over the £27mi|j|i(in 

Not so long ago Clive Sinclair 
was fj rmly in t he I imeli ght , 
knighledp irtviledto Downing 
Stre^ to give his opinions on 
technologvH head of a roanngly 
su€oesiiful computer company 
arid persortalFy worth so many 
millions they wer^j hardly worth 
counting CliVe Sir^lair was 
firmly in the public eye Most 
paopte had heard of Arristred. 
but Alan Super was hardty a 
household narpe 

Now the tables have turned. 
Alan Sugar is personal)/ wortti 
more than twice as niuch as Sir 
Dive ever was, heads a 
company wtiich dominates the 
UK homfl computer market 
(amongst other things) and is 
Ihe Golden Boy of City 
Institutions who are knocked out 
by Antstrad'sescaEat^n)^ proftt 
figures- Sir Clive Sinclarr is 
returning to the research that is 
indudeo in the titFe of hif 
company. Sinclair Research has 
done the honourable thing, 
arranged to pay off an its debts 
and left ihe home computer 
ma r ket . Sir C1 i ve reta f n^ rights to 
the pocket television and ha^ set 
up two companies under th« 
wing of Sinclair Research to 
develop wafer scale integrated 
circuits arid 
telecommunications proditcia. 

ApaH from tha commerciaf 
senm involved in buying up d 
competitor whose share of the 


Bach to tha Futura 

Eluctric Dreams 31 

Ballilazar Activtsion 
Batman Oce ^a n MO 

ClasarcHifn Chaos ^>ungaon 
paracentral Solutions 3S 
DifttmarrfD/OfHirBtkin Turtle 
Ooubleplay S2 

Cybefun U Itimate 24 

DcKHnsdav Papers Matand B9 
Graan Befvt Imagine 118 

Hccua Rku* Qu icksi I va 32 
rtolum to Ithaca Atlantis 33 
Rifts of Tima 

Pocket Money Sofrvv^rp §6 
hiQiBdible Shrinking Fireman 

Max Haadroom QuickjMva 23 
Pffig Pong Imagine 1 U 

Central SoAitkmi 90 

FtewnpaafAa 06 Atlantis 29 
Ravanga of tha KIMar 
Toniatos Global 23 

Samantha Fox Strip Polcar 
Martech If 

Sal Combat M »n^rsoft 122 
S^nlnke ■ Raaltima 20 

Suparcocn At) ant ii 24 

Tuibo Esprit Du rail 1 14 

Greni'Irn Graph ici flf 

WhoOaf9»WiroiA]Hgata 3fl 

market — anteriainmant 
computers — your company 
covets^, Arrtstrad may hav« had 
another re^^n for acqyjringa 
ready-made product range, rtia 
QL. is Nkety to be scrapped or 
sold off. Amstrad has control 
over the Spectrum 48, PLUS ^nd 
1% and haa fir^t option on the 
I Parabra. Maybe Amstrad $ 
irvvo4vfim«nt with the Spactrym 
will provide the anevver to nnar^y 
a SpNecirum owner'$ drean^ — 
d J sc d r B ves at a feaso na ble pri^ 
Admittedly three and half inch 
dfives for the Specirum were 
announced a few ^i^^ehs befofe 
the Amstrad takeover. But it jusl 
might fit in with Amsirad' s plans 
to add !hree inch drives, as used 
ir%theirexi?ling range of 
oomputefs, to ihe Spectrum. 
They Hbvg the purchasing 
power to ma rhet the a ppropfiaie 
drive and interface for a pnce 
that competes favourably with 
the Intartaoe 1 and Microdrive 
set-up Amstrad' s new machir>a, 
compatible with the IBM PC ha^ 
to use five and a quart ef inch 
drives. The fact that Amstrad's 
ne»ft machine will not be 
irKiOrporalina three inch driv^ 
could posaibTy have contributad 
to the eonltnuing reluctance of 
disc manufacturers lo increase 
production of the three inch 
madium. Perhaps the Sinclair 
tia-in will be used by Amstrad as 
a caiTOt to nudge dFsc 

manufacturers into ending the 
current, painful shortage of 
thraa inch discs. An end to the 
shortage of thraa ind) «iieca 
would nave immanu Imeallti 
for Amstrad themselves, 
software houses and u»r5 of 
Amstrad machines. 

And with Amstrad's new 
found corrimitman! to 
entertainment computing 
centred on their new 
acquisition, the Spectrum, the 
oames playing worfd could be in 
for a boost. There's no reason 
vwtiy the board in the bask4SK 
machine couldn'i be dropp^ 
into a case which included a 
joystick interface, cassette deck 
or disc drive and didn't have a 
leayboard, A games console, no 
rnore and no less. The same 
board could be an add-on for 
Amsirad 's IBM lookalike and 
Oth^r machines in its range, sotd 
as ^ peripheral which gave the 
^noUiS users AmsiracTlikesto 
feel it has snapped up fancy a bit 
of lidht antertainment 

"Nothing ever goes the way I 
ptan it". Sir CIrve sa^d at the 
pfaot oonf erence caNed to 
annoynca the sale of Sinclair'e 
computer rights lo Amstrad: In 
the Kong ruri, for Spectrum 
games pfayers and everyone 
els© involved in the market, it's 
u n I ike ^y he cou Id have pla n ned it 

. No Stopp^x now. fhghi ibk 
of thing iff THIS m&gsim^. 

Gofsaotia pCHftifig monthi 

tnstiml WB'if ftava none 

H.I • I iiah Smitli haa tnvalM all tlia wiy frofn turmy Waaton upar 
f^&tif {gateway to sofnawhafa or ollitr down south) to atjnfky 
LudlcHAf (^arteway to tha Walsh Marcha«, whaf«v«r tfi#y mlnht faal 
She'» janed tha CRASH team ai a St«tf Writer whh apadal 
raspon^slbiLitJ^S lOf organising tha toftware revKpws No do^An 
yoij'll ba raadiiiia a lot more ol her ovar tt%« conning niqnthi 
Wakoma to CHASH, Hannah, and h'l your turn to ^ip ki for tha Taa 

10 CRASH May 1986 



'• .»' 




Um IS one oi rhe top arcade programs 
tjl tf>e year - miss it at your peril 

Z2AP* 64 D&cetttw IMS y 

aboui Kumb. :..,-, . 

get Who Daws Wtns II" 

CofnpufwGafnerMwch I99B 

iiu " - *tnng I ve ever 

seen anywtief e else 

for that mat!Bi Its great' 


NOW Available on 


K rt Nad happened a week earlier we'd all have thciugh 
It was afi Aprit Fool but at the hastfly called press 
confer ifice at noon on 7th April there was no laughter 
— just the smiNng face of Amstrad's Alan Sugar and 
tfw sllphtiv more restrained features of Sir Clive 


JlJf ^ Kft^C^r ^^^" Minson rushed off to the 
mWmJr^ n *m ^v ■ press conference at which the 
£5nnillion sate of Sinciair Computers was announced . . . 

"Amstrad Corfc^umer 
Etoctrofiics PLC today 
anmMjnced that it h w m rchasad 
from Sirt^lair Research Ltd the 
worldwide righis to sell and 
manyfactyre all ^neisting^nd 
^tur^ Sinclair com|>utarsand 
computef products- loflmbef 
with tha Sinclair branef nam^ 
afidthMeintellaciiial property 
rigtna where they relam to 
compuier$ and computer 
retoted products/' 

That's how th€i AmiEtrad pf ess 
feleese puis it arid the wording 
of Sinclair's $tiitan>enit is 
sxpectadly similar, byt whai 
does it actuelly mwn for us, me 
GOfiMj^rT>efs7 Witl oor beloved 
Spec^rums somehow traniform 
thamselvw owmight inio 
abominflbleAmEi reefs? Nothing 
Bodrameiic. Instead, eny 
Sindeir muchin^ you buy from 
now on will carry the old logo, 
and for the near future will be 
Identical to any other Sinclair 
product — only ihe profits will 
go to Am^md who wifl also be 
fisponsible for ell backup 
Mipoft^ n-iarfceting and so on. 
Effective^. Sir Ctive has aaid 
goodby9 to th^ ismpany ihttt 
Eaen his name and m^ brougtii 
h im so suooBSshjtIy tnto the 
public fipiai 


In e)c€hange for the ^hIq of th«e 
rights S\t Clive hn received 
CSmillton end AjTirifad will also 
purchase SKiitfng slocks ind 
have agreed to teka over 
outstandir>g sales 
commilments^ Sinciaif's 
ftnendal pi^lems Havb made 
heedl Irkes recently — indeed 
some quertefs of the pre^ 
di^stoyad mdMeni haste in 
puittng the boot in when the one 
time hifro of the British HI Tedi 

12 CRASH May 1986 

proved eJI loa human — but at 
the confofance Sir Clive was 
CKjck to asau re qu estionerm that 
the cteel with Amstred wMI write 
off a II d^ts, wh ich stood at E6 or 
7 mi I) ion a tow weeks before He 
denies that it is a rescue daeL 
though. Faced witfi the choice of 
laki ng on a large i n vest rrnjnt and 
compe^ting dimctty with the 
oihef computer ccmipani^ of 
selling the traditional busirieis 
operation. Sinclair had no 
hesitation in choosEng the letter* 

Alan Super is undoybiedly an 
expert in ffie iradttlonal 
btisinese of merlceting — 
witne^ the success of the 
Amsirad computers, which have 
only baen er ound (or two years, 
lesi year Amstrad sold 750,000 
unrts and they aim to seN oi^re 
mil lion this time round. 
Meertwhile SirKlair sold 400,000 
unrti lap! yeer ~ which Ami^rad 
now intends to add to its ffpunis- 
Why tften should AmstracTwant 
t& puridiase Sinclair? 

B^ at rr^ 128 Spectrum 
launch in Febfuary, Sir Cfive 
Sinclair made a comment that 
amused me arvd several others. 
He claimed that the Amstrad 
machines ware having their 
major suGoesi in tfie bysinete 
fi^ while Sinclair was pfedng 
itwlf fimily behind the games 
merkfit It wosamMi no, because 
apart from the KW 8356, 
wnstrad have carved their 
posilion in the entertainment 
mertet too. ar>d Sinclair have in 
the pwi made claims for their 
machmeis' serious a ppNoatiorY$, 
Now Sir Cliva cteims that the 
new deal was onJy thought up 
four to five weeks ego- when 
Midtael Langdon ofPrice 
VVatertiouse, repre^niing 
Sjridalr, approached Amstrad, 
but his statement almost two 
rnonths ago ts uncannily simitar 
10 Alan Sygar's reasons given at 

the formal annoyncemirnt that 
he had acqu ired his onet ime 
oifnpetitor's business. 


"We Have reoognmd that 
Sinclair Compgtarv have 
dominated the entertainmeni 
market in Eli rope for the last few 
years. We elways viewed our 
compitters as a step up from the 
entertainment maflcet/' Sygar 
^m keen to quote the Japanese 
nnarket to u^. in which ^ames are 
jMt beginning to Hoof rsh. He 
SMS home entertainment as far 
fmm dead, sarying that for every 
eleven year old who ge^s fed up 
with his Spectrum ^nd dEScarite 
it to gfither dust under hfi bed^ 
Itiara is ^ ten ytiar old readv to 
sat into compy t ing , Whettief the 
avarage Sinclair owner would 
like to oe seen in this light is 

But Alan Sygar recognises the 
•aisona I natu re of th is 

I particu la r market — one of fhe 
tactoFi ihai came neat lo s i n k^ ng 
SirK^eir-- which meani that 
Amstra^ will aim to "ramp up'^ 
the entefiatnmeni ^de for the 
four or five monthi a year when 
it's big business The metaphor 
thai he repealed ly drew on w«s 
Boots changing it^ window 
display from son tan oil to coiigh 
syrup I This is Jiitely lo mean a 
mym more prominent 
advertising pfofile for Sinclair, 
irKluding tflttvision arrtime, and 
improved aK|xirl performance. 
Amsti ad already ealli 6B% of its 
pfodud oversew and shares 
dlairrbutors wHh Sindailr in 
meny European countries One 
notabte except iof> is Spain 
vi/f^e^e the 128 Specify rti was 

I first laundied^arMlrt teams 

tlS^ly that that machine's futyre 
is limited. Suoar says that he 
enyisases C! 39 as a fit starting 
point for a pf icing policy. 


The either km part of Amsi^ad's 
strategy for Sincleii m 
"mhancefTipent" . ft is a term tlief 
Alan Sugar used frequently and 
saems io cover everything fiom 
quality control to cosmetic 
recifliign. ftecognising that one 
of ftie greatest virtuea of ihe 
Spaclnjm is the vast backup of 
ioflware, and that this means 
that it is an excellent machine for 
aKpon^ ft looks as if any change 
made wiN leave the opirating 
syalem unaltered. Instead they 
wi N be a im^ el rfl iabi lity . 

Sinctajr have had en uncertain 
rwutation for product 
ret iah ■ = ' *^' ^h ile this is an a rea in 
whi? jd have prided 

IhemMjivi-^ Alan Sugar is 
obvlousty keen fof Sinclair 
machines to continue be 
assembled in ihe United 
Kingdom, by Timen- Thom ^f^ 
AS Elecironics. but the quality 
oontfol will be improved; ha 
also emphasised the need to 
minimi&e other potenitel 
l^roblems His staled bel^ief is. 
that with an entertainment 
n^aohine, tfie user should be 
able to plug in ar»d switeh on. 
Tbe Itklihood of an Arristrad 
sfyfe byilt^ifi fdpe recorder 
seems strong, though the 
irK^usion of a mfOnitor Is less 
IBcelv at (hie would bt Uki much 
of a trespNe into Afnanrad 
taffttory, tocording to Sugar. 

He wee keen to place pert el 
the blame for oomplainis about 
the me^iines witti Software 
companies, who in pushing the 


Spectrum to its limits fall Id tflki 
note of jta hardw^rg 
ipBdlkMicin and are fry^fituallv 
c«i4|ht oyi by CDrnpatlbi Hty 
prdStiiiit vm«fi the mAChifi« ii 
Upgrtded. Hiis Happened with 
tnt Mrt&« 3 «fKl 3 &PEC1 r u ms^ 
and mora recently with top liiti&s 
that rfffu^d to run on ihe 1 2i. 
Tho pubNc's first reaction ki to 


Alan Sugar's proposod aoluttofi 
to tha problefn is to sit up an 
orpmisatkon that wfll provida 
frw gu idanc^ f o r softwa re 
houaet and will provide tham 
wfrti an endofsemeni of th^eir 
products'! ay ttabllitv for th« 
machina Hand in hand wbth thta^ 
adwrtising will try lo persu^da 
thfi public not to buy proqrams 
thai do nm carry th€ offkial 
bwtea. Whaifier thia is a good 
thing is obvtooslv open i o 
Question, Despite programs th»t 
have "misused"' xrm Spec^rtim's 
operiting system, it ts ihis 
ad^nturoysness on the part of 
programcT^fS to boidly go 
iMNere others itiough impossible 
ttiai tiM lead to the wealth of 
games that obiein stupgedng 
results out of the humHe 

Whtttevef dh^agn Amsi rad 
meice. whether tlwy be of the 
'^stidcing On'' qf $ tape recorder 
or the slapping of hands of 
pruremmers who ^ not ot»v 
the letter of tha law. they'ie 
unltkaly to cofne inio fo rce 
before this Chrt^iTTuis. i hough 
we ahou Id ^art to see th e effects 
of the first of Ihem before the 
year Is out^ and if Amstrad 
were to include the additii^n of a 
ipfMkk port I can't see cries of 
hoTfor from any Ixj! ihi? mo^ 
oonaervatTve Sinclair owner. 


What tbotgh, of Sir Ciivo'sother 
compuierfThe QL ha« not bmn 
pcooyoad for the laei two to 
three rnonthsar^ow, end 
although Amstred wiSI provide 
AjII after sale^ service, Aian 
Sugftr says that because of bad 
puGlidtv in iJi« past he cannot 
see a future for it. If it should be 
rebofn at sonw ttege it would 
prctobly t»e vwlth i diK drlvi. 
DttQS were mentioned again 
lettr in the confererkce wlien 
Sugar ^ted thet the suc^eis of 
prov td I ng gemes on d iscs for the 
Amslred range rneani thai a 
Spedrum drive would be a 
dislind posskbilltv. This, one can 
on)y speculate, mafte ttie end of 
tfie Microdrive. 

Meanwhile Sinclair Research 
Limitad are all set to head off in 
the direction where theif 

greetest strength has Blways 
fiaen — a course ma ny people 
siy they should have followed 

elt atonp. They wiil originaie 
ideas. Gurrer^ly th&v a re Roating 
off ireesfer researcti in Itie hope 

^Uwi Sugar 

that eventyal ly they wi II become 
aepetate cotnpanieaw The major 
new satellite companies are 
conoemed with wafer sea le 
semJcofKluciers^ based at the 
Meialab with money from 
Barctavs bank, and a Wi nchesief 
based business deal ino with 
telecomfiiun«CBlion$. t hough Sir 
Clive wro wary about saying 
anything about the backers 
her@. ACTifdIess telephone is a 
veer away from the msfkeL 
Sinclair will aiso be providing 
development leems lo woife 
wtlh ime^mional eom^mrbiu on 
specific projects. 


Under the terms of the deal rw 
rww computers can carry ihe 
Sindarr name other thanof^s 
from Amstrad; Sinclair am 
oofilinuing lo work on their long 
awaited portable, the Pandora, 
and this. I ike any olher computer 
products from Sinclair 
Research p will be offered to 
Ainstred first on a royahy basis. 
It seems likely that the Pandora's 
Box will eventually be opened. 

Alan Sugar, meanwhile, 
mentiofmf the possibility of 
usir^g the Sirtclair name on non- 
computer products. Whiie a 
calculator under this looo would 
rriake sense, the idea ofa 
Sinclair Stadc stereo system for 
€3SM Including VAT may seem 
a Iftiie sirarige to 9om>e. but HIFi 
was v^ere Sinclair sisned 

Sir CIrve refused to be drawn 
by the quesfiorters who asked 
hdn for in ephjtaph for Sindair.. 
but wltethir this is a death or 
not, it is certainly the end of an 
er?. Sinclair were dtf in itely in 
n^wd of n^rfteting ski [Is, 
Amstrad undoubtedly have 
them, Let us hope that they tieel 
the name they have acq uf red 
with respect. Afier alt. it has 
been around a [ot longer tfian 
they have, and without Sinclair it 
rs unlikeiy thai there wotild be a 
home computer market in 
Britain for Amstrad to dominate. 


Realistic results based on authentic 
playing torm. Play by yourself or 
with up lo 7 friends 




t h 




n 0. 1 

e s 

1 72 Union Streef ■■■■■■ 9B Corporation Sueet 
t5r.'l6i Western Road BMnK iSMerchani Street 
140/144 HighSlrttf (InBurlon M«nswear) 
2B/2i2 UniDn Street al^ m>'% Bnggale 
1 05 Armitda Way and viam 100 Oxford Street W^ 


CRASH May 1986 13 



In SeBrcWof a IStory 

I think thai we should rr^ks OM or two Wting^ diear right now. This 
has been a very hard mofitti inid#&d. Th@r^ hgv)$ b90n viiiuiillY n<» 
lftufich««— ai leasi rio-na to which I was invited — and that meant no 
1w^ lur^ches. Which means the Lorvdon O^sk h»s gom hurrgry thh 
month and thefa'a nm that much acandak or hird newt. 

The ccafiy data for these word£ parsed ag^ agia. $o let's ia1k about 
lateness which ieema to have become an Lndustry trend, end 
nowhere nior9«o than m hAanchester Of c&yrie th^ah^ruld come as 
no ^^rpriae aa the software business now loems to o^nsM almost 
solely of mem ben of Ihe MafKunian Mafia. {Wfrnf 4^tmit us^ ih0f} 
p&I?— Ttw 6odifKVth*f, Ludkiw ntafta). 

At laf tp ihii month I had a copy of the long awaiwj Su^rb^fwf in 
rriY hands. Oniy it didn't play pfoperly, Phone calls nofth illuminated 
the sjtualkm. Yea, it was bugged. No, Ocean ware rvot putting it out in 
this lorm and would I nefratn from reviewmg it, please, Congralu- 
Idtions (or rmt dumping the product on the public — the temptation 
must be there — tMi reaify, if^i f%ow so ion^g tince thi$ yaar't f&able 
final end aM the Channei 4 hoo ha, woatdn 1 it be better to drop all 
reffcirence to Sup^f Bowl XX when the g^mn finally appearm? 


Seeking r- iscKoly m 


tcsnt Ph p-_ 

Um r^ffw pfodiii^t — you Ou 

f.-^Tif Tn fffTSDrtrati^Jv bail ^ho^r 

-t3d try a Chm- 


:ii nnon C»nema , Pr aed 

Anybody who has itisi pSayed 

the compyter game (frofn CRD 

i^^^nnt^t know the she»ef joy of 

ng insultsi at the ecfeen 

, y a showino of this deep 
and moving mastef|>ieoe of 

Horror C1J 
bf*'* ^1 ■. 

hao prejpart^'j n-rn ly r mc; t^xper- 
ierM:^ *>f a erii?«*d ciwnputef jour- 
n. He seat to 

hi >ck in ttte 

moiiurpy. iv4i not aeen hirn 
since. But Mich3f^i if you'rg 
reading ihis. ^m you — 

it's Catclilng, ., . . n.^*; umr 

mighl one day feel t^ 
di^nce The T1mew.'>' • .«i.r .. 

of son^e afeaze i early 

hours of the n^ominy 

14 CRASH Mav 1986 


Days later, and with 

Bii^Jryp who I'r^i yi^ tu ^i^' li^. 
^caf>ed from the tr^^ i^ which 
the two cowboyei had 
Anr! 1f ThM metfit n*. 

Ml don't read CMASH 

PiQUiMiy i^Q{ umjt :u ^r^wthkng at 
this gig. And Covent Garden's 
lor>g Acre is infinitely a ?vt^p up 
from the romantically nairtod 
Asf^alt House that y$ad to be 
ArrnJi'^Koff^; hnrtiii In fact, Ihe 
hf d to be </ery 

reatised that 

ice in, 
JO fuaiisy want rvorlc 

J ne<M diHsk ove: ^Ofne 

lEiBbri^ted journal is^i Imd liber^ 
st9d his tun^? 

tt wesnl fuat joumoe, either, A 
amatf hut s^liia party 're^ni ot* 
hi[^ OUSB9 h^d bewi 

inv , .. .,;^l Imagine that 
they, too, will rush out and hire 
themielv0a luxypr' -^^ ■ - -^p^pb 
Ihough The goor Tim 

L^ngdell oi SoFteh m^o \ nu Edge 
ia alraadv Covent Garden ba»d 
and Mikro-Gen hifve juvt bf- 

^rijy WhOkj \J. 

ti>Qi er one roof 

py ■' -^q hu&f 

Brir. y. 

iged LD 


' n't rtarr tt> disoj sa t r — 



jjnaQQ Br 

! aayj 

Stndtholm. It waa full of 


Mm the evils 

shop in 


'""AS 1 can 

lie wuii 


^am macfuines 

. ivare made rrm 


' WOf^ 

^? Swedish reputa 
omc To >a! 

li^C iAL: 

ih&y WaMi ^H>liiiii9 the ceron> 
oiiii«s on a boat chuggi ng up ^nf 
down the Thannes waf use 

hrsr ^f^ from Thr* m(ic^e6' 

3 wm 

ii had cfoop oovr 

been £ 
gi^^l aervice to Ihe poputation J 
artlarget ! 

What to do? ThG wande 
wasuDoci me, Only one thinr 
it : fal I back upon i he old e:^penw 
aOQOurii. ¥1*^* ' -'^''' ■■■ r'i— - *-^« 
about to gr 

SwCd Ish at F « ^^ ^ L ^ i ' T 1 ri Y ^ 1 1 r ^i T I ^1? 

many of y^mj <^^ there, that 

deepNie an alleged 

fern (actually, no or 

fifteenth Bloody M wh^n \ m-^d 

to pour it down my shirt front 

tmmr than into my mouihL 

tomi^tiodv Has soen frt in ir>vr^ 


tbiL ... 

the las 

So Of ip<iJ 

leal the nenu^j iij mnqs^ti {jn m 
I depth Invesiigition ol the Swe- 
I dish software eceno/' 

It Hi 

<j &Ot>d Dh. 
dji^ keeps [ 
:kg uj . ^ _ out we re bock to 
^t^>nes#, and I decided not to 
ii Bo in case li delayed him 

id up the ftrst 

birc Oi ' " compytef 

' la^, go ,1 bby name 

^Qtintvior tiaduifg. uespite 

nrnpeaetratite nature of the 

rmuve tongue r it was iniere^ing 

to see how unfvrfsa* n f nn^uage 

yorm oomp^ ^ey 

«¥aii — fsfi^ . i«ke 

iNi eocceUent Sa^a K,eyboards 

and the AMX Mous<* ^'^^^ tHi.r.-, 

were all the same g^' 

well, wtth o— ,p- 

tions There 'he 

chert was Ad^iJi^c]!' !k aanu Oh 

See//, i guesis Jfa a a**t em up, 

(my Mimsfm kt ^Marence lo alf 

2& months Bgo — whgc^ed f di 

hul aa ft is praduoed for the 

fecadent tastesolMSK owners. 

.hn r. in !ii!l7' 

iere in iime, ril 

ing Hc^^on launch 

favourite. But if rKJ** Itr'i motnar \ 


Hurntiif S MInfiifi 


Producef : Martech 

Retail price: £S.95 

Okay you 'fellas' you all 
know S*m8ntha F0j(, 
right You've ogled at her 
pictures, watch &d her on tete- 
vision chat shows, liiatQn^ to 
her record- Now play har at strip 
poker. Well ir s not really Sam 
R>x, but your humble Spectrum 
M^o plays the game and supp- 
lies pictures of the lumpy pB0« 
itirm girl S3fnsnth& fox Stnp 
Poker plays you at the classic 
Sev-en Card Stud poker game. 
Both you and the cornputer start 
with 999 credits apiece and you 
must win as many points as you 
can by betting on youf C*rd^. 
Every time you reduce the com- 
puter's points by one hundred 
V^u are rewarded wfih a digi- 
tised picture of Sam Fok taking 
her clothes off. starting with her 
gloves at WC\ point$ then the redl 
of her ciothiing piece by piec^ ^ , 
If she starts winning back the 
lost points Then her clothing is 
retrieved and if you start losing 
pointy then she starts ordering 
you lo take your clothes on, 
whether you comply or not is 
another matter 

The game is controlled by two 
keys — one to ciioose one of the 
options presented after a deaJ- 
irig and th^ other to select it. The 
game is made fooJ proof by the 
computer referee who only 
grves the options relevant for 
liet go, eliminating any mis- 
takes which couid othenivlse t>e 

For the uninitiated Seven Card 
Stud is a game where the player 
Has to try to make the best hand 
possible out of the seven cards 
dealt, the best hand winning the 
'potv When a hand starts the 
player is dealt three cards, the 
third being, dealt face upwards 
so your opponent tan see it. 
From these three cards you 
must decide whether to pass 
(throw then^ pn) ch^k (keep your 
cards but not bet> or bet. The 
totting continues until either a 
player cails qt both piayers 

cfwcik. When that happen^ a 
further card i:S dealt and the 
t>etting continues. If you have 
what you think is a jolly good 
hand tnen you can up the stakes 
by r^tsing. The game foNows 
this pattern until elt seven cards 
have been dealt, then the betting 
continues until a player cai/s. 
then both hands are shown and 
the best hand winds the pot. 
Throughout a hand there is the 
option to pdss and other relev- 
ant options can be chosen if 

On the 'B' iide of the cassette 
is an added bonus. No Sam Fom:, 
but a four player Seven Card 
Stud poker game. The rutes are 
the s^me but here you can play 
against up to three computer 
Opponents. In this game there 
em another two option^ — ayfo 
wttere the computer takes a 
decision for you and rfirmo, very 
useful if you're new to poker end 
want to see what the game is 
atwut (try playing two computer 
playmis against one another). 


• "I must admit that I find 
computer poker games bofTng 
and point te^s, it's much more 
fun ptnying with humane A^for 
gettino a page three model to 
o4fidaliy endone a 'strip' pokaf 
pame, what a cofi. What you get 
IS a very good poker game with 
a coufite of crummy digifis«d 
pletyres of S«m Fax strlpplllO 
off— wowi Why not just buy 
TTie Sun for a wmk and you em 
ogle at the pictures thtf* — 
thfiy'rv of fir better queHty and 
a lot cheaper. The whoJe thtng 
^Ame^hovu ^a#ms retber tested 
ess Still for pckmiMm, there's 
at le^st the coitMletlon of the 
genne ttsetf. arid this will 
probebly pfuve worthwhilie. " 

• " / d&Cid&a (0 settle down one 
evenmg er>d see if / cow/tf find 
oat S^mmfs secrets efi ihe tvay 
through. Wall / did, sfl r^& way 



now I" 







L US. . PL US.. Pi t/S . Pi US,. PL US. . PL US . PL US.. PL U 




^1 iUtl $0 it¥¥*t 





51 FENNEL STfleeT 

OR TEL: 061 -834 2808 



CRASH May 1986 15 

through, right to the F^ge 3 
picture 3t the entf when S^m 
ended up bust fno pun intend- 
edl D&spiie the obvtoas en/oy^ 
mm^t, / wss g/adihsdn't bot/ghr 
the g&me — ffmshmg rt on the 
ffrst session w«^ a bft of^sh^me 
— not my tde& of v^afue for 
money^ but f was v^fry fucky: no- 
one else fn the off tee got farther 
th^n the second picture. The 
game itseff is very good end 
cOfjtetns some tovefy detaiied 
cards andenfcesrriooth dealing 
sequence, tf i wanted to be 
rnggfy f cotrW s^y it takes a bit 
fong b&fOfa yOur turn comoy 
rvtfnd, but as a card game thts is 
0nt0 of the best and Sam fox 
Poker is a must for alf Sam foi^ 
fans StJ/efy the seguei must be 
animated with a print-out 
option/ " 

# " Usual V I reahy en)oy oorn- 
puter card game^, in this case 
ho^^KQver evfjn with the promise 
of seeir^ Sam Foj('6 naughty 
bitg I wasn^^t really compelled to 
sricfc with it until I had muster^ 
ihe game, Tha input is pfetty 
limHed so I dicfn't feally ever Jeel 
that I was Ln tola I control of my 
gamen it would haM ba^n nioe to 
raise the beTtir>g b^ « couple of 
hundred 'cr^dit^' (or ir^st^nc^ 
The graphical repcesentatian of 
the cards on screen is fair but 
they could be a I Me larger or e 
iFttfe more detailed, Sam h^r$0lf 
is faif)y well drawn but she ha? 
lost whatever she had, during 
the conversFOfi onto computer 
The sound al$o leaves a little to 
be desired as there is only orie 
tune and a few spot FX here and 
there. The main moan I have 
about both these games is that 
they are very slow, there is 
always a long pause between 
goes, so interest is lo^t verv 

?Lfichlv. Generally I don't think 
am's pixels are worth the nine 
qukf being asked. '' 


ControHteyi: SPACE to cycle 
options, EfQTER to choose it 
Joystick: nol needed 
Keyboard ptay: very simple, fine 
Use of colour: as you might 
expect for a card game 
Graphics^ the pictures of 
Sammy are reasonably good, 
cSrdS very good 
Sounds thin version of The 
Entertainer' and a few bloops 
Skill leveb: one 
General rating; Mixed feelings, 
obviously, bul Sam's 
endorsement seems to conceel 
a well presented poker game 
worth the attention of card 

U5« of computvr 






Getting started 


Addictive qualities 


Vstue for money 





Producer : Mastertronic 

Retail price: £1,99 
Author: A Mrtthfilland 

We begin the sad tale of 
shuffling, shrunken. Sid. 
Why i^ he shrunken I 
hear yoti cry? Well, Sid w^s 5 
fMrless fireman until one day 
when he waBf^gh!^n9a blazing 
fire in a vasi shrinking factory- 
Not looking where he was going, 
Sid toppled head first into & 
power™ I shrinking machine. 
Life's riot much fun when yO<j7e 
less than a foot high so the 
object of this game is to some 
how unshrink poor shuffling Sid. 

You can restore Sid to his 
former glory by stretching him 
which sourKJs rather painiul, To 
do this you must find the five 
parts of the stretching rack end 
put it back together, and once 
you heve done this Sid should 
return to his original size. 

Sid scampers from room to 
room in a seemingly endSess 
building searching tor the vari- 
ous parts of the st retch fng 
machine. The rooms are filled 
with a strange Brrav of furniture 
ranging from snooker tables to 
fireenginf^s. and smBMerobiects 
suilh as French onions, digital 
watches and fire hoses. How- 
ever useless they may epMsr 
some do have a pyrposC!! Cert- 
ain objects collected enable you 
to move from room to room, 
whereas some are numbered 
parts of the stretching machine. 
These are obviously tne ones to 
go for. Sid, however can only 
carry five otojects with him a^ he 
scuttles around, resulfir^g in the 
usual swapping business and 
retracing your steps to COHect 
{igajn a useful object dropped 


When you come across an 
object on the floor you have 
several options. Sid can either 
jUEt peck it up and {^ntinue or he 
can identify it and then decide 
whether he wants it or not. Ha 
can also discard ^ny unwanted 
objects at this point. 

Some oeMtnas can be bounced 
clean thro ughTeading into previ- 
ousiv uncharted rooms or into 
the Shrinking Plani which is 
where Sid hnds the various 
parts for his stretch Eng rack. 

A$ well as coltecimg different 
ob|ects, Sid must also keep an 
eye open for the various 
ghouNes and ghost ies that 
naunt the oompleif. These come 
in several forms and are eesely 
identifiable by their sinister 
appearance. They either destroy 
Sid outright or gradually sap his 
energy levels, reducing his four 
Ifves with every encounter, 

Wjit Sid be able to locate the 
stretching rnachine before his 
lives eKpire or will he remain 
Shuffling Sid, the Incredibte 
Shrunken Fireman forever? As 
usual — it's up to you. 


• "A firefnan. yes Shrinkinqi, 
yeah, he's pretty smell. Incredi- 
ble^ tiKHjgh, ha ein'tt Apart frpm 
the prke, Incredible Shrinking 
Fireman is pretty average, run of 
the miti stuff, nothing special or 
sujpris»ng. THe select systamn 
hw in simlltrftieft to Spelt- 
boyrid'* VMndowvltton. but ^ 
nawfwra neer u potished oc 
good to urae. The urephira aiwi^t 
astoundirtg but cotour rs U9«d 
well and some of the manimaitt 
objecta are neat Tm tempted to 

say ^another one for the budget 
bin p but It'i not that bad. so 111 
iBSliam myself. 

• " With a narne tike that, this 
game had to ^ottje from the 
rrr&sters of vefue — Master- 
trvnic. Apart from theMfy tit/e 
end the jaffy graphics rm aftwid 
fffis iS just another arcade adv- 
enture (groans}! But / must Say f 
quite en/oved The Incredible 
Shrinking riremaa mafnfy on 
account of the beautifully drawn 
graphics and the different type 
of pick up^put down menu 
which added something differ- 
ertt t£> the garrfe (afthough l€an't 
quit^ say whatK t must ^^dm^t the 
scenario is one that /Ve never 
hwrdf of before, and it wifiprob 
ab/y catch the yotJ^noer Spec- 
trum t?wnef's eye. tve neariy 
run out of things to say ai>out 
arcade adventures — but it you 
want something th^t witi take 
your mind up a different path to 
the usu&f pick upipu£ile ^ame^ 
then The Incredible Shrinking 
Fireman cou^d we// be a good 
bet at themon^ertt. '' 

• " Mastertronic heve oorr>e up 
wrth another jolly arcade/ 
adventure budget games which 
is au ite fun - M any of | h ei r Qam^ 

lam great graphics but this one 
seen^ to be reasonable in that 
department. The game play is 
fun indeed, wandering around 
the rooms looking for the obj- 
ects and advoidin^a the not too 
many 'nasty' sprites, firernan 
has some nice touches Nke when 

Care killed end 'game over" 
bes across the screen. How- 
ever, I four>d the game did n't get 
me very hooked and I wouldn't 
bother playing it many times. " 


Control keys: d^flnabie 

^ysttck : ^empston. Interface 2^ 

Cursor, Fuller 

KeytioBrd play: simple and 


Use of colour: bright ar\d 


Graphiea: lar-ge. detailed end 

smooth moving 

Seund: everage 

Screens: lots 

Genera) rating: not one of 

Waste ft ronk;'s besl, but stiil 


U^ of computer 






Getting started 


Addict rv« qualttlOT 


Value for monov 




16 CRASH May 1986 


Producer: Quidcsilva 

Retail price: £9.95 
Author: Binary Design 

a» Hesdroom h6$ 
been kicfnappfld from 
BJg Tinm Ttlavisidn 
bf Network 23 to feature exclu- 
sively on their new Vrdeven 
Show. You n^ust assist lop TV 
reporter Edison Carter and his 
e&ntroMer Th#ora Jones rescue 
ttie Max Pfersonalitv from Net- 
work 23'b, vast compun&r. oon- 
CMldd WFthin their hug& 211 
floor building. Naturally Net- 
work 23 are going M out to slop 
thi4 by wdy Of ^ ^ries of ^)^bo- 
rilQ ieticurftY systems. 

Theora has a 'Majchuriter' 
program which should hope- 
blly help Edison brdak into 
thase fiuurrtv systems. 

First he must gain control of 
the life $0 he can gain ecte$s to 
the Executive floors in the build- 
ing. This is achieved by short 
circuiting itm LED code m the litl, 
whiich corrffis in the form of a 7 
scigment digital display. A time 
limit is irriposed on this oode 
ci'^cking during whioli the se^- 
n'bWts gradually lo^ their bri- 
ghtriess. If st the end of the time 
iimh an 'E' is left illuminated 
then you hdve crecked the code 
and Th^>f3 bm painMl control 
of the Nfts and Edison Carter can 
ooniinue with hi^s mission. 

Edison is now on the Execute 
ive levels of Network 23"s sky- 
aoaper- But before he can con- 
linue he must break the codes 
on this level so that Theofa can 
gein control of the camera sys- 
tems, and lifts and also gain 
access to the offices on the 
Exeoyfive floors The security 
system fleshes a sequence of 
lights &nd plays a corresponding 
tune which mud be remember- 
ed and the sequence entered in 
reverse. Failure aithismefc^ttie 
search of the Eicecutive floors 
much herder beceuse Theora 
can t use the security cameras to 
d>ec:k for security guards and 

Edison has now managed to 
find his way to the Presidential 
floor. Before he can enter this 
levej (whe^re Man is being he^d 
captive f he must break the Pre- 
sidential code. For securitv rea- 
sor^ only ttie President of l^iet- 

work 23 holds this wrd^. How- 
ever this eight dig il hexadecfmal 
code has been sptii into four 2^ 
digit componenTs, EdisAdu must 
find the four separate parts of 
the heiKiadecimal digits to crack 
ttie code The chances of gueiffi- 
ir^ the code are estimated ai 
several billiofi to oner sey Net- 
work 23. 

However once Edison is on 
the Presidential suite he still has 
to rescue Ma:x from the oom 

Euter lab, and this invohrts 
reakinfl nriore codes. Even after 
Max has been rescued ihe game 
doesn't realty end unti^ they are 
outside the building. 

The whole mission is agtnst 
flie clock — you only have six 
hours in which to assist idison 
and Theora rescue Mas(. Apart 
from racirNg aginst time, you 
also have Edison's confidence 
tevelfi to COntiind with He ^^rts 
the game wfih 99% seff confi- 
dence, but as he es fostJed and 
humped by th^ wcurity robots, 
who shoot at anything that 
mov^, this level jradutlly 
drops until he dies. This % is 
shown on a chart at the bottom 
of the SiCTeen. Edison's confid- 
ence levels can be restored by 
aNowing him brief rests but you 
k>se time if you do this too often. 
Apart from the security guards 
and robots^ Breughe! and 
Maliiei. the two ^ini^t&r and 
thoroughly amoraJ assasins 
hired By Network 23 to kill 
Edisor^, are also out and about. 
Watch out for messages from 
Theora concern ir^ the where- 
abouts of this gruesome pair. 


• " The plot is greet, the graph- 
ics are great, the game ifi fan- 
tastic. Before i saw Mgx Head- 
room I was puo'led at what 
duicksilva wouki base the game 
ofi, but they have thought up e 
brilliant pkst with instruct ionc 
llwt set the almosphera before 
you've even ^*en the game — 
puSt feeding them got me Intff- 
gued and made me want to start 
playingi immediately. The game 
njikiws on from the film vefy 
Huenthrr arid is very simitar to 
the filrn in look ^nd dran^a. The 
only minor bad thing is that 
moct of the floots ere the &anie 

mi prpc rt »m iurf* PIP- •'rf VAT Innj ii%rqtf« . f^maM ptdM m4 C##*1 1 1#« p*i> 

fetacki* Tr«tf» #^t|vH-iri w^i>em«i«- CunfiipPdin «f drpi ir*^^ iKiir >»i . 



tfvonci.. Willi *P¥. 


1 154 FEnSMORE R€M0, 
Ttl: 021 4M 4f fr4 

CRASH May 1^6 17 

{but wft CMX forghm thwri tor 
tfwt. thflfv ■!« Dwr two hun- 
dred of ttMfif }. TiM ftndiiHi b . . ^ 
wdll rd iMttvr li««p quiet iiticift 
ttat Ma3< Headroom could start 
A flWV brafich of qri:^de/*dv#ri' 
fr&fn bm gam«, wrth lciti$ cri 
gripliics, n«at IHtli 
lyrM», ■ few advafiturv «to- 
fUMtt, icofift. oodH— whpt rm 
trrim to My. ii 1M» g«rn* '« got 

liMI m. Om <rf my lAvCHiritA 

gnwii thit yttftr- Thi« Ii on« 

flMM 4lM% HMftfi It's »bOtf#^ 
MttTige pri€«^ ITt tit dbmm 
\e game. " 

my //rr/ff irfii/a (J^f rm not h&ff 

findmg f tf/jo/* CBft&r^sjot hard. 
Tfm insirucifons are pfeasirntty 
mtdtbh, snd sa/scttv^e^ prm- 
0f$tmtj tut coufd be a ffttfe rnom 
jptfvM/^. to gotng to keep mm 
&oClif^od for quite a tft of iirrfe, 
6uf tf it wasf} V for the CMSH 
prm/i^, t'd probab/y ha)/e be 
corpe bored trymg to worft our 
what f was rfof/ig wrong, for wrt 
quid, it's good vsiue for money. 
Andth0gr^hfcS9r^pr€trY mest 
ti/t f CMf7't pfay it live// enough to 
give it thet Httie &perk ofaddtc- 
tf)/ity that woufd push if to lop 
f^ith. Leave it wfih me for two, 
ffftee vve&te erni rnaybe Pi stert 
miffoying it a bit rnom. Despite 
that ii^siiffp^ttY good " 

• " I was rtietly looking forward 
to playing this ooe as I am a 
QteeX fan of thu film and the 
tfrfitti, after my first go I was 
very tonfysed but not disap- 
pointed, Graphioally ihefe is 
nothing r^voluEionary containad 
withm this one but it is quile 
n«ai, the green stick che meters 
wflik around smoothly and the 
coda ser#ana are colourful. I 
enjoyed playit^p thi$ original 
game as there is plenty to do^ 
but i can knagine it getting a 
little Ixiring in the end as all of 
llie floors are virtually the 


Ckmtrol ktM: deflnabte 

Joystldt: Kempsion. Interface 2. 


Keyboard pl«y: a little 

dtsortentating ai first 

Uie of cokHJr: code sequences 

might make mono telly pisy a bit 

difticyli. but otheirwise colour it 

well used 

OiipMcs: detailed, sn^ootti, 

□emerjillv goc»d 

ScHmd: average to good 

Sfcimeweh: one 

Scffiem: over 200 

QeiienI rating: An original and 

entertaining arcade/aaventure 

with plenty to do. 

Use of computer 






|G«ttkif stsrtAd 


Addictive quairties 


Value for mOfi«Y 





Producer: Activiswn 

Retail price: £7.99 
Author :Ljuca!rfihii 
(original gam«) 
convert bn by Program 

Far flung into the future is a 
world whose mam past 
time ts spedatofship of a 
&pOf1 kown as B^lfbfaier. This 
cotTip^jter simulation dupihcates 
asctosely as possible the ihhils, 

KHIs, rules and regulations of 
^ famous future spon. Acti^ 
virion market it and it is imeg 
(natively called Ba^ibfaier Rely 
ira heavily upon the technology 
ofthe davn each player is straps 
ped within a ground craft called 
a rotofoiL a machine ihat land 
travels Over the grid where the 
iKtbn takes ptaoe. On an eKtr- 
emely simple level Bafibtaier 
can be described as footbatl on a 
g reen a nd wh ite chessboard. 

Here are two goals on the grid, 
one at e^ch ed9e of the r^eld, and 
the Overall aim is to biast a 
floatir>g footy. Ithe plasmorbf 
through your opponent's goal- 
nxxjth. Your ftotofoil is like a 

areat brg fool tha^t can k^ck and 
rrbble the b^lK over thv gretin 
and white lerrain using a care- 
fully controlled magnetise field 
that surrourvds it. When the 

tbns thai you can move over the 
grid. Still the btacfc bOM per- 
forma the best compfise it can 
grven the limitations superim 
posed yport it. When bail ii in 
possessfonthe same little direc- 
tional computer points the 'foil 
straight at #te appropriate goal. 

That explains B^iftlaier with 
only one competitor but two are 
supposed to talt^ pan, be it 
human egeinst human or 
human egainst drold With two 
players the main problem is for 
the person without the pfas 
morb to get it and this is done by 
a combination of ck>dgem car 
ing arxl fieid inverting. Even 
wfthout a plesmorb, the bum- 
field can be activated and used 
as a sort of fist. Punch the bali 
into the open grid out of the 
opponent's magnetic embrace 
and it becomes property of the 
fifst player to reach ii— the 
equivalent of a tackle. 

A split screen is provided, 
showing each player's point of 
view tnrouqii the rotofoif's 
wirKJscfeen, The grid runs off 
into the horizon in perspective 
and as the rotofoit ts moved 
around the grid behaves as it 
shouW do in real fife. T^e plas- 
morb and opposing 'foil are 
both shown fn proper peffpec- 
tive and relative size retpei^h^ 
to how dose you ana to them. 

Between the fwo views is a 
scofe line showing time left to 

plaSfHi n proJCsmit^ of a 

fotofoils fteld it contorts to 
surrotjnd the object and thw 
becomes the possesion of that 
player. The trouble with having 
an enveloped plasmorb is thai il 
saps er>ergy from your main 
supply, maximum speed be- 
comes sli^tly less than it pre- 
viously was. That 5 dribbling — 
kicking m a different matter 
Placing a S¥v«aiy thumb upon 
the fire button Ir»veits the roto 
foiTs bumpftefd. The previously 
envetoped orb now rapid^ 
wtiiz^see off to the ho r iion as the 
bunnpfield whiplashes. That's 
kidcing, it's disadvantage is tt^t 
since every action hes a reaction 
(you ask any scientist called 
Nevirtonl you and your rotofoil 
react by rtying away in the op- 
posite direction. 

To make finding the plasmorb 
on the very large grid eesier. a 
Kittle t>OK of circuitry always 
orientates the rotof oil to point as 
clDsaly as it can to the ball The 
rotofoil has its retstrictions 
though and one of them Is that 
irs only able to face In orm of 
four directions, the same direc- 

the end of the bout (a standard 
game is three minyles long} and 
each opponents' score At the 
end of tfie three minutes the 
player who has dorriifiated the 
most of the lir>e is winner. A goal 
produces a score and the am- 
ount depends upon how far 
away the posts were the ball 
struck tnjeu For an over the 
horiTOn shot three points are 


m " Oh w«l I lupfiosa i should- 
n't have expeetad anything as 
Eood as the Atari WTskin, btJl at 
fiast I thought It wouM he qyrte 
good- Lucasfilms' first try out on 
the Spectiuffi ts not a complete 
suct^^^, tftwy l ae m to have 
thrown cairtion to Hm wind and 
^st ftiAde It look frioe and pretty 
— untoituanatJy they forgot 
rtMXLTt the gameplay and adii- 
eved 1 very slmpDfled version. 
Through the transatatlon I resl- 
tsed that there wasn't too much 

to the game to start wrth The 
StHjfid is pf^tty apajling wHli a 
very ksfw tune whkh vibrdea 
the Spetrum speaker terribly 
The way the bBJl swings around 
tn front of you i^ very good but 
doesn't mi^e up for the screen 
qlkJ'^es- The ipeed of the game 
IS vefv slow and I d id n 't swing in 
my ckHir at all. which mesne 
somethino big has been mfsiad 
out. I couldn't honsetty recom- 
mand you to buy iL " 

• "Bell blazer doesn't exa^ 
stnke me as the most compm- 
tive sport m rrte A/ioWif? universe^ 
as it's hardfy rrtega^britfj fve 
heard a fot about the Atari and 
Commodore versions^ aryd in 
comparison, the Spectrum vers- 
ion seems to be a btt of a let- 
down. The colour ts favishfy 
us{*d^ at the expense of fAe 
whole screerj changing cofourat 
times. ThmgA happen cjuickfy^ 
and on the higher ie^s, it gets 
pr&hy hectic It isn't such a t^ad 
game, but not so great either. " 

• " I first saw Baifbia^er on the 
Atari yonks ago ar>d it was atxHJ^ 
the best Atari game around 
then. Sadly H I can't reaMy say thai 
it has survived the conversion 
onto the Spectrum. Most of the 
originals good points, sound 
etc, have been mt behind for 
obvious reasons, now all that 
remains is a fairly average, 
speedy art^de game with^ a 
rough tune and ctub^ous graph- 
ics. On nfYy first fflrw goes I W8S 
sure that son^thing realty spec- 
ial would ooma to Hght which 
would make this game doubly 
piayable, unfortunalol^y it didn't. 
The effect of the ground moving 
is very fjood even though it is a 
Irttle garish at times, but^ as with 
most games with fast graphics, 
al I the dNa racters fl icker ho r r i bty 

I wasn't really com pe Ned to 
carry on pEaying this one as it 
gets fairly monotonous after a 
while. " 


Copttrol keys^ pEayer orte/ployer 

two: UP 0/P. DOWN A/L. LEFT 


Shift. S to start 

Joystjch : Kempslon, Interface 2, 


Kayboard ptay: r>o problems 

Uaaetaikiur: pretty, but lots of 


Gnphica; neat scrolling, but a 

bi:tgl itchy 

Scxind ; a bit b^irf, but nice 


Scream: scrolling playfleld 

Ganerel rating: A neat reaction 

game which somehow doesn't 

quite come off 

Ube of computar 75% 

Graphic 73% 

PtoytfiUJtv 72% 

Gettine ttartMl 78% 

Addict qualWss 78% 

Value for money 72% 

Ovenil 71% 

18 CRASH May 1986 



' J 

1 r 

'-. p 


l^h^Ho^ F ' ra J^^l 

















1 -"^ 


r^ J 









f>«i« iWf w oJ 9 

Brave dozens ofmisskmSf becitme _ 

the greatefit space piUd of ail time and w^ 

an Empire* Now Firebird, pubtifiiiem of Hie VKs mos\ 

exciting softwaret offer you tite r/ia/tr ;e totmcimte 

one of those exaited^^ce-adventurem 

wtio fished ail in tim name ofciinqite^t, 

RBU iMffltm-Ht€I*0<1 liMlllia.< 

Anrf«Cto now In FInbird Gdd lor Sp«c*uin 4aK«id Ceniiiiedo»e4. 
and httiatiit BDon lor Ammwd AH K £9 JK 


— -'^-^iaf 

•i 1 -- 




_// ._1-' 



PFoducerr Raartifne 
Retail price: £7.95 
Author: Graomft Balfd, 
' "'^ ' ' -rtOHver 

■■^. X" 

— --/> 

20 CRASH May 1986 

— «£V 


•r«A«ii*s*r*ii*i«ic»£ u 


-pi IN** 



7 arV eiqhfeeri nf>onthf 
^fter the last 3D graphics 
111 Sfarstffke stunoed the 
Sfim&tmm gam«spiiving wwfid, 
Ftaaltime have rai^as^d the le- 
qye< yr>der the unafsuming title 
ot 5fa/^frj*e /i' The orhgma^ 
gam^ CJdntatr>ed ThrM scr€er>% rjl 
tArif^'trame animaticm end rjwed 
a fair ctebl to tha Star Wan 
afcad« garrv& in tefms of game- 
ptiy. Now ^Galiime have pro- 
duced a gam*? wlh fiMed-m 30 
gnfihics arxj Have come up wuh 
a tc^aMv different garrkepilay ip 
govv'ththem. , . 

The scenarro contmuea ffom 
the story !oid m Sfsr^trfk^ aflef 
the Outsiderm first anacit wai 
Impelled toy the Stsrstnke star 
fleet, the alliens regrouped C3a<:ir 
to their homeworldi to p+ol and 
KM:Ii plans An«w agatnii Ow 
Federarion UrMJer^andadMy 
narited bry tti# cpnftar^t aJiart 
threat, the Feder^tron d«kte« 
that son^thing h«s ro be dOn« 
A new a*l-pUfpMe fighter cfift n 
desip%ed. the Sisrtfnkm f( servos, 
and ^5 sent off to the Ouisiders 
homffwofWB to neu^fftlne eech 
planet! aeteficee. 
The OutstcSefi realise Hie 

Fift<}i*rst3ofl m mit to get th*rm. 
and Their woHdS are heavily 
defended Your task as pitot of a 
Slarstfike II ship is not trivial -- 
thei^ are tviflsnty two planets on 
the nteutra^iiatton I lit, and these 
can caiagof^sed into three drffer 
ent groJiipS Ag^icu^lyral. Indus^ 
trial and Military Each type of 
plaiM hei a drfferent wntro< 
sysftim that t* in ijharge of ail the 
jvoft drovds on thef «r>rid Des- 
troy the eOTitrolter. and the &i^' 

net becomes totaUy harmle*a 

The Outsider pianists are spr- 
ead across fiv*5 sf-ar systi^rvs, 
and the first tti^ng to do y^hen 
play commences is to chooi« 
the itar sy^en^ o<i wh*ch to 
tsegin work /our ship m not 
capable of hv0»nipa«e trawi 
beiween star systems, arnJ hAt& a 
■^Pixjrt module that cirriee fuel 
sijp|34tee. Orwa a mm system has 
bmm\ selecti^d. the support mod- 
ule make* the hvi>er^pec:e iiifnp 

*nd y^ur ship' 5 r3wn hyoerdnve 
unit Gan then be used to hop 
birtween planets m thet lystem 

Yoy r craft 'i mjuiptw** with ftm 
talss< in 5hie4d, ?aser and com- 
putttT mchnology and all /-^^i. 
have to do It mi«iar the r^r 
OiJtai Thra# m«tttfS on !he oon 
trol cofiiole are wonh iceepmg 


"When SiarBtrike wn nt» 
««5«d lAwN overa year «go t 
WAS realty impfened mlh 
the smooth movirKi vector 
graphics Now RuHiiite 
Rave Tinally got round to 
doir>g the follow up. Star- 
sUjte (I utilisM fillad In 3D 
QfflplilcSi wfiiGli move guite 
VfiMf. The game Ituff Is 
en Inipf ovei i leiil ovet the 
ortglnal brfnQtnii tfte slight' 
ty worn out iboot em up 
bftck up to date. The var- 
bw ateges c*n keep you 
emitted tor hours. I mm 
emaied that the prodmm* 
mers oould lit so much Srvto 
the geme while still keep- 
ing ft Qfaphjcally excellent. 
As witii m»Qst shoot am up* 
Starstrike II is ptoyefal* 
from the iword go, but tft 
herd enough to keep you 
coming baidc fpr motw and 
more h^u programs have 
ImprBiaoil me this much 
•fid I'm glid to see the 
return of a software houf e 
thirt Can trvly program 
gwTtes. Buy Stantrm II 
now* It's gua raniewt to 
pfWMty ou w ith hours a nd 

CRASH M^ 1986 21 



an eye on: fuel shields and heat 
Naturally, the fuel gauge reveafs 
the lev#l in the sliip's tanks The 
shield display shows Ihe slr- 
ength level of the comp^eK de- 
fence fields set up around your 
craft. The enemy ships are quite 
impressive Iv equipped as welL 
and wrth no shields & defect 
enemy hil entails instant death 
— yours The heat meter is dir- 
ectfy linked to the ia^Br cannon 
and automatitany cuts the ias- 
©rs out ff they gftt too hot. Mol 
havin9 much iaen about ipaot 
b^tlki, th© fhemiostat is more 
thun tike^y to slop povyer to the 
guns wh^n thay re n©^^ 
most- The whole g^me is sa^n 
ihroufjh Ihe front vvindow Of 
your shtp with the ctoSrhboard 
mmly laid out slong the lower 
part of the display. Four laser 
canrion are grouped around the 
scrron, flrpng onto a central 
sight, which is also used to steer 
your craft. 


*' Starstrike I1 came as m re^l 
surpr^ After SMing tMdh 
rtieM« M Elite ind I. of 
9m Mask it looked Hhe 
thr«e dlfr>ensiofial graphiot 
had gone as far h^ u^m 
Spe^fumly p^tssi^ble Hap- 
pilV it loolcs like averyon^ 
vwn wrong, proven by 
Starsirike 11$ ajpfM«rancQ. 
hnagee thii nMHvtk. gene- 
rated as fast ai this )ust 
haven't yet tHien saen on 
ttm Sp*ctfum. Techfiolust 
iisid«, the gflme ra great ■ 
and holds your irrt^rest not 
(ust b^causn of the w^ay the 
^taphi^ tend tp get e^ery- 
ona ogaNt%g around the 
screen. There's plenty of 
cliall«fige to b« h^, how- 
ever good V&u seem to get. 
And tor a mftra £7.K yoii 
iitst cant go wrong. Any 
spflctrum owner passing 
Ihii by is litety to ba man- 
taBydafidantl " 

22 CRASH May 1986 

A variety of defanM systems 
have to be overcome. The Space 
Wheel IS only present on mOi 
lary and a few mdustnat worlds, 
and IS a grant pentagonal si rue 
ture protected by defence pods. 
The ftve pods on the pe^ irrieief 
of a Wheel have to be blasted off 
as the Wheel spi-ns m space, 
advancing towards you If all 
five pods are shot off, a d&or 
opens in the centra of tht nirut- 
turi? whfch give^ acc^^s to a 
harfr§3r Matcning the rotation of 
yoiif Cf^ft wi(h rhat of tho whe^l 
allows you to ont^r the hangar, 
wh^re pomts can b0 collected 
for dCiSlfOymg Ihe Outsid&r ship 
th^t lurks iherein. To escape 
from the hangar and pfooe^ to 
the next aectten of th^ gam^ the 
three oontfolters that operate 
the i rising e^it door have to be 
shot awav — careful timir^ i& 
needed here, as the door re- 
ma ir\s in the position it reaches 
at the instant wh^n the thrrd 
door control ier is destroyed. 

All the Oiitsider planets are 
protected by Defence Fields 
which consist of a number of 
g ridded force barriers in space. 
Small openings in the force 
fiefds exist to allow Outside^" 
cratt to cross, but these entr^ 
^nces are obscured by spinning 
nnfirgy squares and are defend 
i 1 by nnissile systems Th^ more 
imponant iti& planet ihat y&u 
ere efti^king, the more Defence 
Fields you have to penetrate — 
antf they get pfogr&ssiw^lv 
harder . . . 

After crossing a planet's De- 
fence Fietd^your craft goes ^nto 
orbit and enters battle with the 
Outsider fleet defending the 
p lancet. A handy head up scanner 
system tracks the anefny, using 
two windows^ The right hand 
window dispiays the relative 
vertical positron of an object or 
ship in the vcmity, while the left 

to boost Fuel supplies. You have 
to be quick to get these since 
Outsider fuel scoops ^oom in 
and try to whi p rhetn away . Once 
the orbitol fighters have been 
vanquished, it's down to the 
pfanet and into the Ground 
Attack sequence, where a cross 
imposed over the planet's sur- 
face targets the laser system 
Points are awarded for destfoy 
inganen artefacts. 


"S^rsirike II is ■ brtlllant 
fE>lliOw up to Starstrike artd 
at £7.95 pr^Mwrts am&zing 
value for m&rtirv. Speed, as 
with ell sho-dt em ups.^ is 
verY Important, and Retl- 
fima Software have not 
sacrificed speed at all in the 
cause of filled 3D graphics 
— I couldn't Ttnd any Mt 
¥^h«fe the gaiT>e ekrwHl 

hand Window gives a plan view 
of the surrounding chunk of 
space, When an enemy craft 
comes within laser range, the 
scanner windows automatical tv 
Hip off and combat begins. 

Some Outsider ships release a 
fuel pod when {hi^ are destroy- 
fid ^nd the ppd^ can be collected 

w» too fill. Jutt beeeute 

there^s lots of amaiir^ 
grephics do^^n't mDion 1h«| 
tfie gamn ts smaM: it con- 
sists of lots of stage*. «nd 
every stage h as good as 
the (est. My pefsonal fav~ 
ourite wh the trench 
stage, which contains 
sonrwi suMrt> fill#(Hn mm- 
ph jcs arM hnhi liettef tnaii 
the afcsdi ftkr Wan 
gafTwl Starstrike II haa 
bacis of good fsityreSp Itke 
the ^ofi screen' scanners 
dHpfHarifig wtwn you 
encminder the «n«fi9iy. 
There'* ft hot* of difTerifit 
ships <MPllkh ire very det- 
ailed and neatly animated. 
Starstrike II fs a game that 
evwry Spectrum owner 
should have an the ^hetfp 
and it repr«£«rtts fenftMfH^ 
value ior money. '" 

The Ventilation Duct m the 
ne»ct stage of the game, which i$ 
an upgraded version &f ihe ori- 
ginal trench sequence in Stsr- 
striJk^. Inside !he duct the lasers 
are inoperative, and survival 
depends on your abilitv to 
dodge the trench constructions 


as collistons rapid Ey deplete 
shield energy The usual left/ 
right, up/dcm-n controls apply, 
with the fire button used in con- 
(unction wilh up and down to 
accelerate artd decelerate. Some 
careful driving is caMed for. aft 
it's impossibre to manoeuvre 
while changing speed Motnle 
beams cross /our path, spinning 
fens hinder you and i rising 
doors have to be negotiated 
before the exit tp the trench 
appea rs a nd the \ ast phase of ttie 
attack on a planet begins. 

The last stage varies for the 
different types of planet, but the 
general idea is similar Depend- 
irvg on the type of planet, a reac- 
tor system, batlle computer or 
agricultural confrol centre has to 
be knocked out as you fly along a 
computer controlled course. A 
suooessl^l strike opens a dcx>r at 
the far end of the course, and the 
game returns io the planet sel- 
ea«on screen with one more 
plarHSt deactivated . 

The b^l^nc^ betw^n fuel and 
shield \0v^H is critical and at the 
end of each slam in Ihe attadt 
on a ptanet fuel can be trans^ 
f erred to the shtolds. There's 
only one life in the game, and 
the mission ends if mel or shi- 
elds reach zero — and ih^ galaxy 
Will forever more be plagued by 
the Outsiders. Now that's not 
something you want to happen 

IS it? 


Control keys: Q/A 

up /down. 0/P left/rtght. B. 


fire, X accelerate. Z 

decelerete, H heAd up 

displays on, J automatic 

head up dispisys, D dock 

Joystick: KefT^p^in, 

Interface 2. CailOf 

Keytioard ptay: responsive 

as ever 

Use of colours 

monochromatic, ma'mly, 

with shadir>g to create 30 


Gref>hiGs: fast and cool — 

gysranteedto stun anyone 

who sees them 

Sotiiid: neat 


Scirwni-: eiohi 

Qiiwrii raikifl^ Abfilliant 


Use of cofTiput^r 94% 

Graphics 97% 

Ptaysbilrty 92% 

Gettina started 94% 

Addicttve quilitiM 94% 

Va kie fo r money 96% 

Overall 96% 


Producer: Global 

Retail price: £7.96 
Author: Fatmar^ and 
Dobbin «— graphiQS By S 


Yfft anoiher pame of the 
fjlm^ but this limii it's a 
game of a rilh«r special 
film. Artxk of itw Kif/^ 
TonM(€i€S may not have an 
Oscar. British Academy Award 
or Golden Lion to its name but 
what it does have is the preafi- 
Qhoys "Wofld's Worst Vegetable 
Movie' acoofado. For those of 
you to whom the plot rs totally 
alien which probably eneomp- 

have tegs and movm around in 
sou are- like pattemii, they also 
kjfl; Thi^re «ight of these little 
dhAppies md tha objeci is lo got 

Gleehil to see the arm«i of 
their libefating kilter raininv. the 
previously normal tomstoes 
nowv merrily bounce around 
their home. Wimp, no wimp 
when it oonnes to mashing vege- 
labtes, mu^ pet these anTmated 
red veggies into the crusher to 
kMp up the supply of puree 
required. Though very hapi?y 
indeed, the newty enlivermi 
p/e^pureed product is very 
eerily scared, To curtail their 
bouncing activities Wimp must 
take advantaae of their patho- 
logical fear or blood — Plasbot 

a^^es mo&t. of ymi. it is as 

Wimp Ptasbol, a man who 
despite not hdvinq the i alter H 
appear anywhere in hfs name, 
but has it inscribed upon his 
sweater, is the hero and his 
piece of employment is a Tom- 
ato Puree pbnt This particular 
plant is oh — ao— very^impon- 
ant indeed iinoe it's the major 
su(M>lier for the country's pizza 
partours. Puree— less pizza is 
r>ot a very palatable foodstuff at 
all ^nd consequently if KiNer 
Tomatoes had the sauce to at- 
tack this puree plant, people 
would be very upset anci try to 
ketchup with the perpetrators. 
Well it (ust so happens that . » . . 

Wimp must rid the pSani of 
mutafsd vegetables and still 
keep the nsiiofi^s pizxes pureed. 
Not en Atsy teste, espec^ially il 
your name is Wimp Plasbot 
Thefe are three different types of 
tomalo to be found within th€ 
oonfinsB of the fectory but only 
orte of them is of the ho^r^w- 
p^ic persuasion. You can telt 
kilter tomatoes a mile off — they 

has to zap them with some 
tomato sauce. T^e third type of 
tofnato is an inaaiva though still 
haimlul sort of chap. These sit 
on on the factory floor and cause 
die time to whizz by. If 'knocking 
off time is reached and the 
factory is not fully devoid of 
vio^nt veqgies then the game is 
over, iuckify though. Wimp can 
get iofrm extra time t3y Hndiiig 
punch cards and depositing 
them into, strange [y enough, a 
punch machine. 

Presented in the Mmght lam 
3D-ish type format that evefy- 
one with a Spectmm must have 
seen, AtCT is an arcade adven- 
ture type game requiring the 
manipulation and use of various 
obieds to disable the terrible 
Ic^tis. There are two separate 
C3ch^ supplied in which to ho^d 
objects. One is e)^clusfvetv for 
storage of de — bounced tome 
toes and the second is for any 
other objects. To pick anything 
up the numeric keys across the 
top of the keytxsard are used, 
wBlking into the item that Wimp 
needs and holdir^ a key, stores 

ttiet particular item in a littJe 
pigeon-hole und it's shown at 
the bottom of the screen along 
with a diminishing tomalo 
which represents the puree 
supply. Any tomatoes squished 
boost the tomato back to its 
previously perky and fully blown 
self. If. however it hits zero then 
half an hour is zapped off the 
clock and doom tor the pizza 
eat J ng popu lation is ha If a n hou r 

The factory is quite a large 
place arxJ ooven& over fmjr floors 
all aooessible through holes 
between ceiling and ffoor Wimp 
must damber over objecia with 
ttta uae of his jump k^ey and his 
arnaztrig super power of walking 
in etralQhl lines. Avoidance of 
nastim IS wise as death could 
well result. 

When death darl^ans this 
wjrnp's door, no real fuss is 
made but instead a dissection of 
puny Pfasbot's progress is dis- 
played, showing what percent- 
age of various thir^gs he man- 
aged to gompleie. Though he 
may be Wimp by n^nm and 
nature, Mr Ptastxjt is urKteryour 
control. Don't Set him wimp out 
— the nalKjn's piZza eaters de- 


Vit anotlwr 30 mo«io- 

Wtm game and I still don't 
Ml tifed playirig them. Kmr 
fomswes is a take-off of tbm 
ether 30 games =— Wm evefi 
wogfafTvned by f stman mM 
boDDiin! My f avourrte part of the 
gATTM w»i squashing the toma- 
toes ifthough I feet more could 
hive twen made of the tqwldl- 
ing and kHing. Kiiler Tom^fQ&s 
dCHitairvs a massive mue and, 
lust like KnfghtlQm it takes a krt 
Of time to get anything 1i<ke a 
good score. I ^I'vi found a few 
more similaritm to tht aforB- 
itmntkmwJ game — startiiig in 
dlffer«fit locations, only being 

SlkTWed to drM two H^m^ in 
each room sncl a few ath^t^. 
Ktif&r Tomatoes m rtHire Of i fun 
peine to pley than Kmahi ior^ 
but still reqiuires lots of senoufi 
g ameit a ri rtg to get around 
obstacles, end wfth lots of good 
podgy tornvtoes around, it's 
one of the foUiost 30 games 
amutfd " 

• "/ was pfesfsamfy surpns^ 
wffen t losdmt this one up, i 
(houghs it was goin^ io be *no- 
tttGf of thas& medioaie gsnms 

ihm has noihing oihmr thaft its 
n^m^ goif^g for ft. t msffy en- 
py^p faying K il ler To m atoes as 
it f>ss a sp0cmf ifimifly thai wiff 
k»ffp m& pfsfytng for ^g^ to 
cofTW. GtBphic^w H is ve/y simi- 
iBf to Sweevo's World very fast 
weti tfjfawo siijgfe cofour /so- 
memc 3D, with Urge chmwctmB 
si^joi/y sn^ ntc&fy erumMBd, Oh 
r^ sound fforit however ii 
doesn't Aave much going for it 
ortfy the odd beep here and 
them and r^ tune, which is a 
$hsme « it won W heve Mddedto 
its ^tmospf>ere & fittfe, Genersffy 
f wQutd ret^mmend this game 
to everyorm as A iS c^mpetting 
endptayet>ie. " 

^'Despite the mvfulness of the 
movie of the same name, AMT is 
an excel lent game, though il 
does owe quite a lot to previous 
releases. H s yet another 3D ef- 
fort, though a very good effort it 
is. The griphics are speedy and 
pretty and give tha effect of 3D 
which is heid nioely throughout. 
As for the game, it's Of eat and is 
quite funny as vw^ll Wimp Plas- 
bot is an wor>der[ul hero who's 
easily pers^jad^ to perform the 
^iqn$ re<^ired of him. Them's 
a lot of challenge to keep the 
hartfaned gamesief s at bay but 
rt's easy enough for any stmian 
!o gel into. Definitely worth a 
good look at, " 


Contfol keys: Z rotate left. X 
rotate right, Q jumpp A adVarvoei 
1^^ pick up 

Jovmdk: Kempstoa Interface II 
Keyboard ptey : responsive as 

Use of colour: two colour but 
detailed main screen with some 
bright spots on the status spots 
Griv>hlni very neat and 
extremely fast. A beliti v&ble 30 
effect IS com|>etentfy crested 

Sound: No theme tune but 

adequate tOUrKl effects abound 

Shjil levels: 1 

Scrsens: lots 

deMinl rating: a greet name of 

a vefy bad movie. 

Uaa erf oofTiputer 

QiMM el 

Value for monw 




CRASH May 1986 23 


Producer: AtlBiitis 

Retail price: £1.99 

Oh dear, an irrsane crimin- 
a I megalomaniac i$ hold- 
ing tn« qountry to r^n 
som w'\m hi^ $uper powerful 
computer- act rvated tacticaf nuc- 
lear warhead and tha govern- 
msnt can't tr^ck him mmn — 
iwiible indeed. Who or what can 
Slop him?? YoiJ maieyboots. 
that's who. Armed wkh your 
humble Spectnjm and a Sup&r- 

Whftn the Bimulation com- 
maffcces yoij hav# only the tal^a- 
phorse number 818-771 to 90 by 
Tha la^ twD digits are missing 
and it*s up to you to find them 
out alther rnanually or by using 
Itw tmk an^fysis and dfsphy 
functions. Onca that has 6aan 
crgdcad and you link with the 
computer you find out the num^ 
ber IS that of a certain Orion 
Photocopi^ra Ltd, a London 
based firm. Using the informa- 
tion from this hamnless booking 
company you can glean the 
phone number of another three 




00 1 10 10 1 


loo4s I found myself in a wry 
nomial cornpanv, bui ccintinuad 
haching mad« nn« realise thirt 
thafa b a mas&ive plot to under- 
mine Qv&ryihing ttiat thii^ cwJii- 
ti^f Stands for, cir scsimething liiia 
that anyway. Eviin more hiick- 
k^ {into the BASO revealed 





com modem you have taken it 
upon those sloping, narrow 
shoulders Of yours to attempt to 
find and shut down the evil 
villain's computer tti rough Brit 
ish Teleoim'^ telephofie caUing 

As you might now have 
guessed Supercom is a hacking 
Sinn uiat ion, and stafting with an 
inoomplete phone number, 
which you have managed to 
intercept, you must work your 
way around the many computer 
security sy^tenns to track dowrip 
hack into and switch off die 
warhead s controlling comput- 
eia Vour nx^em h quite a jolly 
little thing and haa fiv^ modes of 
operation: diBK f^^^ anafysfs. 
dfSpf^y informatfon^ /oacf/sav^ 
and 'phof^0 bfit tiispfBy. Most of 
th^& functions are prerty obv^ous 
but imk an&fys^is end cffSp^ay tnfo 
lire special functions which, if 
used together, can e)(trapolete 
information from certain com- 
puter systems and have the 
inform 3t ion displayed on youi" 
screen. These functions are veiy 
usaful if you are to find cod^ or 
information to adow you to 
break into other computer 

24 CRASH May 1986 


oompuiers, althouoh the ^%&- 
words to MCh aren 1 fulfy given. 
It's then up to you to connect 
with and find out the passwords 
to each. No clue« but all of the 
o:»mputers have something to 
do with one another so f>as3 
words from ons can sometimes 
be found in another's system. 

Onca you get going a whole 
miniature world of computer 
systems €>p#ns up and there is 
plenty of information regarding 
certain systems and the back- 
ground of other different com- 
panies 10 uncover. Once you 
real^ get goinp it gets increas- 
ingly more diff^xilt to enter 
system? due to Iheif artrnciaJ 
intelligence . . ^ dtch . r . 


• " Supet^com h ■ vary diaap 
vet^H for budding hackers, it ts 
dllttararit Irom H^^ker by Acti- 
v^ion in that it Is just a case ot 
thinking of iiumbafs and wofi 
dering wfiich ones witi wort — 
in a stKirt rt's vefy boring. At fint 

that this game is ju^t a casa of 
Jwnping nom one company to 
tha nasKt flndhig out telephone 
numbiin, Vm afraid I found the 
pafTifl lofig and lediouA. aspac- 
lally wfwn you've got soma- 
tt^ino lifke a hundred different 
numoers to ct>ooie from in 
iome casai. I wouklri't recofrh 
mend tJi»is to yoUp In fad you 
wtfould get mora value for 
mofiey If you went out to your 
local coinpiilaf stockist and 
spent a couple oi hundred qukJ 
on the real oquipmefit " 

• " This is a firm ftacAino jeme 
anrf onB thsi is fun, chmengmg 
and very addictive, fnifi^ify its 
tricky (o gjBt ioio^ but / stjppose 
hacking into other tompatar 
systafns never is. Once you gat 
going^ though it becomas very 
wfertSMWw and it's easy fo 
bacommt^tfy involved wiih the 
game. Thare are no graphics bur 
the game givas a convincmg 
fepresanfation of the otharconh 
fiuter syst&n^s tn the network. 
The sound is quite good too with 
some guita raafistic fif rather 
qwei) teiaphona noises. Unfort' 
ur^atety thara are some niggfing 

aspects of the gema ifka t&mg 
Bbia to crash tha program tf 
BfiMK is accidantiy pressed. 
Thww mrmmtm some awtut speii- 
ing mfsMas in tha pmgrsms 
text — proflbssionat sfnt 
ambitiuos ara/ost two that t can 
recaii. These ntggfes aside tha 
program rs stiff great fun and the 
fact that it costs oniy rwo qo/d 
makes it raaffy wx>rth t>oying if 
you want a change from beating 
up aliens or stirotting artH^tHt 
n^ysieriousiands. " 

• " Off to a g reat sta rt J pressed 
one key (and U wesinH even the 
BREAK key) and it crashes, 
brilEignt. After about ha! fan hour 
of ptay i had had enough of this 
one there is iu^t nothing to it. 
Generally sitting typing num- 
bers into a computer ancTgettina 
no response is not what I'd call 
fun, in fact I usualtyget payed for 
such a service The prsphics 
used in ihis game are minimal-* 
a nice red border here and them 
but thaf a about it. The sound is 
poorly used, there are some 
good telephone type noises and 
me odd spot effect when a key is 
pressed I Iwoufdn't reco mnwd 
this game to anyone as ft is vary 


Control keyi: numeric inputs 
Joystick: none 
Keyboard play; K/A 
Use Cif col^ir: N/A 
Graphics : HfA 
Sound: $ome spot FX, 
otherwise limited 
General rating : as you aee — 
vfo I i>nily opposed views, briefly 
broken down a s; 'if you like the 
System 15DO0 type strategy/ 
hacking game, then it's very 
good value for moneys and (un\ 
Byou don t, then it's boring! The 
ratings below and therefore 
split; first for the pros, second 
for the cons , . . 

Ptavvbility 17% 

Gtttiiid ittffwd 78% 

MmmM^mMm 91% 

Vshie for mwmf 33% 

Ovmll ■■% 

nMMRv 19% 

GittliBitwtvd 25% 

Mdle^qualttim 13% 

Valu# tof rTMSfn^y 2 1 % 

OmtiI 21% 

m iv/^ OF tmtiGe^ 


Coming soon on Spectrum 48K, Amstrad 
& Commodore 64/128 





t wtm z mBB 


fcir ,fci5T? 

VW Ji » •■ « 

P -4 


^ip ul previoiisJv unhwarfi of 
pmm 10 liifui ami dttiuiltv ^^' 
ib(e 10 pu If ffetiolihu moiMiljIr 

of of !hM Zisb^rom^ worlde. No, 
tht;. 1% tmx a nic# pluci* io cjo and 
f50 sane t>i?fsopi ^» 'mj 

dnywhen} ru'ar rh' if 

II wa^n'i for CyLwi>Hiti The? 

eanofs 111 iti<* Zabufi^ma flte 
imtid from Cvt*i'ftfi»M, itn aniP 
etemenl wiiiri;li cuv^tiilhiiiMS lo 
lonm Cvl>oinile w^heti i1 is ex^ 
poa^lQ pDSilivif rii^Min %paCG, 
F^ple will ya lo pruuy atwu^- 
iii*y hiPitjth^ ttj- ttilir ifiu {{nlaxv 
and Cyber Hj to ts tho nMrriiiinial 
kev to galaciic dorn^niin^iPi ti is 
Ifw* hardcsl subsUinix* ?lini t*» 
tsl?*. (usl r^H? sori ol ihiiig ihal is 
niosl handy il suirmining i^ ygyr 
iffldt*. Sturmmir^ m n pastm>i; 
■^tnrh rrMifrrs ifie roward of 
y r c|<.M yooc1<i1 It. 

yourtx « cl 

■iflriCJ kj< iij UP I <iii- *. .yijir ! II LI - pi^fll- 

lemarirfasofutio^iwvcis srsi upon 
A iJiip of truty awi ■ ti^gine 

s(n?nyifi [lat* Imi* i <MCf<}d 

m sectit>ns, whicf^ havu- toon 
eran^poniict to the Zftbamma 
sysleni. Thrs megaijhip. tiiOfibto 
of CiScapkrifi from thu Antiplfis 
rruc Laitii^ ^ith ^ cmm ^ 
Cytertf 0*1, nmds to be ssMfnth 
ted VoM have bew clwsw to 
pitot 1h0 coiT^mand modute of 
this cratl to Ihe ZebarienTia tyi- 
(em, and n^us! find (he mooa 
bOQ^ti^r^, Soltir snib and other 


After tlie ta«t l«w Uhl 
tnate rete^ses this is tti« 
l«$t thing I 0K|>0ict#d. Ha 
Rlm^tion t or tl Or aoythirig 
IKke that — It t mom lii* 
lh«ir old Lunar Jsfman 
style and c<)ulcf wati ba 
r^i^takan for a foflo^v up to 
thg oLas^ic^ shoot ^fti up^ 
Initiiitlv thi^ shoot am up/ 
ArcAd<! adven^tUia &aam4 to 
h# rnofv iit a rugrat^ion 
dian progr«mkin, out onca 

r$riart playing ttw Mifw 
b«ccime!^ inowAfig^ 
elMf ttiAt UKimat« haw 
pri>duf;:«d ynt anothat «]i«^ 
all«fit gam« Tlift ptoytoig 
a#«A b hu^a BotI tnara ara 
$CHTit axcr^lttint graphifial 
affacis likfi th« stars vwhkh 
Bn baautifuJty parallaxttd. 
It's nk« S4«tfig Ultimate 
pftxlucfi sorrwthing othaf 
tliaii a Hlmatlon gmnm and 
m gmrm which lomaona 
can w^hofeheartAdlY 

ncommerKf. " 

add<>ra scstiered around iha 
area ar^ craale the uUimate 

T1l#teslns rvot a simple orw — 
you'm iKrt the ooly toUow atter 
galactic domination and there's 
anDthef ship of a simitar desi^ni 

1o vOurs SCavfernyiriy Ihf^ pMmcfl 
fot ship perls. Align beings m^ 

out icj hiilr or HI I ho v0fY lees^ 
hinder you The worst fhtng 
aboul Ihosd aliens is thn suicidal 
side of th&ir naiufC kiiimlniii^^ 
'^^^ baahes into the nfiiji s hull 
Hf speciality. Limk^ly ih 
ough. Ih^ ^ip in ywjr i^ornmanct 
is madtt of a sitrntFr stuff thiin 
ttio avoraoe alien, ^nd ihiiy 
smMf aK|»Miwly- ihoutih not 
harmlossly, over your shield 
fietd. The ^ii^ld takm a pourFtI 
iri;i, io^irif} erifjrf^v wilh UMi^h 
attack and il it yctls to /mo then 
'BLAM At It^Hst yoy have four 

L>ijrj.lf J "J n I. i 

.yterun is a ^roltinq fjarrifj, 
arKi th€ backyrcjund whi//€r$ 
bcfhind vdiir $hip whidh f^U&am 
tratly on Ihij stretin Thij hack 
grourtd is shi^wvn frofn a side on, 
cross sectionafc vi«wpoini and 
the f}layir>g &mB is huye f\yim 
skywards lakes th&^ ^htti miu a 
zone M^ith ni^ioo^s and ghootiiHi 
stars-, thouyfi the maynislronic 
field prevents 0II hyt thi* most 
fully eiltiifUpctd ship from going 
5fi^:oSide Onttingfjacjk ttKoucih 
the mmospliere, Atr«ito£E:^ 
cloud formations are tfncoi • 
ed — some clcjud!^ an* hiippy to 
fain harmfuny oti you wi^ijle 

nihi^is at tP bt»l<cl miough lo pro 
sjhU' ,j iHireh — ttHinyou're hmk 
at sea ieval whare a €oms?if>K 
^.iwt' svstiPt needs to ini 

.eft, j*^E|hL thrust 4tnd fire 
enable 4Bn irHiwri^nunl pilot iq 
peHofm pfoficientty, No down 
< lhiikjI 15 pi ovtded because gra 
vi ..'.^^i to thiit The w^apti>ri 
when iiiihvalfi^d. stindEii a 
hiiit 11^ pl,i'>pi»,i into thf* 
K ill Mhh-j i|i'.i[h to any 
tur ''.It ir ispe^ri Ihrouqh 

A f IV can rtSOb*5 add ^hJ 

ro I V nf eqiiipini.'ni 

Thi , rnantj rnodults is 

a fii^i bit uS kii, Ship custom t$a 
tron ts a nnnit. as Ihe Ihisic craft 
is very slow. Two boosters are to 


UhJiTwtn'i Int ralaaiB 

wiM« as usual, a briiiant 
fama. Now finady, aftar 
two ftair^^ twve refaasad a 
shocrt am up. Cyberyn Is 
effactivaly trn fotlnw on to 
Lunar J«iman. Tha grapli- 
i& are vary good and play- 
abilHy wisa Cyberun la an 
eMceliant game. Going ar^ 
ound shooting th« sftaoft* 
ed n«sties h nin. Tha Idas 
of gradualy aquippfng 
your ship is a vary good 
orie — tha inlay card do^ 
n't give much away, so his 
a chullrenga just to And out 
wfiat at) the varioos iood- 
ies am for. Shool 0m ups 
are #lway^ fun end Cybe- 
run IS no exception. Tha 
ovartones of aitada advan- 
tura make it ruat as addit- 
ive. This is a ctassic shoot 
em up which I'm sura all 
fan^ of Lynar Jaf^man wiN 

im fuuiHi iiPriiT 10 Iht: ^Uirt fKjint 
of your mission: a hori/oni<il 
one and a vomciii one. Fty thr- 
ough IhSfn rtfifl rhuy bijcome 
Krt of Ihi aiomaticaUy, 

ndily nu yrnu 


Enhaf icis<l thouuh you may bu. 
death 11^ ^tiKI ^1 rtiadily availably 
iawnmodity within the 2ebar- 
erna wortds, A sn^all graphic 
repr«fS4}ntation of your crafl 
appears on the top of thu scrwn 
iintf its colour changes every 
tirruj damagKJ *s received. Foal is 
limiU^J, and the level in your 
fankH is ¥nd seated by therrno- 
/pe gau^e running down 
r fianci ^ide of thi^ srCrften 
knUti kir^i tan p^ikfiid lip front 
fuel stations iiround the planet' 


So. Uftimata ara back in 
tha shiKit ani tjp slakea 
agsin. fm sura fmm ol tha 
aarltof gamas will ba pkh 
I know I am" Th« 
grsplii^ are very go^^ 
arid move as lh«v sjioiiid 
dOp smoothly and avanly. 
Pity about tna colour da- 
stias, iHJt I supposa thay 
couldn't avoid tham. Tha 

Sima rtialf Is vary good 
n, and I found it quite 
challenging, though the 
fOrt of people virho com- 
ptete an tjftimata game 
avery ten minute will 
disagree Value for money 
la py&hed up with tha inclu- 
sion of a head cfeanar and 
ganerally. t think LntimaFla 
have got thair act back 
togathat again: hoormyl " 

ary suf face whK^i spout droplets 
of ihi^ptircioLts commodity Fly 
through a droplet of fuel and the 
qaii<)i- qels w<!li OKciled, repeak^ 
ing 10 ifve fuli' mark. ArHl dtralli 
\% worth avoiding, aspecially 
wtu-n Ihe pnze is toial power, 
Are you megalornaniac anough 
to tafee the strain? 


Control kavs: Z. C, B, M left, 

XV,N.SYM SHIFT right. 

secocid row of keys for up, 

thiid row fire lasers. 

numbar hays for triasma 


Joyiikh; Kempston, 

Interface 2 p Cursor 

Kayboaid play: may 5#am 

sluggish, bui jusi rpght 

y$e of CO tour: quite pretty 

Graphics: very good, neat 


Sound : j irtgtes and spot 


Skiff tavab: one 

Setaaw: huge scrolling 

piaying 1 

Ganetal rathfii A good 

arcade adyentura shoot am 

up I 

Ltea o4 computer SB% 

Graphics 91% 

PEayability 91% 

Getting started B2% 
Addictive qualrtles 

Value for money 89% 

Overall 90% 

CftASH May 1986 2? 


\ \ Coming Sdon 

): ComfrKKhre64. Jii 

\ \ S)/^7hw^oftw»^ijniftk( D&i^liouss29^k(}Gafdb(i ECJNBDA Te(. Of 83KM)3Sfelsx 









Producer: Atlantis 


bnldjngp small person Itv 
the name of C live is out to 
pn3¥e how reliable his e led fie 
car IS after recoiVirig more Chan a 
fair amount of bashing by nasty 
rr^dia people To prove what ^ 
mFiabie and Mi lion Keynes form 
of transporl hrs pieslic pram is, 
he's enierad il for the arduous 
and raucous annua! cross coun- 
try Mmpatilion. Not wanting to 
ba m«de to look ^iilly and seeing 
e chance for yet another dig at 
Ihe CS. the press have laid in 
wait several anti-C5 devices that 
■Noyld mak« cHq CS driver's 
joumev morti tti«n a Itnle hsiry. 
The country to be crossed is fK>t 
I v^at you would call 'nice' at all 
— it's mostly roads but the ob- 
stnictions within the roads are 
the things To be avoided. Elec- 
trically rTKJtonsed connection 
with anythino that's not parti- 
cutarly road like results in a 
m ixture of em rail s a nd C5 pi astic 
ipfMd all over ihoitreat. 

There are 41 difhrtnt sections 
10 the couim ttti¥mw$d by 
rrxKvi ng y p tti« •cmtn end Mne 
nicked into the next. Oisplayed 
from a very i a 1 1 perso n 's po int of 
vi^, everything is seen from 
above. As in real I ife the conirols 
for the C6 are far from compre- 
hensive. Left and right comes in 
three drfferent vafieties: slow, 
medium ar>d fast. Four keys are 
uMd, two for eadh dfrectiOn, on^ 
is &1<?w the other medium sp«ed 
while both held in urn boo bdflgi 
in a burst of mega turbo speed. 
Another key is ^up|>Ned whtdl 
adck pedal p»ower to the weak 
iMttery. givinpB a bit of a boost. 

The nMtlw planted by the 
press wander along pfedeier- 
mined pattis on each screen and 
more often than rtot there's onliy 
one of them. On some screens a 
l^ne of traffic presents a bit of a 
problem and careful speed con- 
irol is needed to get past such 
sheets. Every tenth section a 
handy bonus screen is present- 
ed With the promise of lot^ of 
extra points dependent on your 
; skill The first, for instancer asks 
for the CS to be parked in a 
trkkily small gareg^. 

Even though theftt are no 
other contestants in sight. It is a 
race and if all 41 screens are 
compteted then a comment and 
placing is delivered io you and 
you can iudge your own pro- 
gress. Otnerwise no ratir^ is 
given and the riext day the 
whole of the media will be 
(raking fun at Citve's plidtfe 
wonder and you woijidri't want 
that would you?. 


• '' Tlwtjgh tfM K«nario I* qylte 
fun ifi a thame ttie game 
tkwsn^ reifBllv Ihn up to K. h 
really b a hoffor from our com- 
puting past. fiev&ng0 i^fihe CS m 
4rw c? the mosl tedious ly sim^ 
pie things that's bden thmwn 
my way tm a long time. Their 
«i» no OMtvtandlng features to 
b9 found however nerd you may 
iook What's mc»fi Wm awkward^, 
for some ¥trtng# reason the A 
Iwy ie of some important ilgfiH- 
Icdnc* to the gerrie and repeal- 
ed prewes of It are required to 
move between various ofrtion 
end title screAitt. Compered to 
&itm^ budMt reteatet f^ev^ng& 
of the C6 does look rather sllry 
Miiiltert your fortune. '' 

• **tcot/fdn't ^p f^iighmg on 
rmBding fAe fntsy — 'evi/ news- 
fisper rapoFt^fs' after the C5. 
This is B g^me which wj^ wfit- 
l&n for a tadget tuy and the 
^:mitBno and garne 5«irf the 
prke. Going on /ooJbr, /I foo4^ 
/ik€ *on^ of the hrst Spectrum 
games' (as an enqtiffmg head 
mutmr^ over fny sho^mer— /r 
wms ftog^r Keen, tm should 
know}. The game has ftickefy 
graphics a/k/o/ course attritHita 
prob/ams, which coutd easify 
ha¥G been avoided. Revenge of 
the C5 has that certain amount 
of simpfe addicti¥ftY wfr/c/? 
occurred in games such as 
flollef Cosster and Jetpaq, but 
tm afiwfd if tacks in sound, 
grapfrics and presenrar^on, affof 
which are of a very simpte nat- 
ure, it's ¥iery poor on alt aspects 

but wHf requffe a tot of patience, 
memory and skiff to compfete ft- 
You coutd be hooked after yt>ur 
first game but / shoufdn 't think 
you'd load n agam, '* 

• '" This is not the be^ Atlantis 
game I have seen but it certainly 
isn't the worst. The idea behind 
it is ^uite fun although rt isn't 
very original, win a race and 
dodge all the nasties. The grep^ 
hies seem to suffer from inbuilt 
flicker which is pretty hard on 
the eyes after a while. The 
characters are ur>detailed and 
they move around the place 
ebysmatly but there are lots of 
them — the pi ay i nd area Is about 
tfie best feature oFttie grephics 
with busheSn houses, trees and 
the like by the side of the road or 
littorinrQ your path, which are all 
nicely drawn. The sound is 
pretty awful and there are no 
effects during the game itself 
other than the horrid sound 
when you crash your buggy, this 
fiorrid tound repeats itseff on 
the titfe screen whariever you 
pres« e key. After forcing myself 
to play Ihis one until I got « 

deoontish acore I discoverad to 
mfy amaaement that I was quite 
enjoy irvg it- Quite a jolly game 
thEs one but 1 can i really sat 
my^lf playing itforiong, 




Corftrolkeys: 1/0 slow 

I eft /right: z/S fast left /fight; in 

combination for very fast 

tefi/ right. Space to peddle 

Joyflldt: none 

Keyboard play: awkward with 

fairly slow responsat 

Lisa erf cokoiir : average 

Graphics: prtmitivaip although 

some nicely drtiWad sprites 

cHiunD. poor 


Gcmnt rating: a very dated 

looking and fe«ling ^ame with 

Sofne addknive rnen(9 for its low 


Um of Gomputw 41% 

Graphics 34% 

PlayAb^l^ 48% 

Gcfttind stsrtsd 45% 

Add4ctiv«quaKtiM 38% 

ValiMi fior moriiiv 42% 

Ouvrai 42% 

CRASH May 1986 29 








Produtdr: Alllgata 

Retail price: £8.95 
Auttior: Steve Evans 

It's hQf o's horn again and lirn# 
to taicd a strotl behind enemy 
line* and daftroy «r» entira 
army single handed ly. Who 
Dares Wins /f puts you in the 
poputar petition nt a sole com- 
mando plonked deep within en- 
fHTiy terriiorv. Armad with a few 
gnsfiades and your favoiirite 
mMh^ne gun yoy must dalve 
even deeper and capture eight 
Dutposts while fighting off 
massive opposrlion in ihis, 
veteran arcade ace progiammar 
Steve Evans" first excyrsion 
Pnio the Spectnjm from the 
The action takes place over a 

flick SCraen l^nd^cspe wh^ra 
you progress upwards — reach- 
ing fKe top of a screen flicks you 
to the botlom of ihe next screen 
ar>d so on. The object of The 
gam@ is to reach end destroy The 
outposts found at the end of a 
WfiBi af landscapes. 

VMwi the game commences 
your Commando nonchalantly 
stands at the bonom of ihe 
iOrsen, Bombed-oul buitdings 
lie either side of him and the 
only choice is to go forward 
across ihe barren scenery. With- 
in a few secor>ds of moving 
forward the enemy solctiafs 
become alerted to your pres- 
ertce and rush out from the Siidfl^ 
of the screen, lumping off 
byildings. rtjnninq from behind 
trees, firing thatr guns and 
iDbbing grenadei alFovaf the 
piace lijckilv they're no! too 
advaricad ori fha technologicat 
soana and only carry single shot 
nMlaG white you, on the other 
hand, have your iru^ty aub 
machine gun capab^a of pump^ 
ing bullets out &\ quite a con^ 
sderabia rate. Mind you, you 
need the rapkf (ire since the 

30 CRASH May 1986 


■ ii 

ntimbars of enemy ia loma- 
times overwhelm ir>g. 

The enemy bndscape ia hjll of 
haifards just awaiting an over- 
malous soldier and sometimes 
Iheae traps Ne right near the 
bottom OT a screen so when the 

£me flicks 4t's easy lo go Islun- 
ring into ihem. Some of the 
horribie dangers include quick- 
sand, pools of water with crum- 
blirig banks lour hero can't 
swim! I and rivers. There are 
other more mechanical hazards 
too: soldiers with accurate 
monar bombs, trains which tru- 
ndle along railway lines that 
have occasionally to be crossed, 
jeets^ lorries, missile firing 
tarika [very deadly!, borrib dro^ 
ppiiHi aeroplanes and fighters 
which fly straight down the 
scmm and strafe the ground 
(and any paoqie on iti with 
machine gun fire. All ground 
vehicles and niortar bombers 
can be drsposed of with a well 
aimed hand grenade. Yfju Marl 
the game with chree grenades 
and extra ones are parachuted in 
for you to pick up later on, 

Oocasionaily you stumble 
across one of your aEiies, al^ 
though he's in a tot more trouble 
than you are. You see, he's lied 
to a tree and if you don't aat him 
free ha ceases to be because 
he's about to get shot by a 
soldier, ff you shoot his would- 
be eicecutioner then you'll earn 
yourself extra points and the 
reecued person's gratitude. 

Nearer to the outpost rivers 
are anoountered with little th»n 
bridges being the onty way 
across Soldiers on the other 
Side wait for you to move onto 
the bridge so that they can pick 
you off with ease, so shoot be- 
fore you cross. Th^re are some- 
times tittle patrol boats on the 
river, but these don't pose a 
threat to the soldier and can be 
easily destroyed with a grange. 
When the outpost is finally rea- 
dted meny soldiers pouf fofih 

and a pitched battle, with you m 
the middle, ensues Here the 
game becomes immensely hect- 
ic and it's up to you r ra He xes and 
digit dexterity to en$ure syrvi- 
vaX If you manage to gun down 
all the toldiers then the outpost 
is declared yours and you auto 
mat ically go fonh to try to retake 
the next outpost. 

On later outposts the going 
gets far tougher wi^th soldiert in 
p0ttx>lee and a far more hazar- 
dous landscape lo claim all of 
your five lives. If five lives seems 
a little meagre then don't f re! too 
much — eiftr^ ltve$ can be 
earried at regular point intervals. 


• "Allegata who first tsf ought 
out the 'Commando' style game 
on any type of micro are a bit 
lata wrth their Spectrum vefsiofi 
and by the look of it they haven't 
»^nt much time on rt etthtrf. 
Who Dnres Wms //suffers from a 
distkict case of colour clashifig 
wh^ldl I thought had gone from 

the backdrops sr^ qwt9 good^ 
even rf the men &m too smafl 
/'teva6^A'ry'-w;sft it's very good 
iJmfeetf, and it's a^so high/y 
&ddictive^ thoidgh / dfd ho¥& lo 
mAkB sn effort to stBrt §gmr 
after knockmg out sevmmt out- 
posts andg^ttrng some w&y into 
themme. There's iots of rufi to 
de md basting &t^ the httie 
memies, ^ndfm^^y^iij / thmk 
most shoot em up tf^^ks wift 
too. " 

• *■ There are so many Comm- 
&rfdo type games available on 
the Spectrum nowadays Ulty'va 
really got to be something spe- 
cial to justify buyfn-g, This, un- 
fortunetely. isn'i really of a high 
enough standard &nd pales be- 
sides Elite's CofTjmer^do and 
Imagines Gremj Benet. The 
grapliKS are Hicfcery and the 
landscape rather bland, and 
there are other niggles too. like 
being able to atr ol £ th ro ug h trees 
and other landscape faatures 
The gerne Is still fun to play, 
though, but ts^n't reaNy worth 
buying if you've already got a 
'Commanclo' game. *' 


P m 

&9>v3P!3»^ a 

^ iii'.lj t i4i 

E|jUl»Al-l' ^J I. IjH.L> I.IJali I 

tfii Spoclmm altogether. The 
gr^pihics are very small, with 
stidi-IJka sokJien apparentty 
■ufferimg from a bao case of 
vitamin C deficiency. The sound 
ta the fort that makes your taMa 
vtmla ufidar you and giv^the 
eafplugi a g«d airing Plav*^ 
bitity m quite good due to the 
Uea of rescuing men but the 
flipping screens holds you up in 
your tracks. This may appeaf to 
the 'shoot em up what ever they 
are freaks' but Tm alrald H h not 
Up to the R&mbo% Or Co^h 
ttmndo^ of the Spectrum 

r iLi± 

%"A good shoot em up, I ihirtk 
Cofour h^s h^0n used we/t end 


Control keys: redefinable 
Joystick Interface 2, Kempston 
Keyboard play: responsive and 
Use of colotir: a bit thin and 
suffers colour clashes 
Graphics: lively enough but 
disappointingly stickrike 
Soumf^ feasonable 
Skill lev tit: progressive 
Gen«rel ratkig: a rather 
disappointing version, still a 
reascnat>lv enjoyable and tough 
shoot em up though. 

Uie of connputer 71% 

Gfivhica 72% 

PtayabilitY S1% 

GflttffiQ started 77% 

Addictive qualjtmi 74% 

VskM for mon«v 77% 

Omni 73% 


Producer: Electric 

Retail price: £9.39 
Author: Martin Walker 

For eve IV sma&h hit film 
there's usually a computer 
game to match and B^c^ to 
the fuTufG is no «Hc«ption to this 
econonncaOv sound rule From 
ihe bonriy bay of Southampton, 
(and of Efectric Dreams QQm&s 
what was predictable. Buck to 
rhe Futune — the computer 
gamel For ^os;e peopl€^ who've 
lived within a card boa re! bo^ in 
Kirkcaldy for the Ea3t year and 
don'E know the plot it i$ as 

Marty McFly m the archttvpal 
god^ffiBfi ng, bom b— lo v i ng 
American kid and. due to ^n^ 
freak accident involving a 
D^torean sporty car and an 
add fed professor, ts hurled back- 
wards into lime to his home 
town around the nineteen litiies. 
In fac^ it'ft just about the lime 
thai his parerits, George and 
Lorraine, first got togetner but 
this is virfien ihe probtem comes 
in, they aren't getting toge-ther 
and it soon t>ecooies apparent 
that Marty is the person who has 
to perform the matchmaking 
stnca rxi one else seems io tie. If 
Marty fails then by simple Ipgfc 
he ceases to exist and that just 
doesn't add to anyone's street 
creilibilrtyi If he succeeds, then 
them's a happy ending and 
evefybody can leave the cinema 
with dry hankie. A happy end- 
ing is what you, playing hero 
^fty McFIVp nave to strive for. 
GettJng the two potential 

Km^ls together is not an easy 
,. especially considering that 
Marty's mum farkcles her future 
son. Dissuading Lorraine's at- 
tentions and foisting her onto an 
unsuspecting George McFly is 
far from simple and the probfem 

manifests its«lf as an arc^ade 
adventure using a type of mini — 
icon system for interaction with 
people aiKl objects. There are 
rrve diftefent objects to be found 
in the five different locations. 
These can be used on ihe five 
different characters that warxter 
aimlessly within the binary 
backstreete. Five is obviously a 
significant number for the des- 
igner^ Objects can be pic^ked up. 
oroppBd and used- Obiecis ^te 
used on characters and result in 
one of thnee responses: run 
away from Marty, follow Marty 
or comp lately ignore Marty. 
Being connptetely ignored is the 
game's way of teNing you 
you ve done something stupid. 
the idea is to force George and 
Lorraine to spend a$ mucri time 
together as is possible. If they do 
then love will most certainly be 
in the att ^(vd (o indicafe the revef 
0l George and Lorraine's han 
nnony^ a family photo bortom 
right of the screen shows by its 
completeness how things are 
going, if it fills in then the game 
us over and everyone lives hap- 
pily every after. If, however, the 
picture totally and utterly disin- 
tegrates then Game Over' 
ttirows itself into the middle of 
the screen. 

As said before there are five 
locations and one main screen 
that gives access to the other 
four This is where a majority of 
the action takes place. Trogging 
left and right causes the screen 
to ^roll in th« opposite t^ireetion 
witii f^arty to tne left of centre. 
Along the street there are four 
portals to the lesser rooms, each 
exactly a screen in size, and 
these can entered by pressing 
up. Within these rooms are 
four>d the objects that can be 
used to influence the potential 
parents' petting patterns Troll- 
ing along is not the only form of 
transport, to be the speedy man 
around town you can use the 
s^carteboard. With board and 

wheels beneatt> your fe^ you 
can really whi^z, avoiding any 
trouble from Biff. 

Biff is the school bully and is 
so called because he Biffs peo 
pte. Get biffed and precious time 
wastes away whjie breath is 
caught. Bift can be rebiffed 
though since punching i$ some- 
thing that is hmdily supplied to 
your repertoire of commands. 
Biff the bully and he won't be in 
tt^ nnood to hit anybody tor a 
good minute or so. 


• " Si?c> to f^e fufuf^ 15 a v^ry 
good garne IF you've se^n the 
movte but Tm nfrpid it wouldn't 
appeai to you much if y^g 
hsvon't I've noticijd ^H^#^tly 
thirt a lot of the lafwt film ti^-ins 
have asrtually had « lot to 60 
wttti the (Hms themselves — 

cffamcter by chafsctar — fo 
S¥i>fd attfibuie probhms f pre- 
sume. Ihis makes ihB backdrops 
too* very jefky, the cftaracfers 
fook um&af (limbs m th& wrong 
piaces etc} an€f they a/so res- 
&mbfe ^ach other So much th&t 
the first few goes it's hard m 
disfrnquish belweer^ (hem. / 
woufao'l r&eHy recommend thts 
game as it is of e very poor 
standard but I feef that many 
peopfe witt sti& buy it tm tfw 
strength of ihe film. '' 

# " As is umjal with a smash hit 
film tfi^t's been used as an idea 
and converted into a game that's 
feaily awfuL it will sell and sell 
Nothing realFy new there Sack 
to the future foJtows the same 
formal as many other liscensing 
deals; it has awful graphics and 
pract^cany no gameplay at all. 
k's verv hard to beiieve that 
people have been credited for 
ofaphica and game design on 
tne loading scnaan, nobody 
could be proud of such v^rk , " 

I J M ti E r T N i ^ i Fl 


which makes a dttfaravtce from 
the previous b^tch. I found ?he 
game hard to get used to, ^nd a 
thorough read qf the instruc- 
tions is essential, but Qmx I 
mast er^ it t f eH a □ r e at sense of 
relief as I saw my family picture 
piece together Each ol tfw 
characters in th? gan^e has thvlr 
owm sort of personality, and I 
had great tun shouting at 
George to bucic his Wleas up and 
marry the woman who chased 
i me round the whole neightwur- 
hood {Hdllo mum|1 Tha playtng 
area is srnall and can be eniT 
ofad preny quickly onoa you va 
got the skateboamcl — a bit of ■ 
dbappoifitment although the 
gameplay b vary gocKl and 
m^kas up for ttta not so special 

• " Yet &riother "game of tfie 
fifm' this^ and as usuaf it's pretty 
bad. from rfte word go f wbs 
aonoyed, ii isn't compef/ing or 
pf^vabfe in the sUghres! Uon- 
trofffng your character /s s fittle 
wetrd ^s to execute certam 
moves you hsve to press the f^re 
button fFist styf^l Jh0 grephrcs 
h^ve & fot to be tfestred, the 
p/aying erm sc/^ffs feft and fight 


Control keys: cursors and Space 

to "fire' 

Joystick:: Kempston 

Keyboard ptay: simple enough 

Use of colour' hardly pretty, 

garish is a ttetter word 

ynphics: awiuMyanimaied 

charaeiers plus nastily jerking 

background scroll 

Sourid : vflry neat ViMe tunc but 

apan from ttiaE there's neertO 



Screens: 5 

Ganaral rathng: a very expensive 

disappointment, and annoyir^ 

10 SM Commodore screens 

uaad so larnely on the 


Uvs of eoffifMitaf 






GMtin9 start«d 


Adtikltve quvJHm 


Value for money 




CRASH May 1986 31 


PrDducer: Quicksilva 
Retail price: £8.95 
Author: DaveWhittakef 
Bfnd Staif« Hughes 

Aftor commiting some 
borribtv sofdid and part- 
icular I v na&ty crime Bich 
professor eccentrk* Dr AuguS- 
lui Dopper, has tmen taken into 
tht police custody and is in sev- 
ere danger of havcng to eat large 
dmounls of porridge. Left within 
his l-lvde P^rk residonca are a 
hLimber of yet to be ^ubmilt^ 
patent a^KjIicatJons. Though the 
dear old rrof was far more than 
the odd marble short, stupid he 
wasn't and the various potential 
p^lents are of a very rnteresdng 
nature indeed The Datfy Shock- 
er is one of the organisations 
ttiiSt the new invenrions have 
msnaged to interest Why? 
Because their riaaders heve a 
righi to know? Because some 
rmher mtnd-stiFrujietitig and m- 
depth ertictes could be wrttten 
atxHit thent? No. the Dsi/y 
Shocker isn't thrt sort of piper. 
ITs because the headline '^ICICQ 
DONS' would seli plenty of 
copies to the type of reader that 

Hacie^ Heriy, ^itor in chief, 
toon #»si§iis the test man on 
ihe si^ff to the jrob of getting into 
the Prof's labs to phoioof aph the 
p0L p0fidfng papers \m\ arourHJ 
the place. Hi$ name is Jeremy, 
he is a punk and is a VOP trainee 

Old Augustus Dopper had a 
very strange mmd indeed find 
for some peculiarly unexplained 
reason the professor's work- 
place is decorated with a num- 
ber of paim trees ^nd a hole in 
the ground. Since the palm trees 
are a bit dull Jeremy decides to 
jump through the hole and into 
thpe mult I- layered caverns that 
make up Augustus's secret lair. 
Wrthin this subterranean psycho 
bin there are some very strange 
objects to be found and not all of 
them are as benign as they may 

32 CRASH May 1986 

weU seem The majiOr concern of 
Jeremy's travels is to s.eek out 
the number of pots that prolifer^ 
ate in the csti/&&f for within these 
iie ofie of three items: a vac- 
Cuum, a nasty or a patent. Th$ 
first causes no trouble, just 
di^ppointmenL The second is 
Aurfmslng and fieals any ^h 
jects in Jeremv's inventory. The 
third should be photographvd 
instantly and recormd ftir 

Qfice the film is tuW it has to be 
developed, an activity which ts 
earned out at the piece where 
Jeremy came into the scene. It's 
also worth resurfacing for the 
fresh air as it frtows away any 
form of radiation that may hove 
infected Jeremy. Because of the 
^tranqe nature of Dr Dopper s 
expenn^nfs there's more back- 
ground radiation about than 
there is on Cumt>erlend's bea^ 
ches and popping back to the 
oLiLsjde woffd drams off the 
millirads at a reessyring rete- 
Ar^thef thins to be wary of are 
the baddies ready to spring jinto 
Jeremy s path if he imndtes 
over a Jeremy sensitive pad. 
plodding after him, they trounce 
the punk person arrd steal ail of 
his loot. 

Hocus Focus is a game that 
takes place whhin 'windows'. 
There a re four in al] and the nr^ai n 
window should keep your eye 
for most of the time. It contains a 
ceniraHy placed Jerermy sprite 
with his background around 
him. M Jeremy moves with his 
le^^ right anrt lump keys the 
pretty scenery scrolk smoothly 

To interact wtth his environ- 
nnent far more than the nomial 
directional controis are supp- 
IM^ TWO of the other windows 
relate to the implementation of 
the icon syistem. Hpcas focus is 
also an adventure type game 
and a quick pound on the icon 
ioey frMras all action and acti- 
Wtit two (ittle windows Up and 
down cycies through the various 
actions available while fire 
selects that i^smmand^ This 

section IS needed tjuite a bft for 
peering in vases, raking phatos 
and developing film type i^divi- 
ties. As in all good adventures- 
objendEs can be picked up and 
manipulated, in fad they have to 
be to finish the game 

All is over once the complete 
set of palents have been ceilu- 
loidally captured by the punk 
Cub reporter. 


• ** HocM focus h a very well 
preseitted if>d neat Irttle game, 
elthough I tael rt suffefv from the 
sam# prabbm ss FGTN jn th«t 
ytKt need a good few hours to 
pkay through the whole game. 

Dnprte this awesome task K 901 
quite involved in It, and quite 
enjoyed trudging through the 
deep recesses of som# tropical 
island Thm play ar^a scen^r^ is 
well detailed but ^ifffitra from 
beino cramped up in a small 
littlel>oM at (he top of the scteefi 
— aftef a wfiite I f eh the strain 
on my eyes as this \hthm bou la 
wtiefv 96% ol the action takes 
place^ Hocus focus was easy to 
Mt fnio but prasentad no fuir- 
mm challenge In keeping the 
pame goin^ — all that is needed 
H k>ts of time and patience, as 
Ihe beddies tthat incidontty lod% 
ike martians From outer space) 
beoome very annoying artei a 
few mInutM or so. I efijoyed 
playing Hocus fo€us the first 
time but wouldn't bath«r to go 
bach to ft again. 

% "A srrBnge h'fth r^fe^se this 
&fHi rather pfesssnt ft *$ wOr As 
BFt i/7TBrprefaUfm of #1 adMev^ 

tur^ Without tmxi ti works very 
wstl tndemf. The ico/r system is 
000 of th0 0&Sf0st to use that / W 
yot see/?, chsnga t^eiw^en sr- 
cade actforr and ponderous 
decisfoo is very easy indeed. 
The graphics, though mono- 
chf^(}matic, wof^ quite W0ii, th& 
&nim&itori f$ e$p0^f3tiy nice. Ttw 
scrotling iS noticeabie hy its 
qu^fffy, very sftiooth 0nd fiuent 
indeed. Overwil & rie^t itrtie 
reieese that wow/tftw virefi worth 
a too* et from erty person into 
this type of thmg, 

m " This is a streightfonfflird 
garyie in terms of gameplay — 
patience and a good mapping 
arm are aM that's needed to 
complete it suocessfuMy It's a 
well finished, tklily produced 
product With excel rent scrolling 
icon control that is fun ro play — 
for a while at least At times the 
game can be very frustrating, 
pa rticulftriy when a meanie pops 
out and olsels your nim which is 
full of usefiji snapSr but if you 
make a mistake it's not fatall The 
animation is quite neat — I par- 
ticularly liked the punk hairstyle 
of your hero cub reporter — but 
the acbiaJ playing area is, per- 
haps a llltiB aman. ail in, not a 
bad game, but not a greait 
game "' 


Control keys: O/P left/rmht. M 

\Q lump/actrvate icon, A Tfor icon 

mode. Q & A to scroJI icons 

Joystldc^ Kempstoa Cursor 

t™, Interface 2 

Keyboard playi responsive 

Use 0I colours monochromatic 

main screen with colourfutly 

pretty windown. 

Graphtes^ nfceanimelion 

though the tiackg rounds are e 

bit bland 

SoiMid^ not emaiing and tMrely 


SJlilllevels: 1 

Screens: multHevel playing 


Gentfel rating: quite a neat 

gume that is act yally original in 

some affects . 

Use of computer 






G«tting ■tartMl 



VakM for money 






IVmtrjtr iht' 1uli>riiiEh iif lhh%ytt[t^rritnrun iril^dt^t lui Lhr iibiif t Qu^irli^h. \ «Hir hi^rtii<i> itiii^l %4ic the 
KuFiisin rate rniin cvlrriniiiailitin h> iht' itlii"ii driildi, ^uli^rrl ilh."ir rifsiriii:ti%i' i^iurMf in jA^t^m^ «if 
i:ri|ipiiiK i^iiufnmtMtNiii^. Uiird iifl" Ihi/'ir il^^iiiUh u% vhii f:nipplv irii(h ili ndh iIm^IT Pit >OMr m ii^ and 
iti^fitUJt> iqiiilJml ihrir df^iiHiv arrij> id uijim?^ ynd IHiUti * \bint ^tt - xiin iilu%l dr£iilii4ilr 
thrill, ik ^upri^mr cir ri^k ubliu riiikm . Qtinj'iitriiii h\ Siv^ir Turner 1^ tbt- Spi^i trttiii 
^^^^^ i-^iiiiulcnt Lir^m^rd i^iiiiiiiii;rii-l Pur-udrimt. 

^^^^^ H IK iKK /\ SPi 1 I Kl \\ WU I ;Kk 

/VSI^H IKl MaS-WkMlJtIl-l 


^ iiiiMjItdjjb tJd. t M 
ltd b> H^ndlnji yimr ^ 

number, jdiid lenilcHr u 

your riMiti 

...I ..i .ii__- ., 








4 ^^^^^^K*^'^^ m J^^K 



If you con master »he ien moves, e^ped the uneicpected and FIGHT 
for your UF£ ogoinst I he formidable mosters of the morlial oris you 
may live to meet thern ogdifi on the mountoirt or m the Temple. 


* Panic in the bake-shop 

•Fast and furious arcode fun. 

*Help Joe the baker defend his loaves from Ihe roscoHy raccoons 

'Another red-Hot Konams cookie! 


Ofid the high school cpfeteria. Hip-zap. door otfaek, throw balls ood 
*^ ' ]^hke him hond his love letter lo nit -; • ' ^ c "* 

fmagme Softwafe 1 1984|. 6 1 
Manchcsicf M2 5NS Tel 061 

















"iQu tan almiMl feel the lerts(on of the big match breaking through the 
screen., ihe expectant crowd is olmost on lop of you! You return the 
service wifb Ci top spin bockhond, then d forword bock-spin, the boll 
bounces high from your opponent's looping, defens^ve 
lob . SMASH! .. a great shot op>ens the score., but this is only your first 
point! Ploy head to heod or ogomst the computer m thisj Konami's 
first and best table -tennis simulation. 


Enter the stodium of Konami's No. 1 orcode sinash-hit sports Simula- 
f ion, From the finesse ond skill of Archer yond Skeet Shootmg lo the 
critical timmg and brute force of weight lifting - six events to test you 
to your limit. Hyper Sports - continuing the choHenge where 'Track 
and Reld' left off. 


Imagine Software is %MnJUjL d 

^ avin\Bb\e from selected br<inf:hes of ^ 

Jj^ A^ HSMTTTT^^^^BnwoEWCWTW LASHIS flumbelow$ Greem Spearum Shops ar>d aJf good ctealers. 

Thrill to the secrets of the 



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MYSTICAL NUMBERS you know" Guru Denisn 

Name . 




Take no gyp from Softies! 

At least thesun'sbe*n sNniifi9 in through the grim y CRASH Towers 
windows, this wedv. making it 1 eel a ^ though summer mighl ^du 
^llvb« gn th% w^y. Th* sun ^emsto have brpughi a raih*?r mterpsr 
iri{| bag of letlerm this month a^ w^tl. Top topic i^ d^«fLnFt«Ey thu 
Spectrum 128, wrth som« mii^i^ opinio n^ about Uncle Clive'ttAlMt 
Venturis. There are siifil somc! comments arriving about the r^leslgn- 
ed CRASH, with»mer&lcv^nt idiidsaboyt th^Vevj^wfaiin^s. and a 
f^w folkiw up points aboLiT things like CRASH covets ur^d hdme 
copying I found my^tf lorn between two good letters, and ended 
up awarding ihe first Letter ol th« Month slatufi, and tht li^comJ. 
Runner- Up of the Month status < On with ihA FcirumI 


Ifhdyght Vd wnieio yoLi jusi 
ao that I muld at ki^t try to 
dear up the rrmm left by 
pfMi\ )e tf i pe wf itttrB (try saying 
that after siM pints of 
Fl4!utencel) oofnplaining 
ibotjt tfiis and that. $h<riJtrng 
about ami-pirDcy do vices 
wymg thaf they vifon't buy thift 
or that anymore and people 
compivining about th« loole. 
leeLcokHjr, prim, height and 
width of your magajin^ (the 
nervel). Now; on with the 

llefn Hoi- The Fomm 
(Quiet m Ihe 3 an' S'tll Thi« it 
a much stretched point, the 
fact of whether to include of 
throve aww the Bugboic in 

PerBonally, i ihmk they mate 
fh@ v^^tioie pQfum stand out. I. 
for one would not wanT lo 
^A^cle ihifouoh eight pagti9 of 
SOl*d writing. Anothef pomt, 
hasn't Oli got enough to do? I 
rrwan. every page rieerly has a 
picture drwn by tiint or> itf 
Poof feltal 

Iterti No. 2 - Listtngfi. I was 
astonished to see a couple of 
lefters not ^o long ago asking 
for Jietirvgfi in the magazine, 
the one thcng that make$ 
CRASH different. You aretha 
apiiome of good revie^^, 
humour and wit. L tilings 
would only tali^e up space and 1 
never bother to type them in 

Item No. 3 - Decline and fall 
of CRASH? Who says? I totalfv 
ditagree -vith lam Pardoe of 
Frimley. to gel rid of the 
atore^entioned bug» would 

nmen a lower f ng qf 
a;ifTe9par>ctfinoeand humour. 
If rnatuHty is humourlessntts, 
ergumentativen^Es anrti the 
ability uj gripe and moan all 
the time then we aM shouid 
stay immatuf e. M you look bade 
into the not loc di^t^ni past 
you wilt notice no hints and 
irps. what's more^ th<3 Forum 
has grown Idefinitely a plusft 
an^ we get more for the pncdi 
sedty though, to the dmnment 
of the centre p&ges (Why do 
th«y alweys come out?} 

torn No. 4 -Piracy 
Schooiy^ard piracy ts neither 
here nor there, although I am 
not cond>onino it Why on earth 
should big conglomerates Nke 
Ooian txjther wtth fcidSp 1 
mean, H they ^re suc^»sful in 
conviciing on^ then the 
parentapet the fine. vou>e siill 
not gettirig at the kid, are yoy? 
However, ^t i& yp to us to stop 
piracy and buy the garttee, larn 
not rtc^h and the ifttft game I 
bought was SwQnti e/ti/ 
Sofcery at ChristTrias. Buy Ihe 
gamei you really want, ih,»t 
wey you get what you weni, 
Ihe compani^ don't lose ^le$ 
a^nd slowfy but surely the 
prices will come down. Or, do 
what I do, get a group of 
friends end bef ofe you know li^ 
you've all got a decant 
aetectk>ri or gan^s. r4 II end my 
game* to anyone I like thank 

you 10 all Ehoee who proh iNi 
MCh lite of aofiware. If we are 
forced to ^lop lendinfi gemae 
then everyone loi^ intirevt 
piracy goes sicyhigh and 
companies go bust, such it the 
wiy of human nature. 

Hem No 5 ' Sign Styntpe 
ami othw Brewster items. 
This, yoy will be gled to ktioWp 
is the last itom. OnHB point. 
can't you make it a bit cJearef 7*1 
mean, I have to search through 
Sipn fitumps to find any 
relevant infomiation becauee 
ttie game tftles are hidden 
awfy in the text Why not make 
Vrmr\ Into headings, iisting 
r^&qiieit and ctuei tMneath 
them? Apart from thai, his 
COlunin rs superb. keej> It up. 
QrMt, Tm gtad I got that off my 
chest 1 0h. and t^y the way. I 
«lved you a j<tb by typing 
CRASH in capita) fetters Co 
start off with. 
Stephen Itom, Hornsea. HuU 

Thinks hf y&yr mppoft^ 

hstfngs in CRASH tsp&ft ffom 
iiss^ntml C^ndy Poit&sj As fo 
Sign Stumps — over to you 

p^fi^^ — orp^ft^ps t shouM 
^kAjGfoss fotaf io Gm»m^ {Wot 
£dffBfKidd?Anywf/, StBphmi, 
YOi/tgofh^fw^kHc& shoufd 




I am fed up with the constant 
stream of tetters complaining 
about btood, gore^ se^ua t 
owrtones etc. letters from 
'otmcerned' parents and other 
relaiives that ^re flowing in 
with stupid statements like: 
The advertisement tor The 
Legend of the Ami^^on Women 
is totally unsuktable for my 63 
year ofd son. Or 'I will never 
buy CRASH again, as long as it 
cominues to print 
fidvertisernents similar to 
Bomj&ci. My son's order has 
beef^ cancelled. At 26 he 

should not be subjected to 
illustrations showing 
bombs . . ' 

The son of things these 
'helpful' do^ooders find 
offerkding amazes me. \f you 
were to lake out alhhe adverts 
likely tq offend these Mary 
Whi^tehouse types, then sadty 
you would have lost around 20 
sides of paper. These are the 
sort of things they f^nd 
offending : The advert for 
DesarrRsu on page 1 23 
{March Issue I Not only does it 
show men at wer. but those 
men are gaspf rn shorts aiKl 
eeekin they- they. I can't bring 
my^lf to say this but their 
socks are , ^ ^ wrinkled^ But if 
they find that bed what dtd 

they think of the &d. on page 
55? Wilh such a horrific liiFe as 
The Cornp tote Creshman ' 
how was II ever allowed to be 
printed. No doubt CRASH will 
receive dozens of letters with 
thirtgs such as: The adveci on 
page 55 of d^e March issue 
should never have- been 

tannied. Showing two people 
eaning on a climbing frame of 
sorT>e description^ wm greatly 
encourage vandalism in the 
under 3«p' 

The edwrt is downrighi 
disgraceful. I removed page 55 
of fny tABfdh Issue, Imagine 
printing such an advert, with 
scribbles on it. So niany 
people Win now see it, and 
may be tempted to — to — to 

scf it^^Fe on magazkiee. I em 
disgusted to sey thetaaet. . . 

All I can say is it's sad to 
think that peopte send in 
letters like this in ell 
seriousness Fair enough, all 
Bdverts do not suit everyone's 
tai^ie or age group, eg an 
advert for an over 1@ should 
not be shown to a 3 year old. 
But how many 3 year olds are 
there wfio can modi These 
adverts should be taken light- 
hea rted ly . If you do not N ke the 
adven. then don't buy the 
game. Don'i waste Forum's 
spece by filling it up with 
stupid letters about adverts 
you don't like. 

I read CRASH from start to 

CRASH May 1986 37 

finteh NB unKcomponied by 
my parerits. I did not f#el the 
urge to («an en a climbing 
fr^me. scribble on &om«oneor 
build a bomb I am not a 
mindless id w, 1 have a mind of 
my own and I certainly won'l 
be influenced by adverts for 
compuief gameSp which 
usually have notbmg to do 
wrth the real world anyway. 

After h«vfrig lo read through 
agruMon^ 'gufs. gore, wk 
and so mach mof e ediTionof 
CRASH and writing about the 
hornfiCp shocking adverts I 
should NEVER Nave looked at. 
t think I d€$arve letter of the 
' month. If hoiA^ever, I am r\t>l 
awarded the letter of the 
month ^wiil i^nd you a million 
oopies of the Sweevo's Wurfa 
MmirlisafrHint. This rn^y 
erKOufage you, unte^&s you are 
bald (Vou probably are) lo 
'spike' your hair. And then 
you r Ma ry Wh i lehou se type 
contributors would nevef 
speak or whte to you ageirt. 
And it would serve you rifthtl 
This is definitely the letter of 
the Year never mind Ihe 
KIrity Downie, Ediribiirgh 

HMRH^AR^ Wslf. perhaps nor 

thmf^ YOU a»Mfve a Mcon^^fy 
LstteroffheMoitth funner-up 
ptiM, so fm Muthoming the 
mlmse of a £ tz sofrwam 
¥OU^r to you Kifsty (u^ 
sp^ia^ concession for the 


Dear Sif. 

White in my local computer 
shop recently, I couldn't help 
noticing how the number of 
omilutiir^ and Dompuler 
gemefi have declimKf . 

Do you remember the 
Christmas of 1 9®4? When 
computers were on ihe 
television every night and how 
we were being told of sales 
whkh were at phenomenal 
levels. These were the days 
wh^n there was a Z-week 
waiting list to buy a computer 
and thp shelves v^re 
oveiflovving with cofnputer 

So what happened between 
ttwfk and now^ Could it be the 
Conservative philosophy of 
'survival of the fittest 7 Could it 
be the recession? Or could it tie 
tfi^l everyone who wants a 
computer has one? It is haf d to 
say. but a parallel can be 
drawti iieMten the home 
computer Me of ihe markef 
and the business side. 

This side of the computer 
market tsalso in decline^ and 
some may say il is because of 
tt)e reasons a [ready given. But 
there could be another reason, 

38 CRASH May 1986 

Whh the research and 
development which went into 
des^ing bigger arid beftfer 
buttn^s corriputers bejr>g put 
to use, madi i n es were 
developed which are more 
sophisticated and reliable. 
This sophlStlcat^on and 
reliability combined with the 
correct software backup 
means that computer systems 
wiil remain mo re advanced for 
a longer t i me . Th is wii I resu ft i n 
a biisi-ness which witi be less 
willing tO Spend money on a 
newoomputer system when 
they alreadv h^ve a fairly 
reliable, if slightly dated, 

So what has this got lo do 
with the home computer 
market? Weil, with the 
Enlroduction of the Spectrum 
1 2BK, it is clear to see that Clive 
Sinciair is taking a great risk. I 
am sure that everybody will 
agree with me that 
mtroduction of a 1 2BK 
Spwirum is weloome And 
mscinating and thepfiMpact of 
pfeying IMK games and 
adventures is exciting. But the 
problem will be with sales. 
Many Spectrum owners will 
be unwilling to sell their 48K 
machines and buy a 1 28K 
which wiN mean that Sir Clive 
Will lose a potentially large 

So what isthe solution 7 Well 
I can't offer one. it Is up to the 
individual whether he or she Is 
willing to part with their 48K to 
buy a 1 4@K But 3 am suf e that 
many people, like myself, will 
beunwiilirvgtodothis, with 
the result thai the MBK Will not 
be as much of a success as the 
48K was. But whatever the 
result, i hope that Sir Clive 
does not come up for as much 
criticism as he has had for 
some of his other ventures. 
Joseph Fyfe« Greefifleld, 

atmoi^o^hem m&t tjseit to ex/^t 
shops aren't ^s fo// of goods 
and man y retatler^ a re feSS 
enthusiastic aUogeth&r &tQyt 
computisrs arid conjpiJt0r 
games. 8ut you have pot the 
ergnmenit in a n&&t nutsh^/L 
The BffUsh purchased rr^are 
hon^ computer hardv^ar&per 
capita thar^any oth&r nation in 
itn nm^^ttf^gfy short tfme. 
/ (dfdWifr^ s^^es have /i/sr 
fij^€h0d Siitarauon pointy soil 
tsnm^iog&th&rsarprismff that 
there is a corresponding fait tn 
shop stocks, Upgradrng every 
Y^rwher^ a new devfce 
appears becomas fmanciafty 
impossfbfe, not onty for The 
fnaividuaf. but a/so for 
companres^ and you may be 
ngt^t thai thf$ syndrome wtl/ 
hft the 7M 

As you' ff see, f'^erecmwed 
many fetters about the an/yerxt 
of the 123 — wfmtfof tows fs 
Just a sefec(W7 . . . 




We have just read your review 
of the new Spactnjrm 1 iB, end 
ere writing lo inform you of 
our experiencit with two of 
these machirvas. 

In 128 Mode eveiythii^g 
wodted perfectly, however^ 
48K rriode w*« 9 different 
s^lofv , Firstly we tried to Foad 
fairfight, and no matter what 
wa trwd it aJways crashed 
before reaching tfie loading 

MtdKt we tried £titm, this 
k}Ad«d in okay but then newed 
itself when the first code was 
mwd in. At fint w© put this 
Clown to the dreaded Lenslok, 
but afrer many attempts we 
cwne to the condurion that it 
mittt be the machine — 
notmalty lhre# attempts are 
allowed at getting the nght 
code. On to the rkexl program. 
fmders Keepers, this would 
only njn without our 
Kampston joysii^ interface 
plugged in the back, howevef . 
LtfipiuBgingthiB intedace 
mEBde nodiffererice to f airtight 
or Wte, Darti Sr^r was tried 
rwM, this seemed to run okay 
bu4 the graphics near theiqpcif 
The screen were badly 
distorted Matt 8 loaded ana 
ran without any problem, futi 
ThtQaie craahed at the firs* 
artempt. but ran okay second 

Wa Viere now running out of 
temlng time I PATIENCE), so 
finally wi plugged in a 
K^^npfton Centronics 'E' 
intenace, the computer 
'lock^ up' and the atti 

pfinter went berserk. The 
moral to this story is plain to 
see — if ar^y CHASN readers 
are contemplating liuying a 
128, they would be wise to take 
along some p rog ram s lo t ry 
before parting with any hird^ 
earned cuh. 

All itie above mentior^ed 
softwa re loida first tirrw ar>d 
ru ns pertoetfy ofi m ordinary 

IM afKJ Stave Sharrv, 
fiiidlgnoflti^ Shfopshlre 

Anyofw efse Kvpefte/rcrno 
foadmg probf»ms> ^ rMdin 
Popular Computing Weekly 
thai the matf &nfer house, 
Spaisdysoft, hAs compiteda 
fiSt ofpfogmms that m thmr 
Current form won 't work on tfte 
73& Tbey arv Alien 8. Elite, 
Enigma force, Fajrfight. Fixir 
Advanturai IGlobalL 
f^perspom. lm|M3SSible 
Mission. Knight Uira« Movie. 
Laser Sastc and Luer 
Cornpiler, Macadam Bumper^ 
Nighttfiade, Now Games, 
Ndw Games tl Steve Davis 
Snooker, Spitfire 40. Swof dii 
Soroer/, Their Finest Hour 
iCDSl They Sold a fMilliefi. 
Tijmahawfcp WeiedcNo 
{LothtorwiJ, Winter Gamete 
Way ol Ihe Ttaer, 

Thm ^istisft t complete, and 
m>frfe softwvfw houses are 
a&eedywQfltfng fltfi t2a 
compatfbte veisio*^ 
e^fmcia^ty on recent atfas. 


Deer Lloyd. 

When I hear ft about the lauridi 
of the IMKSpettmm r 
I mmiKl lately though! two 
ihings: t Sinclair will have 
given the new Spectrum a 
decent 3 channel sound chip. 
2. The eMf a menxiry will have 
been put to good use 
proved I no an adequate s<:reen 
di&piav Wel]asyouknoWp 
Uncie Clive gave us the scund 
tKjt not the screen 

The Commodore has a full 
oolour display, with individual 
pixels tiiat can t>e s^t to ons of 
eighl colours and this wrth 
only BdK of rnenntorv? So why 
hasn t this be^n done for the 
128K or even48K(i JSpectrum? 

Bacit in Ihrj days of the ZX81. 
this macn^r^ w^^ given two 
unheard of I hmf^ by 
third party peripherel 
manufacturers Hi res 
gmphics. and colour* (The H^ 
res was a software 

implementation by 'Software 

If these minor miracles 
could be acts leved on aZXSI. 
then why h^$n't any software^' 
hardwarir house £ome-up with 
a prop<^r full- colour Spectrum 
display ^ Imarginefjf/j^od^si^f 
ffsf with fuEl colour and sound 
(almost ai good as the 
Commodore W version?) or 
Afoi'ifi" wilh colour' Jusl think if 
Ihe phrase Ihere are some 
Btlr^buta pfoblems' was 
removed from the revjewer*, 

Okay guy^. hqw nboul n ^ 
Pieter Dann, Lowestoft. 

An Dk7 tompfafnt made good 
yv( iigtftn^ H does seem a 
shiime that the t?8has anfy 
opted for better souffdwftett tt 
cof7U*s io the machine's 





Distress signals received from Eroc I suggest all human life threateneid . . . 
Expect to find termina) situation . . , Prepare accordin^y . . . 

From A *n* F conies CORE; teteport mio this fully animated, icon-driven adventure and explore over one 
thousand full-screen locations. V^ll you find the pieces of die scattered br^in and put it back tp^ether 

before yours falls apart? 

k coe of ^fku/ty, Con cm be obtained from Argf/s Press Softwart Ud,, C/cenwootf House. Dewhum Stnet. Dorwen. Lanes, fiftl 2£N 



Dear Llovd, 

As ttiG long awaited 12BK 

Spectrum has final Ivflri'iv^, I 

will ium up what in my 

opinion am It's gocxi And bad 


Firstly the good points: A 
bigger momory, a better 
sound chip, a lape tester and a 
cnlcuFator mode. An added 
advantage is ihat you can run 
old 48K programs on ij. Which 
brings me to another rather 
debatable point; will lh« 4eiC 
machines ncm become 

For example let's teto the 
f 6K Spectrum which as far m I 
know was release before the 
48K version. \l was the first 
home computer that software 
companies olher than Sinclair 
wrote games for but as the48K 
machine was relesied thie 
software supply dried up 
because ibe producers wrote 
games for ihe more powerful 
version. This makM me 
wonde r wtifrf he r ttits siluAtion 
wi 1 1 now Dccu r with the rtlftiM 
#f the fSSK version. 

Here is another example; 
Alltr m^ny hours of arduous 
oamft playing \ finaDy escaped 
from the castle in fmrfighi and 
W6S told that itie sequel was 
called >1 Tr^rl of D&rkf^es^, but 
on reading that this was being 
released on the 1 2B I wasn t 
too happy, 

t am however r>ot against the 
idea of the 1 28 but I do think 
this is a valid point, 
tain Mayhew, Bwrton-Ofl- 
Tr»nl, Statti 

We/i &s weW/tisf swj^, flora// 

Yau f^ nght that those who 
purchased a t6K Spectrum 
soof} found fhi^fns&fv&s unsbfe 
to P^ay new Utl&$ Onc0 ih^ 4SK 
Spectrum was r^fem^dss few 
saftwmwhm/s0s w^rjt&d to b& 

dotmdb)^ th& m^mo/y 

fynimw^. f hfive h^^r^ tt ssid 
that some programmers fe&/ 
rtey M/T wfrto rrtorw^ g&m0 m 
46k than most Other 
progfsmrrwrs coufd menage 
m ;2A t>iJt th&m's no doubt 
ifjat the extra memory wi/f 
, ensure iai/er programmtf^g 
mchntQims csn be us0dto 
jpnweiG games th^t might not 
Mfusfiy contam mam than # 
4SK gBme does now, and 
ihmwforv ^ ^ ttractfor^s of the 
^xiFB merTK>rY ^vsflehfe Wf/I 
rrwan a gradual phasing out of 
4&( games. Howmnef—and 
it's a btg however— that wttf 
uittmatef^ depend ort 
maricefmg, because if 
insufficient Speetrum f?8s are 
sofd, then there won 'r be (he 
smhs incentive for software 
f^touses. We^ffhawerowaita^ 

40 CRASH May 1986 


Dear CRASH. 

There's a world of difference in 
the 128? The UK launch of the 
new ZX Spectrum 128 and the 
mntinuing sales of the 
Spectrum Plus will surely 
i ncrease S in c tai r's share of the 
home computer rnarhet. The 
advantage of the e^rA 
memory and impfoved sound 
should open up atl sorts of 
possibrhties, espedally for 
new software but will the 
standard of 48K software fall 
as a result of software houses 
starting to concentrate in 
develop i ng a nd p rodu cing 
software for the 128? The 
special Tape Tester' option 
could help solve loadir>p 

froblems associated with 
urbo /Hyper loaders Will 
existing Spectrum Plus or 48K 
owners abandon their 
machines for the 126 or 
perhaps wait for the official 
upgrade kit from Sinclair f? 

When software houses 
advertise their games early, 
bErfore they ^^^ve been 
n^leesed or even exist, and 
people send off money direct 
to them, tfwy are only judging 
The gamer on the 
advertisement. I usually wait 
for previews or reviews of a 

Ean>e advertised before 
uying it from a discount mail 
order company at a saving of 
£2,04. Although the standard 
er^d quality ofprog ramming 
and Software h^s greatly 
advanced and improved over 
Cheyear^, ihe cost ahoutd have 
stayed at a mawwi^ble level 
compared to today's high 
prices, ts the high cost of 
software partly due to the 
development of anti-piracy 
methods? Is there n^re 
difftculty in using Lenslok Or 
loading hyparfoaders? The 
saga continues. 

finally, I think the overall 
content, layout and 
presentation of CRASH hm 
impfovBd tijtely. but what has 
hoppeirwd to rhe Games 
Reviewed' index in ^e last two 

Lloyd, Will you be ordering a 
MOl Hermes 'anificial 
intelligence' machine for the 
Colin Reekie, St Morgans, Fife 

/ won *t saY anything about 
your J23 comfrwntsi Cla<f you 
fike the toc^ of CfiASfi fatefy, it 
wasahout trme for a bit of a 
ttesign revamp. The Games 
reviewed fr^e^ has suffered 
for the reason thai, fm totd, 
t>oth the fast issues wer0 a bit 
fate m *gomg to bed*, and 
obvfQusiY you can't say what 
garrm is on what page untii 
ihey are afl fatd out. and that 
dtdr^ Y ffr}ish untif it was too fate 
to Typeset the tndex. Why 
shoufd / need a nyachtne wtth 
arfificiat tnteHigence when f've 
got fiobtn Candy nearby — his 
mtetiigence fS aff artiftciaff 

MORE 128 N0N4^0AD£RS 

Dear Lloyd. 

I sm writing totell you about 
tho pi^iflins I have come 
acrOASwrthmy 12IIK 

FJrtt I got a Ch«t>h 
Interface, but certain sof^are 
will no! work with it in ep Mikie 
and The fncredfbte Shrinking 
firetnan, with ihe mtedaoe out 
Of the OK'tronics interface tfiey 

I tested both games on my 
brother's ^K and ihey both 
WOfk so it »»Qms its juf t the 
128K arvd the Cheetah 
Interface may not be 
compatible with oertalr^ (jeirite 
— without interface the 
following games don't wort. 
Gerry the $#m, ^sputtn arnd 
fbm^tofw by Firebird. Aiiio 
Modes of Yas&d by Odi n will 


Dear Lloyd. 

Could you pleete tell me what 
ha^ happened to the Sutboteur 
n>ap^ Wo were told n would 
'^ppe^f " m the Match ^dilionp 
but so far il has not appeafed' 
Thanks fbr a great niagi 
- n -ep up I he ocM^ wvo ric f 
rvlartthew Bradlay. Wembury. 

not vMrtton the 128K. 

Moweanyou help me? What 
hsES fiwpened i o Street Mm^^^ 
I fuvs been waitirkg since 
AudLtst 19BS for my free copy 
wim the subscfiption. My 
mum has alf e^dy wt ittwi 10 
tiie subscription diepaftiTiMft 
anci got no reply. When will it 
ever drop through my letter 

Tf^anit Y0t4 tor yimr fist of now- 
hadoiS, Jason. Street Hawii is. 
Mm^ail or not strtf 'on the 
way' from Ocean, f^garding 
your subscnption copy, you 
should by now ha^receivmfa 
tttlw from tfm subs dept mch 

Ah^ tfjeretif f^angs a tm^t f/ip 
ijngin^f fvpesmttng fur the 
cump suwefeda gittctt in 
transfer between one 
computer and mother, 
ciiusmg the unnotfcabte iuntti 
you mad it c&wfuiiy} toss of 
SOn}e viliii wards 
Cof7se4itientf\f we es^tended 
the comp 's de^dhn^ ta be fair 
ta ev&fyofie, and tlmre shm^td 
t}e ^ m-*p tn the -Mine i^Sii^. 

.#— n. ^ ^^^^ t^''^*^ f*^!^- 



Available on the 48K Spectrum . Amstrad 
and Commodofe 84 from Electric Dreams Software. 
31 Carlton Crescent. Soutliampton. 
Telephone: (0703) 229694 ^ 

"Spinttizzy IS quit? simply one oi THE mosi impfessive games 
(wi ANY home mcfu'OVERALL 98% - >Wr/Jf 
Spindizzy ctjmbinfis marvfttiOLS graphics testing puzzles * 

and a large area lo make a siunnmqiv oftfltnaf and MULII-SCREf N SHOT" 




Deaf Lloyd, 

Tm writing ebout ycsLff method 
of reviewing, whkiti I r^&lly do 
ihinh issert&u^Ky Ma wed Th© 
fact is, ZZAP^ haw got m l^ast 
one 4dea righL. and (hat is th^ 
idnnti heal ion of the reviewers 
Mow lhF$ arpumenl^ has been 
meniiorwd m the paqes of 
CRASH before, bijtlhc 
iiug§«^hQrt that wb would lake 
I he opinron of some rev^ewefs 
with ii "pinch tif sUft' fs not the 
case With Z2AP". the reader 
can ktemifv v^'lh the r^jviower. 
^nd build up^n kim^ ot hi^ 
lastes ki r^d a It I lu des , i n CRASH . 
you don't have I he foggiesi 
idea whu'i^ Mriting wh^L ^nd it 
can cause contusion. 

My first (jxaFnpli* is Dun 
Qara^h. This \stm highest 
rated CRASH game ever, and 
has probably th^i most 
GHnplitrKjntarY tommenls. 
Bui ihe attiludg ivith which 
they ar^ wrinen is rnfuriating. I 
quot4^, 'A must foi any 
respectable Spectrum own^r' 
Well I Ihoughl. I'm was ling my 
Spectrum actor dtng to CRASH 
unless I byy DufJ iXirsch, so I 
did. Of CQur^ I hated it. 
t>ocause the slmng^ti 

■venture I can U*« is 

*\iktmt7 . 1 cou Idn^t be 
bolh^reft lo map Airwoif^n^A 
SOlvir>g otej:ure cfues I do not 
tiko Yet CRASH puf su adecf me 
that, quote. If you Uked Ttrm 
Noa [Of <jven if you didn t| yo^J 
wi 11 krve Ow/i D^r^^h 

6u\ my arflunwit comes 
into play, when in the 
S¥\^eevG's liVfTf/c/ review, two of 
the reviewers s&ve the 
impresijon tKut ihey didn't 
en|Oy Gargoyle's previous 
game* Sowtther thek 
opinions ha^ire chiinged. or 
they d.ri^ different reviewers, 
Bui do we know wh i ch > 
Another option would t>e for 
you to ealdgorise your 

Ativentufe and strategy art 
rL>vEew«d ind^pendenily. y^t 
arcade octventu re and shoot 
em ups, argyably the most 


Deaf Lk>ydp 

After reading March's issue I 
faef corvQratulationsare in 
order Why> Because of the 
layout of reviews and the 
g«fier^l layout of the 
m«gpioe. that's why. The 
previous layouts were very 
good but this far surpasses 
any previous standard your 
magaiine has set and the issue 
as the bes! in my collection. 

But tf^ real reason ) wrote is 
to siiggesi a few a Ite rations to 
your 90% (fn my opmon) 
perfect mag in an attempt to 
reach the 100% perfect mag If 

42 CRASH May! 986 

popular areas of gaming, are 
lumped togelher. Perhaps if 
reviewers, an no ny mo us rf 
they wish, only reviewed one 
type of game, their commenis 
wciLild bbmore irustwottHy. 

Again another example 
where this control 15 lacking is 
shown in the review of BeACh 
He^d ff. when two out of three 
of the reviewers c^aimed they 
didn't like 'mindless violence, 
and that we should avert our 
attention to more 
' inlrJ tCKt I m\ I y St iinti 1 a ling' 

Now obviousiy, ihe^ wefe 
not the same reviewers who 
smashed Cowtrnffnio which. 
Ms ftice it, is the Simplest 
farm of oame po^kble Of 
cour^ the reviewers eould 
just h^ive been needlessly 
vindictive at>out the game? 

Wellp there are my views ami 
I'd be interested to hear yours 

IMsrlsClive Wynne (15). 

VXHJ ^r0, of course, right (0 
ilOLil^r ih^t the peopie invofvmf 

fn f/jt* Raid Ovf^r Moscow 
revievy wtr& the ssme ctJ those 
doif^g the Commando revn^w 

Ar r/rb Qu($^'r Cf^ASH h^rd a 
re fa u veiy smdif ixm ^ 0^ 
reviewers, M&nhm^ Uffinde^^, 

m YSeff to i^ sjpecific, Wfth 
occas^oh^t^id frwn a very fr» 
orh&rs. ThfS meam far more 
conststencv of aptfiion, Thtngs 
hB¥e cha^tged, &fHf CMStt 
now h^s Qijfte it f^rge ' 
upon whch to draw ;,p 
fe^itng her^ Jfinofig the 
revf€iAfti}q ^esm rhh( they 
should d& td^ntffsed M i&ast by 
ih^Tf iiurmts. Graeme Ktdd 
sitys he /s wmtmg ro sec the 
Questfonnsire to se& whether 
ihere is popuhir consent for 
0n}f tn^foratteraiforfs to the 
revfews. /n the meiVUtme, the 
Pmvers That Be ^r& 
comiderf^g youf fitter ft^fty 
oiher readers feefsirongfy 
a&pyf rhis idefHiftcmton 
hijstrm^s, fd be gfad to know. 

you prim this letter (which I 
linow you won't) and tn vita 
other readers to write in, 
freeing ordisaereeing with 
me, ! em twrnrinced they vytli 
back me up. Th is vw i 1 1 hopafu 1 ly 

end up wiTh your sl^ff 
concurring ^nd therefore 
romp iete the magazine which 
is streets aheed of any other t 
feel yt>u ojuld do far worse 
than to print this letter instead 
of some loony letters you 
occasionally print. IVe 
numbered the points. 

1 . The Ratings: Only a slight 
(ll change here, changing 2 
marks. Iney are set out in a 
similar fashion to the f&viw^ 
system in ZZAPI and AMTIX1 

PfiESeNIATIOlV! (Repleces 

Use of Computer' which is 
rubbish } Reflects packaging. 
Inst ru ctio ns , o n scree n o ptions 
such as joystick makes and 

GRAPH iCS: Should reflect 
use of colour, animation and 
defiriEtion, although marks 
should not be knocked off if the 
prog rams are two colou r to 
avoid attribute problems. 

SOUND: (replaces the 
pointli/ssjish) 'getting started') 

Although this may not be a 
valid rating due to the 
Speccy's capabilities, h would 
oontriouie greatly to a person 
who has to choose between 4 
or 5 games of similar quality. 
Sound could be the 'casting 
vote'. Sound should reflect 
spot FX and FX aEso tunes at 
the st^rt (if any) and tunes 
during thegeme (if any) 

needs to be said on this. 
Should reflect ease of joystick 
and key control (although that 
could be included m 
'Presentation' aisoof course 
reflects the game play 

Another famiiiar rating. 
Should reflect how long it will 
keep you to your Speccy. 
Difficuity levels would 
i^mprove this rating (and 
increasing difficulty of course). 

The other two would be 
'value for money' and 'overalf' 
but exptainiing it all over Bgain 
would be a bore. 

The finaj point on reviews (b 

Eirinlthe reviewers initials. I 
ncTW you said it was not 
CRASH s poMcy but if you 
pnnted the initials the readers 
could soon gel lo know a 
rev Fewer' s taste so if the 
reviewer gives a game a bad 
review you would know if it Js 
because ot his taste in games. 

utter roll As the average age sf 
s CRASH reader is 1 7 and a brt. 
and ihe biggest sinple amount 
is 14 year olds (me included) 
why devote these pages to 2% 
of the CRASH readers to whom 
the magazine peges are 
devoted, ietheyouno people. 

3. TECH NICHE. Tech Tips 
and Hardware utiljties. A 
don I rover sia I lopk for 
NewsHeld as ZzAPS readers 
hate the mention of the word 
and fn CRASH and AMTIXf 
there ore regular articles. My 
wish is for CRASH to 30 fn 
ZZAP^ and to abandon Tech 
Niche, and Tech Tips as they 
are very boring but h&ve 
hardware repons from trnte to 
time, as they are often 

4. Hall Of SNme; Not bad but 
the ZZAPI high woom table is 
better as you ^afi look up the 
releveril score instead of goi r>g 
through the entire pagets) in 
the hope of rmding a couple of 
scores Also, the SAP? 
chaUenge m a tr^at idee arnl I 
would tove to see It 
incorporate intoCRASHI 

I hope against hope that this 
Fs printed as I would very much 
like to read the perfect mag. 
And CRASH is the only mag 

Kevin Murphy k {Age 14L 
Llandough. S Glamorgan 
PS My life k>ng ambrtion is to 
have a letter printed in CRASH 
so please, msteadof Jim'll fiK it 
... LLOYD LL FIX IT for me.l 

fr "s n/ce to fu/ttf soiTWi?fie 's /ife 
smb/ttofh Mevin. The/^srB 
chsrjges afoot m fhe CRASH 
ratings, afthough agam^ i hsve 
to say a fmal de^^stor} ts 
WEifmg fof the QuesttonnAim 

As for your other pomts— 
r^ammg the rsview&r^^ I've 
afrear^ covered. CRASH 
COifftS^ — my ar^swer fs thai 
because the aversgeage of 
CRASH readers fs as high as 77 
pius^ it indfcates a farge aduft 
readership too. and they t}ave 
hds fsome of them} and THFf 
want to know sariiethmg 
&t>oui the educstttm&t 
soffware rnarket. Artd/et 's face 
tt, if we don't cfo /r — who tsf 
rf CW NfCH£ and a/f the sub- 
nicheA areprovirjg very 
pupufar /udgrng by the 
response, and CRASH ts here 
to cater to as man y peopfe as 
CHALl£NG£ - welfone is 
pfanrted for the ne^ct issue, 
although w^eth&nt wtft be a 
r^ufar feature ts another 
mattmandtheHAU Of 
SiflWf, a/so gets tons of matt. 
The tfoabfe wtth the ZZAPf 
High Score tabfe fs that onfy 
certatn peopfe ever get a 
mention, t thtrrk theHaffof 
Shme iS much rnore fun for 


Dear Lloyd, 

I thought I hat ) must put pen to 
paper in reply to your asktng 
on what our ideas were for the 
periedg^me. I definitely agree 
v^ the <M chap who wrote 
and said that his ideal game 
was to h^ve a larqie playing 
area and he men!iork«ed 
Stanfuatie wh^eh has over 500 
screens (512 to be precise) 

Starguake has sonie of the 
best graphics and tunes on the 
Specinjm that I've seen since 
Tve had the old Speccy . AI"so* 
5!irquak0 hsi a good story to 
tt and many different thirigs 
v^ich make it a 0ood game. 
There should be rtiore of Ihese 
'^imes and not so many 3D 
gdmes like ^^snfi which I find 
are total interest losers after 
about five goes, Tm sure some 
people out there will agree. 
Just look bow we^l Starquake 
is doifHg m your cherts, even 
IVe got it! Games simi-iar to 
this like Underwurtde have 
done well in your charts so 
can'l the software companies 
see that this is whet the game 

t players w^nf? Thifrii is no 
escaping by say ing not 
enough K for a nrena gam#\ of 
course There is so g«t 901 ng 
and giv« us mor© games like 

Freddi« Fwrfian, LcmdOfi N9 

Them's no doutc fhat you ftke 
Slarquake, f reddle f W&fi, flnrf 

fof dfffBreirt tmsi^s^ ^ndlshmk 
even you bVOi/W sf*ft mQ^ning 
tfiVtRY game tegen to took 



Deaf Zoid, 

I ck> fiDl know ^ n V bng ^ord s t 
wwsuld bfl glad if you wouid iM 
1TH? some bftcj %^of ds so itiat 
wti(?n ( ruiid C[RASH I Will knew 
whaiyqru mean hv nidificated 
OfOQilion 1 h€ ima r^t 1 ri oris 
Ofds wilh more ihan one 
part m^i^ me go a 1 1 sir anne . . 
VOtJ could III Stop kmg wordi^ 
m CRASH m Send m^ a book 
which shows wtial Ihev niean 
hiij GiV£ me Cl 2 of games and I 
Will keep mum 
Frffili Bm^'fio (mMe Hojo 

lontj tvprrts ff Y0U send me 1 72 
1 .^nd m eMCJh&nge. H/kQep your 


Dear High and Mighty Lloyd 
Thiers it. you've had iti How da 
ypu expect to keep Robin 
Candy uncter comroi tf you go 
and Qtve hkm a now log q f or nu 

erVirtglipeMCtion Tha 
mm Hid Merely Mangranri 
didn't oel a new K090. VVny 
should tfre Candyman gvt wia 
in93t»ed7 Come on Uoyd take 
control I 

Findl^y 1*$ It Rob^n Candy who 
modtals Che CRASH 
§w«atihins m the adwrtft? 

Mod^ilmg swe^rshrff^f Kcw'w 
gm m btthtfdmgf ff*s cnty^ 
sinemffw mt¥&nf of c€wf 
mirroimd Sh^i^S th4t ym/ e*n 

SiRotm in front ofm cjtmem 
isafff// WeiiovefayB^ritffo, 
he ifidB^>aBr m m T-sfftrf for^ 
fm^ tssims mvontf the Cfisn. 
As to logos, you ss9t spend 
most (tme yvctfking ^nd ihef^ 's 
wm Mi ovm for consranf/y 
pwAirinf *m' to gtw me c3/j#, 
Mindyoy. th^ Fomm didofft 
$ommhing of 3 face/fft a mw 
months ^fo, so i suppose i 
ihoiildn't fTTQsn too mucfr 
WVy^MY^ 0mfnQw I've tmert 
kKorpofeted wtih ifm 
IHr^iew^ fm at /MSf 
Ass^mtmf With s€mm c&fourf 


Dear Sir Uoyd, 
What next I ask mmlf, my 
frierMts and you? What bsw' 
of Speocy ownefs vv i I L be 
devek>pad to thwart our 
efforts !o play oood games? 
Lenslok two? lAaMrghhhl 1 1 1 
no, spare us such terrors)! Is it 
not enoiiph far us to bear 
dodgy Dfo's^ loose power 
oonnecioie, doc crewl and 
fieoord breaking delivery 
problems? Obviously not, at 
iMSlias f ar as^ye software 
housetaroconc^med A 
program, it seems, must not 
on I V be a challenge to play, but 
a challenge fo gam access to. 
Must we all splash out enough 
EC£s to bijy a dongle device or 
r^ort to42 gallons of coffee to 
wesh down the front pane4, 
iust to get e copy of a game 
that win load? Yes scrsms 10 be 
Xhi3 answer from tf>e software 

Don 'I they reialise that we 
aren't alt piraieSp we don't 
wanuo have 10 copy their 
programs, but most of us 
simply can 1 afford to buy what 
we would like to^ instead we 
swap; game X for game V; 
crack Elite for cracked 
Tomsfwwkelc. (Len&tok is 
easy the only miidly 
challenging part is the 9osderM 
Protection is fas! becoming 
more ridiculous, as a 
eomparpson Lensiok is like 
needing a special stylus 10 
listen 10 vour favourtte Jarre 
reoord (Wha t do yon mean^ — 
Wfio's he? 'I Of a pa if of specia i 
glasses 10 watch BBC 1 
rsupplied for only I6pa dayi^ I 
find It appalling [hat someone. 
David Aybrey Jones, can make 
money out of something thai 
has taeen The bane of all clean 
living Spectrum owners tta. 
that really his phone number 
iniheSpeedlock toaderl"' 
Perhaps t should turn my 
energies away from beating 
protection to making it, it's go! 
to be more prof f table, and 
more sociable selFmg 
protection to software houses. 
Anyway I must finrsh here, it's 
just over twenty minutes since 
I sisnad being mildly serious 
afid any more of thrs and I will 
definitel^y have !o sit in the 
cornier snd chew the cornsfs 
on my Lenslok. of play my 
preproduclion copy of Strmet 
H^wk, if you think the Great 
SpMefl&ce was bad. then you 
aifi'fseen nothmyeti 
Bdan tMmi BathgMa. West 

Tffis lefiercaiis to mmdone 
some months backi that cmfied 
fors return to lurbo loaders 
because &t feasr they were fast 
tn ioading end you mdn't have 
to wade tff rough tor*s of 
Mrvane protection ' Stiti mt the 
risk of being called e capfteftst 
iicksptttfe ieckey m itmpay 0f 
the gfam uncenrfg softwere 
combirws. a tor point to 

consider might be that we end 
up With wf^t we deserve, end 
for some two ye&r^ the ievefof 
tTpiFwcopymg w&s so 
efarmtnoty fugh thm these 
kinds of protection devtces 
were bound to be considered e 
riecessfty Thot s^id tt stt/f 
doesn*t me^n th^r ihe 
software houses are ectmg 
wisety ^rt mskmg games such e 
cheffenge to get tnto. 


Dear Lloydp 

Please cen I have it copy of 
your kinp word diciionaiv 
Youris. (longiwofdihiit I don 1 
know YETlAebo Muilguard. 
PS What does 
quas4passemefilarv mean' 

I'm ifrsfd it 'S W49y Out Of y^ur 

^ Pebo, because ir isn i 
•.,.......ptiss^frfent^fy ~ tf's the 

raf thing ' Whs r doe& the word 
ftfrtm ^ Pretendtng t& frfi 
I r f ? . r ned m gofd — tfmi^f do ar 
eny rste. 

Umft SP€CTfn/M TAPE mnd DfltVE TIUlNSreR UTiimf S 

Tya-ESSEMTU.lf&r ALL SpwrEtwn DWFWf«- 04ir top* iitiMv lor kMC«i^«fiddirflA 

' S- , r#|ft •¥«» il ifwflf 4ii. (Ion* 4nd tMud ritv 

ft > 

' Dhii wtm cMci:v Icwdtrt - cotTv«ni OOMPHTEiY m m^rmm fv t4iM ^«i ^m 

€0«T iM#i nta «i 1ti» on €? 14 tpn m/cMwnrt. 


* diillJti giv«n ctfi trw>f f«f ml 40 |»mgf wrtt 

* M^niUlii virhjAliy air iM^ HmOm* Sym cAo<sp«t > MiiUi- tmaom ft&^m, me. 
Sutt nifn« of d^ivo »y«»m iva midrnrf . Opi4t due, mc> 

ONiV 1 11 At on mm Oft rtf ll tm m/dHw cwl- WFOflMAtlON S^CfTS f 1 mmel% lup 

lo No 1 ! avtitpt^l incitfdei mj nv !QP JO hit* - SA£ top i*^ 

MICROTHANS M/dfive ut.l*f v 

tyt^ [KogtArhi - m muit Ibf i^l ^.tArtvm crwffein Fait inj EASV OfiVI 49 WVE 
Hnr4 yp TAPE TO OAM: iivK h9*6tmm} - ^ram NOT CONVERT fnOOMMS 
M . I itffllff vf i*«> ptf Dgrim fwic *rvw cH, E>f ki«tr oOEpyd «e, mt. 
0MLYl4mmtmpm,mmvht " 

0VEflS£ASiiHkin£LJPix]4.r7oChHiki#Mch UPDATE SERVO -SAfliifdMBk 



lERM oePT t^ laenuHswicK oohs. c^sasv. hqrtnantsnnis sir 



100% Succesmt 


Amomaticisneuwch irai^fiif m 



nm nwifSf^Slo5m^ ^ sff^^Kfrv iTsn t ^"^msn *t4«j«wi" 


attached if y ciu wanu but don'l have to I 



4 FREEZE'^ PROGRAM AT AMY POINT fc^n be u»ed re mm 







software req^ir^d oh&rged at £2 Piea» contact us for details} 

Of der to 


InformAli^cm T«l D 1 733 6 1 ?& or mft4 1 i a 

FulUviix: fKM^OS95(0pUiO7$$i 

CRASH May 1986 43 


I hOM i^vrjtten to yoy to ip|>i«l 
toall wftVk^r« Kouttitsvwjth this 
mctt^M: Whai ffbou t u^ lot 
with 6/W t^ilie^f Ovm the eoris 
Os that how you spsH it? I that 
thi^ dear old Spoccy h»$ bMn 
abouu software hoy sea have 
betin ch Liming out gamra 
dstignqd for colour t^lUaa or 
colour rnofiitors. 

AJl my mares and me ha>« 
little BW leltias which make 
some games impossible to 

ToreKsmpJe.J couldn'n 
uriddrstantJ thdt Zcsidar 
Power' bit in B/W and un^l I 
play^ thirgams in colour I 
did f¥7t know whit it was Also, 
a Ijifislofc' t« very difficutt to 
use on a Bmill B/W reity It may 
bfi easy to use ort your 100% 

Krfect picture Cub monitor, 
1 1 hsd to ioad romaAawA 7 
limeft befpre I gol it to work. 

suggest kE>n^ Dpn'r abolish the 
'use of coJouf' ctDinin^nt at the 
end of e^cii r^vii?^. but ju^i 
edd tomelhing alono the Imefi 
of 'Qeemesi and dinwerice on 
a BM telly^ Just think about if 
Uoyd, ancf try revtewing a few 
games on a CF^ppy S Mr telly. 
Edc^y Hunt, Stoke Mandeirllli, 

Y(Htfrmybe too young w 
imrmnb&rwh^n Bnastt TV 
turrma to cofour m tfm /^f^ 

cmpp&d up then, peopfe 
mosffmg thsi sudd&ijfY^^mfy 
p^ugmmme was tn colour sfMt 
wf rrmst psoplm sttll only had 

h^cf^ a/irf sv^/itf sets, so mey 

m^90fh3ifofwh^t w^s gotng 
Oft^ This mayhsve 6eefl a f^ir 
argufTjentt bui if TVh^tf 
h^etfed it too stmngfy tJfien tfm 
fiilfpat^ntmfofcofouf wou^if 
J7ffverheve6fl#f?/BW^/5eii ^rtdf 
thmk th^s^^me holds irut* for 
computer ff&ftms iknowsafrm 
tfti&s ane /w/i/ to se* prap^f/y 
//I fTiono^ txit f/ie trui^ ts r/fjf 
most computer owners do 
hȴB colour t^Hfes on whtch (q 
p/By g^mes^ sr^d the ^oi^^re 
fHnjs^ c&n hsfdfy be blBmrnt 
for osing colour to m b&st 


Dear Ltoyd, 

I have bMn thifikins wh&tyou 

could do to improve CRASH. 

Well, I have come upwrth the 

Ultimate answer — THE LM 


For the tnftial membership 
fee. you would get CRASH 
e vefv mo nth . f ree of CX3 u rse r^^ 
a Signed photograph of you 
with a paper bag over your 
head — we don t want people 
to see what you look Vikm now 
do we eh? — a b^ge with a 
typewriter on it, free software 

44 CRASH May 1986 

and of course a copy of your 
superl^ Long Word Dfctionftry. 
All thi& for only about E20 
(you've got to pocket 
something haven't yoult 

If you wish I couEd run it for 
you. If I do run it you could be a 
fife member 1 — please enclose 
your £20 though — rn 

Great idea huh' 
ton King, Tpton, W Midtefida 

£20 f Tft0long Word DtctfonQ/y 
iS £350sfon& (prfhbudge f pnc& 
tboughj. But ssrtoi/sfy] tf^ere 
&re^Qrrw rumbfing^ atoci m 
the Kfdd&ne sbout a specf^f 
CMSHCLUB wkh jome GMlfB 

?0Odtes attfiched^iung w^th 
jft4SW. No doubt Sofneor^e 
Wiittet me know sp^n wh^ts 
happening on that front. 




Dear Lloyd, 

Just one point, about the 
Questionnaire: What the hell 
has whet you drink got to do 
wpth computers, eh? 
Sponsored by COKE ere you? 
NeM Bfownlee. Ga lwWil i, 

Stffip/^, A/a/, 'Jusi^ Coke 
Canity' WBiUs to know how 
manyofbfs fans also dnnk f/ie 
Stuff You wemn Y th0 only orm 
to wonder ^bou^ ifiis . . . 

RtCHPtRD (0/00"^ WEST KIL6RtD£ 

Deer Lloyd, 

( hsve but two questions to ask 

on the Crashtionnaire, Why do 

you want to know what soft 

drink we buy. and how oftert 

we hoNd^ abroad? Is this to 

fmd out what paper to print on, 

so that stains come out easily, 

or to let us know how many 

tditions we can export/import 

without pay ing duty? Or is it 

that you re just plain nosey, 


Niehol«s Greer), Christchyrch, 


JysfpMm no$^ i thmk, 
Nicholas. Of coarse^ ft may 
Siso have something to do 
wtth oursdveftfsmg peopfe 
betng etie to say to 'brand 
name* soft drinks 
mBnufactumrs^ "too* bow 
mBny mt/fions of our 
wOfidsrfuf readers consume 
your product^ whyar&n'tyou 
advertfsrng in CRASH?' That 
way imtgni even get my next 
*cost of wing' salary mcrease 
to h&lp pay for atl those Candy 



De@r Oeardrie. 
Please help. I'm going mad. 
Ourdadir^ litlle Speccy ^s 
taking over, l mean »t has even 

Kite vefv own roofn arid a 
colour telty elf to it* setf 
I've got a mother who makei 
hwown $oiind effects lo f^ 
Aiwtend ConYmando — she 
ilftfts screaming wfien she 
gets kijlecf p goes 'P^ow, paw, 
pcpw,' and "Ha ( I got yo u . ' vwhefi 
she shoots people and gqes, 
Turn, yum, yum/ when eating 
the energy pi Ms in Pac Man. 

I ve got two dogs who've 
ebsolutek r>o respect at all 
ifid pee all over computer 
magsfejccept lor CRASH I. My 
brother teems fothin^ that Jiusi 
tocau» he paid tor ttte 
Spectrum, he owns n t And he 
nwkes me watch him read 
eveiv singk? word m CRASH, 
before I even get a glance. 
Probebty ifie worst one m our 
family IS ouf Dad — he's got 
absolutely no inti^resT m 
cxMTiputefs at all. Tm the only 
EMim one in the house > 

Anoftynoauslv For Obvious 
BiMons, &cKMwvddsn, 

Wbo the iH^i*$ Deardrte? L ook, 
/umms, you'¥eat¥iOasiygota 
vary sarmuspnitl^fn^ but you 
know, fawt^s, htUn^ a 
Spectrum trtke over ts pitrfectly 
rrorrfwl, andnothmg to be 
MSbamedoi akbougb I 
wouldn't /ef rbenaightour^ 
know about *t. 


Dear Sir, 

Re Fantasy Software 
I wonder if you 00 u^d 

Kssibly help me. I recenHy 
ught my son a cessette far 
8a^kp{i{:ker"s Guide to the 
Unrv^fser Part I When I got 
home, I diecovefed the code 
sfieet wee missir^^ It is a very 
good game, but useless 
WEthoui the code sheet. The 

&Ofe off0f^ to rofy nd thi$ 
money or suggested we wrote 
10 Fanr&sy for the code sheet, i 
wou Id , but 1 he re is n^ address . 
C»n yoy help? 
UMointe, Glllingham. Kant 

9fm(^^ for ^m&sy Software 
^3mshedinto thtthais withDur 
9 wofid to iKfT|K^/?4f rrmny moons 
ago, Myistd^ke, ^wforc, is to 
accept if^^ refund 


Daar CRASH, 

I havie firialty decided to write 
toyoiirine^azirve. . . 
My friend and I usuaHy , wh^n a 
fivw pame is released, travirl to 
Bimm^tiffln and split tha cost 
of a game. Then ont? of us 
keeps the of iginaln while the 
Qlher has a copy J this is done 
ihematehr. However, now that 
lurbo loeders and l«ns1oc)iLS«tc 
havebe^n introduced, this 
system is made obso^eie. We 
now have two option^: we can 
save for twice as long and buy 
agiime^^h. or we can go 
ha>v^ on a gan^^ and take 
lun^ at having it. Both of these 
methods pose problems— the 
pfobJefTi with the first solution 
mthatmy Mum doesn't 
approve of nne buying games, 
which means that I have to 
$aye CI .00 a wee^ until I have 
enough to buy a game and if 
Tm not going halves it takes 
twice m long to save up: the 
problem witn the second 
method is thai if we share one 
copy of a game, on€ of us has 
tovirsita month before the 
43^h^ has 'finished' with It, 

My argument is that 
commercial piracy should be 
stamped out, but the home 
copie r ^hou I d be a 1 1 owe<l h is 
or her freedom. For example* 
tike a look at ihe record 
industry- It has not gone bu&t. 
when everybody knows that 
records are tap^ oft the radio 
and aisSQ that people tape each 
other's records, tf the software 
industry would buck its fdeas 
tip then 3 am su r e that the same 
would ippiy True, ^itw$r^ 

houses haver gone bu^t in th$ 

past but tfiat was mainly due 
to bad management and/or 
their gramas were so d i re that 
no^one wsftied to buy them. 
As you can see from the 
advertisements in any copy of 
CflASHjhe reputable 
software houses are doing 
okay -^ such asUltimEte, 
Mikro-Gen, Ocean, Garpoyle 
and now Elite are entering the 
Bflid after a slightly shaky start, 

I'm not criticising the 
standard of software, in fact il 
is very high. I also realise how 
long it must lake lo produce a 
game of such quality; but the 
price is 3 diffof ent matter. 
What happened to the good 
old E5,50IiiMr JM/Marr Of At^c 
AtBc7 1 do know aibout 

innstion , but an inc^v^se of » 
£4.45 in less Than two years is 
ridiculous, especislly when 
Msstertromccan produce 
games for a third of ihe price of 
most eiames nowadays, but 
with tne same high standard. 
Just iook at Spefitoand . . . 

What we have here, is a 
hypocritep' I hear you s^ing. 
'telling me how good these 
games are, and then copying 
them hinr^elf-' Weil in the two 
years that I have had my 
Spectrum I have boueht 33 
originals (No, Tm ngt richlh 
which connes to about £200 I 
know at least three people who 
have more, but the software 
indu&try seems to expect us to 
spend even more money on 
gon^s. Frequenting us from 
cxipyjna game winNOT, I 
nepeat NOT, make us buy 

AlsOr the main reason 1 copy 
gjmes is not because I play on 
my computer every minute of 
Itieday. but because I colEect 
liwn, as do many of my 
friends ai school. Out of tfve 
2O0 or so games in my 
coHectioHH t woufd have 
purchased around 20 land did! 
rf I had known what they were 
Hke before I ventured to buy 

So take hee<|. dear software 
houses, or you may we J I find 
yourselves losing the iead to 
companies IJk<^ Mastertronici 
Mifk Femiiough, 
Bramfgrove. worot 

/ itjmk fhar's about the iM^i 
fiessoned plea for/aa^mg 
home copiers atone, that / Ve 
f^^d yet and gerieratfy^ your 
^r^urrmfftsabotJl some of ihe 
fince increases m recent 
rnorjftis IS v&fYweitfourfdmiof 
course. Akhough ihe /aw now 
O0i€fafly frowns upon the 
hebiL most software 
companies se^sibfy resfised a 
hng lim^ ago that the active- 
fies o/i"/?t^ horn^ copier were 
Uf^prevenrabfe ^nd not per- 
fy^ps as madfy damaging as 
was at first supposea. 
Hdw^ver, companions wffh 
tfte musfc business are a bit 
mvfdiotiS be€aiise, although 
npthtng much is made of if any 
longer, (he Bdy^ent of the 
cassette recorder did cause an 
^nnrmr^us d^nt m mtn/din^ 
revenue and corresponding 
alarm; then despondency. 
Perhaps ffs somerhtng any 
part of the entert^tnment 
t>tjsiness h»s to suffer. 

Sorry, but that filh. up the 
Forum lor May, if you havA anv 
pQtnts to make abdul soft- 
ware, purveyors of S3 me. 
ri?vlew«f$ of similar or 
v^mfOf-^ of like material. Then 
you know thu address, but in 
ta^p ymj desnl, if? LLOYD 


^ I 

CRASH May 1986 45 

^H ^B ^r ^m ^^ Of iomal Martial am This mi rh 1 

VP^ ^V ^F ^^'^ happeiTS to krvow that most 

▼^ of the ancififil f^rms nf rfamh^f 

* CRASH M,y,98g 

Mirrorsof! have brought an 
arK^ent and venerable Oriental 
Maniat Art lo your Specrrum — 
SA! KAHATE. As you wilK learn 
from the r^vi^aw this is$ue. Sai 
Karata i& a ^Aratkm on traditi- 
oital Karate, and in\t^lvaB a 
speciaf pointy stick known as a 
S^i which i$ used to make attack- 
ing at>d defensive moves in 
The wondefful Pat Sitton of 

Mirror^ofl is offering ^ course of 
Maftial Arts lessons to she value 
of £100 to the lucky wrnr>ef of 
ihis competition, and no less 
than len runners up ^ill receive 
a one year subscription to FtGH- 
TERS, I he martial arts magazine 
published by Peterson Publish- 
ing. Not a bad deat for fighting 
fans, but there's rnore — every- 
one who enlers ihe c^mp wiU 
reoeiva an A4 poster from 

AH iom of weird and won 
deffiil w^ipons are used in the 

of the ancient fomnis of combat 
that evolved in the Orieni have 
their roots wtih the peasanirVp 
who had to find ways of def find- 
ing Ihennselves with everydey 
obiects ftga msi bands of mar- 
auding baddies, Thus bom. 
Doles, lengths of diain and rice 
flails w«re called into service 
and eteisoreie fighting sfyfea 
evolved around them. 

There's no shartaje of peas- 
j ant typhes in CRASH Towef^, you 
know Quite a few naai combat 
moves have evolved over the 
past nvonihs as pitched battles 
between CRASH and ZZAPt rt^ 
viewers have taken place^ 



Lumpy Uddon, for in^in^ is a 
rrmmef of ihe D« Griyi Food* 
fight technique, drrving off 
pottnti^ii territorial invadan 
wfth a qyick spurt of chicken fat 
or a t^rriga of crumbi and 
tandwich parts delivered orally 
with a in he precision of a hom- 
ing mssfijle, Anyona who meas- 
if with Mr Liddon endi up in a 

The «vil strategiat. Masierson 
has turned hi& dimpnutjve mzm to 
full advantage, and the humbli 3 
inch disc in his hands hai All th« 
comtwt efficacy jLMLWDl of a 

Ninja Star. C^oss Ma^terson. 
and he bides hie timt. sirategl^ 
caily. poppinf up et a moment 
when y u r g u Brd i s down to spi n 
a di^sc et lmf« height towards 

Sgr leg*. Oudil They ought to 
called limp disca^ not rfoppy 

Up in the Art room, our v*ry 
own Oliver Frey has tJik^^n to 
chemical warfare. Apart from 
having the abiNty to cover an 
aggressive minion from h«id to 
toe in lurid green ink with e blast 
from his airbrush, he has a stock 
of specially fievoyred. highly 
pongy inks. Three blasts with 
Agent Orange, as a particularly 
niTfy iShade of orange airbrush 
ink has been named, and the 
Artroom clears. 


£100 worth of 

Martial Arts 

Ten subscriptions to 
FIGHTERS to be won! 

Your Humble Compel rtion 
Minion is proud to reveal that 
ruirtoSepsy f LMLWDl is his main 
defeniive system „ The simplest 
form of defence is kip, according 
to yours tru^ Falling to ihe floor 
and starting to snore loudly at 
the indent the body reaches the 
horizontat is guaranteed to 
ph«e th€ most ardent oppofi- 
efil. Occasionally artefacts 
found in the broom cupboard 
can be call^ into use for attack- 
ing moves — a sharp flick with 
the business end of a demp 
duster is qui to capable of Inflict- 
ing a debilitating quantity of 
pain, for instance. 

To entm this competition, yoy 
will have to come up with a new 
form of twentieth ceniufy mar 
tiai an. Select a couple o1 
everyday obiects and pre» 
them into service as weapons in 
^ fighting system. Describe your 
now martial an as fully ^s you 
can. perhaps listing thoclssstcal 
moves Of maybe even phoio 
graphing or drawing a combai 

The best Beginner*s Treininp 
MdMUur (or & n#jw martiol iiri to 
.irrivo iit WAY OF THE POINTY 
SHIRE SYS 1DB by ?9th May wi4l 
win the c:purse ol M-artial Arlsi 
in^1fUCt^on — the Wifinet can 
specify thr; Art h* or she want^ 
lo r*lurfv and Mirrqrs^ift will 
.jrriiny^f? lor yoi^r ioc&i ingtruct^r 
to r^:eive some IdotI 


Martech is one of the original home computer software houses — they were around right ait 
the beginning of this wondrous industry. Graeme Kidd took a (long! trip down to the south 

coast, just by Eastbourne, to meet the men from Martech. 



mhm, Bflvt You've teynd the c^nub* hkkltfl on Satum i lurfKar 

■"^ "^dld ^h?S»ulii an b« €,pmmd ind inothnf p*rt ot ih» 
~ Sh'i prti^m* »n b« «^IJ«t»d. IK* Alien* who 
^^' ^and bifcmtrt th«*f 1I«»"a down to Earth in 
miHt haw a itrange i*fi» of hufrti^yf 

^ ^S flama kwidi V«ii' »*ilp ^^? «w«l 

Var^ui and Earth. Fyrttief te tifii 

turthaf afbW Jn th# lotar ipMn 

ifnad 4n »Mh Mb (wogram, 131 

YOu'H flfni yourCi«|MWIIil«*« 
\«»rtach and «»fa*i a mm 



Uw IM much fual In rha daacant. and 

Thm thrvfl teon wirKtowt on tha Ui 
upauii wh*n you wmm Kftkai OM, tn 
dwrkw landing and ira vaL and c« Jl up 
eondmont whlla aifwul* hunHng. 

48 CRASH May 1986 

iiid atmcMfihafv 


}flMB to aininiina a 

liia ooiiputflr syiiitna 

Ol i*wf local tiirain Md 


A couple of years ago, pMple stopped calling Davtd 
Martin Sir'- 

Hoi that hB wai unfrocked as a h n ighi of the 
malm — he flopped being a rtiemtslTy 
t«dCh$r (called ^ir' iJyring the d^y) 
•Fid port time software house boss^ 
btmmjng on ex diem I si ry teacher 
trxJ full mm tolNvare publi^her. 

Davjd hw alwsvft had a k€ien ifit- 
eri^ in games: before ihe ZXBO^ he 
Wis teodi ing cJiemisiJry by day and 
designing twa^d games in his spare 
time, WI1&1 same commercial success. 
David's bmfher in-lew, John Barry, got 
uied 10 visfting the Martin household end 
finding oouniers end ha If designed boardgamea 
covering the carpet rn the front room. The board game 
ix;siness began lo build up. and aHhough John 'hates' 
board games, he got involved eommefieis^^y with the v^atig oompeny 
founded by David. 

''It was and still is very useful to have John as a partner' ^ David bk- 
pLdins, "and nol just because he's a soNcitorr In the earjy days John's 
IsQit ^^P^Hence was invaluable. SSpaciaHy when Software Comrny- 
fiwattons Ltd was first set up in psrtnerthip with a fimi of export 
ers." Software Communicetiqns has been trading as Martech 
for quite a wrhiJe now, and the eKporting. 

Srtnershtp has expired, but John's 
)al expfirrence rs still very useful 
ten it comes to dealing with 
licensing agr^emefits and so on. 

VWiile he was a teacher, 
David's I nt erwtf in games 
moved him to Mper rment with 
the school's computer eciuip- 
m#nt. ^nd h^ began writing 
games. As soon as the ZX com- 
puters arrived, he began pro- 
grwnming games at home. Grad- 
u$lty a h^by tumed into a cottage 
industry and Martech games began to 
fixpand. '"^It was an amazing period's David 
recalls, "I can still remember getting a 16K 
RAM pack— f couldn't believe the extra 
rnemoryl". To begin wiih, dupNcaiFOn 
and despatch of Martech games was 
all dofie at home, in evenings and 
weekends. "We got to the point 
where we were manufacturing all 
^A^^ekend, and one day, having just 
manufactured ten garner in a 
mEHnif^ mA just feceived our fini 
laige orcter for WH Smiths, we real- 
ist w& were go>ng lo have io sub- 

Tn€ level of a€tfvi!y at me fiedgNaling 
Mmecti Games began esdilating arid 
soon it was decision nme for 5avid: 
should he give up a secure teach inQ post for a 
full time career m the software industry? 'lt was a very daunting 
decision to make at the time," David ^y% ''when you're a teacher you get 
used to being 'securaly broke', and the risk element was a major consider- 
mion. i realised i would have to abandon a secure job to carry on with software 
^ftsibly, and Tve never regretted making that decisiion at alL" 

To begin with, David's boardgaming fdeas were pressed into service — he 
saw the potential of using ccjmputers lo moderate boardgames. Coftftict 
and GaiExy Conf/rct for the Spectrum, Commodore S4 and 
BBC machine were followed by Oumt of Aferra t'/tf on the 
C64 and Vic ZO and G^si^ums C&stf& for the SBC. "I 
soon maliaed thai compumr moderated board- 
games wete expensive to produce and they weren't 
really designed with manufacture in mind. One 
game, for instance, had 140 counters - and they 
ill took up a disproportionate amount of shelf 
space in the shops. I came to the conclusion that 
t)oardgaiTies irwolving computefs weren't 
viable unless you were a large 
company with lots of expertise in 
pTDcnidnptradHlonal boa rdgames/ 

Mpftech changed direction^ 
becoming involved with 
'personality' games. "It 
didn't take long for me to 
work out that my pro- 

f I ramming talents were 
imited"> David admits, 
"and the time I had avair 
at^e to learn program- 
ming was limited by my 
involvement with the 
comitTiefciat side of running 
S byline^/' li Wis time to 
hire in some programming 

CRASH May 1986 49 

Ian McArdle has be^n with Martech. right 
frDm the start of the personality gamei 
slaqe d( the company's life. He wrote fddie 
KiiM's Jufnp Chalienffo, and is currentlv 

En of the team working on The Pf^nets — 
t mofG of that anon. Mart#ch'5 games 
hervQ co^£i$tenl^^ involved licences or 
pemonaiitmt: Eddie Kidd, Brian Jacks, 
Geoff C^ptif p Zokh and now Sam Fom, and 
The Planeis fa TV series end book). 

''ObvJCHj^iV^ 3 licence helps with market- 
ing'^ David fisies. "but we find that a 
IfQoncae oflon h«lpt to prompt or develop a 
geme htea^ Persona Hy I rik«< simulation 
gsmos. and it's gr^at to have someone 
involved who can provide accurate ta^s 
ar>d figures wtiidi can be incorporated fn 
the game. Our frrsl licence game, frftfrip 
Ktdas Jump ChM/f&f7g& came about be- 
cause we were looking for an eMciting per- 
sonality to endorse a motorbike game. 
Eddie is the world m^ird holder for motor- 
bike jumps, and we approached him, signed 
a lioertsfr>g deal and then c^velop>ed the 
flSHM wrth his help." 

A^iM Jacks' Sup^rsier Chaffengm was 
Martech's Decathlon type game, followed 
by a rather drfferent athletic game — the 
icon driven Geoff Cspes Strongmjin. Zoids, 
the oomputer game was born one Saturday 
ifiamoon, in the front room of the Martin 
hOUMhoM. Oivid had come beck from a 
fhcippifw eKpedrtion, having bought some 
toya and was on the carpel with his young- 
steni astern b ting and ptaying with a couple 
of Z&idi. 'TTiev w*re preet — on ihe Mon- 
day I got in touch with Tomy who make 
ZokI^, and evonlually a deaf was tied up/' 
The Elect runic Pencil Company ware hirrt 
to produce the game. 

Martech's way of wortring has evolved 
into e tesm-bebed approach to wriflr^ 
oamee. So far, all the games reEeasad by 
Marled have lieen jn -house projects: 
'^Wi'ri riKife intefwtvd in overweing tft« 
d iv tlq pino nt of Ihe whole oonoeptp from 
thi oHginai Jlghttxjlb of an idea in sortie- 
ona's head to the shelves of High Street 
Slor^. We've r>ever marketing anything 
sent to us - but we^ve f ou nd some very good 
programmers thai way I" 

David Martin feel$ that thadeya v^#n one 
programmer can produce an entire game 
TTom 5tart to finish are over. Sure, there wilE 
still be room for a few Mi lea OldfiaEds in the 
ioftwarQ industry - people to design the 
game, implennent the graphics, wnte the 
code and provide copy for the inlay. But 
people iil^e Steve Crow lot Sta/quBke fame, 
amorist other things) are vary rare indeed; 
Mofli software houses need to pull in spec- 
ialtfflv to take care of the different a^iects of 
wrJtirq a program. "We're putting a lot 
more effort into our games nowadavs'^ 
David says, ''we partition the task and use 
specialists who work together on a projcict 

Martseh ertiploys full-time programmers, 
preferring not to rely on freetanoee. At pres- 
enc (here are two teams of half a donn or so 
programmersH one group based in Brighton 
and the other working in Pod^mouth, A 
third team is beFr>g set up in order to oope 
with the schedule planned releases ^ Mer- 
tech has decided to release prograrns two at 
a time, rather than singly, and ten garnea 
are planned for 1386. 

Martech's administrative offii^s are loc- 
ated in Pevensey Bay. i a hove John's Legal 
PrsciicB — very handy having a solicitor 
d o wnata irsll ~- fairly centrally ^^ f^r a$ tha 
programming teams are concerned WhMe 
most of the work is done a I prog ram mer^' 
homes, teems meet up in tl^ main office 
from time to time to bounce IdeM around, 
show Oavid howthlfig« are going and talk 
qode and routino n programmers invari- 

Tnr«e rnembers of the Brighton leem 
were at Martech HQ on the day of the 
CAASH visit: programman Ian McA/dla 
and John Witson and griptiics man, Mal- 
colm Smith. Ian has be^n with Martech 

50 CRASH May 1986 

sinoe tJavid gave up programming and has 
worked on a variety of pro|ects; John 
Wilson's pedigjree includes the contract for 
Century's Their Firwsi Moar and the Spec- 
trum conversion of Geoff Cepes Sirtmg- 
msn, Melcolm has been on the Martech 
st^ for about a year now. coming from 
Brighton Art College to design screen 
graphics as requirBcTby programmers. His 
credit list includes work on the Amstrad 
versions of Brmn Jecks and Zwds ea well as 
Geoff Opm and The f^eneis for the Spec- 
trum am Amiitrad. Oh^ and he was the man 
who digiti^d Samantha Fox's charms for 
the Spectmm screen . . . 

The Brighton team are putting the riniati- 
ir^ touches to The Ptanets, a game basied 
on accurate data on the solar system sup- 
plied by Heather Coupe r, Astrophysicist, 
Autfx>rp TV presenter and Big Cheese in the 
Astroncimy world. " The Pienets game is an 
example of the way projects we want to do 
evolve wrih a licence agreement", David 
explains. '1n a sense wewm® iookmg for a 
apace game and then found the ItcenaJng 
angle. Wort ing with Heather, who preaanls 
Qiinr>ei 4's series The Ptanets, we have 
teen able to incorporate a vaist quantity of 
ufj to the minute data on the planets in the 
solar system into the game." While the 
game is first and foremost intended to be 

fun, the wMtth of ififormition it oontainA 
means that some of it Is bound to rub off on 
the player, who should end up with a great- 
er knowledge of the ptanetary system in 
which we live. Education the fun way . . , 

The story behind the deveiopmeni of Tfte 
Ptanets provides a fairly typical example of 
the evolution ol a Martech game. Oavid 
Martin i? the mam ideas man In the com- 
pany: "tcteas for the nejcf game are const^ 
antty in your mind - some are dismissed 
whiEe others are modified. Gradually a an 
OMtiine skataton of a game concept passes 
more and more hurdles until it finally cornes 
together is a concept. We don't tend to do 
much formally — most games evolve In the 
writing. We don't sit down and come up 
with a definitive story board and they say to 
the programming team 'implement thai'/' 

The scenario for The Pienets evolved over 
ihwm months or mort- Stiiting with the 
ba^ Wdo of doing a tilMt Qime, Martech 
approached Hwi^er Couper and secured 
Nf involvemanl in the profect. Malccrim 
began studying Heather's book^ Tlie Plan- 
eta^ as well as NASA photographs and the 
graphii^ for the game took shape, based on 
me book. TV seri^ — and imagination! One 
of the Portsmouth programming team had 
written the basis of a rather strange but very 
c^ompelling 43- 1 eve I puzzle /strategy garrw. 
This game was modified a little and moor- 
DO rated m the scenario of The f*feneis as 
TheAfiefi Game, which has to be piayed in 
Order to obtain clues useful during the inter- 
planetary section of the mam game, 

The Pieneis will be Martech's third 
release this year. Mariech s 1986 began 
with Zatds, and continued with S^m fox 
Stnp Pt^ker The Sem fox gam^e has already 
cause a bit of s storm in a D Cup: one com- 
puter magazine refused to earn/ Martech's 
adv^nittifig and, while asking for a review 
t»|?y, sMttd that they would only review the 
B side of the tape where a tourHhanded fully 
ciothed Stud Poker gam« mWea. Vm poker 
game behind S^m fosi h a vary nitty piece 
of proflfsrriming. end had been on Mar 
tech's shelves for a while before th6 tie in 
with Samantha Fo^ was mool^. "The Sam 
fox elemant te not to be taken sariou$iy'\ 
David explains, "it's just meant as a bit of 
lun. When you play poker for real you play 
for nK)ney but that * a bit difficult with a 
computer. The Sam Fom tie-in gives an in- 
oentrve, if you iike. adding that bit of adren- 
alin to the game Naiuraily the licence wfir 
heJp us to sell the program^ and so far the 
order levels are vepy naeMClable/' 

Seifist ornot at least Sam Fox'$ digitised 
fonn makw a change from the u$uai run of 
Gore and Violence A $tar character taking 
off a taw items of clothing seems lass harm- 
ful to tftis ravJewer, than the mincjiess vio- 
lence perpetratad by such dudes at J aeon in 
frid^y f^h and Ram bo in his jungle gama'. 

Martech's history is one of steady and 
cautious growth — each au b a wc iua n t 
pstaaae builds upon a solid base as tha 
oompeny e^paricte- While the programmers 
oorKWitrate on the three main machinea. 
Spedium., Amstrad and ComrrKxdore, all 
MHtach'a gian>es are convened for the 
Aoom compulefa and MSX. givir>g their 
pradudaa long shelf ll^fe overali. 

Dwid Martin is pleased with the way 
tilings are going for his company at the 
moment — and mera is little doubt that the 
quality of Martech releases is steadity 
improvi ng. hf anyth i ng , Zoids was ttw g ood I 
Some inter e$:ting proiacts are rn the pipe- 
lirw from Martocn, but it's a little to eariy to 
reveal details as yat. 

Martedi has been around for a long timf^ 
and look set to be around a lot longer. 
"We're working towards producing better 
and better software;' David ^ysp^'we do 
like games for their own sake. The gmmtr^ 
mafKet,. not ju^t on computers^ has always 
been in existence, and as long as there are 
computers in homes we inter^ to a^nlinye 
writing games for them."' 

Anci rw doubt, they will. 






SWo"Jno3 SPEaRUMSREPAIREDforonlv £19.95 

including PARTS • INSURANCE and P & P. 

Ihm umflCMJ ^^ ^^^ ^ 91 vp voy 3 between v^t^ ^nd ii^t you guess 
ViKJ niLIL/CIl tnsMli.wvatvevoyaioosfiKedpriceMieirtra^ w^ 

CVTO AC dont iie«d to bo^st #e>ouc our servkt, we i^«)vp 

C A I l\#ld lOOCri cf custorrvers Horn all o^r tfw virtsild highJv 

^^■i^^i^^^ delfgrrtM wttn our servfce ^nct rn^fp Gn^ 20 

ilso repAlf ed^ll u^ f^r details Pl«]» r^ite wf nF^«rcn#rf«MMMfl PflCtf , 
V^y^'l WJit w««s ^f vour repair, we turn arouna aw ctFmpLrten In W iiri All 
repairs carry a tuff S nrtontti gija ranter plus on eve rv Specirum *e^ repair, we 
send VG« ^ wee oames worrh C2S.n for your efljoyment and pn^a^urt 

*■ ilo«tfpffctFuminip*miwBwi«niimim 
« flfiiEcfosiaikmcSf@^cwrrj6tfTW 

* MtUMimiciOiWOJI 

* Ffw lOftww witti iHKti IfHctniinfiiiimvl 


mfTiiaoiui twir Cofw 
^ircofnpirtirf wm^ wau oroer runvd 

u m i I Tn C c u n ^"^^ partei your eofmuter m surcaCHe wtTpprng enciosmg ci$ fs ^r specmjni ftpttrt. c^tse do nof sen ci e^ wrr 

nlUi¥ IJJ >cnU fuoDHes commoODrvcgrriouier^ juiT^nan 7£iuit Eire lOM CI ^orC]6.S0liur^^ 

T UU K CUM KU I CK i^^ll ui and wc win 91 ve yoo a quote over itie phoiiv we aim to pieas« tTiat^ wfia^t made us me mast reliable 
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and I4D 1 ^efvic^ Centre nn ttif u K 




Commodore 6fl. Cl6's, Vie 20. 
1541 Disk Drives. Same Day Service 

Cdtl US for details or purchase 
the l.C's from our D.LY, section 



Yo.^ - ..CHOICE 









J 'i 










City centre. Sorrv for 

delav to ^'i our Mane ne'- '>■.-' 



- upgrade your 

Spectrum into 

a new keytoaro 

«i«!?'^ "" UDflrade wour 


D K Tronjcs KeYt303ra 




We ffrgr &T we ciriifiOT 
^r^ov^ 411 the component 
jvaiEAbie JLisrgiveysa 
C4«ii jnfl we cj^n quote vchj 
ov-er tne p^iOne. [jleiiverY 

Spectrum Parts 

TfamisofZTKjii o» 


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wfunces + PtP nsol 



SefKimQ ¥«wr comiauT^^r to any ciffief iep<»f Ceficre can \enout&^ PamiQf rci Me jritri 



Telephone: Glossop (STD 04574) 66555/67761 

140 High St, West. Glossop, Derbyshire. England 


Copvhgi^t vtdeovauit ud no isiqbs 








— 2r 

*»*'*'^hJ£ S <^<«* ^^rnino tt'9 


' for the 
runners up! 

'^^ A Porsche 9n ^^ ,^*'' iwA' 

Jggi teams to^JSl**'*^^""- 
wrsa^,,,^^ « worfc without 

now — /"sf let 

/rv i — 

iiic: borrow Lloyd's , 
Hermes. Yes. Okay, <*^ 



Ft - M i^^^llgf 




Dragged back for another term, Eric 
continues his one-man ftght 
against the Education system. All 
his old adversaries are there, plus 
escapees from the Biology room 
and, even worse, girls! Lucky he 
stocked up on stink bombs over the 

Back to SkOQl (48 K Spectrum) — £6.95 
Skooldaze {4dK Spectrum & C9M64} -~ £6.95 
Available from all good computer shops 
or direct from: 

\ '^* 


il]crotph«r« €annpyl*f Strvlctii Ltd., 







IN^i« ilutlp'il 


Availabli' JVciiii >oiii' 
local ('oiii|>iiii'r .Stun' 
ill May 

Atiistrail and S(n'c*truiit ISK 

JMK VKlcHlroi) (l\\| Oiil>) 

As thr iiiifjht Af r^tullleii Arrafljiiit 

Eiiipkrt' I i^hif'ns jl^fVold <iii our 

lialaxy, the U'lulf^rn of fTlej^'rrft Earth' 

rirgniiVui ion. SAROS, jiiii li>r their slrri«lt'r 

rt-smin-t's into <iiii' Uisl <lai mu uitd ttic^tttantv 

mi»tsiiih to SI rik4' al tlic ht'uri nl' The in%<iLi^2£^' 

hotiic |>iiuii>r. ^*'!V 

Vor arc their \i\nt hoiio. Kijittpprit witwrnrfirhi 

lasiT Nuord, your iiiissiini is in si-vk oui thi» iiiidor- . ^ 

^uuihI resistance ami pt**fc toKetlu'r ihi* vilul votlv yim 

iMH'd lo ih'siroy thcem^iiiy. But tiiuf is ruimiiiM »«t ami otiJy 

vol starii) in tht- way ofthi' Arcadians' ciuupti'li' dotniiiiif in 

rifihi* ^aiax>! 

r.S. (Hiliriiinitrd. I nil 10. Tht- l>nrk^H}rlAilii<.iri{iM>iilrr 
Hi>i)r'iii4!<- srni*t. HtnniiiKli^iiu H" ll.Y. 
I'l'li'UlnjMr : t»2 I :i3«t H»«»« I JVk'\: tHTilM, 

^ w«b jtiHt tmi |j«i 


f^er wsnied to cf»ot* yo^f o*^ 
adventure p am e- with tQMtor t^xt 
and graphics? Machine cod« b 
btx twyond you 1 Qtifii fifus- 
trMtof and Patch fan^ have bMn 
prcxjucing som« vtry rMpoct* 
abie games H but very toon tfi«m 
will D«r another utility that takefs 
itie coding out of adventure 
progfam writing leaving you 
hm To concentrate on writing 
the plot and devising problems. 

toceffthra Software are about 
to rtleas^ a Spectnj m ve rs i on of 
Graphic Aaveffture Crs&for, 
which has already won ace f aim 
on ttie Amstrad- The final ver- 
ik>n ts ciirrentlv und^tge^ing 
rigouroiis bug testing and sh- 
auJd be in the shops shortly. 

On losing, the program 
preMfits you with the obligatory 
main memu, from whence ^11 the 
facilities may be accessed. The 
fa Hit dtepartment to peruse is th^ 
gfiphics creator which has a 
menu of its own beneath the 
graphics area. Rectangles and 
elipMi can be macte with simple 
oommands and can tm as large 
ii ttie graphi<» area itsell As 

el draw^ creating illu$trdtions 
your adventure master piece, 
ttie computer femembers ^^ 
$:iap ayqwinp you lo scan ihr- 
mjp^h the various stages of your 
artistic creation. 

Whun you have finrshed draw- 
ing the oudiner colour may be 
acfofld to areas of the screen 
using the filf option, which 
permits solid colour or shading 
10 to used. Sorrie very sophis- 
ticated graph ips can be prepared 

to illustrate locationa in your 
adventure scenario — as the 
demo screens provide by Incen- 
tive reveaL 

Text handling is the most 
cnjciaJ pan of any adventure 
eystem and is jprobabty the str- 
ongest part of GAC The vocabu- 
lary handling section is apfit into 
three distinct areas: nouns: 
vertia and adverbs. Each divis- 
ion can contain quite a subs^ 
tanttal vocabulafy — rt's up to 
your ingenuity to insure th^t 
ncfisense input is trapped and 
inielligeni responses sre given 
to the commands that adven- 
turers input to the final pro- 
6 ram! Mesi^ges are easy to use 
ut it's a good idea to keep them 
brief to save valuable merrwry 


S t «nd bC I v« ^ 

€ f ft € t 

€ € d o ai 


Rn^lty GAC hai a sophisti- 
cated system for tes^mg condU 
lions— thus y^u can make sure 
that adventurers expforing your 
aoaiidrio can't breathe when 
there's no air and so on. Ob¥~ 
iousiy locations, their conterm 
and links between areas in the 
soemaria can ali be defined — 
which is wtiere your skill m a 
dungeon designer or whirtever 
can be given full rein. 

As soon as e finished version 
of GAC arrives in the office we'M 
get on with writing Bn adventure 
— or at least a full reviewr T^e 
packacep which comes with a 
comprehertajve manual should 
be available woon, selling for 
02.% and being compatible 
with both the 48 and 12SK 


Mikro-Gen'a latest game lakes 
place on. of rather tn a giant 
asteroid calFed Equmox. Almost 
completely hollowed 0ut by 
mining operations. Eqiflfiox has 
accidental ty become contamln- 
aiad by radio-active storage 
caniit*rtMtiich must be render^ 
ed hanfilMS before the human 
mining staff can resume their 
lycretive search for rare and 
valuable mine rats^ 

The only way to mike the 
aetefoid safe for human habite- 
Ikm is 10 remove the cantsters 
and drop th^^m down a chute 
into a special lead'^iined room. 
This cleaning up' taiJc is the 
responsibflrty of a dedicated 
di^^l dfOkd under your oon- 
trol, called Gadgi. M at u rally, the 
pb is nowhere near frs simple as 
It sounds — the opme is a race 
against tfw clodc. for if the 
caninera are left alone for too 

long, tt^ radioactive material 
they contain goes critical 
BAf^Gl End of gan>e, Gadgi and 
mostof Equino)ic. 

The playing area is split into 
eight levels, ead) coiitainir^g e 
single canister Gadpl has to 
Survive a oomptote mini adven- 
ture on each level before the 
canister can be collected, tnter- 
k^e) travel can only be achieved 
by me^ns of trans level tele- 
portera actrvatad by an approp- 
iietely numbered level pass 
which has to be found. Nor is 
Gadgi left to his own devices— a 
wtiole variety of hostile nasties 
Ifve in the mine caves and do 
their very b««l to hinder the 
ctean-minded Iftfle droid in iit 

£qwnox is due to seir for D.9S 
and is nearly complete . the 
Mikro-Gen team assure us . . . 

Stmn^B mff9*mci% iftircta tli* h&iii^w ȤfmroHl, EQUINOX. 
Gadgi ii file Httim rocincf h»ii p^riioitilf clcijt# t€> th* fituihin^ 

CfiASH May 1986 55 



Aft6F quite a lull an the Sp«c- 
tfum scarw, atfventure and stra- 
IjOflV gyfu. Mike Sinqfelon if 
scorn wt to fat urn w\xhTh& Oi/* 
Scepfm. Cuf ranllv in pfoduction 
at this vary mmute, Mike's latest 
is of an adventure type gama, 
firofit inded with all tNi tkill and 
firieit# of his previous produc- 
tiOfiSr The al^ry ryns as followi: 

The action revolves around w 
and«nt and Ende^ructabia oth 
|ect by the name of the Darit 
Scepiro and taloet place in ihe 
lilMof itie Wastem Sea A$ in ell 
gOMi ttorieSi there are goodres 
and baddi>9^: this lirme tn@ 
embodirnent of e^it manif^is 
Itself as the Sh^clow Lords. Thii 
nasty breed of beings is Quite 
powerful wtien tllie Jfime be 
gine. but should tim C&rk Seep 
Ino come within their grasp itie 
reeultino havoc would be major 
You, and a bunch of other com 
puier con [foiled chaps, make up 
the forces of good that endeav- 
ours to pain control of the can- 
tr»l artefact and maintain peace 
on the tstes of the Western Sea 
Through a combination of cun- 
mn»g und ski>ll it is up to the 
player with his party of helptrs 
lD€onirol the Dark Septra, thui^ 
kMping the Shady Nasties un- 
der control. 

Vou are in oofnmand of a 
company of different characters, 
drawn frtxTi a variety of races. 
EKh member of your tesm has 
unioueskilEs, genetically inherit- 
ad, ScHne are eifpiorers, othen 
are magicians while negotis- 

56 CRASH May 1986 

TTi# Titiw Scrmmft tram rfM g»mm which forrttf pmrft^rmk* 
Singtrnfofi '% Smimmt t^ftintmrm f^mfim t Hm '9 cjr^rinir fh* 
mnimrpft%i>mAELSfm>mmi*aOARH SCf PFRf is thm tint 
^«m» ... Thm€ mrhirly Mp4fm9 H Mt%*m»tmii. mitd mt^^t hyprfQftc 
ft is too. 

tion, combat and commarMt 
shrhsare not spread ev&nly . . , 

Two versions Of the game ere 
In the pipeline — a stand alone 
garrke^ to be marketed by Be- 
yond , and a play by mail version 
m which players use Microdrive 

cartridges to record their rnoves 
each turn. iUtke Singleton will 

Etay the 4^le of the Shadow 
[>rds — he's the Game Moder- 
Blor — and each player^s aim \t 
to seize the Dsric Sceptre itsieff. 

The Micmd riven Play by Mail 
version of the game wilt permit 
players to access two modes of 
di^liy^ replay and simulation. 
ReplAV allows The player 10 
select i character and wvlch 
events thai have happened In 
the Play by Msif game since hi« 
l^t turn whife Simulation 
allows ewnta that might happen 
in the game as a consequence of 
orders given by the player to hts 
company of warru^ra. 

If a player euccMd^ in gening 
hold of the Oeii* Sceptre in the 
Ploy tsy Mwl game, then all the 
other pfayers and the Shadow 
Lords wNl attempt to hili him — 
being King of the Castte may 
^A«ll prove to be short-lived 

During a turn. «ich ptayer wn 
give instructions to the bond of 
beings ur>der his control, which 
can consist of six 10 a dozen 
major charwiecit uch of whom 
is capable of I'weiving orders 
and acting mdependeniiy, Foll- 
owers may also be recruited, but 
being beirigs of less power they 
can only lag along with the 
major charadefi hefping out as 
best they can rethef than acting 
on their own. 

It's very earfy days yet for Dart 
Sceptre — a mid-summer la- 
unch is ptannedp and we'll keep 
you posted. Let s face it. it's not 
every day that you have the 
chance to take on Mike Single- 
ton playing one of his own 
games .... 

A lupvf Qfaftt-Btjr9€f*^haf mctmr iiiimpB mf&undth9Mhop in 
dmno sMiu^iic V imkmn from DAMH SCEPTME 


JuMt otm aftim f .024 i&cmttKmM ksrkkm In I 

Hci hum. Tlii vBgertation in my 
gonlsn iw f ni to have r^alisfld 
re's Sprite Mqmifi ftrbd 1» lAflpIng 
out df the gmurtd to griMt th« 
ftltemAting shi^wofs and sufi- 
light thit tvpifm a tradrtioiial 
ujdkpw SpfingtHT>e. Tha wvp. 
Rfl the grps^i, h rigtng whefwer 
I k»k. Soofi It'll b« tim« to tftk# 
thfr truity pu&hfrtoi^tt Itwfi- 
mowBf ovt of h3 wintar coal of 
gresH and pre«a H into iwrvk^e 
b9for« the io^al Village Beauti^ 
ful Committea ^arts 5#r*ding 
mornberA roumi to complain 
•bout thB 'natural' state of my 
MtUige gdnian. Chor^s^ cborvs, 
ctior«s , . . 

Ewter has como and gone 
now, bringlnp a crop of n^^ 
rele^^es to tne ^ames markei 
but we're ^ikl waiting patiently 
for $om« 'Easter' gamea With 
nflfv 3 squfiak from ihe com- 
panies who prDmised them. 
Apart from the iong standing 
waits, tike Street Hawk and 
Kmght Rider which are nearing 
legendary stalus as the date 
they were first advertised disap- 
pears into tile misls of lim*, a 
whold bunch of long- prom fsed 
games still heytan^t itoigglad 
over the horizon. 

Cyben/n has shown up. bul 
wtwra s Pentagrsm? What of tiie 
c#ier game& wia were pfomiised 
during the month of March Irke 
TufBoand The V^^ung Ones from 
Orpheus or fio<:k N Wrestle from 
Melbourne House? Goontes, 
Am&ion Worn&n, and Befum to 
Oi are still bolted inside the US 
Gotej Stable while there's no 
sign of Rescue on fract^fus from 
Activiskan. LCUPS from Odin 
or Haftey's Corrmt and fmp/m 
promised by Fire bird — have 
their wings been clipped? The 
litany continues: whatever hap- 
pened Co the ''Early January 
1986" release of Ocean's Hanch- 
b&ck^ The Advertlure? Dr Who, 
first advertised m the Christmas 
Special has still nox turn^ up 
for the Spectrum {althoii^h the 
Tardis has m*de it's way mBide 
the Commodore in 22APf 
Towtrs). Superbow^, at l%m\ 
arrived for revi^w^ rapidly toU- 
owed by a plea to ignore i^t. 
because it was bug ridden. 

Super-MAN isn'l and probably 
never will be in th« shops. On 
theoancellation front, tate news 
raachas my de^ that Micros- 
phere's planned Easter release, 
ContBct Sam Cruise has baen 
abandoned, too. 

On a more positive front. 
Heavy on the M^gick from 
Gargoyle Gamfts, preview^ 
Istst issue, fs conning along very 
nicely and shouEef be some- 
where neaf the shops by the 
time you read this^ ^f not actually 
in them. Down the road and 
around the corner and along 
another lofignti roed or two 
from Gargoytfl's IXidbty HQ, 
E4r1e Systems can be found, 
wtieie work is proceeding apace 
on Spectrum versions of the 
arcade ctassjcs Ghosts unti 
Gobfms and Paperboy^ Steve 
WllcoK assures us that raperboy 
i& all but finished on the Spec- 
trum, but r«} release dates have 
been sei for either game. More 
details ne^ct issue. 

As ) write this, a finished copy 
of Knight Tyfrte from Master- 
tfonic is due m the office any day 
now. and the deJ^edable Alison 
Beaslev h^ promised to send 
copies of ueH& Wmg (a re- 
release of a Creative SpaHcs 
game) on the MAD Chrome labe I 
tor C2.99 as weif S5 Spon of 
Kmgs, another €2W MAD game 
and Tfcket to Rid0, a £199 
release. Master T are obviously 
k™p i ng themselves bu sy . 

The Argus Press Software 
group sen! Graeme a giant size 
Easter Egg — just my luck to 
arrive in tne office half an hour 
after Keen the Gannet had 
demolished most of it and 
disappear^ back up to the 
artroom. Nfews of The Force, a 
MirHj Gannes release in which 
the player takes on the rote of a 
superinieridant of police for a 
year was included with the egg, 
out no retoifM datia has been 
fixed for theS|»ctfym version, i! 
iieems- Argus are also taking 
care of tfie maffceting side of 
things for A'N'F whose CB.96 

fjam^ Cor^ arrived just too late 
or inclusion in this issue. C^t^ 
marts a fair <te(Mrture from the 
CfHJciie Egg gamttSr arid is a 

1,000 location icon-driven ar- 
cade adventure in which you 
have to explore a deserted 
mining cc^npIeK, searching for 
the components of a computer 
that will reveal how all the 
humans who once worked the 
mines n>e! their deaths. 

Details of another Quicksilva 
garne by the author of C/&$s wi^o 
arrived with the eggie: Paul 
Ha f greaves has just finished 
writing Tar^t^lt/St ttx which you 
have to guide a genetically 
arwneeredf warrior by the name 
of Bpike to the wnire of a fort- 
r^ on Tantalus IV. The game 
features 1,024 screens, 48 vari- 
eties of meanie, and hazards to 
avoid include sequence laser^r 
wave lasers, vats of bubbling 
acid, ceiling mounted grabbers 
which p fuck the unwary towards 
an early grave as weEl as deadly 
doors in dissolving wells. Thirty 
tvifls ^oclte<l doors have to be 
opened before your quest to 
assassinate the enemy at the 
centfe of the fortress can be 
completedp and thirty tWD keys 
have to be located and used 
appropriatajy. For C8,95 it 
snould keep quite a few peopje 
thoroughly busy for quite a long 

0.95 you gel a game that is 
different enough to warrant txiy- 
ing it Hfgfiwey Encounter ts 
already in your software collec- 
tion. Nice One. 



i ^* 

Despite the iton-errival of Fine- 
bifd games promised for review^ 
I St ill no fCCUPS or finished 
Comet Gam^e Mr Pratt — ere you 
reading ihis?), the boys from 
Busby are apparently set to re- 
launcJT the Si kver Range over ihe 

£M#wiji ninniFiB low it AU&imQMWA r, tfm hUkimr Up vo 
MtOimA y Ef^COimTEfi fpom t^cMrtur. Bmttmr ^mi a 
rvs*n*rafaon unitpfwtty ^uickhfi 

Atfen Highw^, VortBX's 
folkM up to fffghv\^y Erwoimm' 
has just bndeo on my desk. Eleof 
with me whiFe I load it up and 
have a go . . ' 

. . . Hmm, a worthy sequel. 
Keeping to the same basic sce- 
nario. Vorcex have tweaks ihe 
game quite a brt. The kerb is 
electrrfied on the nrow roadway, 
there are homing mutants to 
cxjpe with as weilits balls that 
bounce DOWN the road as weN 
as across. The graphics have 
been changed quite a bit and 
this time five lives don't travei 
along the highway with yoy — 
extra lives can only be gained by 
visiting a regeneration unfl. For 

coming eight weeks or so. Ex* 
pect to see (one day, anywvy) 
the sequel to Subsank. Seabaso 
Defta as well as a gi^me starring 
Spiky Harold, a nedgehog in 
hibernation searching for tasty 
rT>orseis. A couple of manial arts 
garr^es Ka^ Tempie and Niri/a 
Master are also on rhe Firebird 
EchodMle, but a bit fufther down 

After a large numlier of faJse 
starts, Or Tim Langdell of The 
Edge and Sotiek finaliy paid his 
long promised visit to LudEow a 
linle while a^o, I hear. The Good 
Doctor is still enthysing about 
his whizzo new Spectrum woitf- 

CRASH May 1986 57 

MiA Tmct^Mrmtm & m a ^a mm : Tfmf* BOCJMICO Awn fl#rHitt 
^#y O w iltt ff OmmtgnM And dim otff —y dhy nowf 

proontor 7'^a l^orff wh^ch is 
cs^Mfata of interfacing with Tfm 
AmiM and maniiorwi ftf^/'ftjftf // 
«nif TfmAftfst Nina very aimflar, 
if r>ot quite the same^ breath. 
SiiJi due f€f immindfii r64s»«, 
vv«f heat. 

--6«yond are set to release 
Souncm «ni thi» Spectrum, pro- 
miMd betoro Oiriatm«i. I've 
just momt the owne running on a 
SSpacmim ina it alt looks quiie 

jolly. You're pitted in head to 

arefia. Rattier than impale your 
opponent on a sharp ob}ect, the 
aim of the ga me is to li re hi m out 
or knock nim down with well 
plmma shots of tiie bair that 
rodceti around inside tht jAmf* 
in^area £9 95, and on itiwaytad 
the shops .^ righ! now, Sounmf Is 
b^^ed for a fuN review next 

bmH^ktffhitrwfkm. TAerjpMt^ «rrv«h«f A*«rKf a 

of the mmmiK on vhm wigki hmnd «ic^«^ yma Nrmf 

fan*. 1*1 

Gremlin Graphic^ h^vQ hnt^h- 
ed ¥iK)rh on their tKHjni::ing bait 
game, Bounder in which vou 
hava to drrect a bouncing tennis 
ball alon^ a hazardouis^ course of 
obstacles and paving slon^ 
which scrolls down the screen. A 
few minute play on the pre- 
pr Qdyction copy had me hooked 
— ^shoulddow^ll. 

VhMerrfvtd in the Mail Order 
department^ Auntie Aggie in 
forms me. Sadfy. slie w^ouldn'i 
let me borrow a copy of the 

Sme to play, standing over 
meron while he photograph- 
ed ft, she scampered beck to her 
offioe insisting that she had a 

auetie of cusiomers waitimg. 
'nee you've assumed the roFe of 

58 CRASH May 1986 


Michaet Donovan, leader of 
Earth^s resistance movernent, 
the gome requires yc^u to 
penptttM ihe liardy aliens' 
space €f#t and destroy rt by 
placing bombs m strategic posi- 
tions Hed Dust is availeble to 
stow the scaly on^ down a hit. 
but more than that I could not 
gleen from Carn^iron! Once 
againr full review ne^t issue. 

to save Aticia Masters from the 
dutches of the evil Doctor 
Doom. Should prove almost as 
easy as rescuing an urieaten 
sandwifd^ fn^n the iawi of fiaiy 

Mosaic are promising further 
i nteredi ve fiction t it I es ai o ng the 
linea of Sxmt Di»iy of A^rfs/t 
Mof^^ and roundabout Autumn 
tm^ Tfw Growing P&im of 

m Crash 

MacMiilan Software are re- 
releasinq A>p£'yv^1haOk'tronics 
game which won a Smash a ^inie 
viitiile ago. Repackaged in a 
pretty n«w intay , ihe game's the 
same— pemsethe r«vlew if you 

Hewsons tiave tent a very 
classy invitation to our oorpuf^ 
ent editor, inviting Nm to lunc^ 
at the Waldorf in London, No 
doubt our cultured leader will 
stump off to meet St^v^ Turner 
et al wearing his shiny Dooor 
Marlen boots ar»d report bach 
fully next month. Aiso from the 
Hewson stable, P/rmcurs^ ia well 
on ler^t for rts endHoif-Juna 
launch date. Descnb«4J et a "ID 
sc roiling adveniure movie'. Py- 
fBcurse IS seen by ail at Hewsons 
as i Eeap fofward from the 3D 
graphics starftfard established in 
4vfl/oi? and Dragootorc by Ihe 
u biqu itou 5 Steve Tu r ner. 

On the adventuring front, the 
r^Ht gidme m the Scott Adams 
Questpmbe series has |ust been 
finished, and is winging its way 
towards deepest Derekland. 
Featuring The Human Torch and 
The Th Ing, Ma rvd Comte hefoet 
both, the game requires you to 
control Ihe duo on their mission 

Adrmn Mote as wt^L ^ti^ The 
Archmw rtioutd make their ap- 
pearance. Once ajiain, Levei 9 
are doing ehe pragrem rn ing The 
Snow (^tf^n In tter final form 
will also be marketed by Mosaic 
on behalf of 5l Bride^s^ 'early 
summer' appears on the launch 
schedule for That one, while Ram 
Jam 's The^ Siofy of the Am yJet is 
due for a Mosaic release in the 
'summer'^ At least one company 
in the software industry sets 
reiease date« that are suital^iy 
vague t 

Lett, but not least, Deretfc hat a 
copy of another Ram Jam Cor- 
pora^n adventure game travel- 
ling op to see him: Terrors of 
TrBnloss, due for mict Apnljish} 
launch by Ajriolasott^ Apparently 
a very nasry rnember of the 
undead, by the name of Tran- 
toss, is te rmr jsi rwj a sm al I v ii lege 
in the region of Hapshal, south 
of the Dark Mountains of Mor- 
tran. The nasty Mr T derives his 
powers from a goldSfi mace that 
was broken into pieces and 
scattered by a group of kindly 
wtzisrds. If he collect the bits up 
before you do. there's going to 
be big trouble . .. 

I in Mewvoru P¥1U CURSf . 71i« mmy Ma*nm foOm 
iitund hmrm hmhmvm^ }f0u'd ihiftk ^h0if i 

5 PDCjE^ 1W£S RJCjeS 

l^f^*^ PO* 









pgip included 







0PEWWG0FFER:£28 75 

(£143.75 INC.) 

u*uc »iMMlEfiS.TB..NO.'n<l"»'"""' 



NAME ..*•**• 





^ \^ 












CRASH May 1986 59 

^2X SPeCTRtMy 

3 April M 


10 November 84 

17 June BS 

18 July 1995 

13 August 1985 

ZO September 1965 

Issue 21 Octob«r 1985 

22 November 198S 

23 Decembef 1986 

Chrivtmas Special 19i8S/G 

25 February 1986 

2€ March 1986 


■" ff/l tfiat CKA SH Gap 

'Mi^te Commafid^ gam^s • Living C5ujrip • Sinciatr Talks • Cod« N«rne M«t 

• Tht QiJ lit titilitv m Graphitt utlllti a» • M icrod ri v« • ' Pangfi * ouniM • U vifia 6u Mm 

m Battlefield Joystick — cofiiiMri^ons • Deys Ex Machiria 

• Denton Designs • Fran kie« Spectrum surgery • Sinclair Story 3 • Knvght Lore Map 1 • 
Underwurlde MftpZ • Tape to Micjrcidrive • Leonardo graphics utility # Oatel sourhd ^amptirr # 
Artist: David Thorpe 

•Gfemlin Graphics profi(fr«Arti*t Bab Wak9liri#Sinclatr TV^T^peMagaz^ne^ttUcinnrdo ytilitv 
part two#€RASHBACK looks again atgam» in Issue e^Gyran map of Atrium •Modems rounds 
upSAnd tKe cover that had the Jehova'is Jumping! 

WTTMOUTPAGES f23, 12S^ 125 and f26. WrW. aCRL Prof ile* Pull out 01 iposlM—Fifhrin^ 
Spectrum^Mirrorsoft Profile#lnside the Tim ex 20G8« Round Up of BASIC Compiter&#On the 
Cove* Artist Rich Shenfield#Maps of Dynamite Dan and Shadowfire 

•ALIEN e and DUN OARACH mapsMlectfonic Pencil Company prof i1e#Part Two of SA^G 
Co m pi lers Round up»The64K Spectrum^ Design Design Agtofiffofile, Part I ©Rod Cousetii 

•Previews of Marspoftp Aitrodone. Efte and ScoQby Df>o •NODES OF YESOO map 
•Kolografix piotile — how to make a Hologram VCr^s ht ion n aire ana ly^t^ •Platinum 
Productions profile 

•Feature on small cortiputer mag 8 lines— losing at theopposition^Micfodrtve tips and hinis 
in the NICHE iind p^irt 2 of the iast siot^g^ leatiirottSusan Howe is Dn The Co vet* An in»icle looli 
at Fanti*sy Gamebooks^Early tooks at Flo hot Mossiah. Tau Ceti and Zoids 

•Visit to Melbourne Hguse^Minson go« Surfif\g^The Design Design auloprofite ends 
Computer graphics feature — On The Covfjr is Dawe Beeson from Central TV^Scary cover and 
Scary Previevv of Friday 13th^Mofe previews, comps and tips 

On The Cuvwr Special — our very own Oliver Frey occyptes Tm* pvgei^Profile of ttit Gafgoyle 
Games crewSL ayd's Lookback, 19B6 revisiled^Heviwjft CoriwHanU tinder Roger Kean's Eagle 
Eye^Stioft story^Plus a host of Festive Fun and Frolics 

•Dvrell — the profile^A chat with the Microsphere team* Douhfc& dose of Jetman^GremHn 
Graphics hfinq a Nir*ia to the SpectTum^TEGH NICHE looks at a FORTH add on and examme* 
extansions to ZX BASIC 

•ST BRIDE'S Profile^A ftrst laok a! Ihe Spectrum l2fi»MicronetBO0*Roman1ic Robot's 
Muhiface One undei scrutiny^Diary of 2 tm^Pieview of Max Headroom the game 

27 Aprir 1W6 •Massive 23 page Playing Tips Supplement* IMS Readers Awards mutla^lM CnMchar 

interview^ Imagine pro* ile^ Round up of 128K ganws^ A vis ft to ihe first Play By Mail tO i Wai i ti on 

teiues 1. 2.6, 7. S, 9. It, 13, 13, U, 16, are now out of ^tock SORRVI 

Back Issues are going tmt — better 9*t your orders In quick. W% 
probaiiiy worth teiap^ni^ rf you want to ordef «Arly issu»t, ■4 
wa're gatting ihort. And it you missed Issue t9. w« c«ii now qorn- 
pt e la ft e gap in your coNed ion with m trinrime^ down vt>r$4o-n, which 
has a tastaful sticker added to th« itont €Ov«r announcing tha lict! 


• Any thf M or four isiuei orderad at the Mm* tlflie — 4ep oW total 

• F^e or more Isauts ordared it ihtt %m mm iamw — 20p off each item, 


•All BACK ISSUES NO f 1 20 incfudlng 
P&P except 1S85/B CHRISTMAS 
SPECIAL which is £1 M tnd includes a giant poster. 
•Overseas orders: £2 00 per magazine 
(they cost a fortune to sand} 
•SF>eciAl Offer discounts still apply, so get in qyiclcl 




I would like to order the following issues: 

Please tick the box next to tha issue numbefs thai you want: 
3 4 10 17! IB: 19: 20 21 .22_hZ3 
Xma$ Special 1S86 25 HZS n27 

Plumber of fSsuas ordered 
Less discount tf appticabta 

Total cost e 
I enclose a Che<|ue or Postal Order for the TOTAL 

DO NOT paym cash ^ cheoues or postaf order onfy please, made 
payable to CRASH MICRO Please don't include any mail order 
nqpeats with gene r a I po st f or edrloria I . com pet rl J o n e ml ri es etc as it 
WfAabnost certainly cause d«lavf. IncLude your phone number. Ff 
iMitifalfl so Aggie can sort mA problem s qu ick 3 y Se nd p rde rs to I he 
address below, Thank you. End of Public Service annourvcemeitt^ . * . 




60 CRASH May 1986 

What 'ave we ear, ma 
leetle cabbages? I 'ave been 
invited by ure Minion de Com- 
petition tu rite a few well 
shosen wurds about ze secumd 
chance to ween a gurd com- 
puter. Whurl, ear goze ma leetle 







Test your Sinclair Product Knowledge and win the latest Sinclair Goodie— a 128K Spect 


AAFtGHf Franoo has come on 
holktey to me this yearS Olcav 
Jacques, thet'll 60. Ill carry on 
fftxn here — yotj take the on long 
and hava a kip in the broom 

Ho hum. T?tM« Minion ox- 
change visits sponsored by ihe 
EEC oon'i hAlf c«iife problems. 
ThoyTd gyp posed to be a way of 
fostering intern siionjil co-oper- 
ation; but if you ask VtilS Min- 
ion, the whole s^henna is a 
cunning plot on behalf of iha 
French Government which 
wants to reduce its Minion 
MountBJn. He's a nice bloke, 
Jacques, but a bit too k«n 
retlly. Caught him cycling round 
Ludlow the otha r day i n h is be ret 
and ttripy jumper handing out 
cxmpeijtion entry forms to pass- 
ers by ^ I mean, as if I don't have 
enough entries to cope with ^ it 
is I 

Anyway *'My tittle Cebbages"', 
in caee you weren't a rucky 
winner In last issue's 128K 
comp, here's another chance to 
win Ihe computer of your drsi- 
mi|>oos. It's MB Wofdsquare 
rune, folks . , . 

This time you have to dig out 
various words and product 
names associated with Sinclair 
Research. The words may be 
written saperataly: 'Mini Telly' 
or joined together: Mi niielly'. 
Once you think you've found 
them all^ simpty ring (hem with a 
biro and whiz your entry off to 

1DB, making sure it arrives 
before 29th May, Five lucky 
runners upwifi win a CRASH Hat 
and T Shin set, too. So make 
sum you put your shirt sizo on 
the entry form my little darlinps. 

The words you need to find 

Easy huh? Well, there'a 
another Sinclaify word hidden 
away in tha square. EA close read 
of Ihe Sinclair Story from ytir 
CRASH Library might help!) 
Whan you tfiink youVe found it, 
circia it round in the usual 
manner but please remember to 
write the mystery word on the 
back of your entry envelope to 
maka your Minion's life easier. 
TTiere's nice fellows and 

And mm th#t pretty coupon? 
Yea, thaf i it — the one over 
there with 128K COMP in written 
on ii. Save that coupon foiks, cos 
you'N need it to enter the final 
128K competition next munf. 
flememijer, no coupon, no entry 
in the June competition — so 
make sure the dog doesn't get to 
chew your copy of CRASH this 
month if you want another go at 
winning your very own 128K 
Spect mm. 

Eh! Jacques] AJIons au Drain- 
pipe at Ferret pour boire? 




H Q 











B C 











E C 











T L 












e Y 











L 1 












L F 











V R 












M 1 












1 5 










P E 











T R 
























NAME .. 









This fs the easiest way of buying your Games and Utilities 


ymi might want , but rf It'i iivlttif n ^ur p&mMt to get 

It foryou^ ttwfi we wfll. ANY 0f tiM aitwmwm 

mrtswml In this OR ANY Imw of CR^EH cwi Im 

of dww i by uslpig ttm tattvi b^iow. 

But to wold dliapffolntment^ please ring firtt to 
check eveliablltty of unusiul ftemi I 

CRASH Mall Order it bedced by the resoyrees of 

i#«W9fleld Ltd, |Nibl tshen of tMi nwgulne^ ZZAFI 

M and AJWnXi, which hai been siipptying mofm 

than 1 50, Odd cofrtputef usen with software for 

ever 2 y«ars« so you tmn be sure of the very best I n , 

service. jH 

There Is fwt mall order catalogue tiwolved. Just use 

the prices qiioted In the revtows In CRASH or the 

hnowr retail price. Should y&M have any queries on 

prices^ Jmt ring the number shown on the form 

and our itaff will advise yoti. 


Anyo^ne may take aihiantage of the discount 

COiipiofis on the form ^ C 1 off orders ivorth more 

than UQ^ and Slip off orders worth more than £10i 

Addltionaf ly. CR^H Subscrlben are 

aittomatlcatly entitled to flirther discounts on 

evwry Item ortwred. We make no charges for pott 

and packing (within the UK] 

Piothing could bm simpler » fill In ttie ronn today 
mrfia order whatever you like* 



You Want 

from the 

Largest Range 


Could Ever 
Wish For! 




I Narrw 

' SutncrfberNo 
! I^appiicauel 

I 1 + ■!■»■■»■.« f «*«*•■««■ I 


Please serief rm ire ftMowIng 1^^ 

It sofne Sirfhvaf e reviewed may nor be avaiiaDle unoi us release 
datf . If you are In any <loiJt>t about avaiEab^frty. pimmm winq flnri we 
camot oe hcM awponsib^e fctf delays resij^ing from L?^e gr npnneiease of 
tWfs wrfwn fevifvwrt Of prevtowfd oef o^ 

I Placode 

' 4 V •■ ■ i- 


S^rrir - OiUf OME voucher p«f i?44tr I 


.^ pnmirff K qmwd undrr rvMrw riHMB 

Oi knowfl Prtii prtf? «ncl nc^^ VAT Pt^ 
nuiiM no i^%H^ tor poii tftf pjttelng Iwdt ?# 

iiJdP^ffUJW^IffnrcrfTefrpgTrlgm ^OMm i 

do noc lind fliy rainogt 

Sub Total E 
Less Otscounc: E 



PteAH do hlOT vfffclnt ttilf frnm/pm^mm^ with aity ciCfMr cwmimndwKV fn CRASH Atoii^iiin* vdlfarJAf. m H will 
delay fir^Mtint your c»rd«f and niiiy mult kt km. 





li. ^ 


7 Tl 


1 ^ 

'i i 

^m ^ 

fH ig|^ ~- 










t* . ^ 




^ ^ 


SPECTRUM 48/ 126K' 


CBM 64/128 £Q*0^ 


I bppe you ail liked las.! months piaytng !ipi ipflciiL if ICHik a lat al 
tifn? and >iffoTt to g^t if fqgiftKef Sadly even att&r all f he double 
chicking a lew eff^r^ 4iii c:i#«p through A fmw months hack I 
pulMrshe^ a listing lor W^'^iMtif^ — to g»t 1hi?i to i^atk ch^ng^ Ihe 
checksum number of &0^4 l<a 4514 And all iHould go well Sottie 
people ^^em to be experien<:»ng pmblems with 1 hi* Sweevo'* World 
Edilof in the Tip«Siipp^ment there ate no printing mnlake^ m ihal 
lasting, so kevppgnevering Don't forget, if yog don't fancy typifi^ in 
4ill thcK^ p^ogrstnvyoucan ahftnavs buy the tape 

Sofne ol (be other pfogrflnifi fi^atMr^ l^&t mpntJi w^n\ wofk on 
ihe Spectrum 12^K because of the change irr ROM, and to gel tho^e 
listings working all the checksum lirfes need to bft r^movBd To my 
knowledge Iho^e t^em to be the only errors to darlo, bift rf you find 
any of h«r« Mfid me a SAE and I'll %i^c what I can do. 

Curteflt gBfim for whtth I would like tips on ar« Way otihe 
Tiyef, Scarslrfke II (which is an eiccelknt gam^}. tyberun, Gfwn 
Set el mud Sai CoiTibat And with ih4l smI. onto this moffflti^i doftag« 
ofhlnla and tips. 


rMders including John 
Hartness o^ Cleveland have 94fit 
Im the^& tip^ tor PSS' flfile parrw. 
If arkydriiO has got additional 
inionnatkHi thafi safid it in. 

Yama — gn/es you exirs hv&s 
Bog — rmprovi^s your swont 

Scra^ — fmprov^&A your SpS&t 

fmhtmg abiMies 

drol — tmprov^ yoiif smff 

)va Vteton — ffww ¥^u ttm 

atilffy to carry mors and do 

mof^ damage to your er^&mfas 

Vflla — ffup/oves youf (ht&vtffg 

skii/s such as picking /ocks 

Jack — tmpron/w your fumpmg 


G reaves — makes ffre monstmm 

a bff friendlier towards you 

Ifscalh — impr&v&s your anafm- 

ed combat abi/iti^ 

Vftrnt — tassaos your batt^ 

<tamaga and givas you greaiaf 


M^riock — gives yOu mom 

speffs and improve yo^/t magic 


Hubris — improves your abiiify 

to sense if eps 

Tl Tha mftgk staff is in b room in 
quadrant 1 on the right hand 
skk and two fooms up. If you 
ana moatty a non-magi^c parson 
thm donl bottiof osing ft. 
21 The magic sword is iri quad- 
rant 2, 2 rooms down and then 2 
rooms from thtleti 
3) The pjac«s of Zob's armour on 

loval 1 ara! 3 Sabalons and 2 


4} All tho monstfsr^ that grunt 

can be bribed wilh food 

5) Som^ of ihe mofiriarv. sudt 
as Che magic user in the Old 
Time HaHn cannot be killed by 
rwrmai weapons or frrebalt 

6) \i is a good idaa to threaten a 
monster a few times bafore 
oommanding it to surrender 

7) It takes roughly five piec« of 
gokJ to bribe a mf>nster Ont« it 
hats bbert ^iven ihB requiT'ed 
amount it will say thank yQu. 

B\ Almost all of the wandering 
monsters can talk 
9i The healing potions taste of 

tor P^onsters often Ite ahoul 
values so ask them to evaluate 
thirbo^ a few limes 
11) Some rinos giv^e you the 
abili^ to jump Tunher 
121 Buy loifi of food t>fM:au3e 
there isn't much of it around in 
quadrants 2, 3 and 4 
T3j Monsters won't lell yoy 
anything unless tfwy have been 
bribed Of have surrendered 
14) If Barm appears Then run 
because it oepletes you r m ag ic 
15> WtwrTfever you find a mons- 
ter that you wish to talk to, greet 

16} For every few monsters 
killed a pofnt is added to your 


17) Take cups to San bout Hall for 

a magic bonus 


The Saboieur t%» prtnted mma 
fttOfTtha badt hid a slight anw 
In tliani, but tttanlcs to Andrew 
Tumef of W«sl WH=khani the 
oofract vermiofl can now b« 

Qht righ!. right, right, right, 
rifpit. (ladckf on the right) down, 
right, up, right, fladdbr on itie 
mti doFAFO. down, down, left, 
left, t^nto tube 1^ Jeft. hatu l«A< 
left, dovyn. right, down. down, 
down, right, down, left. (Jnlo 
tube 2] left, up, up, up, (iplit 
lave I > up. up, up, up. right. rioM. 
right, down, right up. IcolTed 

iiM.^gine's 3D game has bf ought 
:'iF'*,e tips from Pdui Crjllms ol 
T irnworth- Perhaps there w»ll 
s - ^ map next month if An oan 
j"i rpijnd lo df awing one, 
„ jiid pick up the brief c+n^^^- 
*nin, nxmev Remember to 

le bi^llets carerylty bee^w.^^ 

you only have a Simiied suppty 

'■' '*^'hi[* Then qo and find h 

S^V 143 hQf Fni^nd or 

' ■-- ^- ' ■- *^-" kill, kill 

II sh* 

i^'|.ii!'r4is rrit7rir]nf rnf' ShRri ^'^• 

1^ tfve goocty FcjOow her amr 
as she says tiut make sure 
doesnr get killed If she* r* 
■^ nyou man your own 

bdmb) do¥ni, left, up, left. 3ef!. 
hrfi, teft, down, rk|ht, rights nght, 
(swop bomli fof disc i n terminal } 
lafl. Ml, down, liplji l«veJ} 
ck?wn, down, down. down, rig^t. 
{into tube 2j riight. up, lefi. up. 
up, up, left up, up, right, right. 
righU right Orvto tube 1} right, 
right, up, up, up. lefl, up. {usir>g 
the ladder on the left) left. 
ftaddfSf on the iehk up. up, rsght, 
right, up. up, up. (jump left over 
poolji toft. up. Ian:, left, up, i*p 
halfway then move on to the 
platform, jump on lo the tacof^ 
platform, walk riglit drop down, 
lump right twice, up ladder, (all 
and into the heliraptar 


Here i^ a ch^Hl horn Jutm Brii^q". 
of Tyne and Wear lor Quick 
stivo's BtM:fi Htvi*^ derivalive 
li VOL* typ€? in ITS MY Bl^TH 
DAY' ihen the UnclaunTed • 
OOTnes inv*nc4bfe Your f . . 

'lips Bw stiM vutnerabl-e u. 

nemy fire but you can usf Ih- 
Undaunted to shieW them h.- ■ 
mirie screen yoy can iual cl. jr . 
WW through by bumpingi ini> 
Ihe miners 


It li not Bvmy day that you get 
tt^ for a game thai is majnly ■ 
fl^ht slmulatkin but if you are 
having problems wrth TDm3' 
^awk th«n thaae hints from 
RlchanJ Nayk>r of Clwyd may 

When you are tn combat mode, 
speed can be pic^ked up quickly 
by setting the torque lo 100% 
t^bon dipping the nose of the 
helicopter by about 30%^ Wiihin 
a short wtiile you II t>e moving 
ve ry qu ick ly . A good way to slow 
down IS to roll from left to fight 
or put the pitch up slightly. At 
the beginning of the g^me set 
the weapons to missiles and 
lake off to about 200h Then 
Cl&tir an area of a 2 mile radius. 
Then descend to the helipad and 
replenish your missite stocks. 
On riiissjon 4 the Fandscape is 
always changing so keep break- 
ing out of the game and fe^n- 
taring until you get the easiest 



Anottiat cheat burt itiit thrna 

fmm Warren Randalil of Oadby 

Ipr Acifvliion't lio«ing flimila^ 


When you ar9 on the or^ playaf 

fpame and wish to extend your 

tnining brrve than diooae a 

bo:ier with lais liian twelve 
week* tramifig t^me then refu^. 
Alow 90 badi to the menu with 
the nineteen borers on it and 
pull back on the joysikk. The 
training time will go up by two 

CRASH May 1968 65 


Speffbound ham bfoyght tip* 
from mwtv rnadon but Graham 
N^iedhfl'm of PofurthpfviantKl 
tfli b«M Mi. Al ngym in 
bw e fci ti m tocstlom oit th* 
mAp. If there is just one flouFe 
tt te thm fir¥t inKM dl 


Florin ih€ dwarf (CB) 

Oriit the Cleric (IM) 


Eirand the half elven (D4| 


Banshee {inaKowing bonlfl) 


Mosl of itie die meters will help 
you somewhere in the castle but 
they fnyst first be given an 
object that they de&fre. 
Fkmn the dwarf - give the battle 
of liqyjd to him and then get it 
bade, it will restore your eneigy. 
Give him the bar of gold, tna 
brolcefi taNsman and the tube of 

Blue. Th^n command him to 
eip you. He will Tim the 

Lady Roftmer - summon her to 
jE3)r gJve th^ podtm tewf xq her 
and then ask her to li^lp^ She will 
bum a hole in the wel I ■ 
BhMl th* HaWahwi ^ summon 
him to 106} then give him the 
lrumt>et. Now command him to 
help. He will then bEow the trum- 
pet end the well k)! lapses. 
Samson the Strong - summon 
him to iF7}, (hpn 91 ve thig level in 
to hfm. Now commind him to 
help. A pitiform across the pil 

Tfior ■ get the Mrollnir off E trend 
then sumnron Thor to the lift. 
Givd the MiioHnrr to hfm and 

command Thor to help. He will 
fiK the control box. You can now 
go Vo levels F and G. Summon 
ihof (o (B2) and cxjfnmand him 
to help I he must have the Miol^ 
inir}= IHe wiW send a bolt of light- 
ning al the Tower 'which loosens 
waN This must tie done before 
EIrand can destroy the well at 

Banshee - onoe i| has been rel- 
eased then you can command it 
10 he<p. Thii will provide you 
with clues. 
Ortk the cleric - He wants the 

book of ehadow*. 


Four Iwff dover tMi- cartv this^ 
when ca^tir^ CendEium 

Battle of Ikiuid tA2): see Florin. 
Wand dI oQfnmand tAfi): you 
can eonnn\and people when 
J w e iiiT PSl: tee Samson. 
Aiid«nt KToH IBS\: read it for a 

Engraved cundie |C2i: for cast- 
ing CandEiym illuminatus. 

VRXGHT MflSreiirROffXC 1 

Kiw: read rt for a clue. 

Tdapdrt hey (C6): when yoy Brn 

cafiying this you cin teleport to 

theteleport psd. 

ftod liMffng (C7): part 1 of the 

Fumaticus rrotection «(>elL 

PcMVrpiMig plant (QUf piflZ Of 

the Fumaticus Prdteccon apelL 

Glofwirrg bottle (C7): neeoed to 

set past room O), when k is 

dropped it ngleases Banshee. 

Boolt of ihaidowi IDS]: not 

known but Orik likes it. 

Gold bar (D»): See Florin. 

VUhrte gold ring IDi): not known 

bul n IS very magical. 

pQckm laser (E3): see Lady 


Broken Talisman <E7): see 


Mafllc; Talltman: ^rt 1 of the 

PmfecX Physical Body spell. 

Crv*^l ^"^ PArt 2 of the Project 

Pfiysica I Body spelt. 

Mftellnir(E): see Thor. 

Elf hOfn (S): when ypu #n 

CBrrv^r>g thirs you can aummon 

of runes {E3!: pkk this up 
along with the rynestone an4 
you wi II be able to read it. 
Tube of glue fEG): see Florin. 
Sticky bun (E2i; once you have 
pickled thi@ yp you cannot drop 

Trumpet (EfJ: see Cfrend the 
half riven. 

Mirrof : when you have this you 
an see what you are carrying 
and the present status of your 
energy iev^l. 

Pool of llquU (E3): stand on thtf 
and cast ArmOufls Photon icus, 


CfYstiOlum S paiifalii ; nor 
knovvn but probably aomething 
to do with the 3 coloured 







66 CRASH May 1986 






M &f this monthb'^ p<)k«9 m^ 
<.upp1*(*d by Keith V^jlfcer ol 
Bifmin<}KBin All provide infinity 
l(ves Of thr i^qtjival«nt Ofi I he 
gamij !h*?v>o lor A» bh «3fir« 
bDnu& to those of |riHi that 
bought thi^ l^okias tjipc, all of 
Khv&e rfiu tines are on t hat^. 

Candliurn Ulumbwtiis; rtot 
knowwn but tli« four ImI clover 
and tho cindle are ti^odad to 
cast if - 

jymoyiii PhcrteiffilctH: stand on 
thi poo) of tiqu kl at I E 3 ) a nd cast 
tht spelL Once v^^^ have €a^ ft 
ytxi can travel safely through 
[C3I without the glowing bottle. 
R^nwiicitt P r o twa tum: onca 
cast yoii can travel safelV 
thrwgh (E3). 

PH^Kt Ptivsical Body: once casi 
you can travel to people. 


You start tn (CG), Drop tha 
advert, then pich up the teteport 
key Now le^eport. Go right, then 
up and back into (C7) Pick up the 
glowing bottle andteleport, Pick 
up the teleport pad and go alil the 
way left to the lift. On the way 
pick up the red herring and drop 
the teJepart pad in (C5|. Move 
ttia lift to level 2 and move right 
until vou fund Samson, take the 
Elf horn from him Go baek to ih^ 
Irfi and drop the Red h^rriog^ 
Horn go to the mdf and go all the 
way right on th« way collect the 
Bottle <}f Nqyid ^nd the Wand €if 
CDmmand. TelepOrt to Florin 
then exchange the Bottle of 
liC^td w i I h h i m y n I i I yOu f eneiBV 
is replenished. Then comma^ 
hiiti to wake up. Take ihe Tate- 
port p^ and go to tha UN. Drop 
the Teieport pad and sumn^n 
Flodn^ Now oommend him to 
^eep. Move to the second floor, 
fhd Eirand. Tah« Miolmir from 
him otkI iBleport tock to the lift 
Sufnmon Thor and give Miolinlr 
to him theri commend him to 
help. After that command him to 
steep. Move to ttie be&ement 
arid get the Red herring and the 
Power pons plant. Cast tha 
FtifTiBfdcusProiectium $pdn than 
drop thefn. Now go to the gf o- 
Uflif floor, nnK)ve right and gel the 
te$ar. Summon Lady Rosmar, 
grv9 the laser to her and com- 
mand her to help. Now stand on 
the Pool of Liqurd and cast 
Animus Photonicus, Go bac^e 
to the lift, move to the first fSoof, 
go all the way right and get the 
tnjmpet then leleport Com- 
mand ThoF Eo wake up and go to 
(B2|. Then summon Thor and 
D>mmand him to help. Go back 
tu the lift. Move to level 2 and go 
all the way right. Summon Eir- 
and, give kim the trumpet and 
command him to help. That 
ihouM get you quite far into The 
g#n^ tHTt you will have to watt 
until the rest of the so tat ion 
arrives tjefore you can com plate 


20 CLEAn 65535 



50FO«N ?32»T0234S7 



S I 

80 rF TOT 1S47454 THCN 


90 PRINT tlMK ? AT 9. 4 , PLAV IftI 
10O0DATA237, 091. 083. 032, 
1010 DATA 0S9, 092, M3, 205. 

1020 DATA 02S, 221 . 033. 224, 

1030 DATA 017, 01 7, 000, 175, 

1040 DATA 20&, 08fi. 00&. 042 

lOM DATA 092. 2S7. 075. 23S, 

1060 DATA 205, 085. 022. 221, 

1070 DATA 083, 092, 237. 091, 

10«O DATA 091, 062. 255. 055. 

1090 DATA OSe, 005, 042. 083, 

1 100 DATA 017. 060. 002, 025, 

1110OATAO18.248.0O1. f05. 

1 120 DATA 2€S. tig, 091 . 205, 

1 130 DATA 091.033. 064, 24A. 

1 140 DATA 0G4, 247, DOt, 128, 

1 1SO DATA 237, 17C, 062, 247. 

^ 1 160 DATA 089, 247, 050, 093, 

11 70 DATA 050. 101,247, 050, 

n BO DATA 24 7, 062. 20 1 , 050, 

11900ATA247. 205, 064, 247, 

1200 DATA 113.091, 017, 086, 

1210 DATA 001, 013, 000, 237, 

1220 DATA 195 020, 25a, 175, 

1230 DATA 13«, t5g, 006, 006 

1240 DATA 035, 016, 252, 049, 

1250 DATA 105. 062, 249, 050 

1260 DATA 091, 033, 064. 248, 

1270 DATA 209, OOt, 059, 002, 

1280 DATA 161. 091 . 206, 010, 

1290 DATA Oil, 050, 161, 09>. 

1 300 DATA 119, 237. 160. 234. 

1310 DATA 091, 201, 198, 128 
1320 DATA 241, 193 


ZO nONT AT t, 2: '-bit* No «f 



40 F AS -= "" TM©J CO TO 30 


eoiFAtiit <**o^' OR A«Bj > -r 



80 r UVES : 3 on UVES > 2» 


AT 1 1, 9;"fflOM THE STA|^^■ 
110 POKE 06027. 82 
t30 POKE 86036, 2S4 
1$0PO«CE 86039. 264 
1« POKE BtU, 153 
17« POKE 86154, 254 
100 POKE 85164, 128 
ISO POKE 8Sltf, 254 
200FOKE 86178. 167 
210 POKE 8G179, 254 
230 FOA N ^ 6G221 TO CS2SS: 
350DATAa33,211.254, 017, OOQ 
26DDATA0M. 001,0:^, 000. 237 
2700ATA 1T«, 195, 000, 064.00 
280DATA256,2S3, 017. 2SS,2H 
2900ATA 001. 000, 186. 237, tM 
aOO DATA 048, 255. 0»5. 062. 

3100ATA 060, 010. 200. 195, 1M 
120 DATA 25» 



20 CLEAR 6653S 


40LETTOT 0:L£TB-1 

SO FOR N 23296 TO 2344S: 


60 LfTTOT = TOT + A*B: IfTB 

= B* 1 


eO IF TOT • > 1553860 THEN 



90 PflJNTINK?; AT 9, 4:"PLAV 


11, 10; "FROM THE START" 

100 RANDOMIZE USR 23296 

1000 DATA 237, 091, 0B3, 092. 


1010 DATA 0S9, 092, 043, 206, 


1020 DATA D2S, 221, 033. 224. 


1D30DATA 017, 017, 000, ITS, 


1040 DATA 205, 006, 005, 042, 


1 060 DATA 092, 237, 075, 235, 


1060 OATA206, 066,022,221, 


1070 OATA 0«3, 092, 237, 091, 


1060 OATA 091 , 062. 255, 066, 


1 090 DATA 0«6, 006, 042, 063, 


1 100 OATA 01 7, 060, 002, 026, 


1110 DATA 131, 25t, 001, OBO, 


1 120 DATA 205, 131, 091,206^ 


1130 DATA 091. 033, 177. 251, 


1140 DATA 177. 2S0. 001. 12S, 


1150 DATA 237, 1T6. 0B2. 250. 


1 1 60 DATA 202 , 2S0, 060, 206. 


1 170 DATA 050> 214. 250, 050, 


1 1 80 DATA 250, 062, 20 1 , 050. 


1 1 90 DATA 250, 206, 1 77, 260. 


1200 DATA 1 13, 091, 017, 109. 


1210 DATA 001, 006, 000, 237. 


1220 DATA 196, 133,253, 17S, 


1230 OATA 225, 209, 000, 062, 


1240 DATA 050, 153, 091, 033, 


1250 DATA 261 , 229, 209, 001, 


1260 DATA 002. 069, 153, 091, 


1270 DATA 01 0, 0S6, 01 1 , 050, 


1280 DATA 091, 174, 119,237, 


1290 DATA 234, 131, 091, 201. 


1300 OATA 128, 024v241. 193 



20 FOR N 23300 TO 2332« 
30 DATA 243, 049 232 096 175 
40 DATA 253, 033, 355. 090, 033 
SO OATA 000 250, 20& 093 250 
60 DATA 1 75 033. 242. H2, 119 
70 DATA 035, 1 19. 035. 119, 195 
eO DATA 060, ^40 
90 PRINT AT 4. 13; FLASH 1, 

100 PRINT AT 9. 7, '1 
no PRINT AT 10, 7; 2 NUMBER 

120 PRINT AT 15.8; "PRESS K£¥ 

1 JO BEEP 1.1 IF AS -I" OR 
AS 2 THEN GOTO 1 30 


160 CLS 

170PRtNT AT 9, 3. "PLAT IN 
190 RANDOMIZE USR 23300 
200 CLS 

210 PRINT AT 9, 2.' Enim No ol 
liws 110 tu 2551" 
220 INPUT BS BEEP 1.1 
230 IF BS ' THEN GO TO Z20 
250 IF BS(C) 0" OB BSICI 
'9 THEN GO TO 220 
260 NEXT C 

255 THEN GO TO 220 
290 FOR N 23315 TO 23 322 
300 DATA 062, LIVES. 060. 076, 

310 DATA 195. 060, 140 

CRASH May 1986 67 




20 CLEAR 64000 

« LET TOT -0: LET B- 1 
SOPORN r 23296T02345S: 

^ B 1 

70 NEXT N 

80 IF TOT ^ 1040945 THEN 





TO; " R10M THE START' ' 


1000 DATA 237, 09V 093, 0%. 


W^O DATA 069, 092, 043, 205, 


1020 DATA 025, 005, 003. 197, 


1G90 DATA 033, 224, 091. 017. 


1040 DATA 000, 175, 055,206. 


1050 DATA 005, 193. 016.240, 


1050 DATA OW, 092, 237, 075. 


1070 DATA 091. 205, 0^. 022. 


10SO DATA 042, 083. 092, 237. 


1090 DATA Z3S. OH. 062. 255, 


1 100 DATA 205, 086. 005. 042. 


1 1 10 DATA 092, 017. 050, 002, 


1120 DATA 017, 107,253,001. 


1 130 DATA 002, 205, 137, 091, 


1 140 DATA 124, 091, 033, 153. 


1 1SO DATA 017, 153,252. 001. 


1 leo DATA 000. 237, 176. 062, 


1 170 DATA 050. 178, 252. 050, 


»y«<^y.' •>yA*^^VK »w«*; 

>X<W*WW; "WWW^; .'^'^^.'*WWfr; 

2112 AD The Map 


I m I 


'■.+^'^'-.« * «.*."^+.»_ 

J T IJ.J>.M. 


Lic-LCGGC titi 

F -Fust ^ „ 

CD-CAUOmift ^ yif-VALEKEy 




s 'Bom 


U • LESGE KEY 9K^:-?TwS V^^'^i 

tt ' CASH OJtp i:tllE^»:^^MH K'i-x*M 



21 f 2 AD 

Dnigfi Design's icon diwun 
gam« that $a fm^ p«<ipl* cao 
act UD 1 1 V pJa V ^^ ^ att r« ct«d thew 
lips (fom Slovft Woo^nrh of 

u . cashpoini cafd. Aci>&s^ card 
i^rid aarclaycarcf are all keys and 
open live locked doors (as indi- 
cated on the mapK Tho bombs 
thai are scattered around ate tot 

blowing up the androtds thsl 
paralyse you, but only work if 
ypu drop one in iheir paih, 
Should you get paralysed by an 
ai^fOid. using tKe firsl aid kit 
gels youf charMiter on *he move 
again, and il's a good idea to 
keep thfs with you all the iim«. 
When you want lo eat yoii rim&f 
have the can and the can oper>er. 
ShcNjId you ovef charge PocWy 
Ihen [he fu2»e mends him 
Podcty s main use is to carry rLii,f*q:ts a^boul with you 


1 1SO DATA 252. OSO, 190, 252, 


1 190 DATA 210. 252, 062. 201, 


1200 DATA 211. 2S2, 2ffi. 153. 


t210 DATA 033. 119. 091. 017, 


1220 DATA 255, 001. 005. 000, 


1230 DATA 176. 19S. 109. 2S5. 


1240 DATA 050, 231. 156, 000. 


1250 DATA 197, 060. 159, 091. 


1260 DATA 1 53 , 253. S9, 209, 


1270 DATA 04 1 , 002. 0S6, 1 69. 


1280 DATA 206, 010, 056, 01 1, 


1290 DATA 1S9, 091, 174, 119. 


1300 DATA 160, 234, 137, 091, 


1310 DATA 198, 128. 024,241, 


9999 STOI^ 


G W-eedham and Eddie Wilson 
0* P#narth have comff up wWi 
fli« gocKh for /^OMAD. Thata 
tip^ shduki h^lp you get a bri 
forthar into the ganne. 
Round Guns 

These don't fir«r very often but 
are u&ua9ly a bit of a pain. Tha 
best thing to do is to go in with 
all guns btazing. 
Normal Gyrii 

Don't Mi in frg^nt of these. Attack 
thorn from an angle. 
Homing Misailas and Basas 
Try to take out tht baw before a 
missile is raunehed If you cksn"! 
do this you will hav^i a mis:$i1e 
tonowing you from screen to 
screen. Try to rnake them crash 
into walb bacauaa they can only 
do SO degrw tums. 

The best form of attack is to 
quietly enter a room and cons^ 
mntly fire at the position wheraa 
rotiot appears. Sometimes they 
may take a while to appear, 

Take as many guns and robots 
out as you can because whan 
you Jose a life you are sent bndf 
a few screens to a starting 
Sfinmn. This doaan't apply on 
ycMJr \m% life 

Thdt M«rrts to be rl lof anoiher 
month My pofitbag is f^t from 
rnnptv btit my ipace ha\ been 
fiMetl Thii monlh'4 wif*niir ol 
Ihe £20 ol software is G IVi^^^-il 
li^m lof ht^bumfw £allactk)n of 
lips mtire of whkh wifl b# fp^ 
tufiKi in fwxt month's Issu*- 
Ke^p sending your tips arnl 
pokes to 


iin<1 dii fTiaki^ sufp you monnon 
Gra^h on the envelope be^^uiii? 
if you don't it malcas our »rting 
d^t awfully angry 

68 CRASH May 1986 





HISTORy recoils the epic 'Highway Encounter' 
The attempted domination of Earth by the 

dreaded Alien aggressor was foiled by the power 

of the Vortons. 

NOW the sequel is bunched. 

'Alien Highway' Where Vorton meets Alier^ 

in the ultimote encounter 




^ TAPf -^ V DISC V 
£8,95 n£13.95 

D£7 « 


H.6^< .T'lt^Bimii 





2/ COMMANDO Elite 
2f 7; ELITE Firebird 

7) BACK TO SKOQL M icr osph 
A( 5/STARQUAKE Bubble Bus 


6/7 ;y SABOTEUR Durell 

12 M MOVIE Imagine 

g; MATCH DAY Ocean' 
14^ 4;FAIRLIGHTTheEdge 

/4ii Yi£ AR KUNG FUimagii 
16/9/ GYROSCOPE Melboy rne House 

20 {—} SWEEVO'S WORLD Gargoyle Ganie» 

>iMIKtE I magine 



24 fl2J SPY Vs SPY Bevond 

i—J MON TY O N THE RUN Gre mltii Gf aphii 
26 r—) SKOQL DAZE Microsphere 

it •'■■ I 




BirfY Litttofairof Basingstoke, Hants should bd getting up early this month as Aunt Aggia will be winging 
forty pounds' worth of software towards hia sweaty little palms. Early morning postbox vfgf Is for CRASH 
Hats and T Shirts will be undertaken by Marcus D« Silva of Sidcup in Kent; BJ Weeks of Birdbrook, Essex; 
Loe Russell fronn deepest Uddon country in ttie Eastend of Laaandan and D Aust«n (SahU) who, hailing 
fronn the Officers Mp "AF North Luffenham^ 

mom imMrtsfit poputerinf chart — fw Sp#ctiwfi Sc4lw»re« 
at toett. Ilia chart ijepemta entiraly on your tiipiMn and we 
need your votw ifi order to pr^yce the analyiit of wtio'i 
pleyfng what. 

hlfwidayi. there's only ONE WAY to suhmii your votei — 
and thaf » by post. Towards the bade of the maQS£ina, 

lyrking very dose to the oompotiticm retylts bit youH flnd ■ 
couple of coypona that yoii ean yte to send its yoor votes N 
yoii re really unkeen on c^uttin^ op ypur magajEina. yoy could 
always use a photocop y. or copy oiit the defaih on the f ofms 
onto » plain piece of paper. 

Whatever you do, gat those voting forms In. Every montfi 
we draw oyt a lotat of ten winning forms after the 

70 CRASH May 1986 


1Y j; LORD OF THE RINGS Metboume House, 
2(10) MABSPORT Cargo vie Games 

Gargoyta Gai 
4( 5} REDTWOOIvrLevel 9 
S/f f/ hUUR I KFROTOCOL Centurv^utcfiffisortl 
6{23) THE HOBBIT Melbourne House 



1 4 r??; FRAN KIE Ocean 

15 I^MeffiMLINS Adventure Internationa 

16 ( W ENIGMA FORCE Beyond 

17 (2f}l\n NA NOG Gargoyle Gannes 
IB (78) ROBIN OF SHERWOOD Adventure International 

20 (28) ADRIAN MOLE Uvet 9/Mozaic 

26 ^-; OUT OF THE SHADOWS Mliar 

28 /25; TERROR MOLIN OS Melbourne House 

29 (t4j SPiPERMAN Adventure International] 

30 (26} URBAN UPSTART Richard Shepherd 

Auntie Aggie wt I? be using her bestest typing akilis when she gets tn touch with Mfchael Scott of Ty ne and 
Wear to tell him he's won the software draw this month and is due for £40 worth. As usual, four lucky 
runners up witi be receiving a CRASH Hal and T Shirt with which to ertter the world of computer fashions. 
Thay a^ ■ - Marc Jamas who jogs around Loughborough; GaorgeAdcoch whose back garden is Surrey; 
l*w ni-A^nwood from stainless Sheffield and Pan^ala Sellick who's an Abingdon girlie. 

h«v« bMfi oompW^d, fiva tor imdh nhBrt, ami pHias qo 
whizzing off to the ludtv sandart of thosa fonns. Th« firvt 
form out of tha tack of Hottlnt votas, lika tha flrat ont to 
coma out of tha Advantura voting box, wins Its san<i«r £40 
worth at noftwafa of hts or har eholot. And a PUSH T Shirt 

Tha naut four voting stJ|if for aachchart, that't alght votarf 
in all, win a T Shirt and Cap. Don't miss out on your chancato 
win all thesa ooodi«« for tK« cost of a 1?p «tamp and tha tima 
it takas to put fian and your opinion* to papar. CRASH 
HOTUNE and CfiASH AOVENTURE TRAIL ara what w« call 
ttia giant boxas that your votaa go into, and thay can b* 
macBad via PO eOX 10, LUDLOW. 8HR0PSHSIE 8Y8 \m. 


CRASH May 1986 71 


I ■ 







1 m 


1 .. 





i^T i::i^= 

>'>:::::: X Uy •' 
wci^^i:: : 1. 

1 11- 

■ « 1 • -■' * 1 

... i*---'j 



1 ■ 



□ 1 


•.-. I" 1 

» Pi 

1 .■ 


:::: TrrV m 






1 1 ■ «_ 



-:•:•• 1 


^^^L» * • 

■ m mt^ 

• _^^B 

v^ ■ ~ 











.■ip ^B 









It 1-- 

• ^--^ 







yf«mBramii Compftted 57% 
vtfyofi*'* ft Wiily Competed 

IfftHftfaj Dummy Run 

i^<4if in pBTid^mr 
«..v ^....^ Compicjiod 

Knight LoftP-* 


Bick to SItooi ULr[ ! : og 

Kȴin GHfts, drtttrtori, Oxford. 

Py]#maram« Cor '^ 

Milch Dav 8 in ^ 

Fflotbatl MflfiHwr Cornplei ed 
everything 100% max 
Wodd Cup Rw^aK Won WoHd 

Ffwik BrufKi Pmet Porfoci 
Ckimmftndo 21G,2CKI 
Skot^l Dai4 Completed 
Back to Skool Put f Fi>g in cup 
Atic AtJK ComplBted 88% 
Pjiul Morgan^ Oinas PowYir 
South GIsTiKifBain 

Hlghnvji y EnocKPfVt«r Comptetod 

a^fy^i3 objects 

B«ck to Sleoot Completed 

Alrwolf Re&cyed 2 scientists 

RambD 18.S00 

Jfftpac 93.760 

Acthofi B(k#r Reseu^d Marti 


J«t S«t Wilhr 71 objects 

Fyll Tlifutd* 3f d (afE track* J 

Feidight Cpmpi^ted 

Footfaall Managaf Division 1 

(|ya«kshoi Complsfted 14 


Sifpl^ing Rst lOtfi Dan 


StrTHDn Crabb, Lawtonham^ 


Frank Bruno's BoKing 


J«tpae Com plel ed & t imes 

AvtfiMf Mfctsion Completed 


UndflnM>yrid«9G% CiDmplirtad 

Pvjafniirima 94% Compleftd 

Uftrik; Minar The Ware^oyae 

BfiiM Laa K i I ted Wiza rd 1 2 times 

Automania 7 cars Compfetad 

G ho it busters Comptemd many 

tim^s, man^ £93iO0O 

Alrwiplf Complmed 

Hynehback Completed 

Ctiuckie Egg 31 ^^eens 

Th« Way Of The ExplDding Ffst 

Tenth Dan 

Ajcliofi Biker Complete 

B<>otY Gold key 

Gl^hva AH levels completed 

"" " " 1 Completed 

'9in person 

Tt on SitvefSton* 


SabrvWr pitted 

Urtun Upsiart Comp^eied 
Pystron ovefitl Fair 
Wtia«li# Completed 
Richard Budd. Nr Market 
Drayton, ShropaMra 

ChiickieEgg 853,35»0, Im/&t42 
Gunfright Second bandit kiN^ 
Commando 77360, 4ih stage 
Bruce Laa 8 wr^ards killetl 
Atk Atac Cornpleted, 99% 
Dave Tklmanti. Svsfon, Latca 

Monopolv Beat all offivr 

computer opponf 


J.BafTififrlOfi't SqiMsh fir 


GYroamfNi 2^230 

Hyp«nportt 139.4 . i 

Swimming 27 12: Shooting 

9100;^' ^rifso8 57:Afc1i 

3230 I imp 1 4,44m; 

Weight J tri.E^ci ""'^ 

SpV rluntef K i6 . 5i05 

F :^0 

A I FoOtbaH wijon 4&'20 

eHploctiM mat 37JD0 f7th Dar^ 

Minder fS 384 

Rocky Homr Show 14 pieces 

Raid Over Mowow 60,550 

Baseball won on all li?ve^s 

Tfaihffiafi 9&98 (level 5} 

Trsftwarsion 7305 (Iwat 7) 

Sturstflke 624,000 

CommprKlo 5^600 

Ftjri Throttle 4th 

Ant Attack 10.615 

Pheenijc 37.580 

Nick ClemoctSp Wobton. 


Back to Skoof Compieied 

Match Day unbeaten 

Commatioo Ar^s 5 

Sweevos World 38% 

Sabofeiir Completed 

Gurrf right Rounded 5 Baddi&s 

F.A. Cup Garr^ Won cup with 

the Arsenal 

Three Weeks in l^radfie 


Ml kie Clocked Twkft 

Movie ?4%, 011 

Bruce Lm Completed 17 limes 

Ram bo 46.400 

Highway Enoounter Clocked 


Nightshadie C£>mpl0red 

DanM Garda, Edgewara^ 


The Bii No 1 fdr4 vue^eks 
Stonkers Completed both levels 
With vwo units ipst 
Admiral Graf Spee 51 B72 
promottpd to Admiral 
Beach Head 1 06.600 
Elite Deed I v- 57 .396. 5 c red Us 
Kem Batt#n, Shefboffie^ Dor««t 

Harbart's Dummy Run 
Completpfi With 92 Jelly Babu-^ 
Thre# Weeks in Paratfli* 

Everyone^s a Wally Completed 
Transformers Completed 
Monty is innocent Completed 1 
mjn 12 sees 

Gunfrtght Jessie James 
Saboteur Completed levels 1^ 
Simon Artdetson, Perth, 

hXlOfO 44AN&RA^ 

Mr WOfff 'S LOOpV Lau ndry 
Booty ? 1 2 Bits 
Knight Lore Completed 
Nodes of Vttsdd &% 
TribblifTroybta 10.790 
Magic C«f pet 1.700 
Ckimmandb 3rd Stage 
Gkldy G^mm Sto^ Compleif} 
Vs^as Jachp^lliyW 
An<&r«w CtfvimKPQfii 


Hoi D, . , — .^. _..,., 

34 4; Figure Ski ling 3,6; 

BiatNton 1.40; Bobslehph 25,84^ 


l=lfid«rm Ke«peri Compt«ted 

J«t fiet Willy Completed 

Mank Mlri^r Completed 

Slaimrlhe 2,ee6.5O0 I 

Com mando 1 3G , 000 ^ 

Wheelie Level 3 

EKpFodin^Ftat 840,600 


B#ek Id Skool complied 

Frank N Stein Level IS 

Match Day Beaten comp<jter on 

pll EevBis 

Qunfrtght Killed 3rd Bandit 

Saboteur Set bomb and 

escj9ped with disk on ^evel 2 

Sabrawuff cornp^^ad 

Everyone's a Wally completed 

Richard Hartison. H«rts 

Spy Kurrtar 200483 

Eiplodtaf Fi*t 1 1 5,850 3rd Dan 

Whe^ifa compf e!ed 

Back to Skool completed lever ^ 

Winter Games Ski Jump 220 3; 

Hot Dog TO; Sp^ed Skating 37.9: 

Figure Skatina 2.7: Biathlon 2 50 

mms^^Bolialetgti 26 83 sees: 


Mateh Oaycompfererf. won fpnai 


Ghovtbuvtatt completed. CI 


Vie Ar Kung Fu Lev^i 19. beat! 

by Fan 

Frankie Goes to Neliywood 99% 


Douglas Tedeastt«p Clarltston. 


Let'#a4l mom that this month's 
> ii^st of h%!ri Bcora gore cfoesni''t 
i>rn ve to<Kypsetling f ot the 
M oral Mafuity — o r anyone etoa 
who ffiight not like a bM of good 
rad fcin [b^tehjriy rendenKl In 
inoriocnr^me I , 

The Ludlow Town H4ll |ast 
misled ftsconfonary thi£ month 
— it had to be knocked down 
bef of« H fall on unsuspecting 
LudNnrians ^ but the gibbel k 
live, well and hat Just been re- 
creofotad to It should wMh- 
sta nd I he sprffig ^owtrs 
Ludlow tsfafiHHiafor Tenajits 
iia wanted for the gibbet, so 
lca*|v sending those inures in 
arnJ make sure you don' i ch«at. 

Cocfim«mlo 1J00.CM0--«178 


B#n Sto«>e. CRASH Ego Dapt 

Sam FoK Strip Poker All ihfi 

om Handy, Rckhti 2. CRASH 
Ego Dept 

^ — ^ 



CRASH May 1986 73 

Following on from our first look at the Fanzine circuit in November ti^t 

tUm K w itni thit wi trnwHf tp>f it>d lomtttifcriB oft wfth ear 
iMt ftMlurtt oil fmnsMinmm, Tna iviiKinH- wsi ma grtct that vn 
fMly Mtt thHiriliiMld te ■ hillQw up. What f warn to know 
b: vnra ymi ill irtSfHrwl into vtattlnB m«gs. bscwiH <rf our 

», w ha w » tti^ iJiiTfilY CTipt out of tho wooc b wOffc 

I of inoniinify? 

tho» enterpffsing lads from {! 
think) the Josi^ Mxjwntree 
soHooi in York daoide^l t^ put 
their journaliftic skills to # profit* 
able end snd donate all ih© pro 
cwdj to the African Faming 
Relief Fund. 

A^paremlv Che lads first 901 
the idea for 8ANG frotiri seeing 
the selection of Fanzines we 
pubU^ied in Issue 22, but also 
revived mucho encourage- 
men I fro^Ti their Computer and 
English teachers, as wall a^ init^ 
iaE funding from thetr He^- 

The magaiine- itself is packed 
with preiyfwvs, reviaws. com\y 
atftiofiSf tips and a (^uM^ui nvap 
sypplefnent in the tB&ue I $iiw. 
The magafine is compiled by 
M«ric WMt^lodc Editor, 8«fi 
MaylMd Assistant Editor and 
Artist, and Staven Bainai 
AccounianL And what a good 
leam they do maka. I wish inam 
every success with BANG and 
hope they are slilf making 

enough to contribute icwsfds 
Aid in Africa - 

BANG can t» contactad at 
BANG Haad OfTioas. 12 Famv 


One of the famines that was 
deflniteiy prompted into e^cist- 
enee by our last articie is SANG. 
Apart froflri the desire lo produce 
tfieir own computer magazine. 

IahCftON 15 fl very profesitl-on 
ally pfoduced publicaiioo, with a 
nidier feeing green cover 

74 CRASH May 1986 

(DecafT)ber issueK Run by a 
nxip of 14-16 year olds frofn 
Blackpool area who share 


US£R, incorporiting DEMONIC 
H0BB4T, known to it$ friends as 
E.M.U. uppearstobe run almost 
single-handedly by fourteen 
vear-old Paul Rand wrih a Irtt^e 
help from, his School oh urns 
Peter Robir^son and Adam 
Sadler. Ji^nathan Aihby is the 
resident artiSt. and \terY good he 
is too. I fsally tiked ihe tsy-out 
style of ihts pubiicirtJons — very 
striking if is too. with red-lfamad 
pages. An accessory no book- 
shelf should be without. 

Running to some 30 pages, it 
is publismd by AZ One, a sub- 
SEoiarv of P^t^f Rsnd pic. (some- 
thing tells me this guy has ideas 
on world domination. Erm. 
you'd better drop the pic' bit 
Piaul . . . unless you really mm 
registered at Companies House 
OS a public limited comp^nyt) 
My copy included a neat mm of 
ninvSp reviewsK hints and tips 
and a pofile on Jonathari 
Asht^y. Art Supremo, an art 
galJery page and a short siory. 

Mr Rand stresses that EM U. 
is a Computer /Role Ptaying 
geme megozine. but with lots of 
thrills and spills thrown in to 
provide something for every- 
one Ail this for 35pcan t bo bad. 
Aboot the only thing this fsniine 
doesn't h^e I-& a letters page — 
perbBQs Pauf hasn 1 go\ acosss 
to a Hermes — no, this is where 
you come in. Paul Rand would 
I ike to hear from anyone interes- 
ted in coniributing to E.M.U. 


ttffi common view that too many 
computer n^agazines are run by 
adults with too many adult 
views, SINCHON is written by 
the sort of people Et is aimed at. [I 
do hope you are not impJiceting 
CRASH'S views heren SlNCRON 

The maoezine is A4 size end 
packed with all sorts of reviews 
wrtfl % scores, playtno tipSr sn 
adventure column, the latest 
chert according to the staff, 
features and a hilarious comic 
strip thai follows the adventures 
of trnieDoss. 

SiNCRON is run by Martyn 
^teftlv end Peul 5«^ln who are 
anxioijs to have contributions 
from anyone in Blackpool So 
Blackpoolians — or should th&t 
be Blackpud liens? — it yo«u 
hnen^t heard of SINCRON yet. i 
MOOfgtyou listen out for it. 
SmCnOlfS addrea* Is: Siftcron 
MatJBiliW IT Lytham Redact, 


EM.U li ivallabto by mail oriler 
t2tlp pRip} from Domini Hi 
Camet HUL Easington, PetetlMp 
00, Durtiam, SR8 3ER. 

Frc»m dMpest Suffolk 
RAM. yet another fanzlna 
impirad by our November taii- 
ura. The RAM Isam compffses 
Jofialfiafi Wekh. Editor^ Simon 
Trickar Editorial Assislantp Tim 
Marton Technical Editor, Jason 
NHi Art Editor. Aanm Finis 
Antstant Art Editor, Carl 
Thompson Playing Tip^, Ben 
Robinson and Gsry CiitSit 

RAM runs to 34 peges end inc^ 
lodes reviews, rhompson's 
PtBfing Tips, compel ii ions and 
features as well as some impres- 
sive artwork. Ai 15p it's a snip I 

Luckily, RAM have mar^amd 
to get their printing done tor free 
as weH as some grains publicity 
on their tocal radfo station. 
Jofuithan Wetefi and friends 


la .tyear,HANNAH SMITH takes a look inside the CRASH Fanzine File 


Apri I '36 

Hot off the presses with the A^stil 
issue. ZOOM land&d on the 
CRASH Fanzine desk, wi riding 
Its wav from Briflhlon. ZOOM 
boasts an impressive slatf list: 
Kevin Hmmi^n Editor- JtJsttM 
Pftrkinsofi tteputy Editor; 
&«v«n ftoa Artist: Totiy BtiwQri 
Top Reviewer; Jasou Kimbfifp 
Dsvhf NowmAn and Kir^tv 
Ptfltlit»on Writers; ac^rot 
Newman who is responsible tor 
Bf^tn's P&ge, Brun Uncin«ld 
Informal ion ist; Patri** Nmimian 
photocopying, and not forget- 
ting the office oat Kit and offioe 

ZOOM is padiceid wifh comp^ 
^titions offering a rr>ultitude df 

games as prj^es. There's also an 
opinions se^tfon, cgmmonts, 
information and a varv hinnv 

atso echo that wqlhvoicad com- 
plaint on ^e Fanzine Circuit: a 
lot ol oomputef games comp- 
ani«fl are very wary about about 
harnding ou! review copies to up 
arid ooming pubUshers. Wail. 
frOfT! what I can see, all the fan- 
zines Tve reviewed are bona- 
fkie, and struggling to do well. 

Jonathan hss a couple of tips 
for would-ba fanzine fanatics — 
be prepared to do a lot of work, 
and don'r be pur off by com- 
ments from people who don't 
know how much Tin^e and iiftert 
Qoes into producing a fBnime. 
Also, try to get thfl ZX Microfair 
wh^re yoijVe bound t<i m^et 
some like-mirided people 

The RAM post box is acces^^d 
via: RAM Magazine. PFfncipal's 
House. Kerri$on School Thom- 
don, Nr. Eye, Suffolk ^P23 7JL 

cxJiTTic St rip ca I led Lu na r CI ive . . . 
mapSp picci^s, reviewSr cross- 
words, a letters page — I could 
go on all night . . My copy of 
ZOOM PS literallv bursting at 8>a 
sesms^ airKJ is thoroughly good 
va)u« at 40 rip-snontng pages 

ZOOM can oe obtained h^om 
ZOOM Offices J 5, Argyle Road. 
Brighton. SUSSEX 6N1 404. 
Ana It ycMJ want to grve iham a 
belL tnair 'phone number is 
Brighton ^6868 (sounds a bit 
unWialy, inyt that's what's writ- 
ten heralj 

And now for a qutek update ofi 
ftm fanzines we reviewed la^ 
Mcmmber INTEI^FACE is i^ill 
going strong. In fact, I spolc^ to 
ihTTBRf ACi Sis ChMM Ludian 
Randall on the while this article 
wQs being written (I think he 
rwlly wanted to ^peak to 
Graeme aboui a duplicator thai 
needs repairing. "Ready soon" 
Graeme promised J Luc i an told 
me that INTERFACe rs "doing 
g real' '. Si rH::e we gave a mention 
to INTERFACE Mr Randall's 
visage has graced the pages of 
the industry trade paper ^ CTW 
and he h as been i n viled to lot s of 
^aund^M. (Foiiuniiely h@ 
doesn^l behave like John 

The next edition of INTER- 
FACE was being typed up as we 
chatted {versaliTefeltow, Lucian) 
and should be avaifable now. 

bftorfaeap 83 Lynd hurst 
GafdoRS. Hm^lay, LONDON N3 

Ju^ down the road from INTER- 
FACE tives T14E BUG. and lh# 
Mardi issue of THE BUG has 
an^Ned in CRASH Towvn. to I 

^J ^ 

-anzine File . . 





rmist pfesumt thet H is still 
Qom^ strong, too. Vm afraid t*ie 
Fanfine File is in a terribta m«ss 
at the moment so everything's a 
bit disorganised. Apologia if 
yo4j have lant us a more up-to- 
date copv- in case retdflrt 
mbsed the November ish, THE 
BUG is n%Ade up of Jeffrey Davy. 
Jaron Lewis, ICebey tewis and 
Gtthla Davy. THE BUG can be 
purchased tor a tiny 35n from; 
Lnaiide Avenue ^ Muswall Hill, 

T1i«r«'i QHtalnly no theftapeSI 
Fami n aa 4Mh% Ilia roiMiiM it^ 
via FnQfiiaffl# afid filpolns 
thiewh «m CmSH ffiat if^ 
fUn mm^B lati of talwii eut 
thin. Juai btfcm thu artlela 
had w ba mm off ki tiw ^vmrai 
J b Wpliun at th« pdmafi. a naar 
rt^ifte b«4«i:l tamine arrfved 
In thi fo rm pf^ TA MZINI prsH 
omad uv DafiaiiJiiGt Walniflilay **-" 
MpHiiffy wa^ Qai a oianpa ta 
dwcfc M OMI in tima for rm^ 

WOfi hi ^ us — rs nle* le ba 
alile to aat a %dok at tha oppo- 
si^ofkf Md aafry, I wm hirv*ii\ 
unemkmad your - -^"-— - 


CRASH {Vlav 1986 75 



MARKET. . . 

Tfm cowmring tBttmr thmt cmmm with Drntm Design 
Syvtatfw' ASTRO CADE co /lection — sin gammA 
mmtling for £4.50 — madm ^aguB rofervnctts to m 
M^m Bar containeitin the packaging^ by way of a 
gefit/e inceativa to whaawer raviawmd it. PraMu- 
itH^Y 1o^00r iGannat} Kaan got to tha p09t l^wt 
montiim^ for tharm wa^ no Cfmccf Comattibia 
(IMUH/D) contaiiiad tharmm. 

Gimmna Kiddpotterwi off to Hmlaaowan^ homa 
of DDS to claim his Man Bar and find out what it 
warn iika starting a on^-man softif¥mrm company in 
th^m days ofmrngalarga corporations .... 

Ste^Mrt Gr^en m m^ man be- 

^ivhich i$ run in b€!$t cottage 
indiiSfcfV stylo from th^ front 
room OT a house which i^ cr^m- 
mad with boKes of dy plicated 
tipftt, jrffy bags, eomputer 
magazines and ih^ all important 
Spactrum workstation. 

Mr Gfaen wm one of the firal 
people lo scamper put and buv a 
&pectnjm when rt was launched, 
and he sp^it many a long aven- 
ing g^mg to grips with pro- 
gremming the oaast. Stewart 
was on an engineering appren- 
tjceshrp a! the liime, and grad- 
ufllly. as his hobby look up fTK]^re 
and more time and he was going 
to bed faier and later, he began 
to think about making a career 
out of programming. 


Having writieti a oou)ri# of 

RanwB — 4/flM and BM^bat — 
deci<^d to have a go at sell- 
ing them. "I was a bit innoG&nt at 
fir^, thinking that the gamas 
would mti themselves at O.OO. I 
look thain round shows and so^d 
a few in the simple packaging I 
thouf^tit was alt i needed/' ne 
e^pJains, "I had to re think my 
approach Quite early on. I de- 
doed that single game$ seMing 
for £2.00 wou Id n't do a$ wei t as a 
package, so l reckoned that put- 
ting more games on one tape 
would be a bettsf idea and alJiiw 
ma 10 charge rrtore, thu$ aMow- 
ir^g shops to take a better 
margin/' So the idea for the 
AsifocMde compilation was 

DecJding that it was time to 
take the plunge, Siewan took up 
a place ort the government's 
Enterprise Allowance Scheme, 
set up lo entourage entrepren- 
eur iai types who want to go into 
business for then^ selves. The 
bask deal is, provrding you have 
at least f 1,000 to invest in a 
project, the government will pay 
you E40 a week to live on fof a 
year white the enter prise gets 

76 CRASH May 1986 

"'It's a good job I'm living at 
hofne and oon't drink or 
smoke", Stewart admits a little 
ruetudy, 'ft would have been 
ver^ hard going otherwise. I 
decidad I wuntM to break into 
the bodbat software marlcet — I 
think tne softvvare industry 
could be kilting itself with the 
f 10 game. Buctaet software like 
Cascade's 50 uames compila- 
tion, has got to be value for 
mooev -- If you only play each 
game on a SO game compilation 
ror ten minutes, then you've had 
over a day'i solid 



'7 d&cided to ao forsi^ gamm on 
one tape ana set aboul wrrting 
ihem for ihe ASTROCADE mff 
mitkm. Whife f w^S progr^mm- 
i^ / was &jfsQ SQflmg Out fh& 
pSd^aging sidff BndSQ on Ali th& 
tf'me f w&s l^ammg, fmdmg 
thmgs out for myseif Th0 inter- 
pose Aitow^nc^ p^opfe tfon'i 
m^u&ffy give &dvi€& &i>0ut wif* 
mg up a busmess^ but you g^t 
three free mt^fviews ar i/w 
Business Advice Centre where 
(hey C0n hetp wffh routine 
msiters hke eecounu, VA T and 

"Hevmg decided that t went&d 
a ferge p^d^ege for the campit^- 
tion, f thought the cardtoard 
boxes usatf by Bey&f^ d woijfd be 
greet — the probi&m f found 
with tiwm is that you need to 
inv^t et teest £800 in the dfms to 
Cift the c^fdho^fd and then 
there's thepnnimg €osts on top 
of that Vf€ho boxes seemed the 
e/i^wer — and tt toQk eges to 
find out who suppi^d thern. 

*The next step was to orgsn^ 
tse some inlay artwork und 
screenshots — have you ever 
triad fookiffp in the Ye/fow P&ges 
for an mtist? tt doesn't work 
There are ptenty of ej<pensive 
edvertising end desigr^ egencies 
erovnd wrw want hundreds of 
pourfds for a simpie piece of 
artwor*. M the end f h^d e chet 
with a lecturer at the iocef tech 
end found en art student who 




S tmmmr t Qmmn oiOmtm Owx^gji Snrvfns rrw td ptii/i him 
ASTBOCAdE Ceilecti&n of six pvnu onto sfi* niAdler . . . 

did the work for his portfotio as a 
bit of experience reefty. Then tt 
took two weeks to sort out the 
screensho^, because our locaf 
photographer hadn't got a clue 
eboat taking snaps off a teffy. 


"A/f t seemed to be dotng was 
trudging round pnnters and tfw 
shops tryifig to get things orga- 
ntsed, but eventuaffy the pro- 
grams were wrtTten end every- 
thing was ready. The product is 
fine — ft's distnbuthn thafs the 
problem now^ whtch ts not wf^at 
t exipected. / sent copies off to 
di$fhbufor$ and cheirj stores for 
evetuation and rr^ost of them 
didn't bother to repiy. Smiths 
want barico4fed products, end 
thefil cost another £ too — the 
probfems seem endfess Most 
people want to see large 
ad^rertising budgets before 
tiwy'ft stodt a game it seems 

* Advertising seffs gemes — a 
good gsme with no advertising 
gets nowhere at the distnbutfon 
stage it seems, white a grotty 
game with fats of ad money 
iehir^ ft ts Mefy to do weH 

Sai&s so far number about a 
hurTdred units — all achieved by 
Stewart himseif trudging rt^und 
iocaf ci>mputer shops and offer- 
ing a €X}up/e of packages at a 
time on safe or return. Which ts 
how imagine started^ aff those 
years ago . . is he dtSfiiusioned 
ha^nng spent £3,000 and sltli a 
fatr way away from breakirfg 


"Ato, rd definiteiy do it apaia " is 
&}e ^tthusmstic msponse, "tt is 

awkward at times but f thor 
oughly enjoy it. If i did do the 
wt>ole thing sgarn I'd think care- 
fuNy about a partnefship, per- 
haps with someone on the salM 
side. I can see why program- 
mare go tor staff iobt wtth 
ooflwafe houws nowf 

There's more in the pipeline 
from DDS then Astrocade. 
though. Stewart's got several 
ideas underway at the moment, 
including a Play by Mail comp- 
uter game in which up to a 
hundred people with different 
computers could compete with 
each other in a single galaxy. 
"Small companies Hem to offer 
the best service in the Play by 
Mail field", he escplainSp ''and 
there's still a chance to get in, 
I'm deveioping a grephics hand- 
ling routine for a Pfay by Mail 
gan>a at the moment. 

"I'm prcd^ably one of the iast 
of the small software houses 
arKf may l%ave to go freeJance to 
survive soon — you need a lot of 
n>or>ey behind you lo Stay 
indepenttent. People compare 
tha software industry with the 
music bLisiness, but it's much 
nf>Ofa like making films — you 
have to come up with the plot. 
themy$ic. everything. 
'The/e isn't much hope for 
small one person businesses m 
the soff^re market nowa 
days/' Stewart admiti, *'*f 
everyone else is small, you're 
okay but i'd think vBry hard 
about starling out now. Last 
summer was probably the Um 
chance to ^art out on your 

'But the whole idea of the 
ASTKOCADE ml lection was to 
keep nw going while I worked on 
a largef project. I hope it works 

So do wB. A full review of 
Stewatt^s siK garne compilauon 
v^ll appear m tha r^«xi iftsue. 







New, (rom Ihe author of Fighter Pitot .. a stunningly realistic helicopter 
simulation thai puts you u^ command of an Apache Advanced Attaci^ 
helicopter, Vou will learn to take off, to land, to manoeuvre and 
locate and destroy enemy tanks using Heilftre anti-tank missiles. 
You will experience authentic battlefield conditions as you en- 
deavour to carry out your mission and return safely to base. 




Tomthawlc 4aK 
B4grrt Gunner 43K 
RgNtt PlioJ *dK 

C OiWi P OORi M 
3p«iKl Kmg Dish 
Spe6d King Cit»6tle 
Figmcf Pi 101 Cls»tlA 

D am 

D £7 .95 
n CB.95 

Dei 4. as 
D £a.% 

O £8.95 
D £13,96 

CtwquM ptyibto m E>lgitil kn^rw&on Lid 

i r< Hb 11 ■ ■ 

Pitftse dehiT my Access -Visi card no 

' N I I I I I i ni'*^ 


EMpiry dale. 

f rKli and EjqMTt 

"~"«"° DIGITAL 

Walchmoo' Trade Centfe, 

VAT and p. ft p Kn0u«lv« wttiKJn UK lOvvmn inc Sfip p«r cuHClali 

COTlbtlftV, %fTV|f 

5 3AJ 

by Rosetta McLeod 



11 you ar? between th^ a^Ks of 3 and BS, Cr^ish Course this ni.c?nih ha$ 
fortiettiing for yDU^ LK^uiify in thfs column, thf! ^ffwjirv yndfif 
rtvtaw is «ifTie(l ind young p^oplft, bul the two CoHim^ 

Soft |irQflf«fn« E and ^J i e ' f ^ . Ai Wo k t me siMtcificilly 

dlr««lKf«t«dcjtr kingonthi? s warld THew^re rwo 

bi thiiBrainpow £if program-, wp.p^i. ^ri«r iheus^f the scop* 

to Ifiurn iind app ^ilh Thit iSiduti murkel it an arfiA which h«t 

tiot yvt been fyilv Cf pmred by oducatiofKl softwaro pfiGxfucerSp but 
til* two programs rcFvi^wod hfire must tyrvly Ml lfi« ftUfidflrd for 
^iMfS to PfftiuliiUv Th9r« mijgl b0 i Iftrgfi numbur of iMmiiiff 
rituatkHlt upplJMbl^ to iiduHs, «nd the stnwtyirori IntfirKtiw 
ipptoat^h of the? Cdllins Soft padcagcs. ench of which containt m 
pOlAilod ttixtbcmlc us w&W as the camputfir program, providt^ m 
thoffMigh ^nd cc»mpreh.einsiv« eoitr$« 

At \m\ a publfsher has wccMdwl in bringing oifi padcagcs in 
which t h« oqrrqipifter »nd the lixtbook hjiv# oofnpiafnantftry f oV« to 
pby. and which am ilratghMorwHrd and a«sy to follow It will, of 
€oyr$«, takv tfi« user ^ite some time to work ihroiigh a packftge. 
but th« nmaHir Bdvanlage is Ihtfl each user can let the pace, and an 
choose the areas^ to concefitrate on The pcoprams are consirucrted 
in such e way that rt m emsy to see eicplanetions again and again if 
need be. or Co 'turn tfie page' to the nma ledion. The facility for 
applying the knowledifhA teemed to personar tnelhemnticaJ or 
business pf oblems is pert icuiarly relevant end the user can tMiikJ up 
confidence Ihrough increased knowledge, I hope that crther pub^ 
Itebers wUI lake note of, end lesim from, these sophlsticaiad 


Producer: Collins Soft 

Retail Price: £14.95 each 
Age range: adult 

Eedt of these ditr.i i* 

appi pfogru 

wifli .. ,. ■-■' ■ •'■ 

red, from dis 

rates to VAT *inii FAVf 

inlrcxi uclinn M rhn l< 

«4vs: 1' you hdvi? 

COtf^pl&k-. ... ,. . -^ ^--" -'^ 

be able to mimtpuUi 

V'"^^ '* - "■;« skill i^\yii 111-^^' « i^y 

1, employftrs and 


mefiOfl about th^ r^nFin^iarl ,1*1- 
poets of Ih^ 

cash Ihow toti^ 

d balance sh^i. 

ap i accouni, and an 

M fimt 




cinti i_ 
Find ^ 

gram w^ 
^Ic^ment^ Ii4$i,i 

I ____ ,. ,^: 

dic^, useful ti 

Bummary t>' - 


book fciiia cdn n 
program by foil- 
malion and 

for (hft iis¥»r is Kd 

» 8 

ri" ind 

Cafnenain, afCmmmrmt Can AairHt wari^:f »if mttch Iw ah&ui^ 

irf m lleere fftie pufiMf . wsin^ Co^ini Boti > JVUiBEirS ^ ^ wnmi 

running tai^V of the ioidUjnswiof chupiers ot tiii! pro- 

ir: stored in ihe voko " nd Mi»kjilji\.j ^boul 

i; fhf* f: '^f pd'^3*; po^iiny 

I over a question 15 asked, and a 
78 CRASH May 1^6 

lows ihe 

ga^inod in »j»^viiig iti<i a I 

pjoblfms An nnii Njr 

irisiia 'fi 

^ ■'- ib- 

1^114^1 taUuvw^iky ^n^^ 

user 1 .. . .. isinesi . :j a 

business plan The first (wo 

the orort 

cin ih' 

smt^il business- & 

S4!i ^ I : -.'i-rs 
' '-Nrda- 

cash flow, VAT 

huw ■ H Lid! lei! It: e sneets, 

piofis s, cash flow, VAT 

and so on 

Working rhrough ihe second 
seel ion IS likefy lo lake some 
time, liul rr cerlainJy provide a 
SoIkI groundtrH] in business 
drills. The oppNcalion program 
asks the user for detailed mfor^ 


Control Keys: these are 
clearlve'KpJained both in the 
leMtbook and on ihe screen 
KevboardTttsponse: fa^f 
Use of CO bur: simple but 
Graphies: dear and 

G«nenl rating : boi h are very 
comprehensive packages 
which provide oxcolfent 
value for money A gr«e.^t 
deal of ihaught and effort 
has o b V tou sly ^ ^ ^^ ' ^^^ 1 h e i r 
pf epa rati tin, . 1 

resuH is two 1.. ...... .. .., ,d. 

usi^r friendlir nrociramB 

which I would highly 
recomm<^nri to anyone 
entering the business worfd. 

T..t -^ 



Prodyetr: Ckillins 


Retail Price: £5.95 

Age range; junior school 


Ibis pack oontians a story book 
and 5 programs ^ 
Paddingroii 8«».i 

type in hm or her n^ 

apfH Hvo 

ctemur^b^'-Jti' i^ii: ^dyijLir The 
queitinn 'On yoi^ know whoi a 

tng thi* heme adctr. 
kDi^ed hv '* '^ ^*^'" 
fng a i^ • 

riGwpaf^f : 

ly.Love. S©' 

^n Ik? us<Ki lo ^aya t>; 

ihing^bcME ' 

Oiil readVlobe- 
^^ -rti:ond |M.iy.:, . 
beqmsi With 

doi^'t seem lo be alite to catch ii 


the nam© Paddingion Thre« 


to liiiirir wy niaU' 
program ft^rw is es 
geography lesson 
count ries of Sou^^i r 
map of itiai area 

jij uit; ^yuin AJ^ier 

GOiintriei on the map, grvini 

r"^ ^' ^^ ■ '- ■ 

each, the i.mrjuage spokon, and 
rbe pc Tinij One nt a 

Trnir^ .,. . . mowi^ T^- rhtlil m 
"'Om acourr i 


1 II jri I jfcvrr 1 III ' - - ^ 

fourvS thai j 

'■I to bt jnmfesieu jii 

Hon B^^Jir. wrttie loo 


all thoufh. 

Umpri' ,vorthhuyin{j 

fortht ;rr3ms.ilone 


^^ r«*qardinc[ the 

! ocj' ^mpTeancI 

i Itoyboard ploy : very good 
I except for Po^fAjsf^ which is 
far too slow 

Use of graphics: extremely 

Colour: clear and brighi 
General ratlnrg: Lemrmd 
lypt^wnier could be the 
"^f answer to U prayer if yoiif 
^ child hates writing lr*' ' 
'^^ With a pri nie f ariacf 

qames provide for hour ioi 

^^r W 

can expetjenui. 


i-Ult lie U:*€MJ 


you and h&ving-a-good tim^j 

Having typed in a hami? scfd 
tt^s and the d 

Producer: EcHpse o ^v. 

Retail Price: LDS5 htii i ut 

Age range: for all levels of Jf/Jt ■ i^ :^ 

cnemiStry Sludent i^rge amount nf mfcrmntfon l(. 

for instan&o, ■ ' ofi on 

9v nmvift^nji dcffnUod informa- thprreny :-;■■> Mtow- 

s program n: the 

, .., J leu ''"•'■* '^1^ . ^:.^T^ 

,' one 

terms is atso 




f^upur. Il^tf ^ Sis. tap i I Jtill<^f liJiin 

^Tppprirf! nr. ihe ^tf*^" ff^ar^ to 


v' afso appr- 

to hi$ aunt LurY full nf rnnstakfis. 
appears on- 

I'm afraic -^nlning 

three games in tSiv f*ot 

n^^s^urt' iin ?o fh. , nt 

around a street 
iget him to p -- 
postvan ei 

that the gani*? wj% .i^ 
po^ble Unless you 


latfnq ihe farmiiia th«»compyter I v. 
r' ' '111 oach 

t I pound 

\*/hrn thp pr«iair?tm hns fnc»rf 

. ihe 
■MipgunLj sugether 
uraoe conti^nr of 

i 'i"*;!:ijr^f^un5; on 

Thm ffufif Krwn fmm CH^mmAl fOfimUUkE, mpn^Qfrnm 
mom fij/rflling 



ions hai been 

so that itie ig^s not 

have to ffMBJimr, 'tifmarKm 

for h" 'Q 

tMETing 47 



Control Keys 

f iitnimum. T ^ 

menu-d river 
^res^bgof anyktiy 
1 igh I ig hts th p ontron t h osen, 
while Oc lira j 

Keyboarci i^kif -■ '¥ iimi, i 
Use of coloyr: good 
Graphics: hardly any 
Genera I rat i na ; of 1 1 m ited 

Cnef tl 1 r- u y :3 u 1 1 uri 1 1 i p i rj y h Od I E 


CRASH May 1986 79 



Producer: Stisoft 
Retail Price: £6.95 
Age range: 9-13 vesrs 

This rsQne prografil in. a range of 
educationat sot* ' icies 

liiins ttw rtficessary rcquire- 

40 dchqrec^ cur fall 

befi ^^ ^6(1 ret::^ — mt bug 
tfie* itnnpefaluro movst 

Ai; m fTrrir?jt advoniiiff* fT'inrw?*, 
ai appropriate In 


gram rba idfia dt:-^ 

ledap to get the condiiions for 
J n nbsolBJiplv fi«)hi 

£ _ .. »^ ri 1 1 Qtgmtfsm a r ii 

both cto^ og rams wh uiU 


each iimfr 

did not fmd me 
:ii>k« enough to 




yh:pn|) stri^b cir 

spCTC<M dies m. 

to um scientific Skili «ifid knuw^- 

' ^of an ■ 

She* It the user m given 

practic-:' m accessing itie 

informal «on 

Org. "lO, IS men I 

and -^ ffirfa or 



,n./ j^r-krx^Pir£li|'i. 


Control Key«: clearty 

d^cnbed. In the dalabase 

programs, both upper t^ -^^ 

lower case tammandb 


Keyboiird play: responsive 

Us^ of coloyr: artractivi> 

Gra|3*>ira: cfenr 

General rating: good value 

for money 


a OUT OF 12 

Onlr ro flirt ifi f J? Ctffini;^ SCOrSIM ms ii iui3iK»wf m te lev 

Producer: Technol 

Retail Price: ISMior 
tape, 0. 9 5 for Microdrive 
Age range: under 7 years 

ScOtsrrhUhs is a simpfr- .nJifiti*f>r. 
and i>n priK3 

he screen is usnd to 
nii^p ising shapes 

fquii jnd tfianqles - 

instead Gf Etauic. '" • ielf 
is wnnon out of. ,i^r>d 

Side eg. Iheri! afu 4 inuj^yBes 
and 2 squares. How nt.inv f:K i 
pes?* Whon the child 

i^orrpct rrfjspni'f^ 

>Mu ii il a %p^ce 

^ '^vhich ... I ^ii..'!* 
1 1 iqtfwf 

plaver puts in the wfon§ ms- 
r ^ssttowing 


m ihe range m lu, and aner the 
rockm hufk lukfw €iff, the child iS 

told hr 

to Mi; 


ettfons ii toot 
naiof advam 
Pf4>yr4^m f the ffeMi 

'•^vvs Bv nrpE-.rim.i T 

m sums. 

Ln^ of 


Control Keyi^: number keys 


Keyti4Mrdplay: responsive 

Use of colour: brighi and 


Gritphics: good 

Gefieril rating : a simple but 

useful littff? Drnrrram which 

helps yot Iren with 

the idem I ; ^ -i i ... . i of shapes 

3S well as basic addition and 



Producer : Argus Press 
Sofhvara 1 

Retail Price: OS9 
Age range: 3 and over 




toiEf h 

duc&d to 

* * * * *^^^l 

1 atilL- 

una itie inu harbour 

S4ilt 1 lh«i n 

*hap ige df 

appears at ih^lf 

SortkigBht^M with 

may be cir^nrffrf mr m^h now 
&Nljp)»0 A :i<jver 

Clogs pn;-., v^i^ry 

attractive and 


Control Key5:Nf*pt as simple 
aspc: *?ry 

you nij ;. ,. . i . . TT number 

keys are used 
Keyboard play: very 

Um olcofour: bright and 


Graphics: simple and clear 

Genera] rating: these 

s<mple, ye I attractive 

programs will appeal to the 

K re-school chiW. and should 
elp devetoj^ shaf)e» 
fecbgnliion skills in an 

80 CflASH May 1986 




- yy 







\ \ vv 



v\ "^ 




' 841 HARROW ROAD ^^^-^ 

v% ^l N^ 

LONDON NW10 l^i^aifl 


\\ o 

\ ^^'^'^--v 

' -^ 



\ 64 1 















































The ppeople down at Micro 
Poww are well pleased that ihe^r 
game lealurmq The Doctor is 
now finish^ The Docior^ DR 
WHO. of DOufse. To mark the 
Qpcasion they're offering 
CRASH r^adi^rs the chance tci 
win an expenses paid utp to 
watch an episodi^ of OR WHO *n 
'i>h€rarsal ai a BBC Studio. 

in the game, Ur Wh& and fh^ 
Mm0s of Terror you hav^ lo 
battle agarrist The Master who 
plans to take control of the 
coiftios with the aid of a mod^- 
Tied Time Insisnr Replay Untt 
stolen from the Time Lords Tho 
Master has set up his laboratory 
on the planet R(|y. where the 
rare and wondroiis mineral 
Heaionite is mined, Th« mines 
are patrolled by vicious robotic 
guards and contain incredibly 
poMrful bttiais. Madrags. 
which attack any living creature 
1 hey come acrosf 


Twenty DR WHO packs on offer 

The Doctor has been sen( to 
Bijy by the Time Lord? who want 
to recover the TIRU and thwart 
The Mestter's plarvft — your 
mission in the game is to Help 
The Doctor in any way you can. 
He has been provided with an 
assistant by the Time Lords — 
The Splinx, whfch is a cat-tike 
droid with ihe power lo fetch 
and carry (or i1^ m<»$tf?r Th^ 
Splinx cannot be deietied by the 
security systems that operate in 
Ehe Mines of Terror, so should 

ove immensely useful to thci 
woctor, who is unarmed and 
generally def enoeless. 

Micro Power have arrartged 
f£*r the winner of this conipet- 
it ion to vi^t the BBC studio 
where the TV prdgramme Is 
made — the winner vvi.y gel to 
rneet The Doctor in person and 
watch how his TV series is 
produced. Twenty rufvner$ up 
will be consoJed by a copy af the 
Micro Power DR WHO PACK, 
specially assembled for this 

comp and contain»nd ^ DR WHO 
handbook tor Dr Who fans, 
containing details on a whole 
range of the monsters and evil 
biings Or Who has t>Ben up 
againsi in his travels, as weM as 
mforrrfatron on ihe TAflDIS and 
other technoiogicai gagetry. The 
Dft WHO PACK afso contains an 
A3, piashc laminated poster, a T 
Shirt, badge and bookmark as 
well as a On WHO eraser to take 
you back in time, allowing you to 
oorrec! mistakes^ 

Tq enter the competition, 
you'll have to stutfy the two 
ppciures 01 i has drawn here and 
msrfe the differences you fincJon 
Picture B Send Piciuie B to- 
gether wi(h Ihe entry form to 
SHIRE, SYa 1DB to arrive by ?9lh 
May and you could be in wjih the 
charKis of taking a very interest- 
ing inpmdeed. 

Mirk ttw diff erencet you *|Hit on thla picture 
and complete rhe entry form: 

rTJ^WlE- tm**mM^m^* 



82 CRASH May 1986 



Thrills And DeaUt Defying Challenges You've Come To 


THE COt^T Gl^ir^ 


Arvajlabte now in Frebird's 'Hol Range' far 
Spedrum 43K and Atari 48K, and available 
scNXi for Commodore 64 and Amsfrad 
-tajylharti white they're HOT' At £7,95. 

uM^fi tr iuAm i tut uD^tCKw mctm wil 


rwtfMi iii #^ iBaf>tia 






Mail order or Access telephone orders l"^^! Tel: 0532 458948 

Chequas, PM-s payable to: Realtime Games Sottw«r« Ltd., Pro»[>«ct House, 32 SovareJun Street, Leedk LSI 46>J 

Send for product fist for: Spectrum * C64 * Amstrad * QL 

■J ■'"■■«T wr*i^;gm ■• 

f4 T ' 

f '*prt> Fonw 



with Sean Masterson 


ome Strategic 

f l#yncfi of the 1Z8K Spectrum, sevarai soltwartt 
hav0 updated ponulm trtlt^. in ordw t« taJit 
■dvantage of its extra *fl a tiTigla 

idad ver^— " -f i^^ ,, .,, , .,.., .j .. r , „,p.j a sofiicallv 
improve^ ' Wood w«r# all mantiOfiad In List 

rtwritti'a CHA&^i iHii stratagy garriM manufae^iws havtn^t 
mada any movo^ as yat. With the absanca of a ftandiird test 
ftoraga ^ HAM disk (ticiliiy provided by r i 

latest prfKiiyy (> ju^f cryinn i^ut tolia takan advantae*? «'■ i^v i 
giood/solid wargame. 
A sMJpia of issyes ago^ I mantiofied that tha aythof FIT 


ttar ffom tha author of Wati^rtoo about omii^ions in hia 
ko. Both (ay tha blame on tha laclc of mimory. Now f"^~" 
» pari he Imed of thcrse conatraints Of courtf^ tho __ 
f of Sinclair users will have stifidard Spet ^nd 

'B these people wotild be foolish But a gooa ^uai 
game coy Id be devised lor the 128 that osold comi 
multiple load format for the 4BK machine. The would ra 
be lomettitng to look forward to. 

Having hoped about the ftifyf e, Til now pine alKJut 

Kai. Good strategy games have been 

lectrum for longer than many Q«ople u ii 

even than Arnhnm. CCS and Lothlorien iire responsible 
many of the pioneering titie$. beiiiQ the beet establii 
purvavofi of siM::h maierial. but others have made i 
mark. How many people remember the ilMated Bed SM 
iriftanM? Nobody? NeviSf mind, it'll all eome hsick V 
when you start reading the nevi bit ■ 

The time has «me to Ifjok back at some okurr^ ydo 
Theraaretwo reasons for this One is that it s Att Quiet on 
Stratiegy Front this month. The second m in no r 
connected with ttie fact that the apttcy Mr Kidd threat ene 
impale me on hm hatrcut unl-ess I dkf something a I 

different— and he wasn'**-^ -'^ - ^^ ^' - ^^ggestl 

for outlining Sifan Mit / in til 

hallowed pages, ; 

So, here is tlie first part ol a trip down mt^morv mmofli, 
'CofTia up with a theme/ Graeme sak). W« ^ 

old . . . Tney are all personal f avourttes as wcjii, innijgn %{^ 
of them may no longer be tn the shops Shame on you if 
of thue are gaihertng dust on yout shetf They are all g 

for^jBH games yet So here*' " ^'^ ^^ — * 

Btk , 


Thii game marfced in change in 
direcliion for Lolhtorien. H was 
thafin^ title Id take advintage o4 
Lofhlorbn's skills as a design 
and programming hixise m 
combmatiOfi wiih Argus Press 
Software $ msfketirig power. 
The game vvas glorify produc- 
ed in medium format comptafe 

with hittoricat dossier covering 
events aorf ^t*^ s'-.^nns S'i4!i.fui up 
to the cof 

techniquiezt .r...* %. ^ 
ructions for play. The 
single and two pi a" . n > 

una of the fasr ^etattt 

about the f^nflict Vi^^ me fact 
that the AJfies made rh« same 


crucial mistake twice. In 1 MO the 
Frer^h comn\snders yvrortgty 
aofictuded Chut tank^ could r>oi 
be effectively deployed in the 
dense forest of the Ardennes — 
a mistake which contnbuled to 

!h*^ rapJd fa If O^ Fr.Tnr** fty 
istmas 1944, the A J 

p^*b«h^ the Germiins ^r.^s-^ iO 
their bordei^. Then made the 
same mistake as ttie French: 
only a light screening force mm 
deployed on the Ardennes front. 
Hitier knew that enough pres- 
syre could be brooght to bear, 
eieating a ixji^e in the enenty 
ftont and leaving him in mi ideal 
position to lake tne Allied supply 
base al Antwerp. 

It wm a sound basis for a 
countfti attack, but there ware 
p^^hf^rv^r Qeneral Sepp Dmh- 
rjc 'beaded the advance, 

saip Mil 1 riad to do was crms a 
river, capture Bryssefe. arnJ then 
go on to takre the port of Ant- 
werp. The snow was waat deep 
and there wasrrt enough room 
to deploy fmjr tanks abreast , lot 
ak>ne six armoured divisions It 
didn't get light until eight aruf 
was dark again at foiir; arnl all 
this Jt Chfistmas time/ 

Tho B^itte of the Bulge, or 

Wadit am flhein as the Germans 
called it, is an eMCif ■ ' lice 

for a miVtlB ^ simi^l d ihii 

om ^^est cdsi>«^ii# tiased 

sinn .jf if^e conflict avail- 

at>le iof any micro The map is 
wetl defined and simultaneous 
movement b66^ to the profesa* 
ionalism of the program. 

Both sides have to team diWe* 
rent lessons from the fighting. 
The German problem is msinly 
tme o( S'Ogistics They have to 
move fast to knock out enemy 
resistance before being bogged 
down. The Aihed pJayer, on the 
other hand muKt choota his 
meihcMJs of defence well. Initi 
ally, the Altied forces wiil be 
vastly outn umbered and out- 
gunned Onlv dovor deploy 
meni o1 meagre resources 
coupled with the realistic view 
that some units will have to be 
k>st to buy time can help win the 
day for the Allies. 

Whether or no* a succass^l 
counter attack couJd have bro 

»|ht the Germans victory on the 
ostem front is not in question 
hfim though m case you're 
*d. this seems mom un- 
„ ^iitler had few rosourcas, 
the Russuins were looking un- 

CRASH May 1386 85 

rifsl Imagifi^ incdmattofi dn^ ihn 
coring diy^ of softwvr^ dmign. 
The ^drne can b& fAByed oiituftr 
soNtaire or with a d^oindl plBryvr 
It's an abstract sirategy Q8fnt 
where eadh skto ct^plrofs an 
iifffiv eon*;lstTncj of four infanlrv 
anncHjreti divis- 

iv r1[vk;nri^ and 


LT 1 J- i ^. '.J ' ■ * I • ' 'i¥ ''" f 1 ^ mr i I port 

(essentia k br a const am fiow of 
supp^iwl and HQ 

A to^l war wriB map it dti- 
played m bright c^ ' n the 

9€mmi, A ojrM^r t. ^ced 

civor any p«rt of thi4 ^ii^^n and 
ein itten nnagn^fy tha a raa balow 
to show dataits of tar ram andi 
units, Ttrrain includes hills. 
marshes and plains. Units can 
th€Ni be orderiid or rasuppliad aa 
nacessarv^ The objectmi is tt? 

jrcss are 
jiiijidiiy un LrppoiijSEc sides of Itie 
map on areas of iarird s^^ rated 
bv a bridged river " ige is 

rb0 only maans ; h ar* 

army may mov^ frorr^ one side 
of tho map to theothar 

The reason why ilie gamia li 
so good lies in the deoBpth/a 
simpliccty of its playability. 
Tor rain cto€s n*^-" ' --- -nenL 
but only ttiaJ jveel 

how mucJi. Loiji5t!C5 a re lynda* 
mentally tmpoftant toasucceta- 
ftit gmrm. The playar must («arn 
to pace the game, so that white 
ar lidvar^CiOPsmBdointo 

er ■ tory, uniits do not risk 

running out of suppltes too 
soon. This mat* ^ ?^.«i game a 
t^t of both wi rpflmnnt 

and an ideal vt k.^.,.,^#,. 

ers ro play in o^^ 

irtlp'""'' ^---.^ Qt i,iiM"f'iii ynil 
typ ire com p (ex games. 

Vet piayiriy SfOi}k0'rs i% an easHy 
learnecf ^nd enioyabi^ affair pn 
its own right 

5forMr«fs is a remarlcabty 
stiaightfofward geme thai never 
realty had the credit \\ d^ii^^arved. 
fllevfewied back in r "Jo 2, 

the reviewer^, nor:^ ,,1^511% 
were pankiilarlv enthusiaft'c 
wargamers, a^l found the pam© 
to be addictive and entortainirig. 
Ofifl of the main problums enco- 
untered was 8 bug which trash- 
ed the game every so o '^ 
bt!f? wa^ never reaMv ^ 

4y but giv ^, It 

jve been n*i 

IBM fmm S mf^HCnS. Jhm wta^ A^ 


^0|7P#ble, the rest of the A*is 
powers were ctosa to colEapse 
and the Am^orican-- ...^*.. Q^jy 
moniha eway frofr their 

too. w©«& very 

What wc- 

oessful coyiiti^c ^tiadi and con- 
seqMfit capiiins of Antwerp 
would have keen a serious blow 
to the Allied war effort and 
would have iengthened the war 
by wver a I mon ^-^ - 

Angus mat! game a 

Smash and I wnuit^heertedly 
agre« with him. There arff r^^ 
dwiojlty levels but the strertgth 
of ihe tomputef opponent is 
great and would take some time 
to n^asier. The Bulge would stilt 
be an ^c^^lmt edditinn to my 
WcirQiirmet^s collection and a 
good g^nw for ihe as^p^ring 

88 CRASH May 1986 


Now we're gojng t^jick in nmo a 
b^t R^ Shift wei^e known for 
ience faction strategy 
Jute of the best of theaa 
wds R^tiet SiMF Ratef&fs, As is 
typical of games^ of thr- tmif? iha 
program takes ageE 

pf aver is presonr * - ^ _ „ 

&f four scenar oading: 

h^oonbase^ Sut yaii^, The 

Final Assault and EMpansion. 
Thiisa need to be Coacfed from 
tape individual ly -^nfH the scenar- 
ios iJtemsetyes long to 
get into the co ta moat 
modem games do. Ah, iiui these 
were the days when such things 
rnattered nOL 

The player rs pfBs*>"?*>*i with a 
screen depicting a > .^ ot 

an area of a shrp o^ ' >-.u -.itfon 
which has to be prolectpd from 
attecA; by raidarm. A few human 
operativei and a setection of 
'- ava itsble to assist Each 
fifteri>nt, dependir^ on 
11^1 niuMrirfo, and some wiere 
diijsinfUMi '.:■! pTCf*i*nt 3 grisatar 
tev^rof plaryeri 

than rir? 

D the defender 

dep-^ F - -- -tTW one by one. 
Each crow membef has a nume 
arNj weapon, ar«i weapons am 
indyde irnything from pS^ols 
end sub-machine ^uns to later* 
and grenades. Not unreasonab- 
ly, each weapon has a different 
effect on the enemy ~ but these 
of ooufM. are no more than 
variations on a theme They bib 
all deadly if used pfopedyl unce 
flaiders h ave been deployed . the 

Movement ^^* * — > - --,. 
handled by a 
whkh dictates how rur j cnjaraui- 

Bf mav mrvuT' ^nd what courses 
of a liiable to him. 

. i:tt\ iFH A czFi'Tv 

oy^^^y una cunstqueniiy niniryii 
to eliminate. The concept of the 
game is strikingly similar to that 
of a conventions? f^»rri y/ar^ 

?ame ealtod 

Wof^ rraa deck 

er and s jrd I 

.combat, H- '-i^i^ity 

addictive, bei n i^vii^ 

I'"" ' liimulaiiy'j wim great 

1 play They provfcta aj 
lilting E^altenge to the moat] 
persevering of tactician $ 
Red Shift no longer 
which mtMHia tt's unlikt 
you'ir catch one of their tiUes on 
your riHii:\A[ «.lcjt:Strr%T's sti^*iv<-^ 


lllie iri ■ I'l. • ■ ,r\« ■ ■1.1 '_^*j^ 

of adequate exposi 
wa^ releiiii^H ^--■■^ 

copy of the 

The guin 

Nffsit month, T 
moTe Hqd Shif 

moTe Hqd Shif ' uded rallnjas far Ihm^ 
aam*s. g hrafi s ,!• wbr> nrv intervvtvd. 
Sff^'^^Ac/s s«orad An Ov^,iiJ ryiiJi^i of 7a%. r wss s S^ftaslir 

and RG^twfSrar^^ufcrs was nevef revyewad a ujwn|iiito#e_ 




Onoe again it's time to riffle through the FRONTLINE 
postbag and &ort out a few IHerarv gems that deserve 
• wider audience. Still no strategy tips or POKES 
worth rep rod yet ng, though. Candy's going to keep his 
inonopolv if you lot don't get down to the postboK 


1 have a large number of 
wurgarrtes in my collection, 
including Arnhem, Th& Su^g& 
and W^rerloo. By t»r the bes4 ol 
th^e IS Amhem. It came into Ifie 
«hc^ one month befere you 
riviewed ii but I had lo ord^r the 
Ottrer two. Arc Lothiorien afraid 
Oiat wargames won't soU in 
liMFns litce Llandudno? 

Why i3 CCS's new g-anrve 
Des&rt R^ts pricad at £995 w^tien 
Amhem was only £895? Ana 
CCS trying lo SC|M«^Jte anolher 
pound out of ui wafgamers? 
L«tly, am Thesrm Europe and 
^Itf^ of Bntam i:flmLng out fof 
Ih* Specif ym? 
Ian HarriMnH UandtKino, W«Im 

PS Why not stan a w^rQames 

"Kot/ know how to fit a ht of 
qumthns fnw a sm&ff s^^e 
don'i YOU 7 Of coarsa, f/ie f3ci 
th&t ^ou Aatf io ortfer rwo of your 
jp/nes isn^tso much & /^fiectton 
on iotNari&n as on yot/r local 
M}ckm. ^ decides what the 
s^hop wtit c^fr^ as slock, not ihe 
som^ri9 ho^sB. fncouraga him 
to gef in ttm kmd of gam^^s you 
want to buy. Most softw^ra 
stockists v^iif order an mdrnduai 
mfe tut ff you convince Am he 
m&Y deciM to carry wargarryes 
afryway. To i>e fatr to CCS, 
Amham (which f ttevar 
rBvi$iw4 in€i(^ta(/yi isn't on 
the same scafe as Desert Rets. 
r,^ farter fs a much bigger game 
mi^ hefiove ma^ it*s worfn the 
extra qwd. 

As far as f know, PSS are 
inwnding to ret^se tha games 

• ^ * 

Ypii rrmntion for the Spectrum. 
These shoi/fd be avatfahte 
shoftty end /7/ tm mvtewing 
them m soon as possfbh. The 
probfem wfth a wargames chart 
is that so fittfe ts released^ n 
woufd hardfy change over tha 
course of a year or so. Ar^yway^ 
are charts reaffy that mipoftent? 
Personally, / thmk ih^y can show 
iwrf games as wefi as good #/frf 
are of no maf use at ail 
Howeyen if enough peopie 
disagree . . . 


Dear Si r^ 

At IftsI, Tve diSOOv«rad sftat^gy 
warpam^ via an eKcelt^nt 
game, Amhem from CCS. iVe 
beefi playi^ng the game solidliy 
for hours on and. I wonder if this 
game s typical of war/sEfalegy 
ganriM In farms of quality and 

For the last half hour, t've been 
reading through old magaiinei 
in search of r^sviews end 
commeniB on wargames but 
surprisingly, only CRASH has a 
regular wamame cotumn. Why 
is this? If Mmhem is a typical 
example, the^a games certainly 
deserve n^re exposure. After 
reading through last month's 
FRONTLINE, 1 Ve decided to buy 
Desert fiats as soon as is 
finar>ciaily possible — it looks 
very interesting- A friend has 
recently tx>ught Their Firmest 
H(?yr 150 Tm looking fonward 10 
play^ng it entensivery. 

Finany, i'd t>e very grateful H 
you ^^uld recommend a few top 
qtiality wargames as I'm vary 
new to (hiQ type of game, 
Coijldn''t you exiervd your 

Riatthaw Paina, Rya. East 

Tobehonesi — no, Amhem fsrt'i 
a typical wargama. 9€% of 
arfytnirrg is rubbish as an ofd 
frienti of mine used to say. I'm 
afraid the same goes for 
wargaming. There's a fot of 
dross out there. / can't answer 
for other magazines' editoriat 
poiictes but t agree that 
w^rgammg shoufd be a more 
prominent part of gaming in 
gerwral irt the States, rt 'j airnost 
impossibte to succassfuffy 
rnarket any game that lacks at 
^easf the fundamentai 

componanes of strategY- But 
them, tfm marts! ts ditfermnt 
from ours. Strategy games 
cannot be revf&yved n&Mt to 
'normal' games and jtjdged by 
the same crftena as by 
definition, they are a different 
br^ed of gam^ akogether /'m 
just gfad that DMSW saw the 
wtsoom in having a itrate^y 
COiumn for, if nothing a/*a, its 
giveo me a Job / enjloy (and yes, 
tfM coiumn wifi mtpsnd ghfm 

As for fcp Quaifty games, you 
aiready Aave one. Desert Rsls 
shou/d be your next ob/ectfve. 

Lo^iorien's The &ulge Waterloo 
and Auste rl itz are a/i exceHent as 
wmfl for a hybrid adventuref 
stfategygame, try the Bectrortic 
Pencil Company's superiatn/e 
version o/Tha Fourth Protocol 
Wh^tmrgr you decide on, enfoy 
the hobby. 



In tha tatest issue of CRASH, you 
mention that the original D&D 
was by Gyga)< and A meson. 
Weii< Tm juit cunoua biit IVe 
only evar haard of Gygax and 
I've be«n playing the game for 
three years. So who la ihia 

I write my own prog rami to 
supplement my roie as a referee. 
These can create creatures at 
random (complete with full stats 
of course )> dhiHtiSiffi of various 
races, c^agaat and tavets of 
experienca arw! Tm eurramly 
working o*i a designer which 
will allow the creation of a fully 
populated dungeon. Why nol 
feature such programs (noi 
necessarily mine) in your pages 
if you think that Shde of the 
hobby is vwofth covering? 
Atot BaaiT^, Crewa^ Cheahtra 

first ihir^gs first D^ve Ames^n 
W9S Gygax's t:ofteague and 
fmfped him set up Tactica/ 
Studies Raies (rmw just known 
as rSW Both men worked on 
the Dfigirmt version of OBiD. 
Reprinted boxed sets of this 
game stiff credft both authors, 
rfowever, after dftferences, both 
personal and pr{>fessfonai, 
Amesof} left TSN and onty 
recet¥ed fuft credft for h$s 
ear/iest invofvement with tfm 
ctmfpany when he was 
honoured at orte of tha bfg 
Arrmrfcan games conventions a 
coupte of years ago. 

As to your point about 
statistics generation programs^ 
ffiONTUNf woufd fo/iaw the 
politry in ifte re^f of CfiASM and 
fistings therefore woufd not be 
printed. We woaid be mterested 
m hoking at home-produced 
software, however, so why not 
aefHt your programs in foiks? 
Them are some profe^ionatfy 
refeesed programs of this type 
erfd it wouio be mtemsting to 
deai with them in a future issue. 
Watch thts specie .. . . 


Well thar& kV. i can tdiia a rest for 
another mcnth Whde I don"! 
really ihmk mw ot du^ ^ 
cof respondents this month 
really deserve C20 woflh ol 
»jftwdre — rm in a gefkerous 
mood. Graeme won't bar me 
from the tea hm if I pffer 
everyone who wroit m thrs 
rtionth a T sh I n . so Au ntie Aggie 
wil! be in louch wilh you three 
guy&soonl Well doo=o . i 

^ Feel free to write ^bqyt 
anything on your mind — well, 
not quMe anything you 
ynd^rst^nd, iwst the kmd of stufl 
w€ can Eikmnt. H'^ not goinc| lo be 
T Sin iris ell ro«nd for eyigr — but 
Vm waiirng lo give away t20 
worth of software to a star li^tEf^r 
■Anl^r pf star strlitfjay hp-^^.^ 
Smd your worrhy orferirnr. 
eOX to tUOLOVV. 


CRASH Mav 1986 87 


f i- Hia THE c n ivir: 













^ • 






J or' 

IW*K 4T^^i«^ J?gai/ft » 









':■»'«■•■ If 



: wti^. 





88 CftASH May 1986 










t hat ott«n b*on. sitd lwffH«p thfl gamtts softwart 
[}<WDiid hpi mudi in oommon with ttw music Imi- 
luttTY Lflflving ukto ttM connohseur'i direct m«tiil 
fnA4tAred LP di«^, «ml ttw ii«w t«hnologV'pH«d 
compact discs. th# popular muaic IP hit ^ loiind tts 
ipridno nich« in th« £4— C6 rang^. Above thfl fix 
potindt n^iffs tha product bag ins to nnaat consumaf 
l^raaJttariear wtttiln tJia mind of every potential pop 
purchaser it a lat qI scalar whk:h ^mm out wtth a 
V*lue-tOf ^mOneY readout working on the figuraa ot pocial morwY/ 
dhcoiibiatneomfl and the real worth of bei« futtai*. leads, inar» 
end MgMwIs tyncopiled into fome »ort ol harmOftf. 

In eeee^ as a yoyng pop coriKumer. ^ou think the etKnn prvttY 
obvkKll, h might be worth ptrtting a hMoricel perspective on this 
by pointing out the U*i dogged persistence for keepffig Ks token 
vahie pegged at tlie £B nmarlc lince 1976. m date f romi which inflation 
spring-boanied. Hits pegging of tha price wat not ckine without 
iofTW modifl^rtiDns and oott -cutting^ mMt noticably a thinning ot 
the ptofltic and a reduction In cfualltY which meant people like 
myHlf buying three recorde at a time In the sura kiKiwtedge that at 
lent one of them would be a bad preǤlng. 
Now let's have a look at what s been napipafi^ng in soflwara in 

1W6. Ftgum shewthtft Specfttwn software sel«i are wwf wtmmt of 

rtwse for CommodOfe. The B8C and CiG marfcets ere myeh emaUer 
than the IWO big hoys but are significant^ whiie the thifd biggest^ 
Am^rad, b continoing to improve and catch up. The nnost suc- 
cessful com pen Y in tenn$ of units soM wdi Masterttonic tolhowed 
by US Gokl and Ocean. Since US Goid and Ocean are in reality the 
same stable you might take them combined to be the greatest force 
in sohware. 

HAastertioniG ere femed for their dieep ■offwere selling in 
newsagents^ and petrol itationa. though their ELM range lies 
recently appeared ^n^ the h^h sXrevt muHJple stores and Is fast 
g&inincf a raftpectabilfty previousiy i hough t beyond the budget 
game /The US Gold and Oeeen group are famed for their lop quality 
games s«ling at the seven and eight pounds mark. To confiiM 
matters, nimourm abound of both groypTi each planning to releeee 
gwnes in the othav'a domain. 

A software houee mahee f er less p^ofH. after paying pr(>duct costs 
and royalties, on a cheap game when compared to the margin on a 
full-prnd product, A cheap game has to seU ejghi to nine time* 
mcfie to ifiahe the same profH «f a full-prioed game But the n^ore 
eKpensive game needs advertising and Involves a greater ri^E — 
kids aren't going to part with eight pounnlsoti a whim Ctearlv thate 
are manyjtfM and cons to full- and budget- prked software tmt 
what rd HtotO suggest is a price for software whkh wiH encourage 
both high consumer sal&s (with reduced copying L and c^uaiitv 
programs. This figure I beiieve is son'Mwhej-e around the five 
pounds n^rk. mudfi the same as record prkas. 




Producer: Matond 

Price: €2.95 

Author: Matthew HoJmes 

The year is 3050, the planet Alfa- 
Ren, the inhabitants human. 
Earth is no more than a dead. 

(teSOlate rocit floating m ipSiDe. 

Jusi tief ore ihe war beiween the 
s^jperpowers a few thousand 
people were s^nl to s planet 
CfllM Atfi'R^n. Among thes« 
people wem scientists, doctors 
and all th€ ofher professions 
needed to sustain N re on a new 
p4anet, The biggest mistake in 
setecting theM pMpt« we^ 
cfxK^in^ a Profeeeor OeemuSp 
an evil, insane, txit clever man 
set on ruling Alfe-Ren of des- 
troying it jn the process. With a 




bomb wtiich wouM desiroy hatf 
th@ planet if rt «xplod«d, And 
leave the other half slowly dy- 
ing, the professor represented e 
ofave threat to {he inhabitants of 
AKa Ren should he have ever 
contemplated the unthinfcabre- 
Professor Deennus ends up 
doing the ufithinkable, deton- 
ates his bomb destroy ^^^ ihe 
southern hemisphere, and now 
radiation is encfoachirtg on the 
no^h. But there is hope- A 
Professor Fcrrig is peHecting his 
time machine He homt to tra- 
vel bdck in time to befbrs the 
cstastfophe- Intending to search 
for and find Prof Deem us. he is 
^Iso inienf on finding the 
Doomsdav Papers, the vvori of 
some top scientists del filing 
how to make the tM>mb. secfetty 
stolen by the m#dman. Profea- 
sor Ferric is way overdue rel- 
uming from a irip bach in time 
arKJ you. his assistant, reke ft 
upon yourself to irsveE buck in 
time before it is too late. 

Tfje Ooomsdsy Papers im one 
of the better programs reviewed 
this month . It has chosen one of 
my favourite solutions to the 
memory prablem: it has decid^ 
ed upon a few infrequent quaiity 
graphics. I like thi§ answer 
Bec^ftuse you can genuinely look 
forward to each new graphic, as 
much a highlight to an adven- 
ture as is a goal in a football 
maicli. The garn« hM e reason^ 

ably frierKtly vocabulary {let 
dc^n by T^e ridiculously narrow 
■worded solution to the pite of 
njbbish problem), sorne ^upor 
little sounds, and meriHy rolls 
on^ perhaps a tittle too easily. 
Sonne of the ways in which you 
advance ar« just a bit too arbi- 
trary for my liking, for ejcample, 
filing down a hole you climb 
out of it to find yourself in a 
tDtatlv new location — simply by 
fallfng end gettirrg out of a hote- 
Matand Software will sell by 
mail order in the first irtstance. 
They can be conticl^d at 29 
Moorland Road, Mickleower, 
Derby DE3 5f X. 


DiffiajHv: easy 

Graphics: quite goOd 

Presentation: okay {Spectrum 


Inpiit ta«ll%: verb/no^fi 

Responsd: Quill 

General ratifig : quKe good 

Atmosphera i 


Logic I 

Addictive quality 



Producer; Central 
Price: £3-99 
Authors; GFong,K 

Pmiude*^ etory goes like this. 
Your mission begina in a hfief- 
ing coom somewnere in sotiih- 
essi Eiwland^ Vou have been 
briefed oy your commarKling 
officer and must now fulfilt yqtjr 
vital miaaion. 
To the eatt of the briefing 


room ii the CD's oHju, a 
nnodestty decorated pla^ 
dominated by a large desk arid 
chair in the cent re onhe room. A 
portrait of the gaffer himself 
glares down from one of ttie 
walls To the south is the 00 s 
secretary. She asics if you have 

se<en the 00 and of course the 
answer is that you haven't. An 
open doo f il i es to the north wh i le 
the rt\ain <ioof% which wrM pre- 
sumably get you out of these 
Tirai three locationi are to itie 
east- Now ihe problem is land 
you've been gpven the salient 
points ^o mull over} is how to get 
out of the rnain doors lo the east 
of !*ie secretary's room wittiout 
the folfowing report coming up 
n^e secretory follows ¥<^u ^dut. 
You fee) a sharp stabbing pairi rn 
your back. As you iie on the floor 
dying you decide never to trust a 
woman again (especiaM/ Ger^ 
n>an onesfl'. The only clue that I 
diare proffer is if you hang 
around in the secretary's office 
for a while she comments on not 
feeling ver^ welt, the inference 
being thai all the noiw has given 
her a headecht. Thi^ due really 
won't be much Mp uniil you're 
onto the sofuifon anyway so I 
don't think Tm giving loo much 

Later on you meet a radar 
tower, what appears to be an 
aircraft njnwav. and a stores 
departmeni wfiere \ am sure 
thece mu^ be a way past the 
wire mesh above the counter. 

Antteruo is an arcade game 
written in 1935 which, conaider- 
irig the age of some of the 
SOTtware reviewed this month, is 

G>5iti vely bang - u p-to-date. 
nfortunately many of the p^- 
gramming techniquea m woe- 
fbOy ancient With [erky character 
movemonl replacing the very 
smooth scrolling which typi^^ 
the 1986 game. Funtier the 
animation 7s primitive in tfie 
extreme wrth the only noiice^^ 
















llii\«i Su^ HaiiMi«i eJh mhw Una mA mam 
4fi M llii iMni of llM htj^ Kfliipntd Oi»0|p^ 

tin «ri iiffH fil 0£ Doim 









CAi&r9 95 





mcf uia^m nrxr mm «ss owur f?« 

ablft ctiango bmn§ from a rights 
facing chif«cier lo a Ieft-f#cir5fl 

one. Also, for my 'iking at \em. 
the iecofid frame jump$ m dff- 

ticulty fef too much when Gom- 
pared to tho relfftively easy first 


DWfteultY^ pretty diffiOilt 
GrapMc*: averaga but fa^ 
Input fadBtv: vertoypoun 
G«fwal rating- t¥tfQ wafV 
av«fBg« gamas for an avarag^ 



Addictive quality 










Producer Double Play 

Price: £1.99 

Aythor: P RobinMn, E 


Here we have Qiiili«d gafflw 
daiifVQ way bade to I9fl4. Both 

tcM:* verv much dated products 
(although ofity ow- Op^rBtfOff 
Turtle. IS aciuaiJy daled) wiih 
uriimaginatiw and uninier^t- 
ing stofylbiM arwl lh# kind of 
flat footedness which \^mM 
you wondefifig wh«n n wM end 
Comma/K/^ i iioiv gow Uie 

this. You belong to ari elite Com 
majido unit, bui vou have be©n 
given a mission thai entails ym 
working alone m enemy tefri- 
tory. You have to find a list of 
ftr>emv agents and return with it, 
so the agents can be appref^en- 

Yoy begin in a subrnergao 
submarine where you can 9i« a 
button, a gun. gauges end little 
else tor now ai least, since you 
can cKplore no more oi the sub 
manfw. Since exan^in^ng the 
gauges brings up "I s^e nothing 
special' (as does wamining juat 
about ovufylhing) There se^TO 
noihkna ioh to do but press the 

button, which saems to do the 
trick. Doin^ this leads you on to a 
dinghy which, after much eitpl 
Ofing of ihe local waters and 
cliffs leads you ofi to the beach 
Commando is a game with short 
location descriptions which is so 
unoocperative it may leave you 
short of patience, 

Oer&tion Fi/fTfe SUita witn 
quite a weeie even before it's 
hjlly loaded The common 
Double Play toading screen i$ 
replace with the one fof Op^r^- 
tiof^ Tunh ar^ immediately 
wiped offofic© youVe waited for 
ihe scTwn IP loid. The fact that 
the loading screen is poor fand 


chute , 
y i t h i n 

a f e I y . 

m^s car 

to open 

there f o 

way , a 

You a 
nded beneath you 
above French s 
minutes you ha 
but the parac 
r y i n g your r a d 
and your radi 
re landed many 
n d is n Ci d o u t t 

YOU r orders 
re to coritaiiii the resistance 
fi o V e m e n t as so o n a := F" c* s s i b I e - 
y o u r c o n t a c t ui ii^l respond to 



a p p e s r s 
t r £ e i. . 

I =1 r( d 
T. o b e 

92 CRASH May 1986 

d I ri a ?■ I e I d w h 
s u r I" o u n d e d fc- y 

simpiv the attribute of the first 
iCTWn) l4 neither hem nor there 
— after wa ni n g fu r so I ong to 9©e 
Ihe screen it would have bwn 
gouneous !o at Jeas^t give itie 
pl^ef some time to soe it. The 
eventual screen lafi for loading 
simp(y has 'Ope nation Turtle' 
written on it- So much far 
irriateyrishnes^and let's look at 
the story line. 

K is October 1t43. Vou hava 
been briefed by Briii&h Intelli^ 
gence using recent reports from 
units of the Fr&nch rtesistanoe. 
These communiques lyggeiif 
the Gennang are to develop a 
secret weapon that coufd 

fiVienttisllv liiMl to tha inv^sron 
of Brittiin, Although the region in 
which the research is taking 
p^aoe is known few other details 
nav© as v^^ filtered through. As 
the adventure begfns you, as a 
top British agent, are gently 
floating down behind enemy 
lines in occupied France wjth 
orders to dboover the Bxsa 
whereabouts of the enemy's 
most leethel weapon and to 
report back with the vital infor- 
mation. Within minutes yoi; 
have landed safely in a smei 
field surrounded by trees in the 
first frame of the game, Unfortu- 
nately, the accompanying Mfa- 
chute carrying your radto faiM 
to open and the radio therefore 
lies some mi^es away and is no 
doybt destroyed in erty case. 
Your orders are to contact the 
resistance movement as quickly 
as possible- The contact arran^ 
ged to meet you will respond to 
the phf«»* Octobet winds 
blow from the eesi^ and 1n Perls 
the winds btow from itie south'. 
Operation Tuffh plavs in a 
vefY predictably manner, After 
wandering arour>d for » few loc- 
ations,, characterised by your 
inability to do or examine any- 
thjrtg; you ere Mjrtounded by 
Gerfnans with fieroe snarling 
hounds. This leads to 'You are m 
a white room furni|hed onty 
with a single bed. The door iti of 
heavy steel end a pninel of 
buttons irrdicatos that it is alec- 
tronkaHy operated;' Now fm 
not saving the Gentians didn't 
have etootfon^callv operated 
dioofs in oocu pied F ra nee . What I 
am saying ts that it seems very 
unlikety, Once again we havt a 
g^me written way back in 1984. 



Diffky hy ; made difffcult by its 


Graphics: thera ain't any 

PresefTtefiofi; very eve rage 

Input facjll^: verb /noun 


Gmmmi nrting^ notfiitig neiw 




Addicttve quality 


EHfTicylty: difficult 
Greptifcs: none 
PrtMfftetiOfi : poor 
Iftput f^eilHiY: verb/noun 
General riUng: heckneyed irKi 
thowing its age 

Atmosphere 6 

Vocabulary 5 

Logic S 

Add ict i ve Qy a lity 6 

Overall 5 


Producer: Atlantis 
Price: £1.99 
Author: D Uddle & J 

Now heme's a brt of culture for 
you. There was this geejer, vyho 
may welt have been blind, sit- 
ting around on e Greek island in 
about SOO BC, chronicling the 
kind of tales thiat led to those 
spectacular nmnstef ftln^ with 
hideous see creatures a^d 
wing&d horses. an<f the gocfs 
above playing animated driees 
with tne heroes. Well, that 
geezer was Homerp and even rf 
some of the mortsters may welF 
have been a f foment of the trans 
lation, the stortes are still a super 
base for an adventure^ 

Tfie stofv here centres around 
the Greek hero Ody^seus's rer 
um from the fall of Troy to his 
homeland of Ithaca, the smallest 
of the Ionian Islands in the 
Ionian Sea. Odysseus was noted 
for hi^s coureoe and ingenuity 
whidi helped the Greeks win the 
battle of Troy His ten year return 
iiome was fraught with dan^r 
and he could ontv win hii wife 
PanelCH» after killing her 

The game begins with a vary 
ptoasant tune and a referenoato 
a *Beowo^r which transpires to 

be an anonymoys Old Engtisli 
epic poem notable for its siart- 
irig words or stressing parts 
beginning with tf>e same lettar. 
There a re g raph ics i n t h i s ad ven- 
ture and tne first picture sfvow- 
ing your Greek sailing vessel is 
decorative enough. The first 
frame is of the 'you ain't gonna 
get any further til you've solved 
this one' type. "You are on a 
beach along which are lit numer- 

Return to Ithaca 

CRASH May 1966 93 

om tignil fim. To thi north ran 
to seen a dty erigtilfecl \n flame 
>^fth a giant wooden horse reel- 
ing Ets head above ttie con flag ra- 
Ibn, A short svword Nes in a fire 
and you dearly aren't going (o 
get il until rhe fiw is out Boaf'd 
ing I he galley is perhaps a little 
exacting and is an early sign of 
die not -so-friendly vocabularv 
ahead. The EXAMINE eommand 
]& alao far from fnend-ly and in- 
vvriablv fiies out an I can't' with 
a n^ind-munbtrrg lack of origin 

The highly entert^mkig "1 
can't' greets you rfir!it attempt lo 
leave iie shore In your ship: the 
gafne wastes little time or effort 
giving prompts. Giving some 
nautical thought to your predjc^ 
ament should see you sec sail for 
the first ervcounter wher<? a l&ck 
of nautical awareness might 
inalte it your Jast. Your first desti- 
nation is the Libyan proniontoiv 
of Lotophagi. the (and of the 
Lotus eaters. This land bears the 
fitih of the lotuSp a stoneless. 
ssffron^^xs toured fttiii about thR 
size of a bean. Ii has the prop^rtv 
of making those who have ^asi 
ed if lose their memory. If I now 
lell you thai sonne decribed the 
fr\iit as a kind o< apple from 
which a heavy cider was brewed 
you'll see what I mean sbour the 
naer^ce of these old vvorks get- 
tinji messed around in the trans- 
lation^ There's a curious bit in 
the irst area visited where you 

94 CRASH May 1986 

pick up the coconut and this is 
acknowledged by sticking ihe 
maJEe picture of the forest up 
onto the screen, otherwise it's a 

straightforward case of pfcking 
up tne goodies and headinpi 
beck to the ship. Once the nauti- 
cal nacks learned in Ihe first mst- 

mce are adhered to rippir^g 
from one area or island to tn- 
otf^er is perfectly feasible right 
up to the fiffti destinetion, Iha 

®n?'ii^^? ^" fiaine with a 9, ant 
ooden horse rearing it's hean 
above the conflagration To t^* 
^^^tl^e^^l^! '^ a%lIllC-an?hi!^| 
± ■ a n 3 I SO se e : - 
" i^.ort taJUDCl lying in a fire 

Tell me what to do. 
'-an t . 

^_ await your command. 

I can't go in that direction. 

■hIlp^^'^'^ *"*"" y^"*" instructions 
Phone iTHficn 1321. flgfc for Zeus 

I'm ready for your instructions 

StlOfOS of 

Beyond h«r» 

tra MO lirQa radei rflpreuftling 
the fates of the wtiirSpooi of 
Charybdis and thfr sik- headed 
monster, Scy I (a, 

I pers^fiatly found ft&tum to 
fti^&ca tnteresting as f have 
atways beeri fsscinated bv 
Greek nnythology. Ancient 
Gre-ecewsaa time of real h^rofls 
^nd th» ifllhrsHing mix of Olhei- 
Aorldy events and ghasiiy, 
hideous creaturM makis^^ boLh 
conripening book reading and 
adventure playing. The progta 
mming be^und ihis gams turns 
out to D^ not as sophisticated as 
il might but the ihen^e is enough 
to keep the player's interest. 


DHfi€ultv: moderate, perhaps 

dEfftciikt without a booh on Greek 


Graphlca: average for a cheap 


Presentatbn i good 

biput facility: verb/noun 

ReffKinse: fast Quill response 

General rating: not bmd 

Atmosphere 7 

Vocabulary 5 

Logic 7 

Addictive quality 7 

Overall 7 


Producer: Central 


Price: O.S9 

Author: DaveWatson> 

Richard Wright 

If for no other reason thii soft- 
ware is notable for its pr>ce; 
somewhere t^fween the real 
cheap^e at £1.99 and the full 
blown effort clocking in ground 
the ^even or eioht pounds maffc. 
It offers a grapnic adventure on 
one side and a very simpte 
arcade on the other. Neither are 
of partjoiiiirly high quality and f 
would have thought that both 
could have been offered for a 
Sym slightV ^ess than that ashed 
for. The ddven tyre is reasonebty 
interMting due mainly to its 
theme — schools are natural ty 
amusing and the average school 
day is famitiar to everyone, 

You hick off on a rugby field 
following a very simple imro 
tune. East tafceft you to a cricfcet 
pitch and west tBkm you some- 
where conn(:jletely dirTerent; so 
much for mapabilityp or is it 
iiying to recreate thai sense of 
being lost which is pan of all 
school careers yntil sense 
begins |o surface around fifth 
form? At the fir^t stairweli loopy 
Mr Hoi l^y hock ru^hi^s up 1o tetl 
you of some great news. He's 

just seen a Gatekeeper and is 
offering €^ to th^ pupil who can 
catch It. (Mow a Gatekeeper is not 
the schooi janitor. No, it fums 
out to t>e any of several Euras^ian 
butterflies of The genus Pyronia 
especially a species having 
brovm- bordered orange wings 
with a bla>£^k- white eyeapot on 
each forewing. I see. 

Before you can gel into the act 
of Qetling the butterfly you wiil 
no doubt be accosted by $onne 
pain in-the-neck hke Mrs Birch 
who will pose son>e incredibly 
difficult question like M/hen wa$ 
the banie of Bannockburn'? The 
teacher iooks pretty angry so 
you shoot out the answer whk:h 
IS . . . errrr . . , exacliy. You're 
given four attempts at the im- 
possible after v^ich you are 
stung into the adjustment unit 
where tume seems to stand still 
and so does the program for a 
few moments. On your return to 
the game proper the program 
rather cleverly insists thai you 
answer this sarne question 
rather than some other like 'Who 
painted the Laughing Cavaher'? 
It's atK>ut now when you decide 
to get up from the Computer and 
dhg out an encyctopedia to find 
out all al>out the battle where 
Robert the Bruce won g famous 
victory over the English. 

The uSLiel batw of loopy 
eccentrics who pass as school 
teachers inhabit this school. In 

addftjon io the txiriously aca- 
demic Mrs Birch there's the daft 
Mr Puoe who muners Heh man, 
I just got to get some ftovwrs' 
into my fti^riife' and a Mi«a 
Curvey who says 'Non intrea in 
judicium cum ssn^o tuo, 
Domine*. Even uneducstsd 
types will irrnnw^tely jump to 
some crude traralation fike Tfl 
spare you detention if you get 
out' like what I did with the help 
of my Latin made slightly less 
difficult and obscure booit 
Meanwh r I e G eo rge t he Ja nUo r ts 
forever asking for his Shovel and 
Swottvf^oail. the b rainiest gir) In 
the school asks 'Hi stupid^ got 
any sweets?' 

the arcade game on the flip- 
side is called Dijngeon Oara 
where the object of tne gan>e is 
to CO Meet 4^ keys scattered 
atxHit a du r^geon . 'rou r en ergy is 
sapped if you go too near or 
touch a monsterout energy pills 
revitalise you. Some screens of 
the dungeon elfow left, right and 
up and down movements while 
the pfatfonn scnaens allow left 
and richt only. The curious mix- 
ture of four-direction el and plat- 
form screens can bo confusing 
at first. Vou af* given three lives, 
an energy bar to show hovv n^ear 
death vdu are, and time and 
score. As arca<fe games go this 
one is very simple^ which is rvot 
neces^rily a bad thing, and it 
does at least have smoothly 
scrolling sprites which is more 
than t can say atx3ut another 
arcade type game reviewed hi* 

Classroom Chsos I found to t>e 
a very entertsimng adventure. 
Its theme is a pleasanl and 
refreshing change to monsler- 
bashing and il creates a t>eliev- 
abl-e caricature of a school It 
uses the Spectrum character set 
(both cap^el and lower case] 
and has a glaring white back- 

CRASH May 1986 95 

ground oo it colmjf TV but over- 
ilf the presentation is lively and 
colourful. Not bad For 0.99. 


Oifficultv: moderaia to easy 
Grapliica: small^ rudtm^ntary 
but eHeccive 

PrH«ntation: fair 
Input facility L 

Gefi«f«l rating: antertiinlng 



Addictive qualtty 



Producer: Podcet Money 


Price: Very cheap! 

Author: Dave Walls 

ftffts of Time is a real chflapie, 
allhoygh t have no docunientav 
ion witn ifiese games this timfl- J 
assume ttiev siiM retatl at 99p ot 
thareabouts l say 'th^%& games' 
because I was sent a wh^le wad 
of cbeapieSi eitih^f by th^m- 
lalyas or with anothar mcH on a 
oaasetta marked 'Double Play". 
This month more than ev«r a 
load of games have been dump- 
ed in my lap wrih rvo help or hint 
sheets which is bad enough , but 
worse many don't even tell me 
hc^ much the games will retail 
for. If you're confused so am L 
but let's for the time being 
Assume one or fwo of ifiese wm 
enri yp in the shops and have a 
look nt the be^ of them. 

The blurb on thiaona goes tike 
this. It is said that In an tin 
known world there lie three 
relics of great power. Vou must 
command me through out my 
quMt in gaining those relics and 
taking tnem through a tima 
poriaf to the God named Odin. 
But beware, it is not an easy 
qiiesi for there are evil creatufea 
who will do their utmost to 
dmtroy you. All commands can 
be fhorfened to their first tour 
(etiers and mid -points, such as 
NE arwJ SW, are accepted. The 
first frame goea Nke this: 1 am 

I am resting, 

smatt winged Huiaano 
Pointed €LBrs enters 
*Good Evening J i a™ 
5pES5^^ I have been 

for the night 

id With 

. He says , 
Dave the 

in a 


your Quest 


exits ar^.~ ^^ 

e iSOU th . 

also se_ej„- 

^^^^ ol Tron Rations, 
pave'^ai ts impatienlLy. 

irell sfte what to do. 


t>ave says , -You're ciewe 
1 awa £ t your command . 


Open d o o r 

96 CRASH Mav 1986 

feeing for ihe night in a ran- 
sackeo, dirty hut when a small 
winged humanoid wUh pointed 
ears enters Ha My% Good 
Evening, I am Dave the sprite. I 
have been commanded to help 
you in your quest.' Dava i$. a kind 
of pec who accompanies you on 
your advemu rets . 

Rifts of Ifme isn't auch a bad 
advi^ntura tor the price, conside- 
ring it was written v^ay back in 
13m. Exiliand objects are cisar- 
jy marked in a manner typical of 
uuiNed fivriM and the humour 
daveiopid around your com- 
panion Dave ke€ps you going 
through the trickiest moments. 
Most of the lime Dave comes out 
with some amusimg comments 
which, unlike many a poorer 
gamep make sense and are 
appropriate to the situation In 
vvhid^ you find yourself, Th© 
game Is potted with many a frne 
and endearing character {some 
from Dungeon i & Dragons) 
stiCh as a scAly-green wai«r 
dragon, a beauliful tree- nymph 
namod Dryad who gives you a 
Silver- bBnded black rod wftliout 
which you will perish in the 
woodSp srxJ a pol-bfllti«d gefiie 
who can' I give you a wish. What 
use he is. if any, rw leave you «o 


Graphics none 
Pre^ntatfoni Spsctfum text 
Input facility: verb/noun 
RmponMi: Qyiil {Jmmedlttfi 
fjeneral rttlrHi: a gMd ISM 

AHfiOSphere 8 

Vo^bylsry 7 

Logic 7 

Addkrtive quality 7 

Overall 7 




Juslm Sffjny frnffi M»ficli«#tBJ' 
It JWirfiig mfficuk^ ttmrting 
^m cmf mftmr dm tvmifm thm 

Qmmmtk «hI te homt thmmimn- 

Mtimr fou Imv« kiitrnd 
Vk^cmiti^M mmn wtmmlinp Jn 
fth# «lteinwa r you mhofum 

now bm mtim to start ihm cmr 
9impfybmmnimrm^ TVBSU 

On ih« Mmmm pa#l»« 5 i(/wv 

» qould wu tell mo how 
to {]«t ■ tMxl Slid whfft UH ii the 
dfimf co-ln Bnd Nlyw chi yiHi 0*1 
to S^tli Strvot?. '' 

Mvto^jt l»vamf Iffft vim ttm 
bmck cfcKMV |n»u can HSJM 
DSC CMivHKfaly |mj'«iA r<i Im 
fairan to 59tA Strmmt. Thm 
coin is fvot forpMymw thm 
cmbbf^ but iM for buying m 

GmyD^^htln Htest firomivfcfi 

it ufialiili u fiod thmpmppmr 

in Slhmrwoft'm Bond €rf tb* 


Hhan scKith o f Dmrt Mocin f «'fi 

ffQ up. 

Ommm Prkhmrd ofLmmdt, 
mmoikmr irifafim of thm ¥#»y 
|iOp(ibrBor6d of the Ringt 

''CkHjM yoy piMM h«lp ifiKt in 
thi f sms Sored ol The Rings. I 
ti*v€ got into Mororw'i Csv«s 
■fid cannot a««m to find i wm^ 
Out^ I hava fHit bativrv into 
Mndiiig machinp ^nd gdt tbt 
^fi to gi¥« to th« d%v«rf for ctM 
map. i havtt baan into avary 
fixxn irffitudlrtg tfia lacrot room 
and hava got ma gun^ bptan 
down unoar tha^parpat and 
found the traaaiira but I cannot 
«t out. i have triad finding 
Hocicv, ixit i have not baen 

To find ffta postar of ftocky, 
antar tfia mmzm mnd follow 
Urn mttp from the lafr hmnd 
aicn, nof tfia lioftoifi.r Whafi 
^■oiiareaf tha and on tfra mmp 
go aaaf to fat tha poaCar, 
Ihim sfvoiila AfaJ|p you on your 

DGrffftihsofBrmcon, Powjfmim 
ailioir j^^pf^ M cha bmgfnmng 
In iva of Bali\p lw^/i|r anmbtm to 
aaoiifia f^imi tAa hat. Thim m a 
|i>i »iiif i f aywipathisa ifvff ft 
aivea my iwirfaHr of tha giama 
iH^va mofifti tmfm dam to mm 
AaAip sfuck mt tha sama 


ym^ mill nmmd to 

timitcm front tfia Imrgm 
numbmF attmtt^rm tmcmtvmd 
on thm scjifi/act tfiaf a lot of 
mdv^niMrm*^ mrm hm^inq 
iroubfm fiy^"^ m^ra^M f n# 
maftfHPotfoi/riNl riaaart in 
Mover Endlni Stoiy, 
yoti ntuaf pat Fateor , tffeaA go 
fo tfia ad|pa o f thm daaarf amf 
Fly South, 

Ah// Saunders h atMf i mprla^ 
Offad in CoMitf mnd wmntw to 
§mm^ how to flat ctowi from 



To oaf dbami fram tlia wnm- 
OowlmdgmmPXFS SP€tf, C 
To pet tntiMfgh tfia tufutal 
yoiinvf If naas fha ^padta. 

Stuck In KantiMe, Gmyrgm 
Q*Donfmfiaf Awton wrftaa: 

" How do yoy get past ttie vlone 
door and Mtiare do you Hnd the 

crystaP " 

If you fraa lAa //nri f ihopm t 
Mpmllod th^ righftt in ma 
Mttfs na<ariAa efona doo# 1^ 
mfittammmh it for yo4i. TPiia 
cfywtmf tm mt thm bmmm o f tfia 

Oti tim mmmm gamau Gidmon 
Ov^rht^d fptint Miffonl wafrfa 
to ArnoMf ivfrafa lia cmn find 
tha 3ihmr ohmtiom. 
tt^M fnmktm ihm bfmck sacfc jfou 
fkKl in thm Ur^m^mutm 
Tmmsmarm room. 

Afimw f6 months of ola y D 
£mmsfHtw ofLmncmmnirm hmm 
f aa rtaif Brmko 'a tmir but im 
imaMft to danisli him. 
Ityouhmwm tmfkmd fo tfra 
Caramrood Oracle yoo mrlll 
falDW that you nmmd Vmtmtr^m 
m:ia!fr to dmffmst Qrmko mnd 
tfiaf lia (itj cmnnof bm dmfmmt- 
md in oombmt. Ai tJie staff 
iMis thm aovixa of WInor'i 
potvar fia im dr^wn do tar fo 
^rfiFi frq#n tlie plein oiMmtf 
a*^ f fnva the mfmff in irsad, 
¥ou wi/l noticm thm dmwinq 
fiffum whmn you arm eha 
mtmtf. On thm fourth umm of 
tba staff l/alnor wl/f raacA 
Earth amf dirag cfia staff an^ 
Its iwteidte' Jhaeic to Hmii 
wwmn'GOt to ratuffi tha iiamon 
Grairo bmck from whmnem hm 
cama, u^m thm mfmff Chrva 
fhnmw mnd than giva It to 

G L^cev friMt BurtoTHon-Trant 

Is mmmm m got through ibm 

dmrk window in Fenfesta 


Yourmrndto SVC HMSTT. 

fnWMtll '8 Cauldron. Ltiune 
Bmwt} «f ScottofKf Is hmiring 
difficuttY finding soma 
momnsbinm formmnmKtwpmUr 
I ihink you mrm looking for thm 
iwiiiffg tfi#lg. Hfoomshf ne If 
an Antarloan word for iHmgrni- 

[ iVs eam^to speak Brtvoslci*.' 

EN«y tK - I n t e ^ £?^>« u r^ L 

CRASH May 1986 97 



I im wrrttrm to fOM on the 
subfeirt of flo caNed 'Stal«H»f- 
thfr-an' giMii«s vs nofmiil t^xt/ 
grofilik Mfvftftturtti. For obout 
two yeAri nqw tli# "SlfltsHjI- 
thi^art' format Kh b#Mi fkpoci- 
ing th# imrkfl^. Thsse t0-«ilM 
tifinlcttiroiiff h« mrm picad Mlro- 
ffioiTiim% nigli ■mi u»u«IIy 
coiftifci dth«f ID graphici 

(taiidiGi|iliig «Ig) or terg* iplft- 
Bcrvtn gr*plilcm ILflVfll il 

WMN I ksve fxi doubt as to 
thi caIImv of thesfl games 
(SberlQck a my fsvoyrh* edv- 
enlurel I still giin trrmmnM 
pktafur* from other, ilmplsr 

Although peofile crhklie the 
Qml\ t\fflem^ lome of the 
gemei wrttten on it are Incredi- 
bh Aiidjctive and fyn to pliif 
{Ma fa A Coofrac! betng a good 
examfile). Biit de^ptte tfii», 
oompenivs continue to reiMt 
garrwa |usi because they are 
written on The QuilL even with 
The Patch IMavtertronk won't 
wcaept Quiled gaiTtee arKi hook 
■t their adveimife mleaaei, 
hafdiy SMASHES were they|? 

I snli pdtay Espionage Island 
and Eye of Bfti pi« and en)oy them, 
but Sorderon's Shadow and Hed 
Moon have lorȤ itnca baan 
reiotved or rejected, 

So come on Oerekp don't 
reduce ratings just because the 
game is QuiMO or text-only. If it 
if addtetive. rate H as so 1 

South Glamofgan 

Thefv^a imp siKirtaga af Quit- 
ted ommm bmkm »/a#i«ct 
luef t0ok m ihm rmmch's 
revle«Hi TT^e prablmtn inmf 
coifftA if) finding thmm in the 
ahops. As fmt mm my iMtingm 
are eoffcernacl, I do look mi 
h0w ^ddicii^m tha jpama fa 
and not jutt haw pfmtfjf thm 
fitcwrm^ are^ 6ut tt maat be 
thmt mmnf «#» poorfy 



t was surpriiad to read in the 
Fefafuary issue that wftware 
houws doni aecept leirt-only 
ad^wftojm. Lord of the RJt^t, 
iMboume Houae's emseHnrt 

new edventure game, donnn^t 
eonteln Mry frmnf grephk 
screens^ So far, on tape oniu I 
have only teen three pktures 
and ihay aren't AKBctly worlis of 
art. The only good bit of graph- 
ics an the plidEurai ol the 
hobbifs' teoes . I thknlc Lord of the 
Rings would have bmmi fust as 
good without any graphlsk In 
some edvanture games it is a 
niptteanca waiting for the picture 
to be drawn time and time agabi 
andp anyway, you gal riot ot 
soilfig hi Gamee like Lords of 
Midnight have faniastk 
graphics but not much game to 

Rieliard Matthews 


f ^praa, but wfiaf irou mnd f 
thmk mmttmr noughi, Peofila 
vote with th^ir rnonaif amf ft 
Atfjpaara thay'va voted for 
grm^icm ao t#iar's wimt 
weW ffot Mmybm If tn fhim 
dHMntry wm*d hmd dime driifmm 
mrtd bmmn mbim Co run top 
qumtifY mdnmniu^M tikm thm 
mf^cnm sarfas if^ingi wmiht 
hmwm bmmn drffarant. 


I AfTi cOficAiTied. 

Why? Because It seems to me 
Ihat Swords & Sorcery Is being 
haUad am a graet nay, brilliant 
game. The game, ^n tnct. that 
nmes doeail to brtngirHn tfia 
wofkl of DftD to the computer 

Eaing a player of roie^^ying 
gamii and alw computer 
advanitiraa I suspect that I have 
a diffarent view to many ecsta- 
tic raviflweFS Firstly, the view 
that S&S su«ftads well at emu* 
latHig D&O shows basically a 
total >g no ranee of wfiAt role- 
playing girnee^ aia reaHy about, 
•fid ato, i moierala ignoraiMe 
of what maftaa a gooii Mn%puter 

As you may we*l know. Dun- 
gaona and Dragtms i^ not the 
only role- playing gume in exiet- 
ence. Mor te it reprwentntive of 
the typM of role-playing gaitie 
that AHlst, f*taudo-medi«¥al 
lantaty fa not the only tytia of 
role-playinf game, nor is It the 
only milieu usad in Mmputar 
adveftttnraSf and K would be a 
terriMa mteaha to think ». 

Mor for that matter i« OW) the 
be^ role-plftving gnme (sImH 
die beat selling rathi^r Ikke 
Wham tatords in fact), and nor 

•'/»-_- -r- ~ 

ts It the worst. It h however 
many yeais out of data, ftole- 
playifig » not about miminaiily 
staying an insane menagerie of 
Satank goblins and oragoni 
{despite rts unfortynate media 
enage), Roleplaytng is about 
ereetifig a partictpation novel 
(or ptey if you prefer) and nMyr- 
ally b oftfy Imltad by the imagi- 
nation of those who play «i- 

So who kk their right mind 
wtHjkJ think that it ia pon&lt l» 
simulate D&O eleuro nlcaity? 
The tame sort of people art 
eaaliifig In on the current lad ior 
flritasy gemas via bendy toy 
goblini and iolo fantasy game- 
books; may it end »oon and give 
us serioiiA gamers »me peace. 

S&S mey well h#ve been on- 
atad with §o^ intenij^ni, but I 
am aorry to »ey that K faiia 
miiarably. The iiwn*y wouki be 
bettef spent on a real role- 
playing game, unfeM of couree, 
your SpMtrum has mined your 



98 CRASH May 1986 

m&i for 9oeJ#rming: 

On anothtfr tadl arid replyiiig 
to John Ruddle, th^ m^tfu^mm 
ImSoHimon'^ Sh^do^ DO itdt# 
that the tiifM will tw VERIFIED 
after saving j this can be abortied 
with BREAK To say to anytMidy 
8 fairly long sentenoe, just tfpm 
the sentence in qtJDtes, ofnit- 
ting ttie say to person'. 

Brian Dugutd 



5A5 tmkmM matif of iu «!§«# 
for ocMiiliat aifct pfnbtwtm 
from D&D miMi mm much im mt 
firmefif iftei cfn^esf eont^ 
ptftvr pAine fa DAD. ObuiouM- 
ly ttefo esft'r be afi|f re^/ 
lev«il of fmt^-pimifing Jrt e xoto 
edvetitim oni e mwI fiome 
rnjcfo, liLrt iwAef » Imk^/ 
iiidgmd in a review /# t#w 
peme f t3«ff not rts mimitmrhy 
to mny oeher product. Your 
crfiicmm commm puraif from 
tfv* feci tft«t It coi7i|ieres 
itseff with your freio if*d rolm- 
pl^Yino nefmi, Woutd you 
rmiitfynM¥m Cwon so crfricel of 



Dear Sir. 

I am thinking of trying to write 
em Adventure mnd wouid lice 
eome ach^ic« abcyt whete to 
fkid ideas for tcenarios. Atoo, 
adUkJ you giva me some getier al 
guidetirie^ aboirt designing an 
adventure, ^ whidi commandi 
10 inQkide, how to organise the 
plot and so on 

It is not so much help with the 

tctoel pfOOffamming I need, as 

advk« on msign ot adventure. 

&ii2i Yann 



To t& r&mtty honmmt t wouM 
A»y tfidf if you cfcrn^t haw a 
^(mt Mm of what you wairf 
to dh tkmt don't bothmr. Any- 
ivay, Igrmring that r«th«r 
nmgmtin rmmponmrn you could 

IdoJt to bookm Iik9 Lord of the 
Rings or Chronictes of Thomnt 
Covanent for inspire fmrf 
(many mtwmnturws hav* 
ptundmrmd thm Mmmr in rhss* 
works!. Any good fmnimsy or 
Scifi book moukf ha fuU of 
rich Jmapery mrfd of coursa 
fflnta arm good for graphic 
jdeai. Don't forget i-oi#- 
fdaying magaf ifies i/Aca White 
Dwarf as iv#jf, Th0 momt 
importmnt point howmvar rs 
to cottact up your id^a^m 
baform ytmi start progrmm' 
mir^. If you havwrv't spant at 
laaaf a month da^ignmg «ha 
0ai«pe bafora you mH datAftt ai 
eh« compear you should ba 
aakirtg vMrrseAfiMhaehar you 
fmatlY hava dorta Bnough. 
Anywvay^ I shou/df ha writing 
attarticiaon thh vary subfam 
within tfm n^JTf coupia of 
monthx, iO if fOU'ta Stiti 

atucfc. .. 




I am writing to flafend Iwth 
Sofderpn's Shadow and 
Beyond. First let me say Ifiat 
JMsl over a year ago Beyond 
wafv being praisad tor gnat 
games sudh as Lards ofl^id- 
nighL Ooomdark's Revenge, 
Shadowfffe and so on, ell of 
i^kh toft other software 
hoiia*s atanding. So why kno^ 
now as in my mind Sor^ 
d@fOn s Shadow m far better 
fhan most magaQamai oirt at 
the momenit, for axamota Lord 
of the Rings, whteh. wnen yoy 
look at it, is pfst a complex 
max*. Once yoti have goi to 
Brae it'i Jut a case of lollow 
Stfider to the end. The second 
program is jost a maze! 

But with SS you get a whoto 
land to wah in. ^s^m^M intelii- 
gwc* and some fantastic 
graphitt by Detfton Oetigni, 
not to rnantloii the 750 word 

vo^iby lacy and 14 p«g# boolc let 
As for Beyond ihemtalves, what 
ottiaf software company offer a 
free baickup club with • news 
lattar full ol tifi*. or even a tuner 
lo expand ttwr ongin^l gume 
[the Shadpwf i re ty nar ) 7 

Sorry to go on but if John 
Rundia takes time to look at the 
skill in SS and the plot, it is far 
froin the \worsl program I've 
ever played' oatagory At (or 
your comment on th# ^Andard 
of programs fzflhng I ask you to 
nafiia ma a program that can 
coma anywtwre near Enigma 



Wast Midlandk. 

Altisf admit I foutnt Sordyeron^s 
Shadow borirfg, but ffafoiirf 
haw ofM of iha bast raconh 
for qualky of any software 
im^uma arxl I cartainly took 
forward to saaing ihmir n^xt 

Oaar Dettk, 

I am wrjting concerning e 
ooupl« of points raisad in yowr 
Adventure Trail totten of Inue 
tt. The fir^t is thai fitHika 
Arnatov's ob^eivetlont &m- 
oamino tha eUa^ tfiat a game's 
Gomfmxitv oan have on p4ay« 
MItty oenaini^ hit home wMi 
ma. I have b^en playing {>oom- 
dar^'s Revenge for soma itona 
and feel that the pn»gram 
■hdWi Mike Singlaion^s d^va^ 
opmant aa a prograrmmaf smca 
Lords Df Midniqht. liowavar, 
dMfiltji thia. aMwugh I enjoy 
playing Revengi. tlw laval irf 
efiloyTriant la not aa great as in 
the aariiar ganw. MHta's aug- 
l^astion Utat the amount of 
inlormatkin^TaetorB that need 
lo tie abaorhad is too great is 
vary peroapthm. This often leads 
lo rushed and consequently 
poor dari^teions. The disopKna 
nea d a d to play the game to tta 
full dap^ ohviou^ry detracts 
trorn Imf^jjng oi fai^l moving 
ac^amura th^^t exists in lords of 
Midnight and many other 

Secondly, I cennot agree with 
your assertion that the standard 
of Beyorid software is steadily 
falling Rather, I think that the 
incfttiaa in quality has not bean 
aa,paat aa that achjavad by 

other piibtbher) It se«ms tO m^i 
that Beypnci and LUtimaie have 
attracfecl thii lion's share of crfti' 
cism for iheir products in recent 
months . It ia no coincidence that 
diirifig the period ol ISM 
through to the fir^ half of 1SH, 
the standard of software refaa- 
s«d by these two comfianiaa 
was Gonaisrtvntly better than 
offeiad by Ae opposition. 

Jeremy Craclenell 

This monnh's £20 priMm 

fwQwaa, Good or GraemalJ 
opas to Mar^ Siaarw in South 

CRASH (May 1M6 99 





A brand new utility 
arrived in the office, 
had some fyn 
moving things round 

his Spectrum's 
screen , , » 


froin Softcat Micros: 

AHT SIUDfO has been living tfi* 
high life amongst the lalesi crop 
of drawing uliNties. It seemed 
nothing could really match it for 
•ItBMOt iMi tflse of use. pie 
Ihdii of fi^ilin arid up to date 
software iDchnology. 

Now a prc^ram from a rela- 
tively unknown sofEware house 
has arrived to challenge that 
very position. ANtMATORl from 
Softcat Micros ctaims to be the 
uttimaie graphics development 
tool for prograrnfTi€rs and art- 
ists. In one fell swoop it brushM 
a&kto the fency icon-comie- 
wirwIoM lachniqye and makes 
the use of the fashionably 
mouse completely redundant. 
C^ it be that ART STUDIO has 
been so quicklv dethroned? 

ANIMATOfll was originaay 
designed ss an up to date sprite 
desigrrer as opposed to the 
many programs ourrently on the 
market wdi »s ART STUDIO. 
which are all basically screen 
deeignefS- ANIIWIATORI pro- 
vides a spnte wir^iow for your 
sprhe designs which can be sei 
to any size Using the Sprite 
Menu the sprites can b^ design 
ed, stored, retrieved and eni- 
maied through this window. 
This i:S equrvaient in concept to 
the defurK^t PAINT program liy 
Proqom and its sybseqcjent 
derivations such as PAINT PLUS 

IV«* T&fmWfom«n~ An mrltitfic cmmtlim fovkvgiy t 

dor MStHir prinfmf br our wry pwn Lmonme^a Dm Ffm^! 


Prim'n'Ptattar, tKit ANlWlATDRt 
isfar rrvoreflexjble. 

Any sprite size can be selected 
and the rujmber of frames it 
limited only by the size of 
memory in combinalion with 
the si» of your Apr ita{s I . Sprites 
can be saved in BASIC or mach- 
ine code format, and the aAStC 
driver program is unprote^ed 
and 'hackable'- The whol« scr- 
oen can be used as a sprite 
sketch pad, so individual frame 
staoes can be drawn side by s«te 
arKi saved IndrviduaHy by speci- 
fytrtg the sprite number. Anim- 
ation is iooofTipHshed by indi 
c^ing the relevent sprite num- 
bers lo appear in the sequence 
and the sprite action can roy. 

With its wealth of facilities and 
lur»ctions, ANIMATOR 1 is also 
ideal as a screen designer. The 
most outstanding aspect m the 
versatike magnify wrndow, 
Wtiich apaff from toeing set on 
arbd off displays any pari of the 
screen and can be re located 
anywhere 'out of the way' on ttie 
screen, it is even active in ani- 
mation mode, so detailed anirt^ 
ation work can be viewed con- 
currerit iQ the normal sprite 

For screen design there is an 
amazing amount of facilities. 
Psint brushes, aiir brushes and 
hatches (tewturos} can be rwte- 
signed, e^astrc fist tag, fixed lima 
and cirde mod^ are available, 
as well as shadepaintcapsbilityp 
wellc over colour controi, 2S 
different scroll rotate and mir- 
rors and stretch and compress- 
ion of ttie wtiole screen. 

ANiMATORt Isatur^s an 
amazing te^ print facility. It 
prints text in any size ^ shape and 
angle by diMOftfr>g the character 
set. The text can be locat»d by 
sei2ir^ it and moving it afOund 
llba ablush. 

Character seta and UDG's cafi 
be (fMJgned together with 
hetdies, pafm tmjshes and air 
brushes usi;ng the Design Many, 
Up to 1&K of 

memory is 


All hinctJons Btn wntrolM 
using the keyboard. Thit means 
memorise r^ all (he key »e- 

Suences necessary to perfomi 
le various activities. Full use is 
made of the keyboard shift fm- 
ilrti«s and the commands ara 
prouped by function under the 
individual shift 'fsmi lies' The V 
shM group controls the magnify 
wir^dow DOS ft ion and ectFvih 
nesa, the Z shift the fine sc/olla 
of the acTMn. the X shift ttte 
attribute scroll rotates and 

1O0 CRASH May 1986 



mirrors, the C shift Ihe coMtie 
iCfWfi $CfO\K T^M^9^ ^nd mir- 
fOTO and the Csfm shift group 
contoim^ mo^t of thi screen 
design fynctions, Baish control 
i» itso bf teyt^oafd wwith a Q-A 
and OP cursor. Foi joystick 
{iddkzta a programmable toy- 
stich inTemice audi n the 
COMCON is lb@ onlv »scepe 
frofn this keyboard mfdri#$$. 
hiiwt users will be pleased to 
hncAuv chat ^part from the excet- 
su^ies an 'AT A GLANCE 
OrvQMS* curd for fiew uiem in 

Four help or menu screens 
(Difignp Sprites. Load & Save 
md Beneml rnenuli, can be 
qal(ed up to provide useful info 
csn function access. The major 
prpblem with uiing ttw pmAAg^ 
arises bv virtii« of Ihii thMr 
number of facHities on offiir: ft 
will require constant uM of 
ANIMATOR1 to remember all 
the comrnand cel^s. Users of 
Hisoft's OEVPAC will know how 
drlficult it is to famili^rvM so 
many control kavs and, dwpile 
Itw bgical grouping of keys, 
ivttn wi^ frequent use ANI- 
MATORI 4S not that easy <o use 
for somebody with a puny 
memocY. Once y<3^ are femilisr 
with !ha keyboard howevef. the 
Q^ntTols can be operated at 
lightning speed oomparod to 
any mouM/fXjtIdown menu 

AMMAT0R1 provUia 
4 grapMclcivvtiofi rfiodeii, 

Th« DESIGN rn<xle enaUes 
ANIMATOR 1 to be customised 
in the user's individual needs. 
Apart from selecting paint- 
brushes and airbrusheSp hatdhes 
and colou r, it al [ows the sp#ed of 
the cursor to be n>odified (with 
on optional Seep indicator for 

eixel work}. The Edit mode uis 
ibulous^ allowing brushes^ 
iiirbnjilw, hatches. charaGter 
s^liand UDGs to be redesigned 
The magnify window, whieh is 
the draw wir^dow. is positioned 
at the bottom right of the ^c^een 
and using the editor, detail can 
ba scrolled with the cursor to 
point on the UDG or brush 
pattem to be mHodified. All the 
pattems and characters are dis- 
played on the screen and can be 
accessed and edited in the sim- 
plest possible way. 

the LINE & CIRCLE modes 
provide elastic drawing of lines 
^>d circles. ANIMATDFII allows 
both &nds of a line !o be moved 
at the same time for positioning. 
Similarily, fhe circle may be 
moved about for positionir>g, 
while the diameter may be alt- 
Sfqd. Only when the righ: size 
and position has been chosen is 
the cirde fished. 

The PBIhTT mode ss uficariny. 
Once a string is entered using 
the current character set. it may 
be controlled as if it were a 
bfu&h. Using shift keys 1.2 and 3 
the text may be expanded and 
oontf acted, sc|ueefed and un- 
soueezed vertically end horizon- 
tallyp and the spacing between 

Shi Bis o^pecep^fVQii iw a dft^-mnfifs 

'«t ctatiisftywf Mil mmmmttd rai4] 

letter expafKtad and contracted 
horizontally arKJ vertically. The 
variations are staggering and 
text can be made to run at all 

Under general screen fecililiei 
everything can be found from 
Clear screens (bit image, attri- 
bute image for screen and spr- 
ites), sprite mesit creation (effec- 
tively inverses ail the sprites in 
memory to provide automatic 
sprite masks), screen inversion, 
screen scroliSr fine end coarse, 
(bit image, attribute or bodiji, 
horizontal and vertical mirroring 
as well as the rotation and fill 

Needless to say. extensirve 
save and load facihties are pro- 
vided for greens, sprites (indi- 
cating width and depth, first and 
jaal sprite number, charactef 
squares - if used u UDG'^ % bit 
or arttribute image ontyli, char- 
acter sets. UDG's, hatches, bru- 
shes and airbrushes. SAVEing 
cab be done to cassette, Micro- 
drive or Opus Oiscovery One, 
For Microdrive and disk drive 
there is an ERASE and CAT faci- 
lity, ANiMATOni should be able 
to be converted onto other disk 
drives rf there are no memory 
conflicts, as all the save and load 
commands have been left in 
BASIC for easy 

* user to make any greet artistic 
achievements. I sincaraly hope 
prospective custc4iners w\U not 
/ump to the wrong conclustont 
on the basis of the Madt) of 
graphic quality. 


The manuei is exceHent with a 
short fntroduction on how to get 
started, detailed instructions on 
the various drewing modes and 
information on all me menus. A 
chapter of Qu^Stfons mnd An$- 

ymfs provides some useful hints 

and tips csn appfications. The 
concise index and appendix 
with the menu screens round off 
the user manual , A note pad and 
the not -to-be- missed control 
Overview card (in short mem- 
■dry -ersatz} complete the 


AN) MATORI is a superb sprite 
and screen designer. For serious 
ScrMn work there Is hardly 
anythir^g missing. Where it Wte 
Shon is pn presentation graphic 
and in a hard print facility for 80 
column dot matriic printer^- This 
is not surprising, as the author 
cleariy intended designing a 
practical workhone rao^er #ian 
a fancy graphics package. Per- 
haps this is where the major 
differences stems between ART 
RAATOH1 is clearly superior as 
regards to practice i screen end 
sprite Facilities, but is not as 
attractive as ART STUDIO. On 
the ortier hand there is no rei^l 
emuaa for poor dispi&y gr&ph 
ics-The fear of creating a barrier 
between amateur user and pro- 
fessional has in fact undermined 
the quality of the program itseif^ 
It certainly doesn t stimulate the 

PitKfuct: ANMATOR1 

Producer: SOFTCAT MICROS, PO Box 79. 

Maociesliekt, Cheshire, Ski 3NP TEL: 062S S15379 

Author: D, Latham 

Pnce: £14.95 

Compatible with Spectrum 4SK, PLUS end 128 _^ 


CRASH May 1986 101 



□An everyday 
story of 

^ ^. a> t^,^ »« ^-* 


AD MMS not WftMpn tti« r*vl«wwn.' fflrm. For ■ vtAit ncibocly h«d 
htard of thii flS332 to MLOf bad prcmnlfNKl f»Hhtylly in th« uwrt 
iKnrthoqtf thirt eonii^ with tti« 128K Sp*ctrufn, Fioi »v*n th« fiitn 
imfeklB up tti« ludi -— Sincbir wtrii %urm tt)«Y knew all frbcHirt ii hi 
fgtft th« man on the and oi ih« cable fnakar't phcifVQ. lAirfio d««li nArltfi 
our ■nquififfs hACt not A^frn Iwafll erf MIDI MuikAi InitfufriwTt 
CNgtHml lntiirt*c«. w* Axpiairifld t6 hlfn Th« r«vk«w#f folt flum What 

< wlH tw ciii«nolm4d M you do not wrttn ibout thl» 
j| )iit*ft*ct/' -tIghM tha Edhor^ 'TH gal Franca to malia you 

Tbtt tAchnkai datall* ^n tti* tze h*mA»oh w«f* minimal. Thm 
ravtowpvtfwught aind thotigln. "I knmv, 111 a%k tHat btk|ht lad wtio 
^Vftol TGCH-WS to hakp m*/^ l^nct aa uving. iha ravTawvf m«d« 
niMlv fnoro ph<Hi# calls to Sinciakr avid Simon Ha Iftarm that th« 
ftm on ttw FtSZ32 rkumb*r From rifht to l4ft *i you kriik at th«m 
Then anftlx ptnt and you must uaa pitn one and fIvw'V paid a voica 
on ttM r evtow^ ai^* aniwarplwna on* day. Ahal Ttioi4 mu^ connact 
Uptq pms Hvfi and Iqut on tha fiva pin din plug tfivl la imad on th* 
MOl syitam ha tfioya ht ■ IoimI. 

Whefi tlia PLAV mode i$ usad 
on the Spectrum 1211 it is pos- 
sible lo inSiSrl commands thel 
convert pirii 1 and G on the 
RS232 int^tooe to MIDI output 
MIDI as you shoufd know bfy 
no^. ia t univi9r»l BfAndard by 
which all di^jiat insimmants can 
oonvefie wrth ona another ax- 
changing nota daia. voice ch 
an^TO, k«v valocity, volume, 
timing ^nd so on. Using the 
^ IBi'i MO capabilities in this 
" inafimr the 138K machine can 
ba utad to direct up lo 8 separate 
ayntha^sar^, or any synthos^iser 
cspiikla gI mceivmg ^ighi s^pe- 
fila channalft. Using MIDI, and 
the appropriata muaical inscru- 
menta, up to B notes can be 
plav^ at any Dn« time, which is 
a lot better than the mtserl^y 
three notea that the intemaJ 
sound chip allows, 

When tha letter Y followed by 
a MIDI channel number is incSu- 
ded at th^ beginning of a note 
^inQp thai airing of notes is sent 
along the iaspactiva MIDI chan 
nel when it^^ encounterad by thp 
PLAY command. There ara si* 
teen MIDt channels to chooee 
from, and most MIDI tnstru- 
mants will use nxne if not all of 
Iheae. It ȣ important that you 
check ihfiictk channel e synthe 
siief is recarving on befora 
asking it to play music Mnt 
down the line ffom the Spec^ 
Imm ~ if the synih isn't listen- 
ing to the impropriate channei(s) 
th@ sound of Silence is all you'll 

102 CRASH May 1986 


Synthesisers usually go into 
OWNI HTode whflfi they re pow- 
ered up ~ that is they receive on 
alt 16 channels at once. If you 
Ofily have one ay nth connKted 
to ttie 12S then laava it in that 
niode and all should be walk 
Many Synth asisers hav€ a selec- 
tion option between poiy and 
niono modka. If you ere going to 
ask it to play mor^ than one note 
at a time, or r^ceiva mora than 
ona note strings at a tima, than 
l^eave il iin poly mode or there 
might be some unexpected 
results 4 

To began with try something 
simple me following is the bass 
lin^ from Ghosttuslers : 

you'll no ooubt notice that the 
Synth has gone all quiet. This is 
because your 128 is only irans- 
mitting on MIDt Channel Tl 
However, if aniOther synth is 
rinked via the ^MID! Through' 
port on the back of your first 
keyt>oafd (or maybe via 'MIDI 
Ouf deperMding on the make of 
a<|ijqprnent| you can run tvw 
strings of rwtes srmullaneousiy 
and sand each string to a ^pn- 
rate synth providing the two 
syn!hs are set up to rscaiva on 
appropriate channels. Up to 
mghi note strings can be run 
simuttaneousiy. If you onfy have 
one synth then lei it in OMNi 




The 12S has two other tricks up 
rta sle«va. All V {volume) com- 
mands inserted in the string also 
affect ^nthesisars capable of 
sensing ve^ocitv. although too 
many Volume Mmmands make 
fbr long strings l The other trick 
is the insertion of a Z. Follow a I 
with the code for the function 
you r&qukfe and the MB should 
tall thia synth direct Iv to do any- 
thing thai it wiil accept on the 
MIDI line, such as change vo^ce. 
timbre and so on. Some spt^fic 
Qodas for your synth are (or 
should be) listed in the hand- 
book supplied with it^ as the 
Sinclair booklet chaarfuMy sta- 
tes, going fnto no further detsiL 

30 Let 30 cS = '^M703N1e&cftS««9&S^iMif8rf&)r 

40 Play <^ 

(NB O is «n upper caM totter I) 

RUNning this little program, 
plays the intert^l chip. 

If you rvow connect the com- 
puter to a MIDI synthesiser, 
switch on the synth and enter 
rnsert Y1 at the beginning of the 
note striing your synlh should 
now play the bass iine along 
wfth the Spectrum's internal 
chippery By changing ihe rec- 
elv^r>g status of the synth to 
receive say, only on channei 2, 

Herein lies a prcbfem. It is no! 
^aundantly clear which mde 
work — I tried both binary and 
decimal coding with a variety of 
synthesisers, but tmlh protocols 
failed dismaMy, Drum machines 
atso rely on a constant clock 
frequency which seems to be 
missing from the 128's MIDI 

g[>n I'Tl keep trying to get the 
pectrum to talk down the Ime 
with Z oodeSp and if anyone out 







a 1 



there has cracked the problem, 
please drop ma a line and 111 
share tha loiowiedga. 



At present the 12B does nol 
seem to want to accept MIDI 
data, either. This would ba of a 
fittle use to the integral sound 
chip. Put in many respects such 
a facility could rnake the system 
a Irttla mona fleicible in that two 
way software couSd be written. I 
suspect that the music and MIDI 
imfS^tientatior^ were more of 
an afterthought on ihis machir>e, 
tti tt iittte ntore foresighi would 
tiBve enabled standard MIDI in 
arid out pons to be fitted. 11 you 
want to output musical data to 
your printer, some rather ted- 
ious shuffling of information 
arourxj inside the 12B and a 
replugoirHg of peripherals is 
CMedfor — a bii of a Kludge if 
you ask ma- 

ScNne scphisiicated softwara 
is ioraty neadBd lo re- present on 
acieen the rmiiic you aine writ- 
ing. It'd also be nice to be able to 
write from keys directly, (either 
QWERTY or via MID! from a 
synth keyboard) . Someih^ng 
akin to the Rainbifd Musr^ 
Sysr&rr^ would be much appre- 
ciated. Any chance, Rainblrd? 

macMna had perfonnad atoneat 
parfectty. Now he Mvkl face tfb« 
Edrtcir and ila ip lelt i r fcoowfa^ 
that CatASH readarmacMild mahi 
miJBk with thwir IZii wIthBiic 







Spectrum 4SK .£10.95 

Commodore 64 ,«««*...«>.•........>... £21 <95 

Commodore 128 * £27.95 

Amstrad 464 £23.95 

BBCB32K £36.95 

Telephone you compiiter &nd credit card details 

for INSTANT cover, 

BISHOP AUCKLAND (0388) 777103 


F^lease t ick D Fy ithe r information 

Q ctMOtation Q immediate cov^r required. 

N»m« * , ,..,,,,,---, .... 

Address .**... — . 

Signature ....,, *.**.*- 

A»«$/Visa ooiDDaaDDDDDnDDDDnn 

Immediate cover required 

Computer ,..,.... ., ... ^ **•*,. p« ,.. . 


EKptrYdat« DEHIin 




gr^ms to be wFtften with thmr 
ijS0 m m*nd, MCDD£R m /rai d 
fm^ i^iiifks tjiit cjifi h&fHf^a most 

of ihe Spsclridm SASfC com 
pifers tut presents the onfy 
pr3€fjcsi c^f&n 'f yoij wish m 
^0fnpfiE eMfsrff>0 BASfC 
pr&gmms " 

Simon Goodwin 


the oltimale BASIC compiler "j 

Collect a £3.00 voucher redeemable against 
your next PSS game bought direct 
from them as weN! 

Bscfc th Octobef last year Simofi 
Goodwin took a looh at BASIC 
compilers for the Sp^ctmm m 
Tech Niche. Mcoder t/t a pro- 

gram written by FrerHch software 
oiJS« Ere Inrormatique fared 
reasonabty well in Ihe com pa r^ 
ison tests, 

PSS and the fellows who are 
selling th« compiler rn this 
countfy — m\6 it usuaNy goes for 
C12 J6, But th^Ve nice chaps at 
PSS. and ihevV^ i^ree to la 
Tech Niche readers have Ihetr 
very own copy of Mcoder m for 
£3 95 " SfxJ voy don't ne^ a 
compiler to work out thafs a 

saving of £3.QD. Bui ihero's 
more. PSS Me goirkg to throw in 
a £3.00 vouchef, redeemable 
aigeinst any PSS game for tt^ 
Spedmrri providing you buy it 
dpreci UoTT\ PSS mail order at 
452 Stoney Stanton Road« 
Coventry, CV6&0G 

Not a bad deaL eh? \i you'd 
like io take advantage of this 
mor>ey saving offer, whizi a 
cheque or postal order for E3.95 
madd payable to CRASH MICRO 
!0 Auntie Aggie together with 
the coupon at the loot of the 
page. Shell do the business fof 




■ - i- «. « 4 * I* i i 

■ m m m m || p f ^. ^ m .f R ■■■F'1*P«««^«««l'l-P»l-»» + -i-r«4-ri + -fc + s-ltl 

I 1 I I ■ i n 


CHA5H May 1936 103 




Tfits month Stmon 
eJtplains how you can 
hciok up a Spectrum or 
Spectrym Plus to a 
composite vid«o 
monitor, chacks out a couple of utility packages for 
programmers, and delves into the inner workings 
of Cheetah's SpecOrum drum synthesiser, 


Last month I promised further 
informaiion ibout Ctieetah's 
aiccctllflfit SpecDfum peripherail 
In the Robin Candy tradition J list 
i small program wh^ch Ket$ you 
custom ise ih€ daim soyrids 
Cheetah supply. 

This monih Til eKplein how to 
rename sounds and change 
therr channels^ allovt/ing comb^ 
natioriB of drums which ChMteh 
doesn'^t pr^vi<it for: in the Junm 
Crash I hope to lell you ho^ to 
make your own sounds. So tar. 

Can you imagine any game 
this red and 

most of my eKperirrwnts have 
. ie4ded pretty awful noises, but 
'm getting there s1qw)v' 


The SpecDf um works by replay- 
ing e digitaFlv- recorded sound 
wave form lhrai>gh your hifi. 
Tfie recording consists of a list of 
volume chafiges which are sea n- 
r>ed by a pmgram: the resultant 
partem b converted into sn 
HidiQ signal by electronics in the 
SpecDriim interface, and comes 
Out M sound when quirted 
Itirouflti an amplifier. 

The orighal list. or sample', is 
produced by running this pro- 
€&SB in reverse, feeding a suc- 
cession of volume changes pro- 
duced by real dmms into the 
computer {using special hard- 
ware), this is the technique used 
by tlie Detet Sound Sampler, 
wtsidi we reviewed <ast ye»r — It 
is also used in ei^pensive music 
synthesisers Hke the Fatr^ighi, 

You c^n sample absolutety 
ANY sourKJj peicussion ii a 
good choice because you can do 
inferesling things with a fvw 
&hor1 samples. The Spec Drum 
packs eighi sounds into 2 IK of 
mernorv- Another 20X is occu- 
pied by the code that lets you 
enter and hear patterns, and the 
rfiyrtim patterns themselves. 

You need extra electronics to 
rtiake riew samptes from real 
life, because the SpecDrum is 
only an output device. Of cou 
rw&t that doesn't stop you fiddl- 
ing wrth the pre-recorded so- 
ufKteOr creating synthetic ones. 


The custom drum editor works 
with individuaJ drum fries. Two 
of these am recorded on the B 
side of Itio Spmdrum tape Tbe 
Kit Editor, reviewed last month, 
lets you break a kit of eighl 
dnjms into separate filee lor 
each sound. 

Sped3rwn file^ come in two 
per^^ like no^ma^ Spectrom 
files, but the format ie difltfent 
The first part of tfte fite is shorter 
— just eight ch^r^cters. The fir^t 
character irHticaies the drum 
type and other seven character^ 
are the n^me- 

The drum code detemitnes 
wtiich pDs^ion in the kit the 
drum can be used in. The Spec- 
Drum allows eight positions 
Drum codes range from T?9 to 
T32. as shown in Tahfe 1 They 
also indhc^ie the length of the 
sample — the subsequent dele 
block Each sample is either 2K 
or 3K long; in practice some Of 
the sampres use less than their 
hjll allotrnent of space (eg the 
STICK ^nd CABASAl but itiis 
doeen't matter n>uch and it 
helps to keep the software 

The Specdrum f^Jis three play- 
back channels^ The drum at 
position one in the kit [normally 
the bass drum) is played on 
chennel one. Tbe drums at 

positions two. three and four 
use channel two^ and the rest 
four drums use channel three. 
There is a si ight asm p I icat ion (as 
if it wasn't complicated enough 
atreaciy) in that drums at posi- 
tion ftva a-nd six use shorter 
samples than ^even and qight. 
so the sounds are not i^nter- 
changable. All of this is made 
clearTi hope) in Tablet. 

The interesting thing is that 
samples for position i are the 
^rm me 8S those tor posiiM>ns 
B and B. Similarly, samples for 
positions 2. 3. 4, 7 and 8 are aN 
the wme siie. The SpecDnjm 
software checka the file codes 
artd won't let you load samples 
into incorrect positions -- but In 
practice samptes work iperfecMv 
well in the wrona posrtion, so 
long ae they fit, You can even 
loaa A 2K sample into a 3K 
position, if you make sure that 
rtie last IK contains zeros. A 3K 
sample obviously won't fit into a 


My pra^rem lets you load 
samples into memory. You can 
modify them with POKE com- 
mands and save them back onto 
tape, i^ter you can load them 
into the main SpecDrum sye^ 
tern, or the Kit Ecriiof^ as if they 
were official samples 

Enter the program er>d type 
RUN to load a umple. GO TO 
200 saves the mosit raoent sam^ 
pie loaded, with any change* 
you may have made. 

At the moment the result of 
the USl^ call is ignored, but you 
can add lines to check it ff you 
like — ^ a vahie of 147 indicates a 
aiicoessful load (don't ask m& 
why!, There are lots of other 
ways in which the propram 
could be im proved i it's a Msia 
for expefimentation which can 
iHiMtfed quickly. 

When a drum sample is load- 
ed you can PEEK or POKE the fiie 
type at address 26789. The name 
m stored in normal ASCII code 
(as listed at the back of tf^ 
Spectfum manual) from address 
26790 10 28796. TT>e act^j«l Wfn- 
pie f s w^mwi from adcfreas 2679B 


ri t ^ ive one example. Use the Kit 
Editor to save the Latin Kit Kick 
Drum (KICK D\ on tape. Then 
load the sample editor. Type 
RUN end play the Kick Dmm 
stnipli into memor|/. When you 
typt PRINT PEEK 76789 yo^J'" 
Mt 129r which means that the 
5f>ecDfum system wfII only let 
you load the drum rnto position 
T Type POKE 26788,131, then 
GO To 2Q0 to save the modified 

You can load the new version 
in position S or C« getting a Jeif 
with two different bna drums in 
It . . . watch out Zigue Zigue 
Sputnik I MOfeoffbeatJiintsneict 

104 CRASH May 19B6 



H yw mnt the tmi tof yom SpKimm, i^^urmg it a^fyfBfK^^ mh fecftwotogy. 
the Saga 5)^arnt' c3M9dic?n o^ k&fboasi^ andp&^hm^is m msfmtial, And ih^ 





Tm WW SAOA 2001 


'H~i H 


1 i 



; :\1 




iMl #«fti^ iM itJpoiiriilil^ |oyr &K)qr 

Ar ii rwwJbwpud* el IMpM (he vAn m§ ^ti^ 2 tm 

m tm^ ^t^notf ptO^ m ate jdlMf ^ M r j1@»r ^ptd'Tun 

TMI <A<u Lo Fnonu 






Cvmomor kmfm» ^^» **• 

UZ.3 MCfl ifhJ- &^^ J 

^Osi^ Boom ^c pur nxvn: « 
fpyf a*fT jfffd I mi9 ¥ iinf^ 
M»jm tifK VAT) 
fiHDS&i^vill&riiH yisu Jt3 mm 

ft t.M t^ UAt) 

|OUr ismW C»iy»l One |U]) 






M te^mfn. .A«r too* tf ifMv 

9imtijaiof^t^Lidmf. ow 2*K Mir 



U m wiy eornpWf *ntf C«» pnr* i^tQ^m tji* 

THE Cnil£i« 1200 

* pfvcmon dor Avm jyvv^r lArth t i? s**' wwrirty. A» 
Oftzp? tJOD<piniit if i^ c& i f\mi driA, cr ;^ cpi fr 


(^^I^IPFIIiJ tope JHiibliQ' pnHf ^1v#d AiWCMMWICC ' 

^ 23? awpiplMkj tf hm a arm» QuaMt moat muf t 

Gh(),mm.m(t^ vaf> 


^^^ toad ^£S^ B™" °^ SUt o^ cte.. s~^^^ 


• 04862.23077 

At lora la^ Smciarr d4tcid«<t to 
put « CofriRoiite video pcirt on 
thB Spectrum 12S This means 
Ihffl you can connect a PAL 
oompostt& v^doo mofiitof direct- 
ly to the rrachin^ This gives a 
better pidu re than a teHy. Why? 
A TV ii rtie^nt to receive radio 
fijinals, A complicated i^not of 
wires. CO pie end components m 
used to sift out e single pbcture 
tro<n ell the other gibberish 
whining through the eifv^aves 

— The Prio© fs Right, W&gan. the 
Janice Long sho^ and so forth. 
Another bOK of tricks inside your 
micro — the modtJlator — con- 
verts the raw video signal your 
telly really need^ into radio^ so 
that the Tv can Itboriously con- 
veit it back again. 

This oddi up to a good deal of 
r^eedless signer processing. The 
signal inevalablv gets a b^t dis- 
torted en route. Voy end up with 
stnipey cotoutit, distorted char 
acters and a display th^t is 
generally le^ clear than it wouKd 
OB if tht oomiHiter and the TV 
wwa connected d Ir^ctl y. 

It is possible to buy monitors 

— displays designed to accept 
vkteo information directly, rat- 
hef than via a radio si:gnaL Mow 
that video reorders are com- 
mofi, many TVs a^so have direa 
video inputs so that you can by- 
pass the radio circuitry, <h^hich is 
obviously not needed when 
playing back a reoirded tape. If 
you've got that sort of display 
you can usual^^ improve the 
picture by sending your Spec- 
Ifum's video signal directly to 
the appropriate socket, by-pass- 
tng ihe modulator in the com- 
puler and the de-rnodulator in 
the telly 

H is NOT safe to try to wira in 
your own by-pass socket at the 
TV end- There ere some vory 
letha I voltages inside a TV 

106 CRASH May 1986 



The best picture of atl is obtain- 
ed if a comfsuter is hooked y p ia 
the three electron guns inside 
the display which prodycft Red, 
Green and Blu« tools raapec- 
tively. You can make any otNir 
colour by mixing these thnM, 
and the direct connection to the 
ns gives a very c^^af picture- 
is is catled an 'RGB' connec- 
tion; a Spectrxjm 128 is capahle 
of producing RGB signals but 
the normal Speclrym can % un- 
less you add extra hardware. 

The plain vanilla Spectafm 
doesn't use separate red, green 
and blue signals internally — it 
uses colour difierences because 
they are e^ier to m\k up tnto a 
combirYed or Composite Video 
signal. Hov^ver you CAM get in 
a liittle later and extract the 
composjie video signal befofe it 
gets modulated: all you need lo 
(mow is where to look. 


One of the tags on the edge 
oonnector at the bach of a 
Spectrum is labelled Video 
IB-15J but this is not usually 
wired up — you need lo make a 
smafi charge to the circuit^ 
board to route a signal there. 
Even if you make this change the 
signal will not be very clear, 
because there is a good dea) of 
interference from the tags 

It is much better to take a 
spinal from inside the Spectrum, 
at the point where it goes into 
the modulator. Mat u rally, you 
should resist the temptation to 
pulJ your computer apart unless 
It is out of warranty and you sn- 
competent at soldering. Discoii 
necl EVERYTHING before you 
start work. 

Dismantle the Spectrum by 
uiKloin^ the screws on the 
UfHteretde in the usual way. Turn 
the machine the right way up^as 
if you were about to type some- 
thing, and gently lifi the key- 
board up ar^d towards you by 
about four centimetres. You 
^KHild not need to disconnect 
Itie cables joinir^g the keyboard 
Wfid the cifcurtfy in the Jowof 
part of the case ~ but be careful 
not to pull on them accidentally. 

Behind the TV socket you will 
wm a silver bOM ^ the modu- 
lator. Two wires on the left side 
carry power (5 volts 1 and the 
video signal. The video wire is 
nearest lo the tsacfc of the com- 
fsuter — it goes through a plastic 
insulator in the side of the 

Connect a piece of screened 
cable to the case of the modu- 
lator and the video wire. TTie 
screen (outer part) of the wire 
goes lo the metal case — the 
inr>er part goes to the video wire^ 
Make {^rtam that you connect 
tfie wires firmly, or you may not 
gel a good picture. Put solder on 
me wires before you bring them 

mto ooniaci with the compnief .^ 
SOthcit they stick at once. 

Don t hold the iron agaihft 
any part of the computer tor 
n>dre than a secortd. Don't allow 
any stray uninsulated wire near 
Id the modulator power wire — 
if rt IS AKidentally shoned out 
your computer could be 

Put a suitable plug on the 
other end of the ^ble so your 
Spectrum can be connected up 
to the display, You may want to 
put an mm^ pfug and socket 
close to the computer, so that 
your Swanjm doesn't have a 
rail trailing behind it. The inner 
part (if any) of each pJug should 
be connected to (he inner con- 
ductor of the cabte- The outer 
prt, connected to the modu- 
lator boK, acts as an earth scre^^ 
to keep interlerenoe lo a 

Wfien you put the computer 
tsack together and select the PAL 
video input at the display, you 
should get a clear colour pictyre 
If you don't, disconnect the 
power at of>ce and check your 
work. The normal UHF signal 
should ^ti)l be available from the 
Spectrum's TV socket — you can 
even drive two displays ai once 
if you want to. Sometimes the 
video pjctura will be improved if 
you dis^nneci the feed into the 
moduFator. but m general this is 
r>ot necessary. Make sure that 
you can renMnneci the modu 
lator easily if need be. 


\ \ yciiji fi* I ool* ing lot a new 

characier-s^i to add at- 

TTin sphere to a game or utility. 
Alijn Gners Fl 99 package 
might !iOlveyOur problem 

Fonfs is the rather dull name 
ii' a utflrty program which gives 
yoii Ihe choice of 20 different 
ct^aracter-sets for use in your 
own »>ftware. The program lets 
you choose between a display of 
Ttir- -f^phebet in twenty different 
■■,\if > including italics, bold 
type, siencil lettering. Oide 
English and Amstrad-style S«?rif 
characters Once you've cho&en 
a character-set you can save i! as 

The character-sets are aitrac- 
hve, well pro ponioned and 
genera Ny clear, alihqugh the 30 
Shadow anri Olde Eng^iali fscflt 

were obviously hmtted by |h^ 
Sl^^trum's 64-pokr^t character 
grid. Ir is a pity that eighi out of 
ZO of the character sets did not 
inclutte mafchmg lower-case 
(small Mettefs. 

The on screen inslrucEions arc^ 
inadequate for a beginner, 
because they don't say haw to 
decirie where characters shoitid 
be loaded. Ixjt they form ^in 
adequate akte-memoife for ihe 
programmefs who are Nkeiy to 
buy this package. 

(f you're bored with the Spec- 
trum's Vansom note' fenering 
and you can't be bothered to 
design your own replacement 
set. ihe Fonts cassette is good 
value h costs £199 from Alan 
Gner at 1 Dayaar Road. SaSf 
coats. Ayrshire IOW16HB 





ril turn to ■nothAt typA of 
monitor now, and the Chmmac 
On& package which costs £5 J5 
from Micro Zaighty of 7 The 
Cr^escent, Hufstbcjurne Tarrant, 
Andover SPII OAP Sadly. n%m 
IS not ^ package that I can 

oram^ mootiy written in ZX 
BASIC, which allows you to 
asLsembli^ disaasemb^e and 
monitor Spectrum maciiine 
oode. Th« program takes up 
iboul 24K of mtmorv, ieavirifi 
17K for code and data. 

The docymintation — a piece 
of A4-sized paper — diKu^as 
the package under ihre* tiMd- 
in^s; the assernbler, tha dtoai- 
iembi^r. and the tester/ 
monitor All three parte arei 
called up wm a aASIC GO TO 
command^ if yOM accidentalhi' 

type RUH you II wipe otit alt the 
var^able^ and yoo'H ha^e lo re- 
toad th« whole package ^ 

You enier aaiiniWer instruc- 
tions in response to a normal 
Spectrum INPUT statement — 

thara t^ no prompt En fact, there 
art no prompts or menus any- 
whare m the package. There s 
no error trapping, either. If you 
make a mtstakep Of type aofTie- 
thing you fihouldr^'t. the pro- 
gram elthar {gnofta you, gene- 
rales an ir^rticfion similar' to 
wtiai you typed (1|, or halts with 
a BASC report. 

A beep greats instru€lion$ 
which are recognit^: the ^ine i« 
then primed on the main pad of 
the screen. If your chosen instr- 
uction has a parameter — a 
value or an address ^ you must 
type it in ieparatejy. Labels are 
not ailowed. Nor are equates. 
The assembler just i<Tnoffjs 

both. If you are so bold as to fry 
to use one of the few hur>dred 
instructions that require a prefix 
byte you must warn Cemmac 
first — each and every lime^ of 
your input is ignored. 

The disassembier, ^Gtmsmd 
with GO TO 5, is the faalMt ptart 
of Ihe packager it takes aboirt 
three sacondt to nti the screen 
with data, before pausing with 
the usual Scroll? question, ins- 
tructions are only partially dii- 
assembled — the program 
prints H or NN in place of 
parametersH foHowad bv the 
appropriate valtiae apraad over 
up to three lines. 

The tester /monitor turns out 
to be a rotjtine that prints reg- 
ister values and a single sort-of 
disassembled in struct ion ovet 
tt^ top of inylhirig else on the 

screen. Every couple of seconds 
a blei:^ square appears, and the 
next instruct ion may be eMe- 
ojted (With appropriate changei 
to tfte display I when you press a 
key. You cent alter regii^er 
values or set breakpoints, IT you 
warn to load, save, display 
memory values, or jump lo an 
address you have to Break into 
the monitor and use ZX BASIC 
as normal. You can step over 
instructions more quidkly, with- 
out the display. wEth a RANO 
USR can from BASIC. 

Csmm^c Oriff is rx^n^ standard, 
unreliable, slow and inade^ 
quately documented. Micro 
Zeighty daacrlba C^mmM Or^ 
as one of tf^ best machine code 
packages around'p Don't believe 
them — I can^t think of arvy 
package wofse. 

And %a armchvr c^ktmn ends. Our Speetmni iza Im stHt In the hafidt 
Off Mkro Mjt943 Jon Bales, who has sirt hnriMiH the tnk of gafBtna ft 
to tvJk lo his Qanga full of MIDI |Musii^4 Iftitnimtnl D^aRai 
Marfaca) synt haefae rs. As thlt column wst baierH) wrhtan, lit was 
ilfu^btQ wtth a fnueti Irkkhipr protMam — aettlfiii SincUk fWsaarcli 
tiltdiio Mn abauf tiia nitty grhtf erf the Marfaeal Wrth ludk. Jw t 
Itl^faOi uho%M ^iFtaar In ^U laaua's T«tli Nktie byi I hav* hid «a 
put off my own eicposa of Itia 12^* hard^ert saereis until 

Vm vtiH iftva^lp^ng progi awiiwliiy wntracts, and would Ilka tn 

■ar from raadivi willh ttisc to tai. wH«th«r uuticmary or 

ansouraginfl — cio i ifldami alilv iiuaramaad. K you wfrih it MtMhw 

you've t»eaii done, or dof>a soffMtfilfig, I ho^a fOii'll kmm m 














(Wt do not charga you ftir our 
r^nq^ prvntei £^ charging 
hig^ 'flud' pfloasi) 
fleputvtKm tito time to tMld. 
vrt Pitvt baan FipHflng ^ 6 1 's. 

ElBCs professional, f^ 214 
j yaars -- iNfno ks can^ saoond? 

^ rfpn sT ctjg. fie ^ h^tevd Hub) J 

blfvv riiw% J look 41 1)0 MAMMI^^ 

lufig ftaid ft in 8 nMnAHl ma f^ Mis 
mm fil 01 TlHy in hnL ciMd LP . 

Hi uiMMh iifiuMJu ii&nms 



ri^ HOHESTV - Wt JH lOj vritEti 
yoyf corntiincr bcir^ ii«p«MJ ind w 

FW ^nrocnoii » i€U*Mii05 - 

r^w cmw icrdtt i flfm ffnt wa bt 
man Dun iMHnB to lAbi j^ H i£ 
hOM di rafTHChf iQiir pfiitiiiiiiL Tni¥ 

jnd moTT irTippit«}M' CDRftECT 
L FOn SPEED - ^}|qt i^m ft iSBt on 

P CnKt 4fy flVPHVy npWS OflT trie 


^licWrtHar' Ari9 


paOFESSaOHAL v^tm K ami IfiKb^ 

4nd Mm^TijiwmM' Mjcas^ 

turnvQipriVtin (twbu&Am mprnarm 

ib nai^Uii, Uwpoksi^ GUi^Ki^y, 



Bacausawe r^iiir hrundndsof 
mmpufifsawry w«ciL wt art 
ablttopassor^our coFT^xrvn^- 
tMylfig tfsEDiint' to YOM Jr> 
kpwef pnccs ZaOAcpu 


-^ wpa tHlDQ dnvn tfw ptlces fof 
ripairf and c PffTTpof if ffrtsI 
(Wt ma^ reruat ^ retftvt 
oompubtfi sulNflng fNim 
■tiampM DJY mpmm} 

for nfbim^ajrmyi 

(For Fwit d^ Mwry induli il SO 

(SfOAor % pnor tmnpmm) 
Ornte i iM^ ^wi u fat *dp^ 
t JLM'i md fiHii fiulHi ol oflMtn 


(DapL C4] 

Pti n t w ofi B UiwLijtwamriuifriii. 
MaKtiasttf IlieaJ' 

Phone 06 1-224 1880 

OR 061 224 9888^ 



What we do today , . . 

Others do tomorrowf 


CRASH May 19S€ t07 


yi flNNERS r^p RIZES 


A Minion's life is not an easy or happy one. especialty 
when there's a mountain of mail to sort. Which is 
■vsfy day, here in CRASH Towers^ as you tot simpty 
won t stop sending in entries. I nearly had an assistant 
the other week^ but then the CfiASi^ionnaJre forms 
had to be deaft with and I was on my own. as usual. Ho 
hum. Mayhe Til get the chance to earn soma ovartime 
one day^, and have my own bumper twenty four page 
competition pull-out No, Walt — that'd mean even 
more mail for me to sort .... AAAARGHI 

Here's a few more resuh:ipoos: Tm off to the broom 
<»pboard for a kip. See ya neict month. 

Hm ^^£rmomcmmnk^ 













irOitt J 

1 S, POSRL f 

|^ miil «JL Ui ef -m^ ail I 


alnly ipfovDd popular — Saatchi 
and Saatchi could hav* u>m# 
$6fiCHJs problems if a f«w 
CRASH r^^d^rm deckto to Mt 
mvolved in the advafttilfig 
business. CtiM rapywrftar wat 
Colin R6#kl« frorn St Monant 
KY10 20H. ¥vho dwiawt a 
cunning THpvoft* — ona ol 
those littto boohlvt doobriet 
¥vfth a saqaunca of p#ctufv» 
wfikti wring to Itfa in an 
animatecl iaqii«fice wtiafi you 
flip ffw pag«i. Hit 

kn.m.m . m .m.mag inatlon will 
bft rawardfld with a Max 
and a trip to Muc'i 
lb complw. Dift 

mora p«opl# vutiri frrteai^ and 

MEGA PACK WINNERS Sin>ci'n Ctark, 
tonq Lsnflv HP3 ONE; DivW Gfwn, 
Gr^^hill lldp SeOSA^ Scon Gritfofi, 

FiBidi, Striciirc^ Rd, S 1 3 8L5; B<nv 
Davi^ Ifm StiMI. 1P31 2 J y ; D^vkI 
DuWeo. HioiiSi. MK*a 3Da: Richafd 
Doy(a^ Nuli^ Hquso E 1 7 MW ; Roii 
L^ipiptt BniditBy. &S19 308: A 
Jon«a, London Rd. TN3 7 ePA. 'V •M- 
J^son HoMil. Popto St NR18 DtW 

Smith, II ntlairt Lana, PE2 1 9RA; 
FrandmM«£ii«fK Pifodieod Rd. PAE7 

7HI: ThotimCikhwIl. Wfttfrf Una, 
WM 40V; Hanry CoNlngrJdoa. Uppw 
EdgfiboPDugtr, GU 1 S&J: Pvul 
Rildwnef , Wasi EmI Odsa. HI nOBA 


108 CRASH May 1986 



JR ■i'^r. 




Yim «l|0v6d yoMrwrvBS wfth 
IMS on* didnl you? The ovorvil 
winrver diagnDS«d Lloyd as both 
pfyithotic: and paranoid. HI& 
tOXiratA aiK£e&Am«it of the 
Aff«c^s o1 Candyptiobia and th« 
indu^kifi of adhibits (right down 
to th9 V kay from Lloyd'i 
ItaiiiM*) fnada his antry aic^a 
^wdal. Wall dona Petaf 
Brannallv of Church iU Road. SYfi 
KP. Voii g«t a DIV Guida to 
bttbi Hvgary ai^ ■ naaito Canpofi 
Auttrtocus camera to play witlt 
tWirrty fiva mora winn«r« 
eoNact a copy of CRL't gafiw D, 

Tcny Nffytm. Hinbroo^ fiftwa, B33 

msSXH- Adrian O'Sulltvan. PinfeJiam 
MimiCMis. W4 3BG; Ma N J Opckkig, 

Swim Ad. Nni2 7NG: Davm 
Jacl^aon, Imdtsmoot Df , PR4 SPE; JD 

Hurding. ic^hnscm Rd. Blt2 ^H; 
Dftryl Joanson, Monka Maadow. PE6 
OU; Robert Wj I hams. Thirl maft 
Grov^r SL4 OQB; Qiriiiophaf Tumar. 
Whie Woman Lano. NRE 7JL: Mart 

JwTiai DriscGll, Coomba Q^^&ti 
Wills; Davtd Gordon. Ravi4lj;ia Rd. 
B61 &DJ; Jamip Orr. Nu-mbi^r EH^B 
5PN; Nigt^l PaJm^r.GlenAlmcHidp NM 
SAG, J Agfph. Penrtivn Rd. NN4 9CE; 
Gaotfray Tki^, Sl^p^iall Gfean, SG2 
SXSj PaulGlaribaYH Eisdc^n Drfva. 
MW129RI4: Pay I Callinpn, Boi^^m 
Rd. SFT13 7JH; Slaphan Harrison. 
MiayarPy. MS3SJ; Pay I Hughes. 
Bknd^ucti St PA15 INV: Simcm 
Triltbac^. ApplaTraaWay. S5I1 8JL; 
Gibfis parryman. Pbtortonsamp^aad. 
T013 dQQ: i Rot^^nacin, Wprtham 
Way . SG 2 9SH ; 6 Jflrtdni, 
Aldbcmigh Rd Sth. IG3 iHS: Jo*ifi 
Lawil, Graatmaadovw Rd, LE4 OGA 

CRASH May 1986 109 


yi fiNiKRS cffrp RizEs 



And 4 iwordMrdhArH th«Y d^ 
go. Th« Rfty hjckv fbUc briow 
wHI ftJI hev9 tMf copiM <if 
Co^mfc Wartoad once the Tcinds 
h«v« «mt34MAd through th« 
RdvaI Mull Mu«, ilitt {«{ WbU 

G StMlnwi, Strood Pld. 1^37 @PN : 
Siny Kivwiigh, Fioyd Ad, S£7 BAN: 
Androw CfpAnbrd. Harptrfi* Df iv«, 
MB ETfH. Toriy Gurifiirig^ Ktyworth 
Drive. NG 19 ODE: DaniirfPilfl, Hill fid. 
NG6 BTJ: DBfrvn Kefir. Mil ven&r^ Rd. 
G46 7LP: Peok» MorrA, [>un»i0n Rd. 

Wft*. NWn nP: NImI Bfv*ni. 
D^^llteh WaVp LE143fi^; Benpmifi 
Henry, Cavendtsh Avtrmje, CB\ 4UF; 
^nl^lis Arhnriaiiadis, Af fK» Strwt^ 
PBiakJn P^iAfepon. ATHENS: Andrew 
Coqk; RftdfUith Coome. Tfi m 6RT; 
Nichota 0%iefi. S^ofi^Ythof pe 
Oose, B91 3X£: Atan Andefiofi, 
CHdfieid Doie, LEO 6l^L . AJ Coleman, 
ManMli Fkt 629 7PZ; M^nin Ru«titori, 
PUpwi Lint. STB OBO: (lery 

WhlningpkTw, Ovibfd Rd, S27 600; 
Jamia f^tereon. Lvp««tt M«td, $N13 

OSB: MrU^hel Scott Springfiiflidt 
Cam, GL 1 1 ePL: Tim Cubitt 
Callingvvoodi, CT15 €£X; Andrflw 
M»k». Umm« P*^. SG2 W N ; Marit 
F^«rliif% BiadcFey Rcl, HPlS 7EV: 
S^mofi JoneSr Swinbuma P1#ce, SM4 
BLE: Petfir Hirschrieid. B*#ch Grova, 
HUS3De; D»vkd Ravmeni. Ripley 
Df tve. LN6 BJO, AJ Markriam, 
Bi^xipiWatti. MR31 seO: T»m 
WelM^, Vicarege irn^, PE24 4JJ: 
Thcfrnat Clcwvry, GranMpormfln 
Villus. Dublin : Andrew Hawkina^ 
Csffteld, Wm SOL: Carl Timdv, 
PaUHdee Avb. ME206LS: Se«phen 
CoTvef p Cartinptiwi, ivne an<l Wear; 
Kevin Fisher. Segsiafw. GL 1 2 8BD: 
Grehffn Pygh, Atwt Cicse. CF5 SBE: 
Jonathjm Peftcirk«, OKQai« Gard^ns^ 
NW2 6£B; Magnus Ramaoe, 
Oeramonl Gardens. G€2 €1%: 
Darron Akast. Tortidon Rd. SE6 1 RF; 
Atislair Smijti, ParfelsrwJs GL12 7LTj 
Pirtef SffnorKk, Lawn Lar^e, CM 2RC ■ 
SO iMwn, Neathfifild Rd ST14 7JN; 
Sheun Hennaiay, Sw^vlandA. TNi i 
AAi; Smon NwtwfVH Hafeil Rd. RGi 
888: Bdb Pmsfm. Addwfi Rd, CV22 
7CZ; RH Pertcer. Mansion Gardens. 
LS15 ^Y: Julpan Datton. Scyal Rd. 
SKSTDC: Karl Aridrod, New MoniRa. 
M30 &J0: Rci^rt Redforti. F<»tOfi 
Oiove, S40 4SJ- l»n HalL Reedlay Fid, 
6SB 18E; R<9bef1 FinlavAan, 
er«ril¥VDOdDrove,G537UJ: Petet 
Oeon, Heethermere. SG6 4QH 

SEIKO RC-1 000 


TTwfe wes only onm wpef SeAe 
wetcti to be^ow ee ■ prize in 
the Watdi comp, end the 
winnaf oeftalnly eerned rt, 
Ohtm% and icufidi of burcting 
biiilihr bottles to: Nefl Martin, 
Llnipl»r$ti»ke.BA3 6JR 


Please use block capitals and write clearlyl 
Nam« — 

My top f^ve programs are: 





I poeitood# 




Sand your coupon 1o: CRASH ADVENTURE TRAIL, PO SOX 10, 



CRASH HOTLINE WRITE IN COUPON My top five favourite programs in descending ofdev 
Please use block capitals and wnte clearly! ^''^- 



Address ^ . , * ^ 

Postcode ,. — 3 


I Send your coupon to CRASH HOTLINE. PO BOX 10, 


i , . . 

110 CRASH May 1986 

dB-fi-50^/lD ^O BE h ^f IT 

IJtevets of fuff make tWsrtofhirfr exeelletitvalur 
ftrrrwney. Nova rating. Definitely one of those 
"jBt another go" games. Game of the month 
F: 01317"* - Computer Gamer 

TtK most compulsive game E've ever 
pbyed. [f you don't buy it you'll never 
\mt what you've missed.'* says Gary 
hnn, Zzapl 64. Gold Medal Award. 
1 11% overall, 




:^IGH tiCORfc 




H »* " = 


112 CRASH Mav t986 


Froducer: Imagine 

Retail price: £7.05 
Author: BfimieDuggs 


p.|.A/.G P*0*N»G 


fMrs on from the ciass4€ 
Pong Qume whkh had a 
ioi io Qo w'lih The binti of 
the cofripyl#r games indy^ry. 
tmagifie have dwid«d tq cackle 
ttwi spon of Ping Pong, ritlai«ing 
a product wtiich plays ratter 
mor6 like the g<)rne of uMi 
iennis than rhe earty bat and ball 
game. ImaQino's Ping Pong is a 
oan vers ion of Kjonamr'a arcade 
ftame and abides to all Ttw mtos 
wd regulations of eable tennis. 

" I loaded Puig Pong ind 
immfiNJialelv thcnjght a 
CofTMinodom Si warn att^ 
achid . . . tha fouml on tha 
game Is briHiant, amaiini 
~ it dafles ail adjiactJvaft 
£iideH«fit dmm beats, cool 
^nth tachniquas: Wowt 
me game itself ii vatY ori- 
girukriind kept me comr ' 
bd forages Imagiri^ sei:»n 
to b# tAlng the !toftw«r« 
marttat by storm tiiim Y^^f I 
^91 hopa tbeY can ket-i 
up! Th0 tahb t#nni$ tabita r:i 
W«ll laid out in tm$ 30 

tahiofi «fKl ttm tt**^ ifi- 
du d ps Icti of nksa laalimi 

— af^att Ifom |h« MvaJ 
definablifi kevs tfiara'a a 
moft »^rting lMM> iilayaf 
option and fi¥« tiMli €ll 
difhcultY- knagine 54i#m to 
push tbo Sfwtmm lo its 
limits with eve^Y fl»me 
thev bring out, goodness 
orily luiows what thav'ra 
goiffia to put on tha 12ak! I 
vmuid recommmid ar^y ar^ 
ude fnak to btiy ring 
Pong at wtivt h a vaty 
dwap price for a game of 
thii i|iiality on the Spec^ 
tnim *- ml it yoy lika 
adywrtune jMst buy ^ aikI 
datioa to ttiat groovy beai 

interprmed aulomatlceity by a 
computerised judge — there's 
no room for tantrums in this 
game. Th^ first pFayer to %C0w 
eleven points wins, unlaai 
there's a 10-10 ti^, and f ivq levels 
qf pJay ar^ avaitablep ranging 
from nicQ 'n* slow lo orNmt^l 
style, played at the speed of 

The game is viewed from 
abovn and behind the base line 
of the table with your bat posi- 
tioned aboyt ft quarter of the 
way up the screen. Pfayer (km 
always plays from ihts vkvw 
point and Ihe corripuler or sec- 
ond player takes the Top er>d of 
ihe table — there's no change of 
ends. The score end olher relev- 
an! infomiation, kKluding the 
judge's c^lls. is displayed on 
erther side of the tebfe. The 
ay dierkce appears on both skies 
of tfw screen^ with ihe right hand 
SiCte mob chMring on the com- 
puter or Player Two, whilst the 
spectatofs on The left shout and 
ciap if you ioore a winning point. 

"me bat is control led tjy a 
phantom di^m bodied hand — 
thu& avoiding the probien^s that 
wo<jld be posatf by futi-si2e 

figures: seeing the lable wouM 
tie tricky. Timing and hitting a 
shot correctly is the key to the 
game— ihe computer automat- 
icaily tracks the baN and always 
mateft sure !hai your bst is be- 
hlr«l ilr When The ball readies 
th3 bat select The sort of ihot 
you'd Nke to play by preaalr^ 
either left, right or up a^ th^ ball 
hits the bat — pressing right 
when the be M hits the bai giv^ a 
cut, left a dnve and up a smash 
(but onty smash when the ball is 
lobbe<fK T^ie liming of the strike 

qovems the dircKiUon in which 

the ban nrsoves, veering to rhe 
left or fight ol the table. The bat 
is nofmelfy held forehand, but 
pnftssir^g Ihe fire button switches 

" The loardiiiB acfe e n tent 
of the usiiat 0cean4mag^ 
via quiilrty, b-ut all my fears 
were dadifed when I hmmi 
Urn tht lufii; iinitoiibiedlv 
the best on the Spearum 
yet ! I fell the only raaJ thfirig 
wrong wrth ^tm gam* l« 
that me bat gfaphies coyld 
have been Emprovad aiid 
given more movement — 
At the moment the bat 
seems to be controlled by 
wrist action only Other 
than that, I think it s got 
everything a good game 
neefis — It's Bttmctive, 
addietTva. and very play- 
able, tmagine have dona it 
again a^ia fmm I've got to 
go and ctacfc ^e>^ ftve. *' 

to backhand mode allowing you 
to return a ball hiT to the eKtrame 
right hand comgr of iha table. 

The human player always has 
to serve fifai and this is dona by 
pressing dowi^ to throw the bail 
into the air and folLowirig with a 
nomnaishot. There's a time limit 
to ewh seirve and if the bafi 
doesn't croea the net within 
seven secondSr a poini is awar- 
ded to the Opporhent. After five 
points have been scored the 
service changn over, unless the 
game Is tied at ten po ints a piece, 
when service alftmates and the 
ganrie tsontinuers until one player 
gets two fxyinis ahead of the 
ottver or reaches fifteen points. 

Apart from the match points, 
players ::^n coll^^ points during 
the game and go for an entry on 
Ihe Ptng Pottg high score table. 
Each time a player hits the ball, 
ten points ace ecWed to his or her 
score, wtitle a massh^e five 

'' Kjorutml's arcade gama 
never realhf^ took off In 
ftriftaJfi and aftec playing 
Ma I can't ufidefitand why 
~ Wm a r^ty gnat gania. 
Hie paphiei ai&ltha gvne 
ve^ waM entf there are no 
attribute pfobl^ns at aM. 
but the sound . super 
dupief, $fiilfir^ ftuff gyys! I 
realilry cmiMn't believe that 
a hymbln BEEPy Spectrum 
was uttet ing such imprass- 
ive musk Just li^en to it I 
The gama plays vtry welt 
too and a well worth 
buying " 

hundred points can tie colleaed 
by succ^ssfuNy smashing The 
ball and winning a game Fxiint. 
At the erKi of each level of play, a 
bonus of orti thousand points b 
awarded to the wi^nner for each 
g&rm point of the winning 

In the one player mode m 
wtiich a human pits ski Ms with 
the Spectrum's Central Proc^s- 
ir^ Unit, play moves up a level 
each tjn^ the 0*U loses Two 
players play best of three mat- 
ches to decide the winner, arkd 
select the ski II tovel they wish to 
play at. 

DDntrol leys: AH defin-abla 

Joystick: Kempsion, 

Interface 2; Cursor 

KiyboBrd plaiy : g real 

Use of fskxir : a M bla nd , 


Graptiics; not Overly 

wonderfuL but adequate 

for the game 

Sound: unbelievaUy good 

— Spectnjm evcallence 


Screens^ one 

^netal ratlniB^ A high ly 

playable ttid en|ovalile 

tpom simulation. 

y » of com put«r 92 % 

Graphics 82"*^ 

Pleyabiltty 34^ 

Getting started 93 

Addictrvfl quiF^iits 91 

Va hie for moHney 89 

Ovefell m% 

COASH May 1986 113 



Producer: Durell 

Retail price: £8.95 

Auth Q r : Mi k e R icha rdsat% 

YouVs ert intrepid sp«cigl 
ag@nt vA^ith yotrr very crwn 
Lolus Turbo Esprit. Your 
tosmfish an internal ion a i 
ring of drug smugglers who are 
about to fnake a huge delivery of 

An armoured c:ef ri supplving 
tie drugs to the centre of a city 
and f ou r del ive ry ca rs co M ect t he 
narcotics from the supply vehi- 
cle n it tour$ the streets. Your 
mi$sion is to Stop the delivery 
cars, preferably after they have 
made I heir pick-ups and before 
they 9cunle off to the dru{| 
gang's hideaways. EKira points 
are available if you can slop the 
armoured car bofore it leaves 
the city or>ce all the drops have 
been made. 

After the gamte has loaded, 
you are presented with a choice 
of four cities in which to combat 
the pieddlers of evil subsiences 
— oric© the choice has been 
made the only way to change 
ciii-es IS to reload Ihe game. A 
menu scroll n follows which 

aiiows you to vtew, save or load 
in high score tables, practi^ 
df iving or play the same For real. 

The actiori is viewed from the 
diwifig seat. The instruments on 
the da&hboar d^ seen through the 
spoke$ of the $te^rrng wheel, 
include a speedometer, rev 
coiiinter. fuel gaiyge aatf a tem- 
perature gauBe. Don't worry 
about gear changes — the com- 
puler takes care of that. Keep an 
eye on the fuel gauge, though. 
When it looks a bit Tow simply 
pul) onto the pavement (make 
sure rt is pedeiirian free flrsti) 
and if youVe near a garage the 
tank re-fills. 

The view oui of the wind^ 
icreen includes a black car — 
ycMjr Turbo Esprit — which 
dbdotts and weaves through the 
traffic as you spin the wheel and 
acniefste and decelerate. The 
city streets scroll towards you as 
you motor along and the display 
IS full of detail; pedestrians 
Slump around the sidewalks, 
traffic lights and car indicttors 
flash, petrol stations tout tor 
custom and little men repair the 
roads Dijving into vehicles dri- 
ven by innocet^t citizens, as well 
n shooting them up ^nct runn' 
ing over p^estrians add to your 
tally of penalty points shown in 
the status area on the dash- 
board. Some mean driving is 
needed to stay on the tail of the 
perpetrators of evil white avoid- 
ing crashes Don'f despair if you 
write the car off — there are four 

You are not entirely alone in 
your misabn to c|uash the evil 
drug barons: menaQM from 
H.Q occasionally pop tip at Ihe 
bottom of ycMjr screen with 

T14 CRASH May 1936 

infomiation on the smugglers' 
whereabouts, and the same tert 
area is used for status messages 
during the game 

The smugglers in ordinary 
car? can be stopped with a hail 
of bullets from you Turtio can- 
non. The baddies are easily 
identiriable — the delivery cars 
^re bfue and the armoured su- 
pply car is red. Don't be too 
trigger happy though, more pto- 
ints are won by ramming the 
smuggfers' vehicleis from be- 
hind while they are rnovirwg. 
Once a garig^ter oar has tal^en a 
banering, the baddies surreod- 
er, and you can continue the 
mission fct's pos«ibte to ir^ter- 
oept the dnt>our«d BU{»pty car at 
any time, but ortce the main 
vehicle has been disabled the 
supply cars cease Qper^tion and 
there are no more points to be 

The smug^ler^ have a number 
of hit cars, wrth nifty nugsnia or 
purple paint jobs to aid recogni- 
tion, and their gun^oting pass- 
engers are hoi on your traif. 
They roar past you at great 
speed with guns blazing. If they 
hit the LotuSp a message flashes 
onto your con^sle and the car 
may well go out of control. 
Alternatively^ a stray bullet 

mi^ht be lodged in the engine^ 
which leads to overheating and 
everntua I »i;u re i f you do n ^t visit 
a garage and get the engine 
repaired in time. 

The Turbo Esprit, apart from 
beir>g a very fast motor indeed, 
has a puH down map of the city 
^idh ZMO be scrolled over the 
city, and highlights the position 
of your car as well as the drug 

baron's vehicles. Like they say: 
It's nrtean on the streets — be 
careful out there I 


# "' A graal game from Durefl. 
Turbo Esprit la ceftainly addict - 
hre. It aHowi you la toom rouiMl 

1^^ tiv.\% ^uf uii fhti U 

iQttn% li>' 

ifi lUfmOt^PMIT* 

ttie bfick slf(M!is and alleywuy^, 
which I enjoyed particulnrlY, but 
you have to be careful not to 
bump into oilier cars or ^^dm- 
tn*n4. Ta iM^in wKh, turning 
the car into iids roid^ can b« a 
bit tricky, because you hava to 
judige the ongto, and the control 
Iftkem some p oitiiig used to, but 
ft GOfnvft i|urt« naturally ahar a 
white. Once ywv^ locatad thtt 
drug barons lh@ action giata tat 
and fyrkiiis with high tfiMii 
around th« Hfftaa. Wm 
fun — hKifcf:Hitforltt" 

• ^ This gEme is gmal fun, put 
Sfmpfy, Evef7 ff yai/ don't do^Mtr 
knocking out rf/u^ c^fs, ^usi 
drrvm^ &ruundpfcktng uppwmt- 
fy potnts is fun. Ths grsphies 
sfi^'t immediately astounding, 
but tf}& det^^^ soon becom&s 
appamni Md ones it do^s its 
pretty sufpriSfftg: pedestrmns 
w&ik about CSfS Stop ^t f^gfjts 
^nd svi^fve to avoid roadworks, 
their indicators work ^nrf /ttth 
men ev^n work on roifdi&mpsf 
Tf^e g&m^ is very pfaystf& ^f>d 
^dictf^e, but it ne0ds to be 
phyed for a good half sn f>our 
bmfB a/f ifm suOifeties become 

Saamnt Congr^^iut&tiort^ 

nift you've mede me h^ppy 
agsin. ^ 

• " Ourell Software seerti set to 
continue their long line of very 
weH polishecf off softwar© — 
wilh {mother gcxxl program, 
Turbo Esprit. Turbo Fspnt is a 
v^ry epsy S^rn^ to get into be 
cause of thie simple plot, and I 
was very soon addicted. As on 

all DurL'Uyarr^id^ tht^ graphicsarc^ 
■^erv sharp and yet very d£^ tailed 
due to the hmited colour In 
parts. Ag^in ^& havf? 9 few two 
channrel simulated tunes at the 
imponanl points of the gerrke. 
Turbo £$prtt giv«s you a good 
fe^l of what it s like lo inanoeu- 
vre a sports car around the 
airMts of cjiies und liit$ you try 
your hand a t tti ree po 1^ nt turns up 
one way streets, which I c^n 
afisare you gives eKcltlng driv^ 
ing. This is a superb g^ me for all 
ahoot etn up and car freaks, und 
ia reaaonablv priced at ra.95 " 


CoftfrothM: defJnaMa 

Joy^kfc: Kempston, Interface 2, 


Keyboard ptay: positive 

U$e of Qoloiir: attribute elash on 

the roadway 

Graphics^ vary dever scroti ing 


Sound r bashes, crashes a nd a 

catchy tune 


Sw a wii : four scrolling cities to 

drive round 

Ganartl r«taig: A driving game 

with a fair brt of gameplay 

behind It 

Gottifig sttrt«d 
Adtf Ictivft quslititts 
Vaki e tor mofwy 






Official mascot FIFA woncl Cup 1886 

CRASH May 1986 1T5 

^ Ji ' 



O^F T*H'E T*hG*E*R 

fbamjon^d us in orphan 
ontte shores of The island 

of Trartqun Dfeoms, you 

were adopted by an old monk — 
Maiji^hi, Grand Mast^tr of the 
Dawn. The monks on the island 
worship Kwon, the god of un- 
anned combat p arKi your adopt- 
^ father has Erainsd you in the 
rnartfal arts — it's a Ninja ha 
want! to make of you. noi jusi a 
man I Bafora becoming worthy 
of th# nobfa title of Ninja you 
mu^t pass thfM testt of endur- 
ance and sl^ill in oombat agaEntt 
opponents chosen by the Mast- 
er. Test$ of yoyr skills in unarm- 
ed combat, poJe fighting, and 

" I am vetY i^npress^cl with 
this gama. It is definitely 
the Bast beat em up to 
date, arid any naw fighting 
game will have to go a long 
way to better this. I can't 
ready fauH Way of the T ^gcr 
in any way -^ there is 
plenty of action, it is very 
COmpeninu and great fun 
to play. Graphiciilty this 
game is second to none. 
Each o1 the m«ny charac:t- 
er» is well drawn and all 
their moves are eKcellenlly 
anifi>ated and very realist- 
ic. The twckgrounds are all 
masterpieces in their own 
right, ton. S^iund iii well 
U$ed pnd there fS a tune- 
^e when you've minced 
your oppofiant and at the 
end of a screen The only 
niggle one could po^s^tbly 
have with this one is that 
yoij have to load in the 
different parts of the prog- 
ram, but it is weH worth the 
wait. I strongly recomm 
end this game to 
everyone. " 

Samurai sword fighljng 
GrfflTtlin Gr^phic^' con ■ , ^ 
ed vereJon of the role playing 
adventure books. 

The gair>e comes on two cat* 
settes. end a mnter prog rem 
has to be loaded before the 
fighting can start, From the 
ofienu screen provided hy the 
master loader you can opt to 
practise one of the three fomns 
of cofnbat or chooee to take the 
full test, working your w^ thr 
ough all three stages. Select 
keyboard or joy^klc, press the 
key to se!i?ct an entry point in the 
^^m>B and load in the apprOipr- 
lace eassette to begin the 

An oriental tune introduces 

the act^on, which takes place on 
m large window on the screen. 
The status area gives a readout 
on Endufance and Inner Forc^ 
levels, representiKJI by circEes ^t 
the bottcs-m of the display, for 
every compiete circle of Endur- 
ance used by a oombatanf. one 
point q\ Inner Force is deduoted 
arxl the fighter who runs oui of 
Inner Forc:^ first loses the con- 
test. The opponents sent against 
you by the Master have different 
fevets of Endurance and Inner 
Force as weK as a variety of 
skilrs. As a fighter's tnner Force 
waneSp the power of ihe blows 
he lands and Iho effeci they hav* 
on hifi opponent is reducad. 

The display system feaiures a 
triple ^roll effsicL which allows 
three tevali of animation on the 
screen arid provides enimated 
baekdrops. the tighTing takes 
place in the foreground and the 
midd te a nd badcg m\r at- 

ion a r^as m^ used f o ^ i tal 

action, Pote fighting,. \m inst- 
ance, takes plice on a pole 
perched on the banks of a river: 
logs float down the watercourse 


" I thought that these Kar- 
ate type games were gettr 
ir>g n brt monotonous now^ 
but with the advent of 
GriHTilin Graphics' Wav of 
the Tiger that has changed. 
The game ftself ha^ three 
distinct stages all of which 
are superbly eicecuted. To 
«vaid attribute prohlems 
n>ost of the game is dis- 
played in two oo4oufSp but 
wfth that said it is stpil 
visually appealing. Tht7 
graphics ttietnselveg are 
detailed and probably the 
best featured in a game of 
this type. Watch irfg some- 
one else ptav the game m 
somewhat akin to watch- 
ing s movie, there is act ten 
going on ^\\ the time and 
with the as$4;irted effects 
happening in the back- 
ground ft all iQOlts very 
convincing. As with most 
beat em ups. the game is 
instantly playable. The inc- 
reasing difficulty of your 
opponents coupled with 
the three separate games 
make it very addictive. To 
my mirwf. Way of the Tiger 
IS the best game yet from 
the Gremlin stable Let's 
hope that all the other 
Ninja jpameis are as good as 
this. ' 

while ducks paddie about, ooca- 
sionelly taking Id the air. 

In the first section of the game 
yoy find yourself wander fngm 
the desolate desert land of Otti 
withoul a weapon The Maatsr 
has coKecterf a range of oppon- 
ents to pit against his trainee 
Ninja, and they are not all hum^ 
anoid. He's not averse to anima- 
ting the odd rock or obelisk to 
test ymjr skills. Anticipation 
mounts as you await the fiirst 
opponent Suddenly, a pointy- 
eared goblin jumps out from 
behind a rock — the battle is on ! 
Aa In the other two sections of 

"I didn't much like the 
constant loading of the 
gsme but H d<Jes repre- 
sents very gowJ vatue for 
mrf>ney. The animal ion of 
the characters is vexy well 
p oHtl wwl off and consider- 
i^ tfw charftcteFS are 
massive the speed is very 
fast. I WH v«ry tonpressed 
when I iMillea bahbid the 
speedy anlmatkin and 
lourKl beautiful backgr- 
ounds end lama neat tou- 
ch«e lite ttift ducfca that 
(^r^stantiy swtm behind 
the action, and take oH. 
Way of the Tiger grves new 
life to the beat em up 
games and takes ovef 
where Way of the Explod- 
ing Fist len off. I enjoyed 
pLayIng Tiger more than 
rist because there is a 
much harder chaUange In It 
and more variallM of play, 
Wsy of th« Tiger glvei a 
new challenge to all those 
people who sakl Fist was 
easy, " 

the game, control Is effected in 
the usual beat em up mannerp 
using eight directkms in oomb- 
inal&n wfth fire to n-hake a total 
of sixteen moves- Once the gob- 
Nn is out of the way a f loafing 
spectre creeps up from behind 
and gradually zaps away your 
strength. Each time an opponent 
is despat^ied your status levels 
are topped up in readlrwss for 
th# ne^irt fight. The contest con- 
tinues until all Ihe Mailer's 
challenoere have been defeated 
or you die. Simple, really F 

Once the desert of Orb has 
been cleared of aggressive n^tst- 
ies, it*s on to the Pole Fighiing 
section. Standir^g on a pole 
spanning a Hver, youVe sudden- 
ly confronted by an sfmaur 

plated ^eleton with a very tiasty 
grin on rts face. Armed wtth 
quarterstaffs you enter battle* 
dtlempting to wear each other's 
Inner Fori^ levels down to zero, 
the skeleton m not alone — once 
It has betn despatched to the 
murky depths of the river wh- 
erK« ft camie, other pole fighters 

ein the fray ir>cJiKling anotfier 
inja and a mean looking dwarf 

Survival m the ixrte fighting 
teads to the Grand Temple and 
I he final section of the same. 
The scene of the last test is 
majestic indeed- Snow-capped 
mquntains rise to meet the sky 
on the horizon #ikI the Tefnple 
appears behind you- Birds flut- 
ter overhead, labourers tnjndle 
M^^ietbarrcTws to and fro and all 
seems very peacehjE umil .a 
mongolian sword fighter w^th 
an enormous knife in his hand 
jumps up In Samurai Sword 
Fighting the Master pits you 
against the greatest warriof s he 
knows, so*ne of whom can per- 
form fiflhtirHg feats which you 
simply can't match. It's possible 
to defeat the Master's minions, 
but diffiojft . . . 

If the swofd^nen &m alt d«- 
^ted. one further test remains 
— it's lime ti> confront the Grand 
Master himself, if you are aUe to 
prevent him from making 
mincemeat of your corpse yoti 
have inuly have earned the right 
to be a Ninja^ "speaker of 
vyisdom. prolec^or of the w^k. 
One most powerful". 

Tlie Way of the Tiger is a 
perilous way indeed . . . 



Joystick r JKempston 

Keyt>oard play: responsivi^ 

Use of ccmuf : n^inly 


Graphhcs: very clever 


Sound: a joHytune 

Skill levali: one 

Screens: three fighting 


General rating: An 

ejcce^lent development on 

The beat em up theme 

Usa of cofn puter 92 % 

Graphics 94% 

PlayabilitY 94% 

Getting started 93% 

Addictive qualities 93% 

Value for money 92% 

Overall 93% 

CRASH May 19B6 117 

Producer: Imagine 

Retail price: £7,95 
Author: Jonathan Smith 

In the very beginning ih^re 
mis Comm&ndo, then canne 
R&mbo. No« GiTWfl Sener 
oontinues the miNiery microchip 
cnu0 that's sweeping the UK — 
penetfffting deep behind enemv 
lines arKl blO¥uing up seveiil 
afmim single handed. Yet if e 
yCKj versus the rest of the wodd 
m thrs garne c>f ^klll and dexter ^ 
ity. Retching eaptives ts the 
object of this arcade conversion^ 
end Green B has io detve deep 
Miind enemy lines through a 
missile base, a round a hartsour, 
c^^f a bridge and into a prison 
camp to rescue his fighting 

Amwd with only a knife your 
soldier has to ward off rmtny 
k i nds of enemi es — G I Joe Kung 
Fu specialists, gun loting com- 
mandos and hilted kemikaze 
kilters. No mailer what the 
enemy soldiers look lika. ihev aH 
lake one of Green's three lives if 
they touch him. Pfressing the f^re 
button gets the 'slab tct^on' 
going and eny rerwgades who 
are careles,s enough to run into 
the swift and silent blade are 
instantly stabbed to death. 
Green Beret is a pretty able fiel- 
low, capable of jumping and 
ifying down whiilst repeatedly 
itat]iDing — pretty useful if he is 
to avdio the waist high bullets 
shot at him, He can also cNrnb up 
afid down ladders and other 
arte^cts. Occas^onaHy an ene- 
my CommindBnt appears in the 
battlezone and if he's killed the 
plavftf ^s awarded either a 
machine gun, a neme thrower or 
rocket launcher good for three 
shotSp or three grenades. 

Each of the four ecifierios is 
made up of four separete scre- 
ens which scroll to the left. On« 
Mr &eret has scrolled the screen 
left it can't be scrolled rights 
rather like Scrsmbfe, but the 
hero can move around the scr- 
een in view however he wishes, 
scampering over the ground, 
ikmg catwaiks and up and down 
toddirs to his heari'a content 

All the soer^es have their own 
distinctive landscape — the firsi 
Star^ With a series of iron girder 
bridges connected to the ground 
by a number of ladders Green 
can climb these and trundle 
along the catwalk, missing most 
of the enemy soldters who stani^ 
pede below. After the girder 
ofidge comes a group of missile 
lauricher Worries which have 
ladders ai the back of them and 
can also be climbed over. Once 
the hero has negotiated them 
then it's a quicit sprint past a 
collection of static missile laun- 

118 CRASH May 1986 

chers to the end of the land- 
scape. Once he reecftee the end 
a brry zooms by^ pulls up at the 
aKtreme right haf>d of the screen 
and heaps of enemy soEdiers 
pou rout If G reen doesn't have a 
rocket launehet or another de- 
vi^ of devastating destrudion 
then the going gets really tough 
When all the Baddie^s havft been 
disposed of then he can tackle 
the ne>rt mission. 

Points are awarded for blow- 
ing sway enemy soldiers — and 
enemy installations^ Bonus lives 
are available at 30,000 points 
snd every 70.000 points there- 
after. Maraudmg ssldters aren't 
the only hazard to Green's 
health. OocasionaUy he may 
stumble acn:iss a mine^ and if he 
doesn't jump over or avoid it by 
clamber ing over one of the 
features ol the scenery he'll be 
blown up. Mortar bombers also 
pose problems by hurlino 
bombs at our hapfess hero, af- 
^ough onoe their bombs have 
been avoided the bombers can 
be stabbed to death. Fire from 
the sky rains down in laiet 
stages of (he game. 

When the sequence of four 
mjssk>ns f>as been completed 
the sequence starts again, only 
this time there are even more 
soldiers cominp at your hero. 
How mean a fighting machine 
are you? 


m " At flTBt you may think It's 
Commando or ftambo looking 
froiTi e differertt viewpoim The 
iiLleiiUMa H alirvost the same as 
hi Hambo: rescue the captives 
and advance through hostile 
ground. As you are supef tough> 
making your way behind the 
Niws single handed Is possibia, 
tffough tricky. The graphics in 
die background are quite Lm- 
pressiven wvith some neflt scen- 
ery scrolling by as you go ove* 
bndqes or p^ss rocket launch- 
ers Dodging bullets and bombs 
and dealing out death becomes 

Siite addictive; once you get 
e hang of stabbing svery bad- 
die thai tome^ your way. It's a 
go€x! itwot em up but not quite 
worthy of a CfiASH Smash. " 

• "Green Beret « an exce/te/if 
conver^mn of t/m &rcMd& game, 
&nd imagine cA?sefve a par on 
tf}e back for mBkmg sucA good 
iob$ of bU the Kfonami games. 
As fsr as t coyld make out the 
Specfmm vemion ftas got aff the 
i^tur^ of ihm gr^&et arcsde 

ifame. ft contBtfJs fois of good 
rtt/^ €har^Ct0rs, &il Of wfttch &rw 
weif anfmated fesp^ci^ify tf^ 
jumptng sddiersl M&0ting tfw 
commandant isfusllJke maeifng 


l^tfpi a jTrcmnd. fartunaiwiy for tfdu, f^iw 

tank s jwtr w**!! trpwn tomtom c^n f i r? n ' \ f 

Rambo — s sm&li musc^y ffguris 
in a T-shirt with a headband— 
not much Me a reaf comn^and- 
anr The game c^rttatns fats of 
colour Sfmsvotds my chance of 
dttnbi/te cf^shes v^ry naatiy 
G reen Berai has hts of vary wett 
dfffwn bad^groi^nds with /i>atts 
of treses, missff^ carrhrs and so 
on, Alt fhiSr combined wtth 
&tceHant gamepfay maise it one 
of tfie Ij^sf bash bomb biow 
games amund. '' 

• "' Ttie arcade game isn't exsct 
Ey the best gainrte IVe played but 
f magi me hive done a pretty 
good job with the conversion, 
and produced quite a playable, it 
a little difficult, knife em down/ 
blow em up. The oraphios are 
fine, but I must confess to being 
a fittle disappointed at the 
soundv especially after the stan- 
dard of liTiBgine's lost few 
gannes. The other niggling point 
IS that once the keys nave been 
selected there is no chance to 
Change them without reloeding. 
Thaaa quibbles aside, the game 

Sp tumgf won Gmmn Batwf mm hm ImspM o H thw r rfpc- a f rhc- 
brtfi^mmfk af the mninny. Hm't nm^ii^ mmt$m ihm m*Mwit9 
1.1 r J McAii n ¥Vhai a hmm * 

is still very playable presents 

Suite a challenge. Worth tMiying 
you like thia son of gam«. 


Control keys: redefinabie 

Joystick: Kempsion, Interface 2, 


Keyboafd play: fine 

(Jseof coleur: neat use of brightp 

avoids clashes 

Graphics: well animated, great 

Sound: d linie disappointing 

S4cill levels: one 

Screens: scrolling 

General rating: du ite a tasty 

fighting game 

liM of GomfHitsr 






Getting started 


Acidicttve quaiities 


Value for mofi6Y 






fi&T t '^" r r ii^i £ jL ii 










All quoted pricM include VAT, post and packing f UK OfilyK 
Continental Europe and Over^easn, please add O extra p«r 
itun oid#f4d« ^4.1^ 

Pf eawi 1 ict the «p@fOf>fiAt« boK. 2*"™ en u n I n 
n ciip4l#tt plui« S« ^ U MLJ LLJ 

HJeaM Mfid tnem CRASH T-9hhin(t) at £450 oach. 

PFeas^ Mnd me CRASH Sweatshirt (a } at £8.91 ead^. 

>: Please ^nd m« . . . . . CRASH Capfsl at £3^95 each. 
r Please send ma CRASH Bindarjs) at £4.5<] «aeh. 

Address * + . . - ...*«*« + ■»' . ..... ^ ^ 1 1 + »*-*****»*■*»»* ■ 

«.««i.p«.iai.ik Postcode .... ,^ «..»» .^ »»...... ■ 

I endOM £ , made payable to 'CRASH' 

Cheques or postal orders only, please 


fotKam City's caped crus- 
ader coiilinyes his queit 
against en me in Oc«iii'b 
fi«w refease. Batman. Ir> this 
computerised acV^nturt, our 
living hgfo's ever faithful 
frter^d Robin has been fcidn^ipp^ 
ad by an evil artti villain and k'e 
up to Batman to rescue the Bov 
Wonder from the clutches of the 
farces of eviL 

Once you've oonfigijr&d the 
controls for the game, defining 
the keys or joystick as dppfOP 
riate and select i^ng the soynd 
level you requirep Satman spro* 
ings itiiD action, siidirhg down 
the pole into the Batcave com 
pteK. He's got a problem : ihe Sat 
Mobile dOMHl worltl Su'dckinlv 
the superhero rememb^rt — 

Producer: Ocean 

Retail price: £7.95 
Author: Jon Rrtmanand 
BenTkie Drummond 

120 CRASH May 1966 


fkMn wm seAfkins the Bsi- 
mobile when ha ytms^ abdycMlp 
and seven vital iilmQUIe psrte 
ar9 kying hidcierk in tht fi«t€avft« 
Before tm can roar tetth onto the 
roads, Betman h&s to ooM&ct U>e 
wuwi Bai Bits and Install lhe«Ti 
in the Butmobilfi. 

At ttm ^Uirt of th^ ^anrve Bat- 
man's powers ar^ hmfted — he 
can stroll round Cha'cav*&« arvd 
Ih^t'i about it. He i>»ds to fimj 
soma Bat Etruipfnefit to give tiim 
me pmvers needed lo coiTi|)4ett 
his quest Four vitet Bat Devipe^ 
have to be coll^i^itd: Jet Bat- 
boois Ifof lumping); Bat bag 
(allows the caped c^uMdar lo 
pici^ up aind put down objects!: 
Batthruster {allOMirs horizontal 
mgv«rnent when felling) and a 
Low Gravilv flato^tt (halves !tie 

The Batcave's archiiocis ob- 
viouelv worked on the ca£tl6 in 
knight Lore — the fe»mbl«noe 
is striking — «nd the garne is 
vi^ewed and pl#yed in tn@ s^fM 
fa^tqn. Four flat Device icons in 
Ihe bottom righs hand corner of 
the screen are highlighted when 
a piece of Bat Equipment te ool» 
lected. Four more Bat Icons on 
the left oMhe screeri ere ysed to 
diaf>lav Batmen's etifum. Our 
hero starts the garrw with nin^ 
ltv«, and can collect mor« 
during his journeY hy cohecting 
en Extra Life Batpilt — the num- 

ber of lives -remvining is shown 
under a Satsign logo. Three 
mQW iwns BW m»d to dieplay 
jumping sM\^, shield status 
arvd energy^ and are activateHd 
when an af^ropdate Batplil is 

BeipiHs look like sm«1l 
Baimrun, andteftd tofell from th« 
root of the Baiceve. Th^y oil look 
the saoM, and th^ onlv way lo 
find out what a BaitpitI does, is to 
pM^ it up and ifiot which 8ai- 
pi LI icon gain Si a numbei. If an 
Inergy BatpJII is picked up, 
Banian can move ax high speed 
— a ooiinief beneath mo Mghi- 
ning flash icon ticks down with 
ead^ superfest step until it 
rwchfis zero and it's back to a 
trolling p^&ff. Shield Batpiils 
giva B«man tnvulnerabiiity for a 
wWTe, end Jump Sitpills atiow a 

''DaiiMv the tramendoifi 
amcMifit of Kmq h I Loi'^ type 
looldng gamM I atitl nnd 
4lM Mining h^tdk to thks 
type of gsfri# is tots df fun. 
Tm front-tfYd m«nu Is 
great «nd caters for n«arty 
ay efything Y^^ n^ed. inciu^ 
ding thr$e sound levels. 
Th^re ajrt lols of well dsK 
tailed tittle ereaturas and 
o^aets to sdmlte as you 
HfiK tor ftyl around Bat 
man's cavaa. The anima- 
tiom of Batman is vary tifi 
Hca and adhfti to the raalisiTi 
of the game which Tm sure 
wJH appaal to all age 
grcHJps. The btstructions 
am wall batanoed so that 
ydu can aaaUy gat into the 
game but stiH find (ots of 
problafTii dwi will caysa a 
let of hassle — or plaaatifa 
If you solve them, Nearly 
avary roofti has something 
to do i<n it, which means 
that there iiti't much trud- 
ging around aimlessly — 
which annoyed me about 
Movi#. I loved Movio and 
ttib b a great follow up 
from Ocean, e^en if you 
have already got a shelf full 
of this aoft of game. " 

r^umber of doubts strength 
jumps to be made To add a liilEe 
«rtfa awdtem^nt lo th^ game^ 
^teutraH^ing Bai pi I is turn up 
n<)w and again, which remove 
any shield en^srgy and super 
jumps in Batman's inventory. 
Bad News, as the instructions 
say « . . 
Another vety useful lhir>9 in 

d>e Bat Cave are Reincarnatiorv 
Siones tf Batman touches one it 

state of pi sy end Batman's pos- 
ition, tf Batman fails in his quest 
and runs out of lives, the game 
can bi^ Gontrnued frpm the point 
whan Batman lest touchod a 
Reincarnation Stone. 

The Bilcave has been exten- 
sively remodelled from the 
movi^e daySp^nd it's hug^f 
Unfortunately, there are now 
son^ie very nasty crsstures lurk- 
ing in the hallowed halls, all of 
them ke^eri to refnove a Jife from 
our hero's stocks — one touch 
from a baddie and it's one* life 
less fof the taped crusader. 
Spiked floors, which ususliy 
have diBsoiving pieces of cat- 
walk above them, are deadly, js 
are some rather mor« innoc 
uous objects. Conveyor belts 
artd lift^ a& well as suspended ^ 
disappearifhg arvd sinking floors 
SiSO provide p/oblems to an 
unwary Batperson. Sometimes 
objectsor oKits to a room are too 
high to reach or jump onto, so 
B&nan has to pick up Bat Ob- 
iecls (stuff like Elephant's Peel 
and An Nouveau Tea Po^ am- 
ongst other things) and pil^e 
thairt up to enable him to adii- 

Batman is ruihiing to nescue 
his friend — if you leave him 
standing in once place fof too 
long he cmsses his erms and 

"What ■ ginBat gamel The 
standard of gani«i rwaiillv 
has shot upi^nd If s gaiTiaa 
Hca Batman that contribtfta 
to the rtsa instandards. Tha 
M) effea Is grast and tha 
gafne has got f|ufte all wit 
and on NL with adjuslibla 
aound and Dark Star typa 
deflnabia kjvys. Dnpif a tha 
fact that tMi game ritiHjId^ 
n't laka a good ptoyar ■ 
ffiHlefiium to complete, Hr Is 
diallenging to a certain 
axtafit anciia fwi anoug h to 
kaap ariywia at the keys for 
a good wfiHa^ Hi* raffi- 
ttmatioin stones seattarad 
arKHjnd the playiT^ area are 
ttctraifialy useful as they 
glwa you d>e oppoitunlty to 
loaa a few tivai trying to 
antti mrt a problam and 
ooma back later wHh a few 
Hvaa remaining. OwaraN, a 
vaipy poNihad and attract 
hm 0ama that should kaap 
tana of tha TV sariaB happy 
tor agaa. as waU as ffvary- 

** Bar ftla-a^-ft-fi Yes folia. 
th« cap««l emsader conMS 
toyour Strtctaff Spectrum 
brtrigljig thrills, ipills and 

chilli Jn en aetlon p^diad 
arcade adMnrtura pogram. 
Qaap at tha eitcelkHit era- 
phks. Scratch your skull in 
barTuaafnant at the tricky 
pu^es your ham has to 
nagotlaia and watch In 
woridefm«nt et the defen- 
ds of truth and faith att- 
amptft to rvacue his IHa^ 
tofig aioafcicK Robin frtim 
the i:lutch« of ttw avtl vMt- 
ain You will unot ba d\u^ 
pointed If you wmh sroufid 
to your nearest compytar 
software stockist and pur- 
chase this truly anGiting 

taps a foot impatiently. He wants 
to oolfact the Bat Equijpment 
find tha aaven par^ of trie Bat- 
mobile so he can telepon to the 
leunchpadp get into the Bat- 
mobite. start the motor and gtft 
on with rescuing Robin. Thara's 


Contrt^l keys: definable 
JoyAtck: Isempston, 
inisrftca 2. Cursor 
Kayt»oardpiay: adjustable, 
and very rasponsfve 
Use^oolotir: Ok^y; avoids 
GripMcs : ^ccalleiit, whh 
iome Ffially imaglnaiiva 
Sound: not ovedy 
wonderful, a Batmen 
theme tune and a fewspot 

Skill bvefs ; one 
Sereetis: nxsre than 150 
Oanaral rating : a neatly 
finished ganie whidi does 
Batman proud 

Uae of rampiitar 93% 

Graph ica 95% 

PlayaMRty 94% 

Getting startad 91% 

Addicttva qualities 93% 

Valu e for rrtonav 9 1 % 

Ovarall 93% 

CRASH May 1386 121 


Producaf : Mirrorsoft 

Retail price: £6.95 
Author: Dovid T Clark 

Ever tenciod your chances 
when it com^s lo fig N ling a 
man with a pointy stpok? 
Well fKifW you can find OUT how 
good you 3re> courtesy of Mir- 
rorsoft, who hevo just releassd 
thi compute riitifl veraior^ of yet 
Unother venerable martial an — 
Sai Karate— which allowsYDuto 
take up a sticli and fig hi. 

Th© arl of Sai Karate evolve<i 
In Japan hundreds of years ago 
as a variant of Kafata In which 
combatanti use a stick, or spi, to 
make attachtfig. wvd iMvmiing 
moves as well as the rryore usual 
kicks and punches The pomty 
itick involved in Sai Karate 
n«dn't be used for fighting — 
there's a form of gyrrinastfC 
e^tennlse called Sm Kata practic 
ad by J#panes« keep fit fanai^cs 
as a sulo Bftform, but Mirrorsofl 
have studs with the st^a^ghtfof- 
ward beat em up application of 
the rod of wood, and exercise 
freaks witi have to look 

into demo mocte and two com^ 
batants slug it out on ioeen, 
illustrating me sixteen different 
rnoves available to a computer- 
ised 5ai fighter. Pressing the 1 or 
2 key allows you to choose the 
one or two player mode and 
combat can beigin. Using joy- 
stick or keyboard rhe iighTer{s]i 
are controlled m the usual beat 
^ti up way involving the use o* 
all eight directions and the fire 
button to execute moves from 
the Saf Combat repertoire, it the 
two fighters cross each other on 
the screen, each moving into 
their ooponenf's half, the con- 
trols disnge ar>d the mirrof 
image of the keytx>ard layout ot 
joystick directioris are uti^ to 
rnake the moves urttil such time 
as the two guys oai back into 
their rightlui hafi/as of the 

During bouti the stale of play 
is monitored on ttie status eree 
at the bottom of the scrMn 
whidi kerne a iracfc of the scores 
achieved Eiy each fighter — 100. 
200 or 300 points are awarded 
for each blow landed, depend- 
ing on the compieMity of the 
manoeuvre involved, and ©00 
points are won for a knockdown. 

mitrwit^ft '9- nmw Chuic urn up gMmm 

the combat game allows you 
to work your way up to the 
oiveted status of Sei Master — 
playing agsinst a human oppon- 
etrf or the computer. Before 
becoming a Black Belt, or First 
Dsn fighter, eight oppenents 
hfMi to be di^feated in one on 
or>e combat A further eight Dan 
levels separate a First Dan Black 
Belt from rTMtstery of the sport — 
siicteen levels to tight ih rough in 
all before achieving the exalted 
•tMus of Sai Master Each level 
in the gamre has its own suitably 
oriental backdrop against which 
the action takfts pleoe. 

Once the fiame ties loaded, 
the program automatically goefi 

122 CRASH May 1986 

Each competitor's Chi, or energy 
level, is displayed on a dragon'^ 
head in the status area which 
StaFt$ orf white at the beginning 
of a bout arK) gradually mis with 
colour as hits era taken. When a 
fighter's Chi level runs out. his 
dfǤon head is completely fl- 
oured in and the neici biff tie 
receives floors him. 

In the one player mode the 
fighter controHed by the com- 
puter has to be knocked down 
three times before you prove 
your fighting ability and can 

Eroceed to the next grade to do 
Btde with e more experienced 
wlelder of tfie pointy stick. Onc« 
you're fighting ai Den level, ar^ 

extra hazard is introduced in the 
form of NinJB stars which whizz 
arourKJ the screen from time to 
tin^e. A clout from a ninja star 
won't actually resuh in a Knock- 
ciown fall beirig awarded against 
your man, but the old Chi level 
iffkes a battering . . . They re 
dtiflnrtely to be avoided. 

The one player game stans at 
the novice level and you can 
survive six fatls. When the lives 
run oul, the game returns to the 
demo screen and is il possible to 
restart at the tevoi you )u3t 
expired on — but you only have 
thr^^e lives when fight ir>g re- 
comn^ences. Two players can 
d>osc (he level at which tfwy 
warn to do battle from the start 
screen, and sFug it out against 
their favourite background. Us- 
ing Interface 2 in thi^ two player 
mode^ both players can use a 
ioystick^ otherwise at leMt o^ie 
player will heve to master the 
use of keys as well as pointy 
sticks i « « 


• '^ Vet another besh arid btow 
game --Sai Combet is quite ■ 
rveat effort with m nwiatTfi rang* 
of moves theft are aM very wel 
animated, Aninwtkin is vety 
similer to that used in Intern- 
ational Kariite bMt with whet 
Eippe^rs to be more frames of 
animation per move. I got uMd 
to u^ing the many movvs quHe 
quickly, but after a few games 
realised that I couki get through 
n>Dst of tfve stages easily oy 
u^ing only one or two moves, I 
also found that the asmputor 
opponent could be got Into cat- 
tain sequences in which you 
could $frriply knO€^ his block off 
by using me sanw move ovar 
and over. Qua bad thing la that Iff 
ycHi get into vefy ctosa contact 
with the computef (»pfwfi«nt ft 
ror aithar of you to 

is impossible 

gifft nk. San Combat 

to an Imp- 

coweiii e i U over Internal ioruil 
Karate and at the price, h:'s not a 
bad buy. but I think Fist still 
tule* supfema, ** 

m *'l most sdmit f'm geftinff a 
/ftth t}or0>d of fiffhttng g^m^ 
now; / rv^tfy enfoy^ Fist tuft 
Aave gmduaffy got s Jtif^ tit 
more snd more cneesetf of with 
be&t em ups. That saitf, &ai 
ComtMt tsf}*t too iJ^tf. Th0 
instucffofrs gi^e a sufffci&ftt mn 
down on M^er has to b<9 <to^0 
^fHthow to do iTt 0f7d rfte g»me is 
QUfte tough too. After a whtfe 
though^ even wrth the wrde 
vsnety of mov^s ^tvsitabie^ tt 
gets t^ious. arid getting off to 
the next fevef doe^^t seem that 
impOftant. /t'sjust the same sort 
of sort of stuff as the n/sf. Not 
bed, reefty, but cou/d have been 
e good deaf better. " 

• " Since the miease of Way of 
the Expfodmg ftst, beat em ups 
have really been bfg busineas- 
^icw f^irroisoft have releaaad 
Their fighting game The graph- 
ics are not trte besf t have ever 
aeen bui the animation of all the 
characters is marvelous — the 
way the rrwn |ump about the 
screen is excellently executed. 
There are few attribute prob- 
lems because the main ptayir>g 
area is in two colours which is a 
bit of a reliefs The game itsetf is 
lun CO p^ay arKl Ihe irvcraawne 
difficulty of your opporipanti 
makes it quite addictive. The two 
piayer option rs a nice touch, 
be finitely bener then fMpfadmg 
ffst. If ym fike combat games 
then tw a look at this one I " 


Cofitrol keys; tSperpl^iiyert 

Joystkh: Kiempston, Interface 2. 


Keyboard play: lots of keys to 


Use of colour: attractive 

GraphJcs: neat animation, no 


Sound; biffinp notoes onty 

Skill levels: siideen in all 

Soaanst 16 

Ganaral ratkig: A neat variant 

on ih-e beat em up theme 

Use of computer 






Gettinfi ttartwl 



Vnltie for monilY 












DISC £14.95 

kicked at Selected Brsichcs of: 
/■«' H Srn«h, Boots, jjotir Menu^ 

'recfw. Laskyi and fttiTibe<ow>t 

AMSTRAD 464/664/6128, ATARI 64K, BBC 32K, CBM 64, MSX 64K. SPECTRUM 48/1 28K 



Commodore Computing international 

Amstrad Computer User 

Computer and Video Games 


Zzap! 64 




Rise from Sorcerer's Apprentice 
to Supreme Wizard 

Many Powerfui Spelts 
Independent Creatures 

200 -f locations, al( Illustrated 

(not BBO 

Sophisticated word-recognition and 
fast response. 



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